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145 902t.jpg(18) Plastic Jars- I Know A Little Weird But I Have Many Plastic Peanut Butter Jars That Can Be Used For Gardening, Storing Nails, Bolts, Screws, Marbles, Craft Supplies, Anything You Can Think Of, 6 1/2"H x 3 1/2"Diam, All Quart Sized, Good Condition 5 11823 3.25   ended
229 1428t.jpgBox of Knife/Scrapers, Sharpening Stone, Glass Dish And More, Good Condition Overall, Tub Full 16"W x 24"L x 16"H 6 14576 6.05   ended
413 2363t.jpgBox Full Of Household Items Including: Two Lumbar Supports, Stove Top Grill, Bake Pans, Oval Picture, In Good Condition, 7" To 21"L 1 12248 1.00   ended
423 2413t.jpgLadies' Surprise Box, New Items Inside That Are Cool! Bid To Win! Measures 11"W x 14"D x 10"H 10 17579 4.12   ended
600 3257t.jpgLot With Humidifier That Works And Runs Quietly, Plates, Vases And More! Glass, Ceramic And Plastic Materials, In Good Condition, 3" To 9 1/2"H 1 17017 1.00   ended
660 3626t.jpgLarge Box Of Assorted Household Items, Unsorted, Included Are: Shower Curtain; Books; Purse; Tin; Wall Art And More! Good Condition To New! The Box Is 16"W x 26"L x 13"H And The Items Range In Size From 3" To 40"L 5 17450 2.25   ended
661 3632t.jpgMystery Box For A Girl, It Measures 14"W x 25"L x 10"H 5 17579 2.00   ended
662 3824t.jpgBox Lot With: Vintage Keystone XR308 Camera; Panasonic Boom Box, The Radio Works; G.E. Alarm Clock That Works; A Honeywell Heater That Works And Heats Very Well; A 14"W x 9"H Metal And Wood Little Table Stand; A Couple Of Dishes; A Planter; A Couple Of Baskets; A Nice Power Strip And More! All Items Come In A Tote That Measures 26" x 18" x 17" 4 10749 2.75   ended
663 3636t.jpgRandom Misc. Items Including: Shell Dish Marked "Frankoma"; Woven Native Mat; Maple-Shaped Bottle; Ladies' Glasses; Chalk Heart; Heavy Brass Frog Dish; Utensil Basket; Silver Paul Revere Reproduction Bowl; Bells, The Items Range From 3" To 18"H 2 11143 1.25   ended
777 4264t.jpgNew In Package To Good Condition In This Lot Of Decoupage And Craft Items Such As: E-Z Bake Oven That Works, Chair/Couch/Table Legs Made Of Metal, Window Insulation Kits, Wall Paper And More, 13"W x 20"L x 14"H 3 16193 1.50   ended
778 4272t.jpgA Large Misc. Box Lot Of Household Items Such As: Ceramic Plaque, Basket, Tins, Metal Display, Etc., Ceramic, Metal, Etc., This Is A Nice Lot! Seven Pieces total, 12"W x 25"L x 3"H 2 7183 1.25   ended
875 5378t.jpgShoe Box Full Of Tools And Odds And Ends Including: Two Sponge Sanders That Have Never Been Used; Rope And Hooks That Are New In Box; Multi Wall Plug That Is New In Package; Nails; Tape; Wrench; And More! All Are In Good Condition, 9"W x 11"L x 4"H 8 3719 3.50   ended
944 4625t.jpgLarge Lot of Assorted Toys, Unsearched Baseball Bat, Baseball Glove, RC Car (No Remote) & More, 2" to 26"L 3 17579 1.50   ended
952 4674t.jpgMystery Box - 23"L x 10"W x 12"H, Full of Mixed Goodies - Some Old & Some Newer Items 6 13928 2.01   ended
1231 6680t.jpgTwo Pails And A Large Tote Of Assorted Tools, Drywall, And More! Electronics Untested, As Is, Fair To Good Condition, 6-8' Cords 7 4566 6.50   ended
1232 6689t.jpgLarge Tote Of Long Underwear, Camo Cue Stick Holder And More! Wash And Wear! Mostly Size Large And Overall Good Condition 2 9605 1.75   ended
1548 9005t.jpgMystery Box Filled With Girl's Items, Fair Condition, 13"W x 21"L x 11"T 6 13928 2.00   ended
1750 7938t.jpgNew Old Stock To Good Condition On The Items In This Misc. Box Lot Including: Two Caulk Guns, Ace Bandage, Joist Hangers, Fish Bone Thermometer, 4" To 16"L 4 11656 3.25   ended
1844 11018t.jpgMystery Box for the Whole Family Filled to the Brim with Wonderful Surprises, 18"W x 24"D x 18"H 7 13928 4.12   ended
2204 11322t.jpgBox Lot Of Misc. Household Items Including: Plumbing, Electrical, Flexible Aluminum Duct, Air Pump And Tools, Some New Some Old, Good Condition, 2 3/4"L To 25'L 2 4566 1.75   ended
2340 13504t.jpgBox Lot Including: Wooden Knife Rack, Small Cooler, 220-Volt Cord, Harley Foot Peg, Hammer Head, Brand New Weed Whacker, Carburetor, In Good Condition, 16"W x 12"D x 10"H 6 1859 2.75   ended
2409 13911t.jpgNew To Good Condition On The Items In This Misc. Box Including: Cool Black And White Belt At 35"L, Suede Belt, New Black Bra, Two Pair Of Sunglasses, Hair Combs, Stainless Chain, Bling Hair Clips And Barrettes, New! Sequin Decorated Small Purse, 10"W x 12"L x 4"H 6 16193 2.90   ended
2419 13979t.jpgSurprise Box! A Fun Way To Brighten A Day And Make Some "Scentsy" Too, The Box Is 12"W x 16"L x 5"H 9 15206 5.00   ended
2442 14138t.jpgMisc. Items In A Bucket Including: Shelf Brackets, Wheels Of All Sorts, For Anything When You Need, Sold As Is, Worn, Fair Condition, To Good Condition, 12"Dia. X 15"H 2 4566 1.80   ended
2656 12627t.jpgKitchen Utensils- Yorkie Wind Chimes, Wood Level, Plastic Hard Hat, Good Condition, 9" to 24"L 3 2581 2.76   ended
2661 12659t.jpgMen's Lot- Two Sets of 10V Intercom, Cordless Electric Knife, XXL Falls Creek PJ Bottoms NEW, Three Pairs of Gloves, Set of Screwdrivers, Hunting Vest, Good To New 11 3927 9.74   ended
2806 15070t.jpgToy Lot of Old and New, Barbie Doll, First Act Drum, Plastic Horse, Fisher Price Soft Piano (Untested) Look Good, 4" to 18"L or Wide 7 15070 3.05   ended
2978 21811t.jpgMisc. Box- Three DVD's, Lego Kit, Two Books, Neon Light (Unknown Working Condition) Various Items, Fair To Good Condition, 4 1/4" Bow Tie to 42"L Belt 8 2287 3.35   ended
3284 18809t.jpgWicker Wire Framed Basket With Bamboo Handles, Metal Candle Holders, Pillow And More, Basket 19"W x 15"D x 12"H, Fair To Good Condition 1 10924 1.00   ended
3299 18886t.jpgVintage Ceramic Cream Colored Pot, Good Condition, Made in Germany, Filled With Vintage Poker Chips, 1 1/2"Diam Plastic, Overall 5"Diam x 5 1/2"H 5 4893 2.25   ended
3451 22786t.jpgTwo Boxes of Egg Cartons, Cardboard, All Only Used Once When We Purchased The Eggs, Total of 268 Clean, (236) Dozen, (22) Six Count, (10) 18 Count 7 13767 10.50   ended
3741 25697t.jpgBrand New Clear Backpack With New Coffee Tumbler (Insulated) 7"H, New Beaded Jump Rope- Lime Green 9'L New Anti Stress Comfort Booties For Hot or Cold Relief, New Metal Holder For Your Curling Irons, Backpack 12"W x 8"D x 18"H 7 12617 5.62   ended
4252 17590t.jpgLarge Tote of Brand New Birthday, Christmas, & More Cards, A Lot of Various Books from Storage, Good Condition, 22"L x 13"W x 10"H 2 5610 1.75   ended
4426 23841t.jpgBig Triple Stacked Mystery Box, Each Box Filled To Top With Misc. Items, Vintage To Brand New, Bid To Win, 12"W x 16"D x 26"H 9 17578 7.00   ended
4429 23863t.jpgMystery Box Packed To Top With Misc. Items, Pounds of Mystery, What Could Be Inside? 12"W x 24"L x 10"H 5 14492 2.25   ended
4430 23867t.jpgLarge Mystery Box Filled With Vintage Items and More, What Could It Be? Bid To See! 18"Sq. x 17"H 13 17578 7.00   ended
5000 20503t.jpgOdd Ball Lot of Misc. Trinkets, Key Chains, Collectibles, Etc. Most New In Package, (12) Items, Up to 3"L 2 387 1.25   ended

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