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125 813t.jpgLot OF Eleven Hardcover And Two Paperback Novels By Anne Rice, Pat Connoy And Thomas Harris; Great Books In Good To Very Good Condition 6 12452 4.25   ended
284 4588t.jpgVery Nice Collectible Collection Of Once Upon A Time Tale Books - Twelve Total! All Paperbacks From 1992 With Titles Like Puss In Boots, Hansel And Gretel, The Three Little Pigs And Sleeping Beauty! No Bends Or Folds - Like New Condition 5 1424 4.25   ended
334 3733t.jpgBox Of Books Including Three Red Books, Military Books, My Friend With Words And A Dictionary; Good Condition, 12"W x 16"D x 10"T         ended
340 3770t.jpgAn Interesting Collection Of Books From The Last Seventy Years! Books Like Grand Rapids MI History, Richard Powers, Virginia Woolf And More! 25+ Books Total! Good Condition, 13"W x 18"D x 13"T 6 2295 5.50   ended
342 3784t.jpgLibrary Of Books Including El Salvador, Wine Of Satan, Czech And Slovakian Republics, And More! Good Condition Overall, 13"W x 16"D x 10"T 4 12337 3.75   ended
347 3815t.jpgDismantling Dad's Library: Books Include Robert Molly, Irving Wallace, Dairies Of Women, Bernard Shaw Plays And More! Hunt For Your Favorite! Eighteen Total! Fair To Good Condition Overall 6 12337 2.77   ended
357 3872t.jpgEight Audio Books With Three Grisham, Patterson, Koontz And More! NOT LIBRARY REJECTS BUT BASICALLY ALL ONE OWNER .LIKE NEW ... 10 5485 12.00   ended
430 1412t.jpgStephen King (AKA Richard Bachman) Book Lot With Eleven Hardcovers And Four Paperbacks Including End Of Watch, Revival, Under The Dome And More! Good Condition Overall 19 12452 33.00   ended
520 1973t.jpgLarge Box of Hard Cover Books- Barbara Bradford, Tracie Peterson, Jodi Picoult, Daniel Easterman, Also Includes Some Great Reference Books On Children and Composers, Fiction Books With Jackets, Very Good Condition With Exception Of One, Reference Books Are In Good Condition For Age 5 12481 3.00   ended
560 2215t.jpgLots of Good Reads For The Upcoming Winter Months, All Paperbacks, Include Cold Mountain, Touch of Fire, Yo Yo Diet Syndrome, And VC Andrews, Nice Lot! Books In Very Good Condition 1 12481 1.00   ended
602 2938t.jpgBook Full of Books For Children Mixed Selection, Dinosaurs, Large Coloring Book, Dot to Dot And Country Mouse, City Mouse, Some Disney and Some Youth Adult Fiction, Spiderwick Hard Cover, Good To Very Good Condition, Paperback and Hard Covers 8 9498 5.50   ended
640 3167t.jpgMilitary Aircraft Boot Lot- B17, Bombers, Junkers Etc. Six Books, All Paperback In Good Condition 10 5332 13.01   ended
675 3373t.jpgNice Mixed Lot of Hard Cover and Paperback Books, Dismantling Dad's Library From 150 Year Old House, Hunt For First Editions and Rare Books, We Didn't Have Time to Sort Them, Find A Treasure, Good to Very Good Condition 5 1854 3.08   ended
679 3402t.jpg(9) Perry Mason Books, Six Murder She Wrote, Good Winter Reading, Paperback With Some Wear But Still Good Condition 10 15220 5.50   ended
756 5532t.jpgLot Of Precious Moments Books And Magazines With A Binder - Fair Condition To Good Condition         ended
767 5610t.jpgNice Lot Of Mixed Hardcover And Paperback Books, Fact And Fiction, Some Religious, Tom Brokaw, The Davinci Code, Authors Like John Grisham And Sue Grafton, (21) Total - Very Good Condition 4 12481 1.83   ended
772 5640t.jpgDismantling Dad's Library, This Is Your Chance To Acquire Part Of A Wonderful Collection From All Over The World, He Loved To Collect First Editions, Rare And Antiquarian Books, We Didn't Have Time To Sort, Your Gain! Authors Like: Vladimir Nabokov, Desmond Morris, Morris Ploscowe, German Dictionary And More, The Box Is 13"W x 16"D x 10"H - Good Condition 5 3719 3.25   ended
872 8648t.jpgLot Of (18) Robert Parker Novel Including Paperback And Hardcover - Good Condition To Very Good Condition 8 13801 3.81   ended
875 8674t.jpgIf The Blues Is In You And Has To Come Out, Then This (16)-Piece Hardcover Book And Magazine Lot Is For You! Three Hardcover Books: Loretta, Mick And Elvis, Plus (13) Rock Magazines, Lots of Rolling Stone Monthly Magazines - Excellent Condition 3 6547 1.80   ended
901 2444t.jpgWe Didn't Have Time To Sort Through Dad's Extensive Library, So There Are Bound To Be Rare And Interesting Books In This Lot Of Both Hardcover And Paperback Items, Mostly Novels, Mark Twain And More - Good Condition 7 12481 4.05   ended
964 2746t.jpgLarge Lot Of Paperback Books With Authors: Ken Follett, Patricia Cornwell, John Irving, Jack Higgins And Sue Grafton Plus Many More - Good Condition To Very Good Condition 5 9376 3.75   ended
1100 6694t.jpgLarge Variety Of Books Including Sports, Tiger Woods, Religious, End Time Controversy, Dragonfly, Denny Painting On Parchment; More Than Fifteen Here! A Little Of Everything For You To Enjoy! Paperbacks And Hardcovers! Various Sizes And Overall Very Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
1103 6714t.jpgLot Of (18) Stuart Woods Novels Including Fresh Disasters, Worst Fears Realized And More! Good To Very Good Condition 16 10040 27.00   ended
1123 6835t.jpgThree Boxes Of Books From Authors Robert Ludlum, Clive Clusser, And Jan Karon; Variety Of All Kinds! 40+ Here - Something For Everyone! Paperbacks And Hardcovers In Overall Good Condition 10 10040 5.76   ended
1126 6858t.jpgLot Of Twelve John Sandford Novels Including Hardcovers And Paperbacks, Good To Very Good Condition Books In A 9"W x 14"L Box 10 10040 6.51   ended
1199 7233t.jpg(20+) Books Including The Dow Story, Overall Good Condition 1 8892 1.00   ended
1359 7515t.jpgGreen Thumbs UP To This Master Gardener Core Manual In Very Good Condition, From MSU Extension In 2002, Covers Topics From Plant Science, Lawn Care To Household Pests, Massive 12 3/8"W x 11 6/8" Binder, With Pages Stacking 2 1/4"H, Massive Amount Of Info 10 12348 8.00   ended
1370 7569t.jpgTen John Grisham Novels, Paperback And Hard Covers In Good To Very Good Condition 5 3557 2.51   ended
1405 10063t.jpgSix Harry Potter Books Including Goblet Of Fire, Half Blood Prince, Order Of The Phoenix, Prisoner Of Azkaban, The Sorcerer's Stone And The Chamber Of Secrets; Hardcovers And In Excellent Condition 19 13042 30.50   ended
1443 10238t.jpgLot Of (14) Hardcover And Paperback Books, Some Novels And Some On Education, Very Good Condition 5 3000 3.58   ended
1456 10309t.jpgTwelve Civil War Magazines In Nice Condition 7 14418 6.48   ended
1468 10366t.jpgNine Rangers Paperback Books Including Special Men, Exes Behind The Lines, Charlie Rangers, A Rumor Of War, Team Sergeant And More! Good Condition 4 5332 4.75   ended
1518 5888t.jpgLot Of Six Country Music Books Including Dixie Chicks Bio, Tanya Tucker Bio, Merle Haggard Bio, Nashville Wives Signed, Alabama Cookbook And Country Music Cookbook; All In Good Condition 2 12481 1.25   ended
1632 9594t.jpgTen Used Children's Reading/Coloring Books, Paperbacks And Hardcovers, Fair To Good Condition 4 8871 2.26   ended
1638 9643t.jpgA Wonderful Collection Of Unique And Interesting Books, Find A Treasure In This Box! We Didn't Have Time To Sort Them, Mostly Home Decor And Hardcovers 1 1017 1.00   ended
1643 9681t.jpgLarge Lot of 25+ Books, Novels, Non-Fiction & More, Hard Cover & Paperback, Some Grisham, Good Condition 3 1854 2.25   ended
1768 13485t.jpgWomen's Books, Quantity Of Four, Hardcover And Paperback Editions, Eat, Pray And Love And More - Good Condition         ended
1780 13558t.jpgSeven Vintage Books, Five Hardcover, Two Paperback, Assorted Authors: Christie, Mann, Gardner, Du Maurier And Others - Fair Condition To Good Condition 5 12892 2.26   ended
1787 13607t.jpgSeven Hardcover Books By Authors: Stuart Woods, John Sanford, Nelson, DeMille And More, Titles Include: "The Cuckoo's Calling" By Robert Galbrath, That Is Actually J.K. Rowling's Second Pen Name (She Is The Author Of The Harry Potter Series) - All Are Very Good Condition To Like New Condition 11 10040 4.51   ended
1899 10975t.jpgCollection Of (30) Comic Books, Includes: Marvel And D.C. With Super Heroes - Good Condition To Very Good Condition 7 12676 11.00   ended
1907 16577t.jpgEight Hardcover Children's Novels And One Paperback, Six Lemony Snicket Books, Three Dear America Books 10 1017 11.00   ended
1909 16594t.jpgMocking Jay Earrings With The World Of The Hunger Games Hardcover Book, 1 1/4"Dia. - Very Good Condition 2 793 1.25   ended
1910 16600t.jpgCollection Of (30) Comic Books, Includes: Marvel And D.C. With Super Heroes - Good Condition 7 3719 5.56   ended
1920 16674t.jpgLot Of (13) Books, All Hardcover Mystery/Suspense, John Sanford, Sandra Brown, Catherine Coulter And Others - All With Intact Dust Covers And In Good Condition To Very Good Condition 15 13801 9.00   ended
1942 16803t.jpgEight Hardcover Books: J.D. Robb, Stuart Woods, David Baldacci, Beva Plain And More - All In Excellent Condition 10 10040 4.75   ended
2241 11237t.jpg(24) Handyman Club Of America How To Books, Everything From Electrical To Outdoor Projects, Very Useful and Very Good Condition, Hard Covers 12 13611 7.00   ended
2244 11266t.jpgMerriam Webster's Encyclopedia Of World Religions, Hard Cover In Very Good Condition, 1170 Plus Pages, 1999 Copyright 4 3323 2.25   ended
2311 15459t.jpgBox of Books- Ten Hard Cover, Four Paperbacks, Three Christmas Books, Sandra Brown, Laura Palmer, How To Listen To God, Danielle Steel, And More, Good Condition 2 1854 3.76   ended
2375 15825t.jpgBox Of Books- Eight Hard Covers, Martha Stewart Good Things, Crafts To Decorate Your Home, Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Craft, Fair Stylist Book, How To Cut Hair, Christmas Craft, 101 Christmas Ornament Book, Lislie Linsley 15 Min. Decoration, All in Good Condition         ended
2377 15846t.jpgCollection Of Books, Includes Vintage Books, Romance Novels, How To Books and More, Paperback And Hard Cover in Good Condition 8 12892 3.50   ended

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