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2121 13856t.jpgSOLD $150 Aluminum 17-Foot Aerocraft Canoe In Excellent Condition **SELLS WITH OWNER'S CONFIRMATION** ## 20 12414 125.99  
2143 13975t.jpgDryfly Two Person Boat, Look Them Up on, This Little Boat Is A Lot of Fun, You Can Hang Your Feet in Water or Keep Them Tucked in Boat, Model Retails For $1,500. Nothing Wrong With It, Pontoons Need Bladder Taken Out and Put Back In To Fit Covers Properly, Perfect For Fishing Ready To Use As Is, Comes With Oars and Pump, Good Condition No Leaks or Patches, Has Metal Frame With Faded Canvas Material Has Cup Holders, Fishing Pole Holders, One Person Can Carry The Boat, It's Super Lightweight, Easy To Deflate And Store For Winter, You Can Haul It on Top Your Vehicle Without Scratching Top, 137"L x 64"W x 19"H, Seats 20"W x 19 1/2"L x 14"H ## 20 10261 200.55  
2151 14024t.jpg13' Meyers Aluminum Boat, No Leaks, Overall Good Condition, Registration, 52"W, Three Seats ## 29 4944 105.00  
2178 14219t.jpg18' Boat and Trailer, Wood Floats No Leaks, 18' Flat Bottom River Boat Sells With Bill of Sale, 18'L x 7 1/2 Feet Wide, 5' Deep, Dry Rot, Need Repair, Fair Condition ## 12 2840 72.00  

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