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176 995t.jpg(197) Material Squares, They Are In Good Condition And Measure: (148) At 6"W x 6"L; (40) At 9"W x 9"L; Six At 3"W x 3"L; Two At 3"W x 3 1/2"L; One At 7"W x 2 1/2"L 5 11664 2.75   ended
213 1204t.jpgSeven Craft Scissors, Seven Different Cuts, Includes: Friskers, Reuser, Craft Cut, Creative Memories, All Are In Good Condition, They Measure 6 1/2"L 11 2321 4.75   ended
218 1231t.jpgNew In Package! Plastic Seashell Wall Stencil Kit, It Measures 18"W x 10"L 2 3257 1.50   ended
329 6372t.jpgSix Embossed Folders From Cricut, Anna Griffin And Sara Davies - 5"W x 7"L; Also Comes With Two 5 1/4" x 4" Folders From Cricut; All Brand New! 11 7246 11.00   ended
335 6408t.jpgEmbroidered Applique Creator - Brother E-100, Comes With At Least Fifty Different Colors Of Thread And Six 10-Packs Of Pre-Cut Design Fabrics With Ten Iron-On Adhesives, Complete Instruction Book And A Wonderful Machine! Excellent Condition, 12"W x 6"D x 13"T 17 5776 23.50   ended
338 6426t.jpgSix Ladies Purses Including A Green Umbrella And Scarf, And Seven Purses! Good Condition, 8-15" Wide And 5-15" Tall 5 4726 4.00   ended
341 6449t.jpgLot Of Yarn, Good Condition To New, 9 1/2"W x 16"D x 6"T, Bernat, Spangle 1 2917 1.00   ended
399 6752t.jpgNew Pebbles Classic Chalks, Thirty Basic Bright Shades, Apply Chalk Using Applicator With Reusable Pom Poms, Tin Case And Non-Toxic & Acid-Free, 7"W x 7 1/2"L x 3/4"T 4 7029 4.25   ended
414 1734t.jpgNew Watercolor Pencil Artist Set With (51) Pieces, Comes With (48) Dry Coloring Pencils And Includes Watercolor Brush And Pencil Sharpener, Roll Up Fabric Case Is 8"W x 29"L 10 5079 15.50   ended
500 2145t.jpgScrapbook Supplies And Stickers Including Two Packages Of Embellishments Including A Small And A Larger One, All Things French, Two Black Out Sheets, And A Foil Transfer Folder, Very Good Condition And 2 1/2" To 3 1/2" Long Each 6 4564 4.25   ended
585 2557t.jpgSeven Vintage Pairs Of Scissors Including A Keen Kutter, Germany, Clause, Wiss-Clip, Boker USA, Hot Drop; Good Condition And 4 1/2" To 9" Long 6 3387 5.50   ended
625 28260t.jpg(20+) Wooden Spools, A Couple Still Have Thread On Them 1 1/4" To 1 3/4" Long, And Sears 1988 Spring/Summer Catalog, Good Condition 7 2415 4.00   ended
730 3424t.jpgApprox. (140) Clear Marbles, A Variety Of Uses For Clear Planters, Aquariums, Terrariums, Decorative Art Projects, Game Pieces, Craft Projects, And Many More Ideas! They Are In Good Condition And They Measure Approx. 1"Dia. 8 5776 4.25   ended
896 5129t.jpgCool Lot Of Buffalo And Cow Horns Including: Six Buffalo Horns And Two Cow Horns, Great For Decorating Or Crafts, In Overall Good Condition, 13" To 15"L 31 16794 42.00   ended
913 3987t.jpgWizard Of Oz Paint By Number Set, Open But Unused, Includes Five Canvases and Stands, Ten Acrylic Paints, Paintbrush And Book, Very Good Condition, 10"W x 9"H 4 5357 1.75   ended
915 3997t.jpgNew in Box Crayola Marker Airbrush, 9"W x 6" x 12"H 5 2868 10.50   ended
922 4033t.jpgThree Pattern Cutting Scissors- Metal, Plastic, Rubber 2 1/2"W x 7"H, Three Different Cutting Patterns, PC Provo Craft Paper Shapers, Many Uses, Scrapbooking, Journals, Letter Writing, Sewing Edges, Paper and Cardboard Art, Menus, Bulletins, Etc. Good Condition, Used and Well Maintained 4 11589 1.75   ended
928 4063t.jpgNew Unused Paint By Numbers Set By Royal And Langnickle, Includes Paint Brush, Paint and Painting, This One Is Called Santa's Here, Very Good Condition, 16"W x 13"H 4 3083 3.00   ended
934 4102t.jpgNew Unused Paint By Numbers Set, Includes Paint Brush, Paint, Painting, This One is Called Best Friends and Features Puppy and Kitten, 16"W x 13"H, Very Good Condition 3 3083 2.84   ended
984 4418t.jpgCrafting Paper Punch, (12) Different Designs That Fit Into Punches, All Come in Zippered Case, 10"W x 6 1/2"D x 2"H, Good Condition, Works Like New 6 2321 4.25   ended
1129 9725t.jpgGifts Galore Plastic Canvas Hard Cover Book, With Canvas Pieces, Very Good Condition, 3" to 11 1/4" Tall or Diam 4 8913 7.50   ended
1283 7694t.jpgLots of Lace! All New From Smoke and Pet Free Home, Box 7"W x 11"L x 4"H, Assorted Lengths, 3/4" to 8"W 7 16176 2.75   ended
1300 5148t.jpgSewing Lot Including: Complete Sewing Guide Book And Box Of Fabric With Measurements And A Sewing, Cutting, Measuring Board, In Good Condition, 12" To Several Yards 4 6723 2.00   ended
1340 5351t.jpgIndustrial Sewing Machine Motor With Corded ON/OFF Switch, "Enduro" Clutch Motor Model #9623, 1/2-HP, 1750-RPM, Great For Winch Or Cable Car Project, Mounting Brackets Included, Good And Strong, Working And In Good Condition, It Measures 11"L 4 3787 4.51   ended
1450 5947t.jpgBeautiful Wooden Art Easel, Can Use To Paint, Draw, Or Display Your Artwork! The Shelf Height Can Easily Be Changed, Light Scuffs But Very Sturdy And In Excellent Condition, 18"W x 18"D 12 16232 15.65   ended
1620 7928t.jpgOcean Wonders Color Art Books For Adults, Intricate Line Drawings With Complicity, No Rules Or Guidelines - Just Color Away! Never Used And 8 1/2"W x 11"L 5 9705 5.00   ended
1727 8571t.jpgNew Make Pins : 16 Projects For Creating Beautiful Pins Paperback Book 1 7289 1.00   ended
1742 8662t.jpgThree New Old Stock Needlework Kits Including One Of Sheep, 11"W x 14"T To 17"W x 10"T 2 11418 7.16   ended
1892 9536t.jpg(50) Vintage Bed Springs, Metal Crafts, Steam Punk, Popular Online, Repurpose Craft, In Very Good Condition, 5 1/2"H 21 4564 28.02   ended
2217 12189t.jpgApprox. 3 1/2# of Yarn, Includes Acrylic, Wool, Some I Don't Know What's the Fiber is, Lots of Fun Things to Make with This Box of Yarn, From a Smoke & Pet Free Home, Good Condition, 3 1/2" to 9"L 4 16193 4.23   ended
2234 12297t.jpgYarn Lot - 3 Skeins Modea Vision - 65% Wool 35% Acrylic, 9+ oz Varie Gated Fall Colors. Over 2 1/2# Lion Brand Homespun, All New Yarn from a Smoke & Pet Free Home, 4" to 4 1/2"L 8 6161 7.50   ended
2298 12594t.jpgNew Unused Reeves Paint by Numbers Set, Includes Paintbrush, Paint & Painting, This One is Called Alfresco Maison Fleurie, Very Good Condition, 16"W x 13"H 4 8162 1.75   ended
2310 13732t.jpgNew Unused Reeves Paint by Numbers Set, Includes Paintbrush, Paint & Painting, This One is Called Two Dogs - Look Who's Watching, Very Good Condition, 16"W x 13"H 5 926 2.00   ended
2315 13767t.jpgNew Unused Reeves Paint by Numbers Set, Includes Paintbrush, Paint & Painting, This One is Called Woodland Chalet - Very Good Condition, 16"W x 13"H 2 926 1.25   ended
2324 13814t.jpgSpiral Bound Book in Good Condition, Friendship Bracelets by Laura Torres, Includes Embroidery Floss, Clip to Make Bracelets 4 5776 3.25   ended
2331 13853t.jpgNew Unused Reeves Paint by Numbers Set, Includes Paintbrush, Paint & Painting. This One is Called Dolphins. Very Good Condition, 16"W x 13"H 2 926 1.25   ended
2345 13944t.jpgOver 5 lbs of Red Heart 4 Ply Acrylic Yarn, From a Smoke & Pet Free Home, Box is 21 1/2"L x 8"W x 10 1/2"H, Mostly New Skeins 9 5303 10.27   ended
2389 14150t.jpgVintage Singer Sewing Machine with #3 Zig Zag Design Cams, Untested, Good Condition, 7"W x 14"L x 12"H 11 9323 26.52   ended
2444 26028t.jpgLot of (57) Unused Sewing Patterns, Mostly Women, A Few Mens, All Unused and Still Factory Folded, Many are Vintage, Good Condition, 11"W x 18"D x 9"H 4 6347 4.37   ended
2545 11258t.jpgVintage Glass Jars With Various Sizes And Styles, Great For Repurpose Or Storage, In Good Condition Overall, 4" To 10"H And The Box Is 14"W x 18"D x 16"H 1 1952 1.00   ended
2604 11525t.jpgLot Of (95) Women's Sewing Patterns, All Are Unused And Factory Folded, In Good Condition, 9"W x 25"D x 7"H 5 11418 13.05   ended
2716 14335t.jpgBox Lot of Crafts- Lots of Cross Stitch, Bags of Lace, Linens, Dress Bags, And More, Good Condition, 13"W x 19"D x 10"H 5 16176 2.26   ended
2942 18178t.jpgSinger Portable Electric Sewing Machine With Wood Box, Clean Oiled, Threaded To Work Properly, AD22830 (3) Spare Bobbins, (3) Needles Spare, Leg Control, Home Made Key to Lock Top on Included, 17"W x 8"D x 13"H, 99 10000, Very Good Condition 12 14726 49.01   ended
3104 18501t.jpg(12) Books on Quilting, Scrap Quilts, Patchwork and Applique, Beginning Quilting, Sampler Quilts, Mini Quilts, And More, Good Condition, Paperback and Hard Covers 2 854 5.00   ended
3241 26579t.jpgNew Old Stock! Mid-Century Late 1950's, Early 1960's Scoville Co. The Dritz "My Double" Dress For With All The Extras Including Direction Booklet And Original Ribbons, The Pole Has Three Lengths, Up To 6 1/2! $199 Online, This Was Way Ahead Of It's Time, A Very Efficient Way To Make Clothes, You Put The Form Around Your Torso To Fit, It Says In The Instructions That It's Tough And Meant To Withstand Rough Treatment, Come Check It Out! It Fits Regular Sizes But With Extras It Fits Up To A Size 20 16 10807 31.00   ended
3273 26771t.jpgLot Of Beads And Crafting Supplies And Tools, Very Nice Storage Containers Full Of Crafting Supplies, Plastic, Metal, Cloth, Etc., In Good Condition To Very Good Condition, They Measure 1" To 19"L 6 16961 11.61   ended
3276 26797t.jpgLot Of Fabric Remnants, A Variety Of Colors And Styles, In Good Condition, 19" x 16" x 14" 5 6482 4.25   ended
3295 26906t.jpgCross Stitch Patterns, (20) Leaflets, One Single Pattern And Three Magazines, Contains Many Patterns Such As Ducks, Pheasant, Chickens, Amish, Baby, Native Spirit, Cats, Dogs, Fishing And Many More! In Good Condition 2 6347 1.25   ended
3340 17612t.jpgBox Full Of Fabrics For Your Craft Project, In Good Condition, It Measures 16"W x 22"D x 15"H 1 3603 1.00   ended
3359 17738t.jpgFive Craft Books Including: Hour Holiday Crafts For Kids, Better Homes And Gardens Crafts For Kids, Greeting Card Cut And Use Stencils, Two Pressed Flower Work Station, The Books Are In Excellent Condition         ended

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