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177 1001t.jpgSix Vintage 78-RPM Record Albums, From The 1940's To 1950's, Various Artists Like: Rachmaninoff, Christmas Carols, And More, Sold As Is, In Good Condition 2 10040 1.25   ended
184 1043t.jpg(75+) CD's, All Types Of Music Here Including: Jimmie Rodgers, Bobby Collins, Justin Bieber, Nelly Furtado, Etc., In Good Condition 6 1854 17.65   ended
210 1191t.jpgA Collection Of Funny Movies On DVD! Includes: Hair Spray DVD, The Wedding Singer DVD, Tammy DVD And Life Of The Party Blue Ray (With Only The Case), All Are In Good Condition 9 13802 4.90   ended
220 1243t.jpgThis Is A Nice Lot Of Darker Movies Including: Batman And Robin DVD, The Dark Knight Rises DVD, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Blue Ray, Antibirth Blue Ray, Badder Santa DVD, All Are In Good Condition 3 10040 1.50   ended
380 6663t.jpgYorkville YS-112 80HM 100W Powerless Speaker, Purchased In Storage Auction, Untested/As Is But Looks To Be In Overall Good Condition, 16"W x 12"D x 19"T 3 17099 4.25   ended
382 6675t.jpgSony SS-GN800 Speaker System, Worked When They Were In Use But Currently Untested/As Is, Needs Cleaning But Overall Fair To Good Condition, Two Are 10 1/2"W x 13"D x 16"T And Two Are 7"W x 10"D x 16"T 5 14492 3.75   ended
453 1921t.jpgTwelve VHS Tapes Including MASH Volumes 1-3, Johnny Carson Collection Favorite Moments, Pearl Harbor Two-Tape Set, Nostradamus Predicts, "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow", Tom Hanks And Meg Ryan In Sleepless In Seattle, And A Beautiful Mind With Russel Crowe; All in Good Condition 3 17358 1.50   ended
458 1955t.jpgBox Of (150+) 45RPM Records Including Country And Pop, Some Have Sleeves And Jukebox Tags, Artists Include Blood Sweat And Tears, Tom Jones, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, The Village People; Good To Very Good Condition 13 8291 15.00   ended
499 2140t.jpgSix New IN Package Three Stooges VHS Tapes - Great For Collectors! 10 9397 6.25   ended
510 2194t.jpgFour Vintage VHS Concert Tapes Including The Doors (1968), Yes (1973), The Who (1970), And Woodstock With 30 Minutes Extra Director's Cut Footage; Excellent Condition 4 17388 3.00   ended
542 2352t.jpgBox Of (150+) 45RPM Records Including Many Country Artists With Some Pop Music, Some Of The Records Have Sleeves As Well As Jukebox Tags, Artists Like Frank Sinatra, Glen Campbell, Emmy Lou Harris, Jerry Lee Lewis, And More! Good To Very Good Condition 15 8291 14.50   ended
546 2376t.jpgBox Of (150+) 45RPM Records With Mostly Rock/Pop Including Artists Like The Bee Gees, Duran Duran, Kool And The Gang, Sheena Easton, Roberta Flack, Alice Cooper, And More! Good To Excellent Condition - Some Have Sleeves And Jukebox Tags 14 2098 17.20   ended
644 2870t.jpg(28+) CD's In A Carrying Case Plus At Least Ten More! Includes Neil Diamond, Elvis And Best Loved Hymns By Thomas Kinkade, Also Comes With Two Cases Of Cassette Tapes (11"W x 10"D x 4"T) With At Least (24) In Each! Also (67) More Cassettes, Nothing Current But Some Jimmy Buffet, Carly Simon, Mozart And More! Good Condition 3 1740 2.28   ended
676 3080t.jpgTwo New Album Soundtracks Including 1984's Indiana Jones With Full Color 16 Page Book, Also Comes With Star Wars Return Of The Jedi With 16 Page Full-Color Book; 12" Records 23 5736 26.00   ended
752 3582t.jpgTwo Oak Spinning CD Racks, Some Glue Needs To Be Scraped Off The Top Of One, They Are In Good Condition, 11"W x 11"L x 10 3/4"H 2 81 1.25   ended
862 4893t.jpgNew In Package To Good Condition, Scooby-Doo DVD Set Of Sponge Bob, Eight Total 8 2143 5.50   ended
876 4983t.jpgCasio PT-10 Piano/Organ, It Has Many Different Sounds, March, Waltz, Swing, Rock, Bumba Samba And More, Includes Battery And Paperback Book, Works And In Good Condition, Measures 3 1/2"W x 13"L 1 1139 1.00   ended
901 3912t.jpgBox of 45 RPM Records Various Years, Look Good, Most Play Well, Includes George Maharis, Eddie Floyd, Andy Gibb and More 6 6806 5.50   ended
1234 7372t.jpgBox of 45's Records- Various Years and Conditions, Most Play Well, Mostly Without Sleeves, Good Condition Overall, Lionel Richie, Honky Tonk, Rick Springfield, Shelly West, And More, 12"W x 12"D x 8"H 16 9018 11.00   ended
1304 5169t.jpg(100) 45-RPM Records, This Is A Great Selection From The Beatles To Willie Nelson And Everything In Between, Artists Like Queen, Buffet, Mellencamp, Seger, Etc., They All Look To Be In Good Condition 15 142 22.51   ended
1308 5190t.jpgBox Of 45-RPM Records, Various Years And Conditions, Most Play Well, Including: Romona King, Betty Johnson, Chuck Jackson And More 7 2034 6.05   ended
1397 5621t.jpgLike New! Happiness Is Reader's Digest Music From The 1970's, 33-RPM, Nine Records 2 6791 1.25   ended
1516 13203t.jpgEight Vintage 78RPM Record Albums By Mauria Rocco, Delta Rhythm Boys, King Cole Trio, Joni James, And More! From 1940's And 50's! Fair To Good Condition 2 996 1.25   ended
1557 13450t.jpgEight Vintage 78RPM Records By Artists Including Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, King Cole Trio And Various Other Artists From The 1940's And 50's, Good Condition! 3 344 1.50   ended
1634 8026t.jpgNine VHS Shirley Temple Movies Including A Little Colonel, Curly Top, Littlest Rebel, Little Princess, Baby Takes A Bow, Poor Little Rich Girl And More! Very Good Condition 4 15373 1.75   ended
1648 8119t.jpgEighteen 007 Movies On VHS In Very Good Condition 16 10156 9.00   ended
1758 8759t.jpgAn Evening At The Movies Six DVD's With Four Action Films, One Comedy And One Musical Disk; The Dark Knight, Spirit Killer, Crouching Tiger, Rush Hour II, Ace Ventura, And Bob Marley Tribute; Good Condition And Well Taken Care Of 3 13802 1.51   ended
1762 8789t.jpgThree DVD Movies Including The Man With Two Brains (With Steve Martin), Dumb And Dumber With Jim Carrey And Jeff Daniels, And Die Another Day 007 With Pierce Brosnan; All Look To Be In Overall Good Condition 2 12768 1.50   ended
1765 8809t.jpgFour Season Of Entourage DVDs And Season Two Of Greys Anatomy, Fifteen DVD's Total! Looks To Be In Good Condition 6 10040 2.50   ended
1936 10311t.jpgUkulele Case, "Music First" Cotton Vintage Style, Slight Tear On Front But Repaired, Otherwise In Great Condition, 22" 2 6243 1.50   ended
1992 10595t.jpgGuitar Books And Paperweight, Three Books, One Paperweight, In Good Condition To Very Good Condition, 3 1/4" To 12 1/2"H 8 7042 6.69   ended
1996 10623t.jpgThree DVD Movies, Trans World Motocross "Skills" With Ryan Hughes, The Great Outdoors Industrial Strength, The Great Outdoors, The Constant War, They Look In Good Condition 1 4646 1.00   ended
2491 26272t.jpgLot of VHS Tapes: Some New & Sealed, Disney Clam Shells & More. Superman, The Nutty Professor, 200 Life, The Grinch, Fun and Fancy Free, Good Condition, Over 50 Total 5 7183 3.25   ended
2752 14555t.jpgRare Vintage 1960's Motion Picture Sound Track, The Beatles "A Hard Days Night" Cover Shows Wear, Record in Very Good Condition 39 9018 42.00   ended
2768 14651t.jpgVintage Original 1960's Beatles- "Rubber Soul" Album, Cover Is Rough, Record Has Light Scratches, Still Good Condition To Collect 40 9018 42.00   ended
2779 14716t.jpgThe Beatles Reel Music Poster, Capitol Records Distribution, Beatles Advertising, Lots of Wear, Creases, Scratches, Fair Condition But You Probably Won't Find Another One, Still Nice To Display, 24"Diam 8 8291 7.50   ended
2786 14755t.jpgClassic "Meet The Beatles" Vintage Capitol Record and Sleeve, Cover Has Wear, Very Light Scratches on Record, Good Condition 12 9018 5.00   ended
2868 15329t.jpgFive Pack Comedy DVD's- Family Night With Comedy DVD's and Two Action Drama, Quark, Alex Rider, G Force, Brothers Grim, The Hunted, Very Good Condition, Get Popcorn! 1 4166 1.00   ended
3109 18530t.jpgComplete Set of Star Wars Return of The Jedi Cards, 132 Total! All Mint Condition, Heavy Duty Plastic Sheets From 1983 56 9018 62.00   ended
3150 18763t.jpg(7) Assorted DVDs- Some New, Mostly Dramas, Two Zumba's, Advanced and Buns-Thighs-Abs, Good Condition 2 8612 1.25   ended
3152 18773t.jpgFive Speakers- All 8 OHMS, Cambridge Soundworks Inc. Ensemble By Henry Kloss, Tested and Great Sound, Two 8" Speakers 12"W x 4 1/2"D x 21"H, Three 3 1/2" Speakers With Tweeters, 5"W x 4"D x 8"H 8 9179 23.59   ended
3157 18801t.jpgNew in Package 40th Anniversary Edition DVD, Upstairs Downstairs Series 2, Great Fun and Marvelous Television, 4 Plus Hours, Four Discs 5 10040 3.20   ended
3159 18810t.jpgCollection of 20 Sealed Record Albums, Vinyl Records Include Frankie Valli, P. Diddy, Leela James, Wiz Khalifa, And More, New 9 2034 8.49   ended
3161 18823t.jpgSpeaker Wire, 50 Plus Feet Of Heavy Wire, Plus 20' Wire, Plus 20' Lighter Gauge, Used But Good Condition 8 14079 3.25   ended
3344 17647t.jpgHard Black Guitar Case With Handle, It Is In Good Condition And It Measures 18"W x 7"D x 46"H 15 6243 22.50   ended
3450 22639t.jpg50 Plus Records- Mostly Old Country Classics, Roger Miller, Willie and Ray Price, Smothers Brothers, Chet Atkins, Jimmy Rogers, Waylon Jennings, Rosemary Clooney, Old And Some Dust Covers Are OK, Records Seem in Good Condition 27 9018 20.01   ended
3455 22672t.jpg50 Plus Old Dusty Mostly Country Records- Favorites Like Johnny Cash Christmas, Porter Wagoneer, Dolly Parton, Buck Owens, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Carpenters, Many Many More, Old and Dusty, Some Jackets In Rough Shape, Records Good Condition Overall 30 9018 26.00   ended
3584 24501t.jpgBox Filled With 20 VHS Tapes, Plus 50 DVD's Including Iron Man, LBJ, Marvel's Avengers, Dances With Wolves, Captain America, Lady Bird, Star Trek, Godfather, Gunsmoke, Etc. Very Good Condition, Box 18"W x 13"D x 12"H 13 2143 15.51   ended
3629 25338t.jpgCollection of Vintage 1980's Rock N Roll Magazines, Include Hit Parader, Circus Faces of Rock, Hard Rock and More, Nine Total, Good Condition 11 1842 5.62   ended
3711 16811t.jpgBrown Wood Look DVD Carousel, Two-Tiers And Eight Compartments, In Good Condition, Measures 12"Sq. x 18"H 8 983 9.50   ended

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