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17 156t.jpgFive Vintage Snoopy/Charlie Brown Books, Three Hardcover, Two Paperback, No Major Issues, Overall All Look To Be In Good Condition 10 12452 5.79   ended
45 322t.jpg1962 Leave It To Beaver Hardcover Book, 210-Pages, Some Taped Areas Along The Edges Of The Outer Cover, In Very Good Condition For The Age 6 15889 5.00   ended
48 340t.jpgTwo Great Books For The Retriever Dog Lover, There Is A Tear On The Bottom Corner Of One But They Are Both In Good Condition 3 4501 1.50   ended
58 399t.jpg"The Founding Father's Guide To The Constitution", What Kind Of Government Did America's Founding Fathers Envision When They Drafted The Constitution? By: Brion McClanahan, This Is A Thought Provoking Book! Hardcover Edition, 262-Pages 6 5777 3.26   ended
76 487t.jpg"Burning And Texturing For The Wood Carver" Specific To Birds And Ducks, By: William Veasey, In Very Good Condition 4 16167 3.25   ended
78 499t.jpg1952 The Biggest Bear Paperback Book, It Looks To Be In Good Condition, 80-Pages 1 10833 1.00   ended
171 970t.jpg(20) Used Paperback Books, All Are Good Mysteries, Spy Novels, Romance Mix, Authors Like: Debbie Macomber, Jodi Thomas, Donald Porter And More, In Good Condition 6 2257 3.25   ended
183 1038t.jpg(18) Misc. Books Including: Harry Potter Hardcover, Sanford Hardcover, Blindside And Misc. Mystery And Romance, All Are In Good Condition 5 16193 3.62   ended
276 1546t.jpg"Lies Across America" What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong, From Author James W. Loewen, Or "Lies My Teacher Told Me" Hardcover With Dust Jacket, 480-Pages, In Very Good Condition 6 7951 2.75   ended
339 6435t.jpgGreat Selection Of Thirty Books From Robert B. Parker, Agatha Christie, Dick Francis, PJ Dempsey, And More! Hardcovers And Paperbacks In Good Condition 3 1854 1.75   ended
365 6585t.jpgThe U.S. Navy Seals Hardcover Book With 236 Pages Covering Vietnam To Finding Osama Bin Laden, Comprehensive History Of The U.S. Navy Seals Packed With Information On Key Events With Fantastic Highly Illustrated Black & White Photographs By David Jordan, Dust Jacket, Very Good Condition 8 3086 5.50   ended
395 6732t.jpgFirst Edition "Grease Monkey" Graphic Novel By Tim Eldred, Nice Hardcover With 352 Pages And Dust Jacket, First Edition From June 2006, Very Good Condition 4 17085 3.25   ended
408 1704t.jpg"Blondie : The Complete Bumstead Family History" First Edition Hardcover Book With 192 Pages, Over 400 Strips, Very Good Condition With Dust Jacket 5 4607 4.26   ended
423 1777t.jpg(22) Birds And Blooms Magazines From 2000 To 2004, Good Condition 1 10833 1.00   ended
450 1902t.jpg(33) Misc. Paperback Books Including Romance And Mystery, All Good Reads And In Good Condition 2 5296 2.25   ended
455 1935t.jpg(18) Hardcover Books By Robert B. Parker, Good Condition 6 17010 2.25   ended
461 1978t.jpgTote Of Paperback Books - Most By Barbara Cartland, Good Condition And 14"W x 19"L x 11"T 7 6347 5.01   ended
537 2320t.jpgJohn Grisham Hardcover Book Lot Including Bleachers, The Summons, The Chamber, The Partner And Many More! All Great Reads! Seven Books In Good Condition 15 10040 12.29   ended
601 2624t.jpgBox Of Paperback And Hardcover Children's Books In Good Condition, 16"W x 21"L x 9"T 3 3494 2.25   ended
603 2637t.jpgBox Of Books From James Patterson In Good Condition, 11"W x 16"L, See Pictures 12 15651 10.05   ended
649 2914t.jpgTwelve Vintage Happy Hollister's Hardcover Story Books, 1964 Copyright! Collectible! Book Covers Have Some Wear But Pages In Good Condition 3 6347 1.50   ended
654 2947t.jpgSchroeder's Antique Price Guides Including 11-13 And 1993-95; Paperbacks With Great Reference Materials, Good Condition 2 996 2.25   ended
656 2960t.jpgTrue Story : Murder, Memoir, MEA Culpa Hardcover Book From True Michael Finkel On How Someone On The FBI's Ten Most Wanted Went On A Murdering Spree Under A New Identity Of New York Times Writer Michael Finkel, 312 Pages With Dust Jacket, Excellent Book And In Very Good Condition 3 3889 2.76   ended
662 2993t.jpgSix Military Books Including Survival Training : Dept. Of The Air Force, Pilot's Manual For P-38 Lightning & F4U Corsair, F-150 Mustang Handbook, Military Mountaineering Dept. Of Army, And 50 Fighters (1939-1945); Paperbacks And Hard Covers IN Good Condition 9 11065 37.04   ended
706 3266t.jpgMystery Books Lot, A Tote Full Of Paperback Romance And Mystery Novels, Mostly By Harlequin Presents, 15"W x 20"L x 11"H 17 8622 8.55   ended
732 3434t.jpg"To Shake The Sleeping Self" By Jedidiah Jenkins Hardcover Book, The True Story Of A 31-Year-Old Man Who Rides A Bicycle From Oregon To Tip End Of South America, It Is In Very Good Condition 7 3889 11.51   ended
784 3801t.jpg(22) Issues Of Birds And Blooms Magazine, 2007-2010, They Are In Real Good Condition 3 3519 1.75   ended
824 4682t.jpg(15) Misc. Hardcover Books, Mystery And Drama, Including: Twilight Series, Charlaine Harris And More, In Good Condition To Very Good Condition 2 12892 1.25   ended
860 4881t.jpgMickey Mouse Club Annual Book, 1956-1957, 120-Pages, There Is Cracking On The Spine, It Is In Fair Condition, 8 3/4"W x 11 3/4"H 4 8380 3.26   ended
867 4919t.jpg"Nerds", National Espionage, Rescue, And Defense Society, New Series From New York Times Best Seller Michael Buckley, Hardcover Book, 305-Pages 1 15750 1.00   ended
952 4209t.jpgPaperback Book The Wings of Dawn, Complete Book of North American Water Fowling By George Reiger, Very Good Condition, Copyright 1980 1 1862 1.00   ended
959 4246t.jpgCapture The Light A Guide For Beginning Digital Photographers By Steve Meltzer, Paperback 95 Pages and Nikon D40/D40X For Dummies Paperback By Judy Adair King, 308 Pages, Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
979 4388t.jpgTote Full Of Harlequin Romance Novels, Very Good Condition, 60 Plus- Nice Lot 16 5777 12.09   ended
1105 9611t.jpgBird Book Lot of Four- All Paperbacks Including National Audubon Society, Familiar Birds of North America, Attracting Birds, Birds in Your Back Yard, Good Condition, Very Helpful 6 1209 5.51   ended
1136 9754t.jpgThree Books on Brewing, Paperback Oktoberfest, Brew Like A Monk and The Brewmasters Bible, Very Good Condition 2 1017 2.54   ended
1167 9917t.jpgRudolph W. Giuliani "Leadership" Writing in His Familiar New Yorkers Bluntness and His Passion For Ideas and How His Leadership Skills He Practices Can Be Employed Successfully By Anyone, Hard Cover With Dust Jacket, 407 Pages, Very Good Condition         ended
1192 10053t.jpg"The Book" For Children By Kenneth N. Taylor, Amazing Book and Illustrations, Hard Cover 640 Pages, Good Condition 3 1831 1.75   ended
1203 7179t.jpgDisney Hyperion Books "The Kane Chronicles Survival Book" Awesome 141 Page Hard Cover With Binder Style Closing Cover, Very Good Condition 1 3494 1.00   ended
1279 7654t.jpg(19) Volume Set From Nobel Prize Library, 1971, All Very Good Condition, Many Never Opened/Read, Some Minor Blemishes on Cover, Excerpts, Stories, Acceptance Speeches By World's Greatest Authors, Lewis, Kipling, Yeats, Hemingway, Faulkner, Steinbeck and Others 4 3106 6.01   ended
1284 7701t.jpgBox of Eight Books on How To Speak Different Foreign Languages, French, German, And More, Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Good Condition 5 8453 2.25   ended
1389 5583t.jpg1970 Two Vintage Ducks At A Distance Waterfowl Identification Guides, And 1972 Key To North American Water Fowl Pamphlets, In Good Condition 1 4607 1.00   ended
1390 5588t.jpgThe Hero's Of Olympus "The Demigod Diaries" Including New Short Stories Games And More From The NY Times #1 Best Selling Author, Rick Riordan Hardcover Book, 242-Pages, In Very Good Condition 3 9935 2.25   ended
1470 6060t.jpgDay Hikes In Yellowstone National Park Paperback Book By Robert Stone, 4th Edition And Exploring Joshua Tree National Park, Guide To Exploring The Desert Trails And Roads With Full Color Map, Very Good Condition 3 12827 2.76   ended
1477 6095t.jpg"The Natural World Of Bugs & Insects" Paperback Book In Like New Condition 6 14418 3.25   ended
1519 13223t.jpg"Think Big" Make It Happen In Business And Life By Donald Trump And Bill Zanker, Paperback Book With 368 Pages, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition 2 16610 2.03   ended
1534 13308t.jpgPrinceton Review 2018 "Cracking The AP Calculus AB Exam" - Premium Edition! 764 Pages Fully Updated With Online Extras And Six Full Length Tests, Better Strategies And Higher Scores! Good Condition 3 1854 3.02   ended
1550 13398t.jpgBarron's AP English Literature And Composition Test Preparation 7th Edition With Full Length Practice Tests And Online Content, Everything You Need To Get A 5, Paperback, Good Condition 2 1854 2.02   ended
1624 7948t.jpgNine 1997 Disney Hardcover Read And Grow Library Books With Volumes 5-7, 10-12, 16, 17, And 19; All In Very Good Condition 1 15247 1.00   ended
1647 8112t.jpgVintage 1920's Books Including The Collected Works Of Arabian Nights, Balzac, Boccaccio, Chekhou, Daudet, Dickens, Doyle, Dumas, Emerson, Flaubert, Gautier, Haggard Hugo, Ibsen, And More! About 600-1000 Pages Each, Gold Embossed With Griffins ON Cover, Hardcovers, Very Good Condition 17 1017 43.87   ended
1651 8132t.jpgLot Of (15+) Misc. Books, Tapes, And Movies With Topics Like Medical, Faith, Hamlet, Comedy, And More! Good Condition         ended

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