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2 24t.jpgTwo Faux Indoor Trees With Real Trunks, Comes With Three Bags Of Moss For Ground Cover, In Good Condition, 54" And 71"H 9 14875 7.51   ended
64 376t.jpgVintage Marble Base Brass Pillar Candleholders, In Good Condition, 4"W x 4"D x 7"H 3 15070 1.75   ended
66 386t.jpgMetal Tall Ship Décor Piece In Good Condition, 14"W x 4"D x 15"H 6 16512 2.75   ended
68 400t.jpgSmall Vintage Gold-Tone Metal Tall Ship Décor Piece, It Is Dusty But It Is Still In Good Condition, 12"W x 3"D x 10 1/2"H 7 16512 4.50   ended
109 627t.jpgNew! Candles And Musical Bird Figurine, Westland Kingfisher Musical Bird Figurine, It Is A Retired Item, It Plays "Everything Is Beautiful", And Nine Candles, Three Birchwood Pillars And Five Jar Candles And Pie Candle, Chocolate Pretzel, 1 1/2" To 6 1/2"H 10 8223 10.50   ended
134 755t.jpgBlack Metal Coat Rack With Two Metal Storage Baskets, In Good Condition, 12"W x 6"D x 4"H Bin, 16"W x 7 1/2"D x 6"H Bin, 15"W x 15"D x 64"H Rack 13 2415 15.49   ended
147 811t.jpgThis Is A Unique And Very Cute Rustic Little House Décor, It Lights Up, Made Of Wood And Tin, In Good Condition, 15"W x 8 1/2"D x 12"H 11 2110 10.50   ended
162 885t.jpgHuge Wicker And Metal Dry Vase Or Umbrella Stand, Etc., In Very Good Condition, 15"Dia. X 40"H 17 11748 13.01   ended
174 949t.jpgSmall Faux Fern In Wicker Pot, Overall 25"W x 25"H 5 16900 4.34   ended
184 994t.jpgWooden Duck Glass Holder Or Ashtray, It Has A Hole To Put Glass Item, This Is A Nice Décor Piece In Good Condition, Measures 7"Dia. X 6 3/4"H Base, The Duck Is 1"W x 7"L x 5 1/4"H, The Hole Is 3 1/4"Dia. 1 2000 1.00   ended
188 1026t.jpgStowe Vermont Creature Comforts Cat Hand-Sewn Pillow, Cloth Material, In Good Condition, It Measures 15"W x 7"D x 10"H 4 16335 3.25   ended
193 1053t.jpgMetal Tray With Kitten And Teddy Bear Art, Great Colors! In Good Condition, It Measures 11 3/4"Dia. X 1"H 6 15206 3.00   ended
223 1251t.jpgMetal Tray With Floral Emblems Of Canada, In Very Good Condition, It Measures 11"Dia. X 1/2"H 1 12123 1.00   ended
227 1273t.jpgStar, Rooster And Heart Fence Hanging Art, Resin And Metal Construction, All Are In Good Condition, They Measure: Stars At 18"W x 18"H, 18"W x 14"H And 9"W x 9"H, The Red, White And Blue Rooster Bird House Is 4"W x 7"H And The Heart Is 8"W x 9"H 8 6520 16.16   ended
229 1286t.jpgLot Of Long Legged Metal Birds, They Are Very Cool! Check Out The 3-D Eyes! There Are Three Shorter Ones With Original Sticker That Says 3/$42, The Bases Are 6"W x 3"D x 1"H And The Whole Bird Is 16"H, There Is Also A Large Set Of Taller Birds That Have No Original Price Stickers, The Base Is 13"W x 6"D x 1"H And The Whole Bird Is 29"H, In Very Good Condition 5 369 6.01   ended
246 1405t.jpgDecorative Silver-Plated Large Dish With "30 Years Ford Of Canada" Engraved On It, In Fair Condition, 14"Dia. 1 12123 1.00   ended
249 1422t.jpgBlack Iron Plant Pot Holder In Good Condition, 10"Dia. X 15"H 10 2888 8.00   ended
251 1430t.jpgNewer Large Enameled Metal Pitcher, Made To Look Older, Great For Home Décor, In Good Condition, 5"W x 11"L x 12"H 15 16900 10.77   ended
252 1435t.jpgNewer Enameled Metal Bowl, Glass Material, Made To Look Older, Great For Home Décor, In Good Condition, It Measures 12"W x 12"L x 4"H 10 17277 4.00   ended
267 1521t.jpgMetal Lock Box In Good Condition, It Measures 16" Across And 10"H 6 17230 3.00   ended
269 1531t.jpgAluminum Dust Pan With Thick Handle For Easy Hanging, Great For Your Garage! In Good Condition, 17"W x 11"D 12 672 10.55   ended
284 1625t.jpgLike New! Majestic Machine Woven Area Rug, Persian Garden Design, Dark Gold With Reds And Other Colors, Made In Turkey, It Retails For $99, Looks Great Under A Little Accent Table, In Very, Very Good Condition, 3'Dia. 12 8113 16.00   ended
311 1793t.jpgTwo Plastic Serving Trays, Lacquered Black Oval With Mother of Pearl Floral Design 19"L x 11"W, Lacquered Brown 15 1/2"Diam, Painted Bird and Flower Design, Very Good Condition 1 12123 1.00   ended
325 1864t.jpgSilver-plated Bell, Candle Holder, Brass Cat, All Very Old, Good Condition, 5 1/2"Diam to 6" -8"H 11 15206 4.26   ended
329 1883t.jpgVintage Hand Carved Real Solid Wood Siamese Cat Shelf Sitter, Very Nicely Carved, Cute And Mischievous, 5 1/2"L x 3"H x 2 1/2"Across, Plus Saratoga Pottery, Cat Coffee Mug, Very Rare Find And Artist Signed Bottom, Fun Way To Wakeup In Morning, Mug 3 1/2"x 4" Big Handle and Approx. 12 Oz. Both In Very Good Condition 4 9682 1.75   ended
333 1906t.jpgTwo Tier Metal Server For Countertop or Table, Great For Food/Fruit/Veggies Or Even Décor For Shabby Chic Look, Very Good Condition, Largest Diam 13" x 23 1/2"H 8 3513 11.25   ended
383 2136t.jpgThree Rubbermaid Roughneck 18 Gallon Containers, Good and Ready To Use Again, Good Condition, 15"W x 22"L x 15"H 11 2633 15.50   ended
421 2341t.jpgMaui Off White Chunky Loop Runner, Wonderful Quality, Thick Material, Good Condition, 2'6"W x 8'L 16 6670 16.50   ended
459 2495t.jpgTwo Size Small Durabilt Stacking Modular Storage Bins With Lids, 15"W x 17"D x 17"H, New With Tags 8 11681 9.60   ended
510 2725t.jpgNew In Box Vintage Chrome 6" Wall Bell With Bracket, Made In Korea, Shaped Like A Ship's Bell And Has A Clapper! 14 3323 13.03   ended
543 2924t.jpgBox Full Of Vintage Table Clothes, Five Beautiful Vintage Aprons, Good Condition, 11"W x 18"D x 6"T 13 10833 12.50   ended
588 3170t.jpgNew E-Z Grip Bathroom Suction Handle, 4"W x 11 1/2"L 8 3524 7.88   ended
595 3208t.jpgNew Shower Filter With Shower Head Attached, 3 1/2"D x 8"L 5 7662 2.25   ended
614 3296t.jpg(3) Bars of Purpose, Brand Soap, 4"L x 2 1/2"W, NIP 2 1117 1.25   ended
619 3325t.jpgBeautiful New In Package Shower Curtain, Greenish Polyester/Cotton, Will Go With Anything From Canada To New York! 70"W x 72"T 9 15130 3.31   ended
621 3337t.jpgTwo Red Flex Tubs, Plastic Material, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition And 19"W x 13"D x 19"T 10 2357 6.50   ended
670 3607t.jpgThirteen Rugs For Bathroom And Kitchen Including Two 24" x 42" White Ovals, A Brown 30" x 45", Two Blue 24" x 40", And Two Brown 30" x 40"; Overall Good Condition 13 7179 15.50   ended
715 3849t.jpgNew In Package JCP Home Fabric Shower Curtain With Aspen Leaves, Fabric/Polyester, 70"W x 72"T 12 2658 12.50   ended
717 3861t.jpgWoven Wood Gourd That Looks Like A Pear, Good Condition, 7"D x 16"T 5 15206 2.25   ended
721 3881t.jpgVintage Solid Copper Pillar Candle Holders In Good Condition, 7"W x 3"D x 4"T 3 3180 4.25   ended
728 3918t.jpgSea Shells From Florida In Glass Jar With Lid, Good Condition, Shells Are 1-3" Long And Jar Is 5"W x 5"D x 10"T 3 4693 1.75   ended
744 4015t.jpgLarge Brass Vase/Planter, Six Sided, Made In India, Very Good Condition And 10"W x 11"T 5 12123 3.00   ended
775 4237t.jpgDisplay These Incredibly Realistic-Looking Pieces Of Fruit In A Pretty Bowl, They'll Never Rot! Set Includes A Banana, Two Lemons, A Pear, Two Green Apples And A Pomegranate; Appear To Be Plastic But Look Vintage! Very Good Condition, Pieces Are 3 1/2" To 8" Long 4 17179 2.50   ended
778 4259t.jpgNew 500 Pack Of Member's Mark Shorty Kraft Bags, FSC, 8 1/4"W x 6 1/8"D x 15 7/8"T 9 10833 10.00   ended
812 4487t.jpgTwo Fake Mum Flower Pots In Very Good Condition, 10"W x 16"T 8 2415 5.51   ended
834 4617t.jpgApple Bucket Water Fountain, Video Posted On YouTube To See It Work And Hear The Water Cascade, Pump Has Adjustable Flow Setting, Very Good Condition And Working, 9"W x 2"D x 14"T, 8 7573 14.50   ended
840 4656t.jpgTwo Fake Sunflower Pots In Very Good Condition, 10"D x 16"T 10 1276 8.00   ended
939 5207t.jpgBeautiful Cast Iron Heavy Plant Stand, Very Pretty Flower Designs On It, Great Condition, 12"D x 25"T 25 16512 30.25   ended
951 5265t.jpgNew In Box Proctor Silex Durable Clothes Iron, Plastic And Metal, 4"W x 11"L x 6"T 9 17354 8.00   ended
952 5270t.jpgNew In Package Non-Slip Rug Underlay To Help Keep Rugs In Place, Polyester Textile Coated With PVC, 96"W x 120"L 14 1748 16.50   ended

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