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94 544t.jpgSmall Tray Of Lots Of Mixed Misc. Including: Spoon, Ribbon, Hammer, Door Knob, And More! Fair Condition To Good Condition, 2"L To 11"L 4 16535 2.75   ended
233 1311t.jpgCheck Out This Box Lot Of Vintage To Modern Misc. Items Including: Game, Glasses, Salt And Pepper Shakers, Etc., Plastic, Glass, Ceramic Materials, Loosely Packed, Some Wear, Overall Good Condition, 2" To 10"L 1 16308 1.00   ended
272 1550t.jpgOne Fragile Mystery Box, Antique! In Good Condition, 13"W x 16"D x 13"H 10 14714 5.50   ended
341 1944t.jpgLadies Surprise Box- Packed With New, Next To New, Nice Vintage Items, Bid To Win On This One! 17"W x 18"L x 11"H 9 13928 7.00   ended
379 2241t.jpgBucket Full of Misc. Items- Mostly For the Men! Screwdrivers, Tape, Old Hacksaw, Saw Blades, Two Bird Feeders, Plant Hangers, Much More, Fair to Good Condition, Worn and Rusty, 12"Diam x 15"H 2 267 1.00   ended
535 2871t.jpgPlastic Hand Shopping Basket Packed With Odds And Ends Like Oil/Incense Burners, 9" Glass, About Twelve Sz. 2 Diapers, Exit Sign, Napkin Holder, And More! Good Condition, Basket Is 13"W x 19"L x 10"T 5 12617 3.51   ended
707 3786t.jpgMega Piece Lot Of Brand New With Tags Or Unopened Items At C-Store Point Of Purchase, Comes With Corkscrews, Bottle Opener, Toy Flashlights, Phone Case, And (28) Insect Repelling Bands In Their Display Box, Lots Of Value And Practical Uses, 2-8" Long 5 12617 2.25   ended
749 4051t.jpgFive Matching Plates, Five Bowls, Six Glass Cups, And A Box Of Car Chargers; Needs Some Cleaning And In Fair To Good Condition, 15"W x 20"D x 25'T 1 979 1.00   ended
754 4094t.jpgLarge Mystery Box Full Of New To Gently Used Items Including Lots Of Goodies - No Garbage! Box Is 24"W x 12"D x 10 1/2"T 7 13928 3.00   ended
781 4278t.jpgBasket Of Belts, Wiper Blades, Washer Fluid, Coolant And More! Good Condition, 16"W x 25"D x 17"T 8 13274 4.25   ended
1114 9269t.jpgMisc. Lot With Exam Gloves, Weights, Alcohol Pads, Headlight, Tape Measure, Callus Remover, Extension Cord, Recipe Book, Light Bulbs, And A Bullet Cast; Good Condition Overall And 11"W x 13"D x 11"T 11 912 9.00   ended
1117 9293t.jpgBox With Misc. Items Like Cookie Sheets, Lady Bug Dish, And Other Misc. Items; All Usable And In Good To New Condition, Box Is 16"W x 12"D x 18"T 2 12617 1.25   ended
1284 5927t.jpgBox Lot With Power Steering Unit Off A Car, A Motor Flusher For An Inboard Motor, Heavy Duty Pick Axe Without Handle, Mr. Twist Adjustable Work Light, New Old Stock Air Filter A858C, And Electric Shop Light, It Needs A Bulb, Sold As Is, Fair Condition To Good Condition, 5" To 7"H 3 3180 2.77   ended
1306 6046t.jpgMystery Box - Full Of Great Items For All Ages! 12 1/2"W x 18"L x 12 1/2"T 8 14449 3.76   ended
1561 7635t.jpgWomens Large Surprise Box Filled With Lots of Items Ranging From Antique Items To Newer Items, 15"W x 23"D x 13"H 9 15130 3.00   ended
1719 9869t.jpgMystery Box With Girls Items Like Dolls, Good Condition Items, 10"W x 10"D x 11"T 7 15941 8.59   ended
1727 9924t.jpgLadies Big Mystery Box Filled With A Lot Of Items, Older TO Newer Items, 18"W x 24"D x 13"T 9 16847 3.00   ended
1728 9928t.jpgGeneral Supplies Including Tablets, Writing Tools, Clipboards, Envelopes, Paper, Files, Cards And Over 200 Bags! 6" To 12" Tall/Long 6 14825 4.16   ended
1860 10614t.jpgVintage Antique Store Lot Including Mt. Vernon Children's Hat, Tin Barrel Bank, Wood Sock Darner, Plastic and Crystal Lamp Crystals, Cast Metal Ship Bookend, Wood Nesting Doll, Metal Flower Candle Holder, Lamp and Other Items, Few Chips on Crystal, One Nesting Doll Has Repair, Lamp Works With Sticky Switch, Fair To Good Condition, Lamp 9"H, Doll 5 1/2" 5 1412 3.00   ended
1947 8540t.jpgMilk Crate Full of Misc. Items, Bike Parts, Toilet Ring, Roofing Caulk, And More, Good To New, 13"Sq. x 11"H 2 80 1.25   ended
1948 8546t.jpgAwesome Mystery Box! Full of Good Stuff! Bid To Win! 16"W x 13 1/2"D x 18"H 12 13928 4.87   ended
1950 8555t.jpgMystery Boy's Box Lot- Works, Good Condition 19 11547 5.51   ended
2268 11622t.jpgBox Lot Of Household Misc. Including: Baking Pans, Dish Towels, Cups, Vintage Nest Hen, Tops And Lids, Vases, Curling Iron, Etc., All In Good Condition, 16"W x 21"L x 11"H 1 8493 1.00   ended
2270 11634t.jpgNew And Never Used! Mystery Phone Cases Box, It Measures 12"W x 16"L x 12"H 1 4566 1.00   ended
2406 14042t.jpgMystery Box 16"W x 24"D x 6 1/2"H, Good Condition 5 11547 2.26   ended
2512 14534t.jpgNew Items For Sale Over Door Hanger, Auto Emblem, Small Cast Iron Skillet, Travel Mug, Fuel Filter, Receptacle Corners Connector, Door Lock Set, 20 Yards Heat Bond Seam Tape, Hinges, GM Parts, Candles, Good To New, 4" to 19"H 4 12617 1.75   ended
2597 14906t.jpgMystery Box Packed Full of Good Stuff! Something For Everyone! 17"W x 16"D x 15 1/2"H 7 7202 2.50   ended
2657 13779t.jpgMisc. Tools Including: Scissors, Box Cutter, Flash Light, Wrenches And More! They Need Cleaning, 12"W x 20"D x 7"H 4 13274 2.25   ended
2831 12582t.jpgGirls Mystery Box Filled with Misc. Items, Older Items to Newer Items, 13 1/2"W x 23"D x 10"H 3 3746 3.23   ended
2842 12666t.jpgHouse/Home Related Items, Hinges, Handle & Lots More, Good to New Condition, 1" to 32"L 4 13274 2.59   ended
2912 18098t.jpgBig Triple Stacked Mystery Box Filled with a Lot of Items Ranging from Newer Items to Antique Items, 12"W x 14"D x 28"H 11 11547 6.00   ended
3421 16121t.jpgVintage Metal Bucket Filled With Tripod, Pitch Fork, Sickles, Augers And More! Cool Lot For Repurpose Or Décor, Fair Condition To Good Condition, They Measure 8" To 24"L 6 1017 6.00   ended
4120 19258t.jpgGreat Collection of Random Estate Items, Some Great Ones, Check Pics, Fair to Good Condition, Caboodles Case, Metal Halloween Horse, Books & More, Fair to Good Condition 4 6889 4.75   ended
4275 21965t.jpgCollectible Knives, Bottle Openers, Ruler & Tins, Good Condition, 2" to 14"L 1 6622 1.00   ended
4588 26898t.jpgShooting Targets, Sparklers, Old Tools, Screws, Extension Cord, Black & Decker Screwdriver Bits, Electric Drill (Runs Good) Cord Damage, Sand paper and Too Many Other Items To List, Fair To New in Package, 10"W x 14"L x 10"H 5 13274 3.75   ended
4592 26926t.jpgPlastic Tote With Stoneware Bowl, Vacuum Filter, Few Kitchen Knives, Etc. Good Condition, 13"W x 10"D x 11"H 4 3998 2.50   ended
4596 26952t.jpgRandom Box Lot- Two Wifi Router, Ethernet Cable, Battery Quick Charger, Home Décor, Made in Great Britain Acutrac Speakers, Movies, CDs and More, All Working, Good Condition, As Is 7 4917 2.52   ended

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