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32 203t.jpg"The Old Breed" Hardcover Book, This Is The History Of The First Marine Division In World War II, First Edition! Copyright 1949, Some Wear But Still In Good Condition, It Has 483-Pages, It Measures 9"W x 11"D 8 3106 31.01   ended
186 1011t.jpgWLS Radio Station Prairie Farmer Family Album Radio Show With Envelope, Great Magazines! They Are From 1945, 1950 And 1956, In Good Condition And Measuring 11" x 8" 3 1323 1.75   ended
225 1261t.jpgAll New Condition With Two Still Plastic Wrapped Three-Piece "The Old Farmer's Almanac" 2017, 1917 And 1817 Editions, The 2017 Edition Has 304-Pages         ended
245 1399t.jpgThe Spanish Inquisition 1478-1834, An Historical Revision By: Henry Kamen, 2000, With Cardboard Slipcover, Hardcover Book, It Addresses Persecution, Torture, And Killing Of Jews And Muslims Who Would Not Convert To Being Catholic, In Very Good Condition, 363-Pages 4 16589 9.51   ended
273 1554t.jpg(27) Vintage Science Fiction Books, There Are Eight Hardcover And (19) Paperback Books, Authors Are: Piers Anthony, David And Leigh Eddings, C.J. Cherry, Neil R. Jones And More! All Are In Good Condition, The Box Is 19" x 13" x 5" 6 15130 14.51   ended
331 1893t.jpgFaberge in America 1996 Paperback By Geza Von Habburg, History of The Master Russian Jeweler Carl Faberge, His Art Collection, Interest and Following In America Art, Numerous Color Photographs of His Are With Text, 366 Pages, 10 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 1"Thick, Good Condition 1 564 1.00   ended
412 2298t.jpgTwo Adult Coloring Books- Coloroma Flowers, Paisleys, Stained Glass and More With Six Pencils, Different Colors On Either End, Coloroma Decoration Mystical Circles, Paisleys, And More, Brand New 9 180 5.01   ended
546 2945t.jpgTwo Eric Sloane Paperback Books ON Wood Including "A Museum Of Early American Tools" With Illustrations And "A Reverence For Wood" With Illustrations, Both In Good Condition 6 6584 8.50   ended
751 4069t.jpgNine Hardcover And Paper Books On Birds And Four Cassettes On Bird Songs Including The Bird Friendly Backyard, Audubon's Birds, Natural Gardening For Birds, How To Attract Birds, American Water Birds, Also Hawks, Owls And Game Birds, And More! Cassettes Know Your Bird Sounds, Volume 1 & 2, Common Bird Songs, And Songs Of Eastern Birds; Good Condition 8 5627 8.02   ended
785 4306t.jpgBold Dragon : The Life Of JEB Stuart Hardcover Book, Biography Of Confederate South General During The Civil War, 354 Pages, 1999 Date, Good Condition 3 1553 4.27   ended
790 4340t.jpgTen LIFE Magazines From 1949, 1967, 1970, And 1957; Beautiful Color Ads That Could Be Framed, Nice Back Page Ad Of Coca Cola And Cigarettes, Great History! Good Condition 11 3000 13.00   ended
796 4381t.jpgWhiskey Six Guns And Red Light Ladies : George Hand's Saloon Diary Tucson Arizona (1875-1878), Memoir Biography History Of Life In The Old West And Frontier Town Of Tucson Arizona - Diary Written By George Hand, 1995 Paperback In Very Good Condition 2 16006 5.51   ended
809 4467t.jpgFour MAD Magazines Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Paperbacks, 1971 With 191 Pages, 1976 With 224 Pages, 1971 With 192 Pages, And 1982; Good Condition 7 3000 3.51   ended
841 4662t.jpgSeven Stamp Books From 1979 To 1989, Paperback Catalogs In Good Condition 3 13928 1.50   ended
842 4669t.jpgLarge Lot Of Early 1900's Books Including John Of Oregon, The Doctor, The Goddess Of Reason, And More! Hardcovers, Some Torn/Missing Covers 13 13005 15.50   ended
882 4909t.jpg(48) Various Cook Books Including Good Housekeeping, Jerusalem, Microwave, Desserts, Poultry, Family Circle, Pillsbury, Martha Stewart, Better Homes And Gardens, And More! Great Condition 3 1862 4.02   ended
920 27952t.jpgTen Volume Hard Cover Set Of Junior Classics From 1949 - Seventy Years Old! Books For Children, Teens Or For Display! Good To Very Good Condition 8 3658 28.01   ended
1118 9300t.jpgBox Of Twelve Books On History From All Over The World But Mostly The U.S.; American Album Has 226 Pages Of Black And White Photos, Two Books On Florida, Wisconsin Lore, New Orleans Stories, Sand County Almanac, Two Books On Historic Houses, Irish Folk Tales, Tales Of Old Jamaica And More! Good Condition 10 2453 5.80   ended
1241 5621t.jpgFour Books, Basic Readers And Battle Cry Of Freedom, Three Are Hardcover And One Is Paperback, Fair Condition 6 16486 6.00   ended
1242 5631t.jpgReader's Digest Paperback Books From November 1942, May 1943, November 1945, September 1946, October 1946 And November 1946, No Pages Missing, Very Little Damage To A Couple Of Them, Fair Condition 4 14418 2.82   ended
1243 27955t.jpg"A History Of The English Speaking Peoples" Four-Volume Hardcover Set By: Winston S. Churchill, Published By Barnes And Noble In 1993, Great Democracies, Age Of Revolution, New World, Birth Of Britain, 1759-Pages, In Very Good Condition, Approx. 8 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 1 1/4" 6 2453 5.51   ended
1244 5643t.jpgVintage Holy Bible, King James Version, Red Letter Version, Beautifully Illustrated With Many Of The World's Most Cherished Paintings, In Great Condition, 11 1/2" x 9" x 2 1/2" 3 14095 2.77   ended
1245 5648t.jpgThree Auto Books On Classic Cars, A = H.C. American Autos 1893/1993, B And C Are Two Paperbacks On Muscle Cars And Classic Cars, In Good Condition 1 10040 1.00   ended
1246 5658t.jpgChapman Piloting Hardcover Book By: Elbert S. Maloney, The 75th Anniversary, The Book Itself Is In Good Condition         ended
1250 5680t.jpgNew In Pack! Welding Skills Workbook By: Jonathan F. Gosse, Paperback Edition 4 4566 6.00   ended
1251 5684t.jpgThree Hardcover Books On Native American Indians Including: Through Indian Eyes, The Great Chiefs, Indian Sign Language 9 12338 6.50   ended
1252 5702t.jpgA Very Cool Coffee Table Book, The Ultimate Motorcycle Book By Hugo Wilson With A Forward By: Ed Youngblood And Some Fantastic Pictures By Dave King, It's Really A Great Book To Thumb Through! Early Days To Now, In Very Good Condition, 11 1/2" x 9 1/2" 10 1017 7.00   ended
1253 27732t.jpg"Country Quilts In A Day" Hardcover Book By Fran Roen 3 17010 1.50   ended
1254 27895t.jpgVery Large Science Fiction Novel Hardcover Book "Battlefield Earth" By: L. Ron Hubbard, Father Of The Scientology Church, Dustcover Is Worn But Clean, In Fair Condition 4 3106 4.75   ended
1255 5726t.jpgPhoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story, 2014, Biography Paperback, One Man's Battle To Prove Cancer Is Curable Through Hemp, Hemp Oil, Rick Simpson's Life Story, 244-Pages, In Very Good Condition, It Measures 6 1/2" x 9" x 3/4" 7 3086 5.70   ended
1256 5731t.jpgWagons West: The Epic Story Of America's Overland Trails Paperback Book, 2002, Non-Fiction History, Memoir Biography, 1840-1849 Migration Of People Headed West Using Original Diaries And Memoirs, Between Fur Trappers And The Gold Rush, In Very Good Condition, It Measures 9" x 6" x 1 1/4" 9 2453 4.00   ended
1258 5746t.jpgLot Of (43) Harley Davidson Collector Enthusiast Magazines, In Fair Condition To Good Condition 1 6584 1.00   ended
1259 5756t.jpgAuto Manual Paperback Book, 1972 Oldsmobile, Body Repair Tech Manual Factory Book, It Is Needed If You Are Working On Any Body Component Of An A-Body Car 8 1049 6.51   ended
1261 5768t.jpgAuto Manual, 1972 Oldsmobile Fisher Body Service Book, All About Engines, Transmissions, Electrical, This Is The One If Working On A 1972 Old's, Paperback Edition, In Fair Condition 8 3180 9.38   ended
1262 5773t.jpgPicture History Of US Navy Hardcover Book, A Very Cool Item With Great Pictures!, 12" x 9" x 2" 8 14210 3.75   ended
1263 5779t.jpgEight 1938 To 1956 "Life" Magazines, Covers Are: Emperor Of Japan, Quin's First Communion, Fall Jewelry, Ingrid Bergman Ends Her Exile, Commander Of Czech Army, Margaret Leighton, Duke's Daughter, Gloria Graham 3 3000 4.26   ended
1265 27797t.jpgTwo Hardcover Auto Books Including: World Of Cars And American Auto Legends 4 4589 2.25   ended
1266 27675t.jpgTwo Harley Davidson Hardcover Books, They Are: Time Chart History Of Harley Davidson Dated 2003, In Good Condition, 15" x 10 1/4" x 1/2", And America Celebrates 100-Years Of Harley Davidson By: Tod Rafferty Dated 2002, 224-Pages, It Measures 13" x 11" x 3/4" 4 9244 5.00   ended
1267 5816t.jpg1966 Civil Defense Personal And Family Survival Book, Paperback Edition, Some Water Damage But Still In Good Condition 3 12617 2.02   ended
1269 5827t.jpgSix Agatha Christie Paperback Books, In Fair Condition To Good Condition 3 2566 2.25   ended
1270 5836t.jpgTales of The North American Indians, Paperback Book From 1966 By: Stith Thompson 386-Pages, Mythological Tales Of the Origins Of Creation, Legends Of Animal Tricksters And Humans Involved In Marvelous And Supernatural Occurrences, History, In Very Good Condition 7 2453 4.01   ended
1271 5843t.jpgWarman's Star Wars Field Guide Paperback Field Guide In Good Condition 6 9018 10.50   ended
1272 5849t.jpgAleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn: The Gulag Archipelago: And Experiment In Literary Investigation I-II From 1974 Paperback 1st Edition, Soviet Union Gulag Forced Labor Camp, In Good Condition, 6 3/4" x 4 1/4" x 1 1/8" 7 1811 15.50   ended
1274 5860t.jpgTwo Old Hardcover Books Including: Rin Tin And The Ghost Wagon Train, Authorized Television Edition, 1958, 254-Pages, Spirit Of The Border By Zane Grey 1950, Boys And Girls 250-Pages, Both Are In Good Condition 3 13005 2.25   ended
1275 5867t.jpgThe ARRL Handbook For Radio Amateurs 70th Edition Hardcover Book In Good Condition, 11" x 8 1/2" 1 3000 1.00   ended
1276 5874t.jpgTwo British Royalty Books Including: Diana And Jackie Jay Mulvaney, Invitation To A Royal Wedding Featuring Fergie And Prince Andrew, Trevor Hall, In Very Good Condition 3 3494 2.25   ended
1277 5883t.jpg1984 Detroit Tigers World Series Program In Plastic, It is In Very Good Condition 14 11585 15.00   ended
1278 5890t.jpgTwo Vintage Humor Funny Books From The 1980's, One Is About Beer And Another Is About Aging, Both Are Paperback Editions, In Good Condition, Each Measures 10 3/4" x 7 3/4" 1 10306 1.00   ended
1279 5898t.jpgNew With Dust Jacket, Star Trek "A History In Pictures" Large Hardcover 1st Edition Book With 208-Pages, Hundreds Of Photos From The Original Series To Voyager And Beyond, It Measures 9 1/2" x 11 1/4" 6 9638 3.50   ended
1280 5905t.jpgNew! Factory Sealed In Plastic, Discovering Michelangelo: Art Lover's Guide To Understanding Michelangelo's Masterpieces By: William Wallace, It Is Dated 2012, It Weighs About Four-Pounds And It Measures About 10 1/4" x 13 1/4" x 1 1/4" 7 10627 10.51   ended

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