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1 5t.jpgSOLD $650 Like New! 2011 Meitian Original Moped MT-50QT-16 SSR Type Scooter, Actual Miles 25 Electric-Start And Kick, Dealer Owner Since New, Test Miles Only, Starts And Runs Just Like New! Sharp Looking, It Can Be Driven At Age 15+ On The Road, You Do Not Need The Driver's Education Course, 18"W x 64"L x 44"H ***Sells With Owner's Confirmation*** 23 15556 631.01   ended
2859 18819t.jpgRazor MX350 Electric Mini-Dirt Bike With 12" Tires, No Charger, Switch lights up When Turned On. Untested Further, Needs Charger. /As Is And 43" Long. 21 10740 52.00   ended

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