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56 309t.jpgTwo Antique Door Hinges, Free-Moving, They Need A Clean Up, In Good Condition, 2"W x 3 1/2"L 3 17149 7.50   ended
67 371t.jpgAntique Russwin Doorknob With Plates, Latch, And Screws, It Needs Oil, The Latch Is Free-Moving, In Good Condition, 2 1/2"W x 7"L 2 3645 1.25   ended
128 740t.jpgLike New! (15) Springs, Quite Strong And Believed To Be Stainless Steel As They Have Not Rusted, 6 1/2"L 6 991 5.52   ended
130 749t.jpgHeavy Chain With (21) Links, Each Link Is 4"W, Industrial Usage Most Likely, Maybe From A Ship's Anchor, Rusty But Still Usable And In Good Condition, 57"L 10 4566 10.50   ended
132 758t.jpgNew! Roof Exhaust Vent Made Of Metal, It Works Good, 4" Inlet, 9"Sq. Mounting Flange 9 13032 9.00   ended
144 839t.jpgBlack Walnut Boards In Very Good Condition, They Include: One Piece At 8"W x 24"L x 7/8" Thick; One Piece At 7"W x 15"L x 7/8" Thick; One Piece At 4 1/2"W x 16"L x 7/8" Thick; Three Pieces At 3"W x 16"L x 7/8" Thick; Two Pieces At 2 3/4"W x 15"L x 7/8" Thick; One Piece At 3"W x 14"L x 7/8" Thick; Two Pieces At 1 3/4"W x 16"L x 7/8" Thick 14 764 40.00   ended
147 855t.jpgHandyman's Special Mixed Lot Including: Electrical Double Outlets; Wire Strippers/Crimpers; Utility Knife; Cable Clamps That Are New In Package; Carpet Tape; 1/4" Screwdriver Tips, The Items All Come In A Plastic Carrying Tote, They Are all In Good Condition, The Tote Measures 10"W x 14"L x 6"H 5 1247 4.30   ended
153 885t.jpgPiece Of New Vinyl Flooring That Measures 48"W x 63"L 12 16798 4.75   ended
227 4525t.jpgGreat Useful Home Accents In Very Good Condition, They Include: Chrome And Brass Towel Bar Holder At 24"L; Two Toilet Paper Holders In Chrome And Brass At 7"W; Two Chrome And Brass Robe Hooks At 3"L 5 13424 2.75   ended
228 4531t.jpgAll New Kitchen Helper Box Lot Including: New In Box (16)-Piece Clip Lock Storage Set With Two 32-Oz., Two 30-Oz., Two 29-Oz. And Two 11-Oz. All With Lids; Two Anchor Hocking Seven-Cup Glass Bowls With Lids; Two Dish Towels And Four Dish Cloths At 12"Sq. And 14"W x 22"L 13 12348 8.26   ended
241 4593t.jpgNice Vintage Brass Mailbox For Indoor Or Outdoor Use, It Needs TLC But It Is Still In Good Condition, It Measures 15"W x 4"D x 7"H 9 10833 3.50   ended
273 4750t.jpgLot Of Seven Brass Face Plates, Vintage Switch And Receptacle, Two Plastic Face Plates, And Brass Hinges, Only Half The Screws Are With The Face Plates, Overall Good Condition, They Measure 3"W x 5"L 15 7900 12.75   ended
287 4831t.jpg(33) 3 1/2"L Brass Butt Door Hinges With Screws, Used But Still In Good Condition Although A Few Have Some Paint On Them 5 16800 4.25   ended
288 4835t.jpgBright Brass Interior Knobs Complete with Strike Plates And Screws, There Are Four Locking Bath Knobs And Seven Passage Knobs, In Very Good Condition, 6"L 7 12513 6.50   ended
331 1310t.jpgFive Assorted Galvanized Gas Vent Pieces, Good Condition, 3 1/2" To 5"Dia. X 6" To 11"L 7 7951 3.80   ended
332 1317t.jpg(57) Bright Brass Cabinet Knobs, In Very Good Condition, 1"Dia. 14 13087 19.73   ended
362 1469t.jpgVintage Wood Framed Windows, Excellent For Craft Projects, No Broken Glass And In Good Condition For The Age, The One Six-Pane Unit Measures 22"W x 19"H And The Three One-Pane Units Measure 22"W x 19"H 12 1862 15.25   ended
370 1513t.jpgA Large Slab Of Heavy Wood, It Came From A Very Large Old Tree, The Cut Was From The Center Of The Tree Outward So The Tree Was At Least 42"W Or A 9 1/2-Foot Circle, It Is In Good Condition And Measures 21"W x 3"D x 38"L 6 9087 15.50   ended
552 4148t.jpgFourteen New Metal Roof Caps - Brown Granular, 30' Coverage And 6"W x 26"L Pieces 5 987 2.27   ended
569 4238t.jpgNew Max Energy Professional Grade Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper - 25 Sheet Package, Five Sheets Of 80 Grit, Ten Of 120 Grit, And Ten Of 220 Grit; 9"W x 11"L Sheets 7 7900 6.74   ended
571 4248t.jpgNew Package Of (24) Foam Paint/Stain Brushes, The Good Ones With Wooden Handles! Ten 1" Wide Brushes, Six 2" Brushes, Four 3" Brushes, And Four 4" Brushes; Great For Paint, Glue And More! 9 12861 5.74   ended
574 4266t.jpg(57) Bright Brass Cabinet Knobs, Very Good Condition And 1" Diameter 15 16916 11.84   ended
581 4298t.jpg#6 Solid Copper Grounding Wire, Roughly 150' But Haven't Measured, New On Roll! 4"W x 11 1/2"D 16 4763 26.00   ended
586 4316t.jpgNew Max Energy Professional Grade Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper - 25 Sheet Package, Five Sheets Of 80 Grit, Ten Of 120 Grit, And Ten Of 220 Grit; 9"W x 11"L Sheets 5 10740 5.50   ended
602 4905t.jpgNew In Package 6' Washing Machine Fill Hose, Also Comes With A Nokorode Soldering Paste - Looks Vintage! I Never Opened It But The Can Is Heavy, Cool Old Tin, 5 558 3.53   ended
606 4922t.jpg(25) New Sheets Of Three-M-Ite Elek-Tro-Cut Abrasive Cloth - #50, Used On Metal, Wood And Plastic; 9"W x 11"L 11 16167 10.55   ended
638 5069t.jpgNew Key Safe With Combination Lock, Just Bought! Easy Step By Step Instructions, 2 1/2"W x 5"L 12 4763 11.00   ended
930 5531t.jpgBox of Pole Barn Screws, Grip Fast Brand, 1/2" to 2"L 7 1748 11.10   ended
937 5579t.jpgBrand New Electrical Wall Plates- Heavy Gauge Metal Pinecone Design, Include Four Plug Cover For Wall, Double Switch Plate Cover, Single Switch Plate Cover, Each Bought For 18.99 to 20.99, 3 3/4"W x 7 1/2"H 18 5431 10.65   ended
1231 6508t.jpg(5) Assorted Black PVC Plumbing Pipes, 3 1/2" to 4" Openings, Elbows & One 1-3 Splits 1 687 1.00   ended
1258 6648t.jpgFlexible Aluminum Foil Duct, New in Package, Small Amount Cut from Original 4"Dia x 25'L 8 15948 5.00   ended
1263 6674t.jpg(6) Boxes of Finish Nails, New, 1 1/2" to 3"L 15 5476 7.50   ended
1283 6767t.jpgFluidmaster Complete Toilet Repair Kit, 12 3/4"T Box, New in Box, Plastic & Rubber 7 13205 6.02   ended
1284 6772t.jpgFluidmaster Fill Valve Kit, New in Box, 6"W x 2"D x 12"H, Rubber & Plastic 8 15296 6.23   ended
1285 6776t.jpgFluidmaster Installation Kit for Water Supply, 7"W x 2"D x 9"H, New in Box, Metal & Rubber 8 9970 5.01   ended
1298 6842t.jpgBox of Cat 5E Opened, 900'+/-, New, 24/4, Blue 6 13427 7.00   ended
1303 3325t.jpgNew! Box Of A Roll Of Cat 6 Media 6 Communications Cable, Black Color, 1,000'L, 10"W x 14"L x 15"H 5 8180 16.50   ended
1307 3343t.jpgNew! Between 80'-90' Vinyl Rubber Mop Board, In Very Good Condition, Not Sure How Many Feet For Sure, 4"H 13 17183 10.67   ended
1323 3436t.jpgBroan Bathroom Vent Fan #771, Plastic And Metal Construction, 120-V, The Box Has Never Been Opened, 9"Sq. 10 7888 15.63   ended
1325 3447t.jpgTwo Power Strips, All Outlets Are Tested And Working, Both Are Wall Mountable, One Is Woods #21062 125-Volts 15-AMPS, UL Listed With Reset, 57"L, And One Is Unbranded, UL Listed, 28"L 1 6658 1.00   ended
1326 3451t.jpgNew In Package! Dimango Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Remote Control Plug-In Station, Conveniently Turn Outdoor Lights ON Or OFF, With Remote Control Unit, Sold At ACE Hardware For $27.99, 2 1/2"W x 6"L 7 1578 15.25   ended
1332 3482t.jpgFive Victor Mouse Traps, Wooden Material, They Appear To Be Older And Unused, Untested, Each Are 2"W x 4"L 6 653 2.75   ended
1340 3521t.jpgNew! Metal "S" Hooks Lot Including (22) 2 1/2"L And Two 3"L 9 1811 7.00   ended
1510 15203t.jpgCoffee Can With Screws And Lags, A Little Over Half Full And All In Good Condition, 6"D x 6 1/2"T 3 1058 1.75   ended
1529 26727t.jpgLarge Lot of Strap Hinges, 8 Total, Some Rust but Good Usable Condition, 4" to 20"L 5 13199 4.00   ended
1582 15646t.jpgThree Tubs Of Nails, Mostly Large Construction, 10D Up To 20D, At Least One Tub Of Smaller Finishing Nails, Good Condition To New In Box, 6"W x 10"L x 3"T 15 11290 4.50   ended
1755 12483t.jpg12 1/2 GA Galz. 10# Wire, Approx. 500' 6 7754 5.60   ended
1757 12495t.jpg(12) New Handles, Two Painted Black, One Silver-plated, Use For Gates, Garage Doors or Crafts, Silver 5 1/2" Hole to Hole, Small Black 5 1/2" Hole to Hole, Large Black 7 3/4" Hole To Hole - Four Different Colors, With Four Each!- 3 15144 5.50   ended
1843 26300t.jpgHandyman Special- Painters Lot, Six Standard Size Paint Trays, Plastic and Metal, Two Paint Guides, Three Roller Handles, Caulk Guns, Rubbermaid Edger New in Package, Three Roller Naps, All Good Condition, 8" to 16"L 2 11446 1.25   ended
1853 8162t.jpgSix Rolls #12 Wire, 500' Rolls Some Partial, Some NEW Others Good Condition 25 2319 45.25   ended

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