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240 1534t.jpg70+ DVD Movies Including War of The Worlds, The Fourth Angel, Bridge to Know where, True Grit, Edge of Darkness and Many More - Fair to Good Condition 7 1854 29.00   ended
245 1566t.jpg(150) CD's of Various Artists - Mostly Rap Including Ghetto Boyz, Da Brat, Ice Cubes, Heavy D and More - Fair to Good Condition 16 1854 32.00   ended
343 2218t.jpgLot of VHS Tapes Including Charlie, Sniper, Hell Fighters and More - Good Condition         ended
446 2844t.jpgEscape from Sobibor CD, NIP 1 8407 1.00   ended
454 2893t.jpgLot of VHS Movies Including Contact, Bringing Down the House, The House Whisperer, Titanic and More - All in Good Condition 1 7951 1.00   ended
459 2928t.jpgJohn Wayne Movies (VHS) Some Unopened - Rio Bravo, The Searches, North to Alaska - "Plus" Paper Back Book - Life Story of John Wayne, All Real Good Condition 6 365 5.50   ended
506 3290t.jpgBox Lot of (18) VHS Movies, Mask, Madonna, Fatal Attraction, More, Good Condition         ended
655 4321t.jpg(5) DVD's King Kong, Horrible Bosses and More! All in Real Good Condition 5 5432 4.50   ended
718 4730t.jpgNew American Muscle Car Complete Series Seasons 1-3 DVD and Book Boxed Set, Great Gift Idea! Over 40 Timeless Classics Included, Over 15 Hours of Amazing Footage! Retails For $26.00 On United States Largest Online Membership Ecommerce Site, Brand New Item in Factory Sealed Packaging, See Pictures, Includes 83 Page Hard Cover Book With Presents Pumped Up Hit Parade Of Classic Speed Machines That Rule the Road 7 3086 10.50   ended
721 4749t.jpgDVD Collection- 89 DVD's Plus Season 7, Seinfeld and Season 2 Family Guy With Hard Case, Very Good Condition, Includes Wall*E, I Am Legend, Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Oceans Series, Shrek 1 and 2, Three Pirates of The Caribbean, 21, Remember The Titans and More! Case 13"W x 10"D x 3 1/2"T 20 1222 43.00   ended
728 4799t.jpgBrand NIP Three Disc CD Set, Country Music Greats, Featuring Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard and More! 11 6008 9.75   ended
977 6393t.jpg(30) Cassettes and Case, Logic Nylon Carrying Case, Molly Hatchet, Bad Company, And More, Good Condition 1 5062 1.00   ended
1144 6981t.jpgDon Sullivan DVD On How To Train Your Dog With Booklet, Real Good Condition 3 4149 3.58   ended
1406 8688t.jpg(7) CD Writable 650 MB NEW, (7) DVD- R 16X 4.7GB GO 120 M NEW, (2) Memorex Black CD-R 700 MB 16X 80 Min, NEW         ended
1409 8706t.jpg(10) Very Good Movies- Even Kids Will Like Them, Stand Your Ground, Going Overboard, Loser, Golden Shoes, American Graffiti, Plus More, Just Watch All Them! Good Working Condition 5 8959 5.50   ended
1410 8715t.jpgCD Case With One Key, Vaultz Brand, Holds 24 CD's, Steel Corners, Aluminum Trim, Protect Your CD's or Whatever You Put in It, Real Good Condition, 6"W x 7"D x 3"H 8 4726 10.00   ended
1427 8851t.jpgTen Movies With Lots of Action, San Andreas, 12 Rounds, Two Reloaded, Vendetta, Bounty Hunters, Coronado and More! Good Condition 5 5695 6.55   ended
1603 9997t.jpgNew Unopened VHS Hi Fi Tape, The Art of Violin, Film Written And Directed By Bruno Monsaingeon 2 4589 1.50   ended
1618 10096t.jpgTen Very Scary Movies- Evil's City, The Stepfather, It, Feast, Harpies, The Happening And More, Just Watch Them! Played Good 9 10126 6.00   ended
1667 10444t.jpg(4) Music CD- Kids Bop 2, 13, 14, 15, and High School Musical 3, (27) Children's VCR Movies, Disney And Pixar! Lilo And Stitch, Cinderella, Mulan, Pinocchio, Aladdin, Snow White, 101 Dalmatians, Plus More! 12"W x 16"D x 9 1/4"H Box Full 17 10363 8.50   ended
1761 11029t.jpgDisney VHS Tapes, (19) Children's Movies, Good Condition, Old Yeller, Bugs Life, Winnie The Pooh and More! 8 10126 6.50   ended
1991 12908t.jpgDVD's and CD's, Gravity, American Hustle, August Osage, Country, Winters Tale, White Tails, Hunting DVD's, Work Out DVD's, Wiggles CD's, Blue Grass, Gospel, Total 40 Pieces, Good Lot 5 1854 4.00   ended
2516 15105t.jpg(26) New Maxell DVD-R Blank Discs, Five New Blank Audio Cassette Tapes, (14) New Plastic Cases For DVD's, Good Condition, 4 1/4" to 5 3/4"W 1 130 1.00   ended
2568 15405t.jpgDVD's- Lot of Ten, Good Movies in Good Condition, Patch Adams, Elf, Transporter 2 and More 8 6062 5.50   ended
2574 15437t.jpgDVD Movies, 12 Total, Good Condition, Half Baked, Austin Powers, How I Met Your Mother And More 11 9452 8.00   ended
2584 15488t.jpgMovie Lot- Three DVD, One Blu Ray, New and Never Opened, Major League, Vampire Hunter, 300 and Family Guy 3 4675 3.08   ended
2669 16611t.jpgSix DVD's- Red Skelton, Air Wolf, Man of The Year, Plus More! Good Condition 5 6211 3.25   ended
2910 19169t.jpgOver 70 Compact Discs, Hammer, Backstreet Boys, Kenny G, Harry Connick Jr, Vanessa Williams, Robyn, Joan Melloncamp, Counting Crows, Uncle Kracker, Mariah Carey, and Many More, Very Good Condition 21 1854 35.79   ended
2990 19743t.jpgA Box of Over 40 VHS Movies, Comedy, TV Series, Action, Exercise, and More, They Look Good 6 8719 2.75   ended
3064 16981t.jpgBox of 100 CD/DVD Cases, New in Box, 5 1/2"W x 8"T Each         ended
3089 17182t.jpg(6) Books on CD, Murder Mystery & Self Help Books, Helps You Make it on the Highway with a Good Story, About $200 Worth of DVDS When New, These are in Excellent Condition Aside from One of the Boxes Being a Little Smushed, They Range from 2 Discs to 15 in a Box 5 5485 4.81   ended
3091 17193t.jpgLot of (5) Exercise DVDs, Get Fit at Home on the Cheap! Very Good Condition 2 7038 1.25   ended
3394 21280t.jpgVHS Tapes, 10 Kid Movies, Casper, Pokémon, Barney Circus, Rugrats, & More, Good Condition 2 3167 1.25   ended
3397 21303t.jpgLot of (10) VHS Tapes, Adult & Family Movies, About Schmitt, Stir Crazy, The Dawn Rider & More, Fair to Good Condition         ended
3404 21359t.jpgLot of (23) Contemporary Christian Cd's, Various Titles - Very Good Condition, Tim Miner, Jars of Clay, Selah and More 8 2082 10.03   ended
3431 21569t.jpg(2) Vintage Laser Disc and (2) Vintage RCA Video Discs, Good Condition - Approx. 12.5" x 12.5"T 5 2098 2.25   ended
3686 23999t.jpgProtect Your CDs with This Case, Case is 6"W x 13"T, Fair Condition 2 2098 1.00   ended

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