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622 4993t.jpgNice Lot With Basket, Calendar Holder, Storage Containers, Glasses, Pepsi Bags And Other Items! Good Condition And The Box Is 16"W x 22"D x 10"T 1 2085 1.00   ended
629 5031t.jpgLarge Mystery Box Full Of Great Surprises - Fun To Explore! 24"W x 12"D x 11"T 12 2917 6.00   ended
971 5791t.jpgMulti Piece Lot of New Merchandise Including Six Exit Signs 8"W x 12"L, Six Mounting Brackets That May or May Not Go With Signs, Packing Tape Gun and Six Unopened Rolls of Tape, Four Dual Port USB Car Chargers 2.1 AMP, All Products Are Sealed, Deal? 11 13669 13.12   ended
975 5817t.jpgVery Large Surprise Box- Sell, Trade or Gift, The Choice Is Yours, 24"W x 16"D x 13"H 13 2917 8.00   ended
1229 6493t.jpgBox Lot of Misc. Stuff - Microwave Bacon Cooker, Electric Kettle, Needs Washed but Works, a Scale & More! Good Condition to Very Good Condition, 1/4" Buttons to 10 1/2"T Kettle 3 17183 1.75   ended
1390 3803t.jpgMystery Box Full Of Girl's 3T Summer Clothes, All Are In Great Condition, Just In Time For Summer! The Box Measures 12"W x 13"L x 9"H 5 16645 6.50   ended
1691 12113t.jpgNew To Good Condition On This Box Of Useful Items In A 16" x 12" Box, Including: The Club With Key, Trimmer Line, 13" Quart Ratchet, Caulk Gun, Window Squeegee, Hammer, Mixing Bit, Dent Puller, Stanley Knife, Heavy Cable With Lock And No Key, Timer For Lights, Nylon Rope, Wonder Bar, Gear Puller, 15" Pliers, Air Hose, Chuck, Brake Spring Tool 19 3180 12.89   ended
1726 12319t.jpgBox Lot- Bike Helmets, Golf Clubs, Grate, Hooks, Steering Wheel "The Club" Lock, Fair To Good Condition, 1 3/4" to 24"L 1 267 1.00   ended
1919 9489t.jpgMystery Box Full Of All New Items! 14"W x 11"D x 10"H 11 11275 6.50   ended
2169 20395t.jpgBox of Various Treasures, Black on Candlestick, Corn Salt and Pepper, Cape St. Claire, 1920 Commencement Card From Onarga Twp. High School, Pink Depression Glass, Two Swanky Swigs, China Doll Head and Old Hobix Camera, Up to 6"L, Good Condition For Age 10 2295 6.50   ended
2315 9968t.jpgMystery Box Full Of Fun And Surprises! No Junk, Lots Of Nice Items Here! In Good Condition, 11 1/2"W x 9"D x 10"H 13 13928 6.50   ended
2593 16318t.jpgMystery Box- Estate Packup Good Mix Items, 12"W x 15"D x 13"H 10 14714 8.50   ended
2894 19014t.jpgMen's Box Lot With Love Cuffs, Working MP3 Player With Country Music, Vintage Bret Favre Mini Bust, Stainless Steel Razor, Metal Security Guard Badge, External Phone/MP3 Speaker, Gloves, And More! Good Condition To New In Package! 7"W x 13"L x 4 1/2"T 6 5307 6.37   ended
3247 17220t.jpgThis Is For The People Who Love An Adventure - The Mystery Box! 10"W x 19"L x 14"T 19 15289 6.50   ended
3249 17231t.jpgSomething Special In This Mystery Box - Bid To Win! 10"W x 19"L x 14"T 6 15698 5.50   ended
3262 17314t.jpgMystery Box With A Mix Of Goodies - Bid To Win! 15"W x 10 1/2"D x 15"T 9 16960 5.50   ended
3510 19101t.jpgPlastic Cookie Cutters, Placemats, Holiday tins, Décor Pieces & More, Metal, Plastic, Wood, Etc. 2 1/2" to 18"L, Good Condition 1 17204 1.00   ended
3685 22570t.jpgFive Piece Needle File Set 5 1/2"L, Two Metal Mesh "Tea" Ball Baskets 2" and 2 1/2"Diam, Four Stainless Surgical Clamps, 5" to 6"L, Lots of Uses, Good To New 9 11066 5.96   ended
3725 24860t.jpgBox of Assorted Glassware- Teacups, 22KT Trim Vase, Bowls, Figure, Basket and More, All Look in Good Condition, Pieces Up to 11" 7 3931 4.50   ended
3755 25047t.jpgGreat Box Lot- Old Avon Georgie, Working Homedics Massager, Car Scratch Saver Pen, Two Nail polishes, Combo Lock, Pocket Telescope Magnet, Lint Brush, Amber Ashtray, Small Cutting Board 6 1/2" x 5 1/4", Mainstay Kitchen Window Treatment and More! See Pictures, Good Condition Overall, Up to 8" Items 3 9044 1.50   ended
3940 19846t.jpgA Nice Lot Including: Coffee Mugs, Pot, Two Steins, Candelabra And A Book To Read, What More Do You Need, Oh! And A Wine Bottle Opener! Fair Condition To Good Condition, 4"H To 8"H 8 16525 3.00   ended
4576 24119t.jpgHuge Lot of Kitchen And Household Items- Came From Storage, In Laundry Bin- Bowls, Jar, Stainless Basket, Hangers and More, Good Condition, 4" to 15"W 2 14297 1.75   ended
4580 24141t.jpgHousehold Items- Glassware Unsearched From Estate, Lots of Stuff, Plastic Hockey Sticks, Purses, Metal Ritz Tin, Candle Holders and More, 2 3/4" to 15"L, Good Condition 2 3931 1.50   ended
4581 24148t.jpgBox Lot of Glass and Ceramic Platters, Candle Holder, Trays, Vases and More, 4" to 13", Look Good, Loose Packed, Not All Inspected For Chips 4 16525 2.50   ended
4582 24154t.jpgNice Mixed Lot- Lots of Bulbs For Flashlights? Cupboard Door, Rollers and More, Good To Very Good Condition, 1/4" to 3"Diam Long, View Pictures         ended
4595 24210t.jpgBox Lot of Misc. Electronic Cables, Other Items, DVD, USB Charger, Most New, 17"W x 14"D x 10"H 6 16308 3.25   ended
4628 25897t.jpgSmall Plastic Tote 9"W x 13"L x 5"H, Full of Assorted Plastic and Metal Clips, Jumbo Plastic Clothes Pins, Binder Clips, Chip Bag Clips, Plastic S Hooks, Steel Rubber Coated S Hook, Some New In Package, Great Assortment 8 16207 3.51   ended
4654 26045t.jpgBox of Misc. Children's Disney VHS Movies, Printer Ink, Games, Norton Anti Virus, Much More, Bambi, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Good To New in Package, 13"W x 19"L x 13"H 2 16308 1.25   ended
4678 26182t.jpgTwo Boxes Of Household Items- Unsearched From Storage, Great For You or Resell, Candle Holders, Revlon Curling Iron, Ceramic Figures, Etc. All Like New To New, 12"W x 17"L to 15"W x 26"L 9 3931 5.00   ended
4696 26273t.jpgWhite Basket With All New Items Inside, Bath and Body, Hot Cold Tumbler, Address Book, Mostly New in Package, Digital Photo Album Keychain and More, 15"W x 5"D x 8"H 3 5647 2.00   ended
4729 25496t.jpgThree Boxes of Misc. Items, Little of Everything, Stuffed Bear, Kitchen Gadgets, Clock, Doll, Baskets and More, See Pictures For Details, Electronics Untested, As Is, 2 1/2" to 20"L, Good to Very Good Condition 10 3931 15.00   ended
4730 25504t.jpgBurlington Curtain Pieces, White Plastic Table Cover, Brown Kraft Paper, Approx. 40" to 20'L, Good To New 2 206 1.25   ended
5057 18307t.jpgUnique Junk Drawer and Jewelry Lot- Pulsar Watch, CD's, Zune, Ear Buds, Various Pieces of Jewelry Including Sterling Silver Ring Marked 925, Pierced Earrings, Size 7 to 8 Rings, Unknown if Electronics Work, As Is, Overall Good Condition 11 8603 10.55   ended

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