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72 407t.jpgCat Lovers Surprises! (2) Child's Dish Sets with Kittens; (2) Laurel Burch Fantastical Travel Mugs; (1) Cat Cross Body Purse; (4) Cat Face Corn Purses and a Metal Welcome Sign, 4" to 17"T - New 9 3094 6.50   ended
73 415t.jpgVintage Monkey Lap Tray - Metal Standing - Good Condition for Age and (1) Sealed, Never Used, Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Calendar, 1997 - 11.5"W x 9"L and 17"W x 12.5"D x 6"H 4 9971 2.05   ended
78 455t.jpg(8) Glass Star Candle Holders, Drip Sunbeam 12 Cup Coffee Pot, Coffee Mugs, Glasses, Wood Salt and Pepper Grinders and More - 1" to 5"T, Very Good Condition         ended
176 1089t.jpgWood Crate Filled with Horse Jar, Tweety Jar, Punch Bowl, Brass Vase and More - Some Chips in Tweety, Overall in Good Condition, Crate is 17.5"W x 15"D x 12"H 3 5014 2.50   ended
177 1099t.jpgLot of Hats, Belts and Curtains, Variety of Sizes - Fair to Good Condition         ended
178 1108t.jpgPlastic Milk Crate with (2) Cookie Jars, Clown and House - Snowman Teapot, Blue/White Pitcher and Polar Bear, 7" to 10"T - Fair To Good Condition 1 1208 1.00   ended
319 2070t.jpgLot of (9) Novelty Cups; (1) Glass Basket; (3) Drinking Glasses; (1) Cup; 3 + 1 Pouches Coin/Wallets and More, 3" to 5"T - Fair to Good Condition         ended
342 2209t.jpgLot of (4) Cookie Jars; (4) purses; Texas Bull Sh*t; (7) Coin Purses; Tin with Coin Counters and More in a Box, 18"W x 13"D x 10"T, The House Cookie Jar Has Chips but Everything Else Is In Good Condition 1 2121 1.00   ended
379 2417t.jpgLot of Misc. Items Including Purses, Pictures, Ceramic Plaque and More - All Fair to Good Condition in a Box, Box is 22"W x 11.5"D x 8"T         ended
384 2458t.jpgBox of Odds and Ends Including Pumpkin Wreath; Turkey Salt/Pepper Shakers; Turkey Napkin Holder; Scarecrow Wreath; Turkey Figurine; Soap Dish - Car Frame Holder; Glass Bowl - Pumpkins; Shower Curtain Rings (1 Set) and (1) Picture - Rosemary Herb, Box is 16" x 16" x 3"T - Fair to Good Condition         ended
498 24865t.jpgCool Box Lot of Misc. Door Lock; Mirror and Brush and Antique Carbide Lamp, Fair To Good Condition - Box is 16"W x 8"D x 3"T 6 8819 4.34   ended
499 24874t.jpgBox Lot of Misc. Including Black & Decker Spot Lighter, Speed Ometer-Tach, Motorcycle Items, ETC. See Pictures! Box measures 18"W x 10.5"D x 4", Good to NEW Condition 1 9028 1.00   ended
550 3591t.jpgNice Box of Treasures, TV Remote With Booklet, Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner, Three Hole Punch, Model T50 Arrow Staple Gun With Staples, Plus More! 3 3/4" to 10", Good To NEW 6 1056 7.60   ended
555 3633t.jpgBlue Rim Bowl By Cordon Blue Portugal, Some Chips, No Cracks, 11 1/2"Diam x 6"H, Antique Metal Juicer, Works, By Juice King Model #JQ35, 7 1/2"T, Four Wood Red 13" Chaser Plates, Good Condition, Silver Plated, Flower Bowl or Candle Holder By Lenard And Christmas Bowl, 7"Diam x 5"H Ceramic, 7"Diam x 6"H, Overall Good Condition On All 1 2121 1.00   ended
639 4216t.jpgBox of Misc. Items- Working Blood Pressure Monitor and Assorted Collectibles and More, Box 16"W x 10"D x 2"T, Good Condition 2 1208 1.50   ended
640 4226t.jpgBox of Misc. Items- New Women's Slippers, Size 5/6, Purse, Elvis Cup, Avon Scented Candle, Deck of Cards, and More! Box 12"W x 12"D x 2"T, Good Condition 1 9025 1.00   ended
649 4283t.jpgMisc. Box of Knick Knacks, Health Care, CD, Poster, Decorations, Plus More, Fair To Good Condition, Box 18"W x 13"D x 8"H 1 9861 1.00   ended
651 4298t.jpgAssorted Box Lot- Personal Fan, Shake Weight, Paint Scraper, and More! Fair to Good Condition, Box 18"W x 10"D x 6"H 3 331 1.50   ended
758 5022t.jpgLot of Misc. Items, Includes Caulk Guns, Hammer, Wrenches, Glasses For Cold Drinks, Fair To Good Condition, Box 14"W x 11"D x 5"H 3 3180 1.75   ended
837 5578t.jpgWood Box Filled With Crocks, Birdhouse Hangs on Wall, Silver Tray, Cookie Jar, Small Jar With Seeds Inside, Good Condition, Box 22"W x 17"D x 3"H 5 9540 2.25   ended
857 5699t.jpgBox Lot- Purses, Coffee Pot, Novelty Toilet Paper, Electric Mixer- Works, Flowers, From Estate, Fair Condition, 13 1/2"W x 14 1/2"D x 7 1/2"H         ended
858 5707t.jpgBox Of New and Unused Items From Estate, Worked When Last Used- Toaster, Pie Slicer, Litter Maid For Kitty Litter, Fair To Good Condition, 12 1/2"W x 16 1/2"D x 14"H 2 3094 1.25   ended
860 5719t.jpgMYSTERY Box, Some What Heavy, Some Antiques Inside, Been in 100 Year Old House I've Been Cleaning, Real Nice Items, 10"W x 15"D x 14"H 21 5529 37.00   ended
892 5897t.jpgNew and Unused Items, Consistina Blow Dryer, Air Purifier, Heating Pad, Blank VHS Tape, Etc. Worked When Last used, From Estate, 15"W x 19"D x 9 1/2"H 4 9025 2.00   ended
959 6281t.jpgAssorted Items Including Diaper Genie Refills, Chip Tray, Storage Box, Cassettes and More, Good To NEW, 16"W x 19"D x 10"H 3 5432 3.08   ended
1133 6901t.jpgMisc. Items Including Pictures, Softballs, Wood Doll Chair, Jewelry, Glassware, And More, All in Good Condition, Box 18"W x 13"D x 6"H 3 6783 6.38   ended
1141 6959t.jpgGlassware And More! Hanky, Bowls, Gloves, Spode Copeland China, Pear Bowls, Real Good Condition For Age, 2" to 10"T 1 9540 1.00   ended
1142 6968t.jpgPlywood and Metal Storage Trunk Full of Goodies- Ceramic Cookie Jars, Dog Clock, Wall Décor, Plus More! Fair To Good Condition, Trunk is 30"W x 16"D x 11 1/2"H 4 1210 4.94   ended
1244 7645t.jpgMYSTERY BOX, Some What Heavy, From One Of Five China Cabinets, Some Old, Some Newer, All Nice Stuff From Old Home! Wonder What's Inside? Win Bid and Enjoy! 15"W x 10"D x 14"H 11 5529 37.00   ended
1245 7649t.jpgMYSTERY BOX, Real Nice Things! All From 100 Year Old Home, Some Older, Some Newer, Good Luck! 16"W x 12 1/2"D x 11"H 10 2658 15.00   ended
1246 7654t.jpgWood Drawer Filled With Two Crocks, Christmas Jar, Two Tins, Tractor Jar, Cooler Bag, Cookie Jar, Open Jar, Some Chips and Damage Overall, Good Condition, Drawer is 28"W x 20"D x 8"H 17 10363 6.04   ended
1250 24906t.jpgBox of Candles, Ducks, Towel Hat Rack, Blue Pitcher, Big Bell Ringer Glass With Train Station On It, Plus More, Good Condition, 3" to 8"T         ended
1252 7700t.jpgBox of Jars, Two Pitchers, Three Vests, More! Overall Good Condition, Box is 24"W x 14"D x 11"H 2 3180 1.25   ended
1253 7707t.jpgBox Lot of Shot Glasses, Bunnies, Ceramics, Lighthouse Door Stop, Cookie Jar, Red Hunting Pants, Hunting Vest, Both Size- Small, Brandy Glasses, Clock, More, 2" to 9"T 1 1854 1.00   ended
1316 8113t.jpgBox of Braun Coffee Pot, Halloween, Air Purifier Works, Glassware, Etc. Good Condition, 16"W x 19"D x 9 1/2"H 1 8513 1.00   ended
1317 8121t.jpgWood Drawer Filled With Knick Knacks, Glassware Etc. Ceramic And Resin, Good Condition, 20 1/2"W x 16"D x 7 1/2"H 1 8871 1.00   ended
1319 8135t.jpgBox Lot OF Christmas Lights, They Works, Mom Wood Tulip and More in Good Condition, 12"W x 23"D x 9 1/2"H Box Full 4 9025 1.75   ended
1320 8142t.jpgBox of Three Cassette Holders, Metal Paper Chip Holder, Two Wood Boards, Etc. Good Condition, 16"W x 19"D x 9 1/2"H         ended
1322 8158t.jpgBox of Containers, Glass, Flowers in Red Vase, Extras, Good Condition, 12"W x 19 1/2"D x 6 3/4"H 3 3766 1.50   ended
1397 8614t.jpgQuartz Battery Operated Clock, Perfect Pie Slicer, Child Sized Bicycle Helmet, All With Original Boxes- Box 11"W x 13"D x 12"H 3 5432 1.50   ended
1398 8621t.jpgPopsome Dispensers Fruit Set and Alarm Clock, Two Fruit Peeler Sets, Three BO Alarm Clocks, Four Tall Popsome Hygienic Dispenser, Two Short Popsome Dispensers, 19 1/2"W x 12"D x 9"H 7 10363 6.50   ended
1563 9728t.jpgMystery Box, Approx. 6lbs. Measures 8 1/4"W x 10 1/2"L x 8 1/4"H 8 2658 10.50   ended
1564 9733t.jpgBox of Older Bottles and Tins, License Plates, Ketchup, Mustard Bottles, Etc. Fair to Good Condition, 10"W x 12"D x 13"T 3 8031 2.61   ended
1567 9754t.jpgSmall Wood Drawer Filled With Two Cookie Jars, One Glass and Wood Box, Wood Drawer, 12"W x 16"D x 5"H, Good Condition 2 8871 1.25   ended
1706 10700t.jpgHousehold Items- 15"Diam Baking Stone Perfect To Give Your Pizza Crisp Crust, Crock Pot Little Dipper- Cook Rice and Keeps Gravy Warm At Table Etc. Set of Full Sheets and Pillowcases, John Deere Design, Good Condition (Doesn't Fit Deep Mattress) Florida Souvenir Beach Towel, Used Very Few Times, Two Small Mixing Bowls, Small Plastic Storage Bowl, 13 1/2"W x 20"D x 9"H 7 8858 3.54   ended
1709 10719t.jpgMisc. Box Lot- Three Cordless Phones With Bases, Worked Last Time They Were Used a Month Ago, 120 Min 8MM Camcorder Video Tape Maxwell Brand NIP, Windows 8.1 Simplified Instruction Manual, Very Visually Oriented With Lots of Pictures of Screen Shots So You See What Screen Should Look Like 2 7757 1.25   ended
1748 10945t.jpgWomen's Box Lot, 100% Human Hair Wig, Dark Brown, Pair Dansko Clogs Size- 10M Black, Mary Kay Makeup Cases- Travel Size Bag, Toiletries, Pair Of Black Dress Shoes With 2 1/2" Heels Size- 10W, Pair Ice Cleats Easy On and Off, Fit All Sizes Men and Women's Shoes, Three Wood Santa Pins, Each NEW and in Own Gift Box, Perfect Office Party Gifts, Liz Taylor White Diamond Fashion Watch, NIB But Needs Battery 2 5432 1.25   ended
1762 11035t.jpgAmazing Mystery Box! 20 Items Fill This Box! Each NIP, Never Used, 10 1/2"W x 14"D x 11"H 16 2658 15.00   ended
1806 11284t.jpgOdd Glass Wood and Glass Shelf, One Horse Book End, Good Condition, 6" to 12"T 2 5667 1.25   ended
1937 12532t.jpgMisc. Items- HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna, Two Jewelry Boxes, Mirror, Picture Frame and More, Fair To Good Condition, Box 19"W x 12"D x 10"H 4 3248 4.12   ended

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