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48 26938t.jpgSmash Detective Crime Cases March 1951, Magazine, It Is Starting To Fall Apart, But All Visible, Good Condition For The Age 6 1323 6.50   ended
54 26569t.jpgSpecial Detective Magazine August 1948 Vol. 13, No. 6 GGA Cover, True Crime Pulp! Some Wear But It Is Still In Good Condition For The Age 9 9028 11.51   ended
309 1191t.jpgNew! Awaken Your Divine Intuition Paperback Book By Susan Shumsky 2 1854 1.25   ended
478 1984t.jpgBox With (18) Books Including Time Crime, Thriller, Suspense And Fiction! No Missing Pages And All In Good Condition From A Smoke-Free Home! Lots Of Enjoyment Here! 12 10040 14.00   ended
706 2156t.jpgStar Wars "Complete Cross Sections" - The Spacecraft And Vehicles Of The Entire Star Wars Saga Hardcover Book, 148 Pages In Good Condition, 10 3/4"W x 14"T 6 11646 3.50   ended
784 2617t.jpg"The Complete Astrologer" Vintage Hardcover Book By Parker, 255 Pages, Storage Box Has Some Wear Otherwise Good Condition, 9 1/2"D x 12 1/4"T 8 11065 5.55   ended
789 2646t.jpg"The Torch Is Passed" John F. Kennedy : Death Of A President Hardcover Book With 100 Pages, Good Condition 7 17269 4.26   ended
807 2744t.jpg"The War" 1941-45 Interesting An Intimate History, By Geoffrey C. Ward And Ken Burns, 450 Pages, Hard Cover In Good Condition 37 16713 22.22   ended
835 2910t.jpg"Saga of A Lady" The USS Shangri La CYA 38 1956-57 Carrier Air Group Two, Hard Cover Book, Great Pictures, Spins Has Damage, Overall Good Condition 9 15058 47.75   ended
928 26341t.jpgBox of Gardening Books- Ten Hard Cover and Six Paperbacks, Plus Five Country Home Garden Magazines, Everything From Planning Your Garden, To Propagation Guide, How Flowers Got Their Names to Perennials, All in Good Condition 7 3719 6.50   ended
996 5941t.jpgHeaven is For Real Paperback Book, Todd Burpo, Great Book in Great Condition 6 13611 5.00   ended
1122 6972t.jpgMy Bible Friends Book 1 to 5 & Uncle Arthurs Bedtime Stories 1 to 5, 10 Books Total! Fair to Good Condition 3 6347 7.45   ended
1129 7016t.jpg(12) Childrens Chapter Books, Titles Like R.L. Stines Goosebumps, Magic Tree House, Little House on the Big Woods, Sarah Plain & Tall, 1 Michigan Chiller & Many More, All in Good Condition 8 16347 6.27   ended
1260 6656t.jpgReaders Digest Hard Cover Complete Do It Yourself Manual, 11" x 9" x 1 1/2", 599 Pages, Very Good Condition 1 12501 1.00   ended
1333 3487t.jpgNew! Dave Ramsey's Financial Pieces, University Audio CD With Book, Living By Cash 15 5533 12.50   ended
1404 8374t.jpgThree-Pack Of How To Do iPads, Movies And Art, Comes With An iPad 2, Movie Maker, Photoshop Book; Start To Understand How To Work On The Computer As An Artist, Student Or Teacher; Good Condition 3 3719 2.02   ended
1616 11603t.jpgBox Of (16) Books On The Old West, Ghost Towns And Haunted Houses Including: Custer Battlefield, The Hiawatha Legends, Dakota Cowboy, Colorado Ghost Towns, Comstock Lode, Gold Rush And More, All The Hardcover And Paperback Books Are In Good Condition 17 13274 22.50   ended
1622 11662t.jpgBox Of (16) Paperback Books, Authors Such As Lee Child, James Patterson, Iris Johansen, Tom Clancy And More, They Are All In Good Condition 11 9037 8.75   ended
1657 11908t.jpgTwo Paperback Books On Photography Including: The Nature Photographer's Complete Guide To Professional Field Techniques And John Shaw's Closeups In Nature, Both Are In Good Condition 3 12617 3.80   ended
1659 11924t.jpgThe Gardener's Encyclopedia Of Bulbs Paperback Book By Peter McHoy, In Good Condition 2 10833 1.25   ended
1737 12377t.jpg(12) Assorted Western Paperbacks, Mostly Pinnacle Western, Good Condition 8 9037 5.50   ended
1764 12528t.jpgBook Lot- Holy Bible 1947, Robert Jastrow, John MacArthur- The Truth War, Hymnal, Scientists Who Find God, Hymns of Praise, How To Succeed, Good Condition 1 14558 1.00   ended
1765 12540t.jpgBox of Eight Books on Birds and Four Cassette Books of Bird Songs- Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Birding By Ear, More Birding By Ear, Backyard Bird Song and Wild Sounds of North Woods, Birds of North America, The Bird Garden, Birds of Michigan, My Recipes Are For The Birds and More! All in Good Condition 8 12617 7.77   ended
1788 12680t.jpg(9) Hard Cover Books- The Hot Zone Richard Preston, Mystic River Dennis Lehane, Beyond Obsession Richard Hammer, You've Been Warned James Patterson, Chosen Prey John Sandford, Invisible World Stuart Cohen, The Art of Deception Ridley Pearson, Are You Afraid of the Dark Sidney Sheldon, Primary Colors Anonymous, Good To Very Good Condition 5 10040 2.84   ended
1929 9539t.jpgNew!! Five Sesame Street "I Spy" A Game To Read And Play! Books, 6"W x 9"L 2 1677 1.50   ended
2239 9056t.jpgNRA Guide - Basics of Personal Protection, Hard Cover, Inside the Home Book, This Book is in Very Good Condition and Hasn't Been Read, A Must Read to Help Protect Yourself & Family, 6"W x 9"H 8 4630 3.25   ended
2281 9299t.jpgLast Wild Places Hard Cover Book, 272 Pages, By National Geographic Society, Very Good Condition, 9 1/2"W x 11"H 4 3719 1.75   ended
2283 9310t.jpgLarge Holy Bible, Very Good Condition, Fireside Family Edition, NAB Catholic 12 15348 5.65   ended
2318 9989t.jpgBox Lot Of (31) Wood Craft Books And Magazines, Tons Of Great Tips And Projects! All Are In Good Condition 6 10040 14.27   ended
2372 10310t.jpgLike New! "The Nature Photographer's Complete Guide To Professional Field Techniques" By John Show, Hardcover Edition, 144-Pages, 8 1/2"W x 11"H 1 14418 1.00   ended
2379 10349t.jpgLike New! Natural Wonders Of The World By Reader's Digest Hardcover Book, 463-Pages 6 10040 5.20   ended
2390 10406t.jpgLike New! "The All Color World Of Aircraft" Hardcover Book By David Mondey, 104-Pages, 9 1/2" x 12" 4 16193 2.00   ended
2475 10848t.jpg1880 Antique Hardcover Book "Lays Of Ancient Rome", Some Wear But In Good Condition, 200-Pages, 5 1/4"W x 6 3/4"H 3 16589 1.75   ended
2477 26576t.jpgUnderworld Detective Magazine #8, 1950, Rare Pulp Detective GGA, Some Wear Otherwise In Good Condition 5 1323 6.50   ended
2478 10862t.jpg1868 Very Old Thick Size Hardcover Book "Life In The Holy Land" The Book Has Water Mark Stains On All Pages But You Can Still Read Words, Still Looks Fair, The Outer Cover Has Some Rips On The Front Cover Otherwise It Is In Good Condition, 640-Pages, 6"W x 9"H 5 15889 3.00   ended
2483 10890t.jpgLife, The First 50-Years, 1936-1986, Life Magazine, In Very Good Condition, 10 1/2"W x 13"H 4 10040 1.75   ended
2485 10900t.jpgBox Lot Of (14) Wood Craft Books, Both Paperback And Hardcover Editions, Tons Of Great Projects To Create! All Are In Good Condition 10 10040 13.25   ended
2539 16022t.jpg1959 Walt Disney's Magazine, Vol. IV No. 2 "How I Met The King of The Leprechauns" By Walt Disney Full of Fantastic Illustrations, Overall Good Condition 7 387 4.25   ended
2554 16104t.jpgLike New Hard Cover Book- Devotional Journal Includes Book of Genesis, Reflections on Genesis, CD Included 2 3062 1.25   ended
2728 16551t.jpg1944 "The Jolly Jump-Ups" Mother Goose Book, Some Pop-Ups Damaged, Cool Collectible! Cover Worn, Fair Condition 1 10833 1.00   ended
2771 16796t.jpgNew!! The Complete Book Of Spanish Paperback Book For Grades 1-3 1 17231 1.00   ended
2778 16841t.jpgPuff The Magic Dragon Hardcover Book, 12"W x 11"H 7 3494 3.75   ended
2994 26626t.jpg(545) Romance Novel Books- Paperbacks in 16 Boxes, From 1960's to 80's, Authors Are Barbara Cartland, Betty Neels, Corin Tellado, Harlequin, Emilie Loring, Kate Douglas, Helen Hardt, Georgette Heyer, Julia Love, Etc. Mostly Good Condition, 31 12501 26.13   ended
3218 17069t.jpgFour LIFE Magazines And An Americana Magazine, LIFE Issues Dated 04/1980, 02/1980, 12/1979 And 10/1981; Americana Dated 11 & 12/1978, All In Good Condition 1 1677 1.00   ended
3381 14980t.jpg1001 Smartest Things Ever Said by Steven D. Price, Paperback, 358 Pages, (Smart Things Said Throughout Ages), Like New Condition, 6"W x 7"H 11 14418 4.00   ended
3382 14987t.jpg1001 Dumbest Things Ever Said by Steven D. Price, Paperback, 258 Pages, (Dumb Things Said Throughout the Ages), Like New Condition, 6"W x 7"H 11 14418 4.25   ended
3383 14993t.jpgMemories of an Ex-Porno Queen by Sheila Brady, Paperback, 238 Pages, Very Good Condition 6 772 6.01   ended
3384 14998t.jpgAmazing Love Corrie Ten Boom Signed, 1954, Good Condition, Hard Cover Book 5 5777 5.50   ended
3387 15017t.jpgWild West Book & Magazine Lot of 5, True West, Frontier Times, Etc. Custer Book, Hard Cover, All in Good Condition 1 9018 1.00   ended
3390 15042t.jpgAlaska's Magnificent Parklands by National Geographic Society, Hard Cover Book, 199 Pages, Very Good Condition, 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" 5 9018 3.36   ended

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