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2199 25268t.jpg*UPDATE: SELLS TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER* Raven MPV 7100S, Runs on Gas or Electric, It has a 7100 Generator so You Can Run Your Whole House Off it, Has a 30 Amp & Two 20 Amp Breakers, Will Run Campers, There is a Mower Deck that You Can Purchase for it, 3 Months Old, 8.7 Hours on it, Raven Store in Midland Sells These for $3,200, Wife Says I Got Too Many Toys, New Condition with Dump, 1 Seater, 17 MPH in High Range & 2 Ranges of Operation, L & H, Comes with Camo Cover, This is Nice! Approx. 90"L with Hitch, DC Battery & 110Volt Wall Chargers, Technically Considered a UTV *Sells with Owner's Confirmation - **NOTE: This Item Sells with a 5% Buyer's Premium** 25 10345 1,611.16   ended

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