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241 1572t.jpgWalker With Wheels For Easy Moving, Used Once, Adjustable To Make Shorter or Taller, Folds For Easy Storage, Very Good Condition, 20"W x 34"T 3 3946 1.75   ended
350 4411t.jpgFive Scrub Tops- Flower Print By Angelica Size- XS, Fish and Sea Print By PAC Size- XS, Heart Print By Cherokee Size- S, Aqua Size- L, Leaf Print By PL California Size- L, All in Good Condition         ended
438 2191t.jpgAluminum Metal Set of Three Empty Tanks, 682 Liters Each, Measures 19" to 29"T, Good Condition 6 8657 14.50   ended
713 9244t.jpgDr. Scholl's Electric Foot Warmer, Gently Used From Estate, Missing Cord and Black Aluminum Medline Adjustable Cane With Four Prong Foot Support, Comfort Grip Handle In Great Condition, Easy Height Adjustment 3 1414 1.50   ended
1344 7685t.jpgGolds Gym Balance Board, 14"Dia, & Therapeutic Foam Roller, 18"T, Very Good Condition 22 443 19.00   ended
1446 10662t.jpgSilly Putty, 16 Oz. For Therapy, Medium Soft, Professional Quality Expensive, NEW, Unused, Non Stick Container, Made In USA 15 6307 9.56   ended
1458 10733t.jpgJoe Mulders Set of Three Empty Oxygen Tanks, 400 Liters Each, Looks Good, Two 29"T and One 21"T 6 3278 7.50   ended
1503 12183t.jpgAdjustable Shower Chair, Legs Adjust For Height, Plastic and Aluminum, 26"L x 16"Deep, Good Condition 2 2546 1.25   ended
1529 12351t.jpgPink Yoga Mat, Looks Good, Soft Foam, Approx. 24"W x 68"H 1 4749 1.00   ended
1603 12814t.jpgPlastic And Aluminum Shower Seats, 19" to 26"W, Folding Up Aluminum Walker, Four Tub Floor Mats, 26" to 32"L in Good Condition 5 3463 5.50   ended
1716 13513t.jpgAdjustable Shower Chair, Height Adjustable And Reversible Back Rest, To Assist Those Love Ones in Need, Real Good Condition, 32"W x 22"D x 36"H 8 5815 4.75   ended
1720 13534t.jpgPlastic Medical Toilet Seat, Raised With Lock Down, Brand New Never Used, Fits Any Size Toilet, Has Side Arms To Access in Raising Up, 21"W x 10"H 10 8622 6.00   ended
1723 13559t.jpgTwo Homedics Massagers- His and Hers Truly Do Help Massage Muscles, Instructions Included, Cords Too, Good Condition, 16"W x 38"L 6 10113 5.50   ended
1783 13953t.jpgMedical Toilet Chair Adjustable Height, For Those Whose Needs Are Great! Has Some Rust On Metal Frame, Otherwise Good Condition, 22"W x 16"D x 25"H 2 157 1.25   ended
2115 14176t.jpgNursing Bag - Cloth with Wheels and Collapsible Handle, Like New Condition, No Rips or Tears, 14"W x 9"D x 23"H 8 7566 4.25   ended
2470 17207t.jpgLarge Metal Wheel Chair, Shugarman Brand, has Some Rust but Overall in Good Condition, 25"W x 27"D x 34"T 6 4847 6.02   ended
2658 18418t.jpgRip 60 Exercise Program 60 Day Program, NIB, Use Anywhere Indoors or Out, Comes With (12) Workout DVD's, Nutrition Guide, Exercise Chart, Workout With Jillian Michaels and George Pierre, Nows Your Time! 18"W x 3"D x 10 1/2"H 14 8628 18.00   ended
2768 17827t.jpgOlder Recumbent Air Bike by Stamina, Exercise Computer Doesn't Show but Bike Works Well, Good Condition for Age, 30"W x 45"D x 35"T 9 6832 10.00   ended
2785 17935t.jpgWalker & Two Shower Chairs, All Need Cleaning, Good Condition, 24" to 32"W 5 6412 4.75   ended
2867 19207t.jpgSquatty Potty, As Seen On Shark Tank, Healthy Colon- Happy Life, 7" Toilet Stool, New and Unused, Retails For $32.95 10 8347 11.00   ended
2881 19294t.jpgSchwinn Windrigger Air dyne Rolling Machine, Heavy Duty and High Quality, 80"L x 31"T, Good Condition For Age, Exercise Program Control Panel, Untested, But Power On, "Great For Fitness or Drying Laundry" 12 1967 110.00   ended
2886 19343t.jpg(11) Packages Of Women's Prevail Perfect Fit, Disposable Underwear, Size- M, 20 Per Package, Plus Four Packages Of Blue Waterproof Pads, Ten Per Package, All New and Unopened, Factory Sealed 19 9409 22.01   ended
2916 19576t.jpgSquatty Potty, As Seen On Shark Tank, Healthy Colon- Happy Life, 9" Toilet Stool, New and Unused, Retails For $32.95 13 8347 12.00   ended
2943 19742t.jpgAluminum Walker With Wheels, Good Condition, Folds Up, Needs Good Cleaning, 20"W x 32"T 1 2607 1.00   ended
2950 19794t.jpgKaz Steam Vaporizer In Original Box, Unit Works, Night Light Doesn't, Good Condition, 14"W x 10"D x 5"H         ended
3087 20951t.jpgReal Fit Depends for Men, S/M 28-40 in Waist, New 3 4323 3.25   ended
3091 20981t.jpg45-Pound Metal Bar Bell Including Two Adjustable Hand Weights And Carrying Case 86"L - Real Good Condition 13 3411 32.33   ended
3103 20142t.jpgAdjustable Aluminum Walker, Good Condition, 22"W x 36"T 3 991 3.15   ended
3208 21093t.jpgVintage Metal Health-o-Meter Scale (Seems to be Accurate), Up to 300 lbs, Vinyl Foot bed in Light Up, Overall Good Condition, 11"W x 17"D x 2"H         ended
3213 21127t.jpgRubber Tipped Wooden Cane, Good Condition, 33"L 3 7723 1.75   ended
3224 21198t.jpgC-Pap Nylon Carrying Case with Lots of Pockets & Shoulder Strap, Good Condition, 14"W x 4"D x 12"H         ended

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