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86 562t.jpgFour Corning Vision Glass Pots With Lids, No Chips or Cracks, Good Condition, 6" to 8"Diam 12 4892 11.00   ended
91 595t.jpgTwo Vintage Matching Ceramic Bowls, For Serving Mixing, Large 7 1/2"Diam x 4"H, Medium 6"Diam x 3 1/2"H, Good Condition 14 7389 8.77   ended
114 736t.jpgVintage Coffee Grinder, Hand Painted Blue on Ceramic Mounted on Wood Plaque, Depicts Windmill, Very Good Condition, From Smoke Free Home, 4 1/2"W x 4"D x 11 1/2"H 16 3381 56.11   ended
117 766t.jpgBaum Set of Ceramic Dishes, Floral Impression, Pattern is Nice Black and Red Colors, (8) Mugs, (8) Small Plates, (7) Dinner Plates, (4) Bowls, Some Small Chips Overall Good Condition 2 9060 1.25   ended
140 918t.jpgStainless Steel Utensils And Ice Bucket Stainless Steel 18/10 With Serving Knife, Can Opener, Stir Stick, Ice Clamper, Scoops, Set of Four Interesting Stainless Steel Utensils With Black Wood Stand Holder, (12) Pieces Total, 6" to 9"T, Good Condition 7 9038 6.25   ended
157 1017t.jpgCouzon French Stainless 18/10 Steel Oval Platter, 15"L x 10"W, NIB 1 6001 1.00   ended
164 1069t.jpgWagner Cast Iron Fry Pan, 9"Diam, Well Seasoned And Ready To Use, Very Good Condition 9 8159 12.00   ended
170 1111t.jpgCast Iron Dutch Oven With Cast Lid and Handle, 10"W x 4"D in Good Condition, May Need To Be Reseasoned 10 8389 14.50   ended
203 1336t.jpgTwo Tier Pebbled Hammered Copper Trivet Tray With Silver Handle, Good Condition, Plus Two Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mug Set, Very Good Condition, Never Used, Tray 10"W x 14"T, Cups 3 1/2"W x 4"T 12 6063 16.88   ended
207 1360t.jpgOven Serve Ware, Total Six Pieces, 1950's Vintage Pink Custard Ramekins, "Taylor Smith Taylor" 3 33/4"Diam x 2"T, Oven Serve Oval Dish 2"T x 6 1/4"L, Nice Items To Resell on Etsy and EBay 9 1098 5.00   ended
213 1397t.jpgRonco Showtime Rotisserie, Holds 15lb. Turkey, Set It And Forget It, Comes With Everything You Need, Drip Pans, Racks, Kabobs, Oven Gloves, Etc. Good Condition, 17"W x 12"D x 13"H 15 9038 9.00   ended
362 4489t.jpgNostalgia RKP 630 Retro Movie Theater Look, Gently Used, Has Stainless Steel Large 25 Oz. Flip Kettle, Pops Up to Ten Cups per Batch, Great For Parties, Fundraisers, Comes With Instruction Manual, Two Plastic Measurers and One Stainless Steel Scoop, Clean and in Good Condition, 9"W x 9"D x 19"H 22 6389 54.09   ended
393 4693t.jpgLarge Quantity Of Off White Ceramic Tiles, Five Boxes of 4"Sq. 9 1074 21.00   ended
441 2197t.jpgFive Pyrex Mixing Serving Bowls, Modern Black and White Glass Colors, Large 12"Bowl, Two 10"Diam Bowls Black and White One 8 1/2"Diam White Bowl, 7" Small White Bowl, Two Anchor Hocking Fire King Custard, Total Of Seven With These Included, Nice Lot 14 9540 8.50   ended
442 2208t.jpgThermos Coffee Dispenser, Keeps Hot For Eight Hours, 2.2 Liter Capacity, 6"W x 14"T, Very Good Condition 9 3148 6.09   ended
443 2213t.jpgEight Piece Pots and Pans, With Lids, Farberware and More, Aluminum, Stainless Copper Bottoms, 7" to 13"Diam, Good Condition 4 2060 3.04   ended
445 2235t.jpgVintage 12 1/2"Diam Revereware Copper Bottom Fry Pan, Nice Heavy One Great For Fish, Real Good Condition 14 9310 29.88   ended
446 2241t.jpgCooks Essentials 4.22 Quart Pressure Cooker, Has Been Used But Still Like New Condition, 11"W x 11"T 10 10053 11.00   ended
447 2250t.jpgPampered Chef Lot- Chillzane Bowl 9 1/2"Diam With Lid, Adjustable Cup Size Measurer And Adjustable Tea Table Spoon Measure Two 8" Fruit Driers, Pink and White Pampered Chef Coupon Recipe Holder, One Steel Cut N Seat Bisquit or Cookie Cutter, Nice Lot For Those Who Love To Cook! 5 1023 5.12   ended
451 22165t.jpgNIB 14 1/2"W x 11 1/4"D x 2 1/4"T, Roasting Pan With Rack, Great Gift Idea For Wedding Shower, Dishwasher Safe, Non Stick Surface 22 9422 20.50   ended
452 2282t.jpgFood Saver Sealer Machine, Stainless Steel Like New, Comes Complete With Lots Reusable Sealer Bags, Twin Pack Of 11"W Rolls For Custom Bags, Box 8" Heat Seal Roll For Custom Bags, Nice Set That I Just Don't Use Anymore, Very Good Condition, 16"W x 8"D x 9"H 21 5879 43.50   ended
453 2293t.jpgJack LaLanne Power Juicer, Used Once, Secrets Of Power Juicing Booklets With It, Good For Garden Juicing, Very Good Condition, 8"W x 12"D x 17"T 10 4149 16.01   ended
454 2301t.jpgMetal Cook's Essentials Split Skillet Pan, Black Enamel, Non Stick, 12"Diam, Good Condition For Age 3 5062 2.25   ended
455 2307t.jpgSunbeam Electric Grill, Model WM2686, Works, Real Good Condition, Cook Burgers and More, With This Handy Dandy Grillin Machine 1 4646 1.00   ended
456 2313t.jpgMetal Canning Stock Pots, Two 14"Diam x 9"Deep Inside Racks Included For Sealing Bottles, Good Condition 14 9584 8.50   ended
521 2753t.jpgStainless Steel Bar Tools, For Making Drinks Includes Hammer, Shot Glass, Saw, Mixer and More in Plastic Case, Very Good Condition, 13"W x 11"D x 3"T 4 5760 3.25   ended
524 2777t.jpgKitchenware Items, Bread Meatloaf Pans, Plate Covers For Microwave, Pie Cutter, Plus More in Box 26"W x 13"D x 9 1/2"T, All in Good Condition 4 1854 1.75   ended
530 2839t.jpgTerra Cotta Garlic Roaster For Garlic and Onions, Brand New and Never Used, 5"Diam 6 3965 5.50   ended
550 2972t.jpgFood Dehydrator Called The Beef Jerky Machine, 13"W x 15"T, Dehydrates Several Levels, Once With Manual Top Has Crack Overall Good Condition 15 8651 21.50   ended
554 3006t.jpgLot of Kitchen Utensils Including Plastic Spatulas, Spoons, Funnels, Measuring Spoons, And More In Box, Good Condition, 16"W x 11 1/2"D x 2 1/2"T 7 2735 3.05   ended
593 3265t.jpgKitchen Lot- Canister Set, Sign, Coffee, Sugar, Creamer, Teapot, Vase, Bird Bowl And More! Box 16"W x 10"D x 5"H, Good Condition 2 3053 1.25   ended
602 3333t.jpgPaula Deen 12"Sq. Chopping Board With Some Knife Wear on Top- 2"Thick, Cat Shaped Cutting Board With Leather Collar 14"L x 10"T x 3/4"Thick in Fair Condition, Cat Shaped Two Sided Cutting Board, 12"L x 7"Tall x 1/2"Deep, Inlaid Wood Eyes, Cute in Good Condition         ended
603 3340t.jpgBBQ Set, Older By Washington Forge, Antique Finish, Genuine Hardwood Handles, Never Opened, Butcher Sharp, Five Piece Set, Hi Carbon Steel, Made in Englishtown NJ USA, 12"W x 16"D x 2"H 8 9498 10.25   ended
604 3348t.jpgMarcato Pasta Maker, Metal Made in Italy, Works Good, No Instruction Book, 8"W x 8"D x 6 1/4"H 10 9753 18.00   ended
609 3385t.jpgWood Cheese Board, New Versatile Nice Board With Handle For Serving Needs or Kitchen Décor, Still in Wrapper, 14 1/2"W x 16"H 6 2888 4.80   ended
612 3409t.jpgLibbey Craft Glass Draft Beer, Six Total, New And Never Opened, 21"W x 4"D x 9"H 3 9038 2.25   ended
615 3431t.jpgWood Salad Bowl Made in Christmas Michigan 1994, Unsure of Wood Type, But Heavy Duty, 12"Diam x 3 1/2"T 6 5261 10.49   ended
617 3442t.jpgTuscany Pasta Set From Pier 1, Four Pasta Bowls And One Large Serving Bowl, Never Used, Great Condition, Still Packed In Original Box, Great Bridal Shower Or Wedding Gift, 14 1/2"W x 14"D x 6 1/2"H 3 6288 1.50   ended
648 3652t.jpg(15) Coffee Cups, Clean and No Chips, Ceramic, Good Condition         ended
660 3747t.jpg(11) NIP Mitten Utensil Holders, 6 1/2"T 2 8719 1.25   ended
666 3788t.jpgNostalgia Soft Pretzel Factory Maker, Looks Good, Untested, As Is, 10 1/2"W x 6"D x 11 1/2"H 5 3062 5.00   ended
685 3933t.jpgPlastic Kitchen aid Four Cup Measuring Cup With Strainer Insert, 6 1/2"T 7 9352 5.50   ended
686 3940t.jpg*UPDATE: SELLS TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER* Keurig Coffee Maker (Like New), With Unopened Boxes of Coffee- Green Mountain, Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Vanilla, Breakfast Blend, 10"W x 12"D x 12 1/2"H *Sells With Owners Confirmation* 14 8710 46.00   ended
688 3960t.jpgElectric WOK Large Pan, 9"T x 15"Diam Like NEW Condition 21 7891 15.50   ended
690 3976t.jpgOneida Red 11"Sq. Grill Pan, NEW, Ceramic White Non Stick Coating, Easy Drain, Quality 18 6478 15.25   ended
693 3995t.jpgPyrex Glass Bowls With Venting Lids For Microwaving, 3 Quart, 3.2 Quart, 11 1/2"W x 9 1/2"D x 4 1/4"H and 10"W x 10 1/2"D x 3 1/4"H 8 5879 7.25   ended
695 4011t.jpgVintage Holiday Red Plastic Cookie Cutters, Educational Products, All Approx. 3 1/2" 8 7389 3.28   ended
696 4017t.jpgBaking Glass Pans, Two Pyrex Pie Plates, Anchor Hocking Square Pan, 10" and Up, One Large Cake Platter, 15" Across, All Good Condition 5 6063 4.69   ended
697 4024t.jpgBunn NHB? Coffee Pot, Make a Pot in Three Minutes, Clean and Use, 15 1/2"W x 9"D x 12"H 8 7389 6.69   ended
698 4033t.jpgBraun Hand Blender And Chopper, Includes Whipping Attachment, Works Well For Deep Containers, 12 1/2"T 7 2735 5.50   ended

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