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240 1344t.jpgBox Of Misc. Items Including Salt And Pepper, Candle Set, Brass/Mailbox 15"W x 7"D x 3"H, Brass Key Door Knocker, Four Brass Cups, Brass Pot At 5 1/2"Dia. X 4 1/2"H, Brass Pot At 2 3/4"Dia. X 3 1/2"H, Brass Cups At 2 1/2"Dia. X 2 1/2"H, Sipping Cups At 2"Dia x 2 1/4"H, Set Of Designer Brass Keys, Box Is 13"W x 18 1/2"D x 8"H - Some Tarnishing But Still Good Condition 9 11497 5.50   ended
301 1709t.jpgMystery Box, Packed To The Top With New And Vintage Items, Lots Here! Bid To Win! 19 1/2"W x 16 1/4"D x 10"T 13 2453 6.00   ended
370 2125t.jpgMystery Box Packed To The Top With Items To Sell, Gift Or Keep! Make It Yours Today! 19 1/2"W x 15 1/2"D x 11 1/2"T 9 12911 4.25   ended
474 5901t.jpgMystery Box Filled With Goodies! Buy Me To See What's Inside! 12"W x 17"L x 9"T 1 12261 1.00   ended
567 3242t.jpgBeefy Century By Buick Mystery Duffle Bag Chocked Full Of Goodness, Lots Of Value For This Bag! About 12"W x 20"L x 13"T 8 8380 10.50   ended
598 3407t.jpgBox Of House Supplies, 500 Babies, Christmas Hats, Phone, Screwdriver And Bath Accessories, Good To New Condition, Box Is 15"W x 24"D x 6"T 2 8190 1.25   ended
718 4129t.jpgMystery Box, 9"W x 10"D x 7"H 8 12911 4.00   ended
834 5893t.jpgMystery Box With Leftover Rummage Items, All Good Condition Items! 24 1/2"W x 15"D x 10"T 5 12689 2.25   ended
836 5901t.jpgMystery Box, Buy Me To Find Out What's Inside! 11"W x 15"D x 5"T 7 9861 3.25   ended
909 5154t.jpgMisc. Box With Surge Protector, Plastic Stool, Ceramic Mugs And More! Good Condition, Full Box Is 16"W x 18"L x 7"T 5 9044 2.50   ended
913 5181t.jpgPlastic Tote With Odds And Ends And Tools Including Shop Vac Ends, And Old Two-Barrel Carb And More! Good Condition, 17"W x 28"L x 12"T 6 10546 3.00   ended
1234 8730t.jpgBox of Stuffed Animals and Two Figurines of Tiger and Bird, Overall Good Condition, 6" to 12"H 5 6174 4.03   ended
1251 8850t.jpgCeramic Owl Clock, Two Yard Planters, Three Glazed Ceramic Decorative Containers Two Missing Lids, Box 15"W x 25"D x 6"H, Some Need Painting, Great Projects, Overall Good Condition 2 11819 2.25   ended
1322 4713t.jpgMystery Box to Give or Receive! Already Wrapped And Ready To Reveal Treasures Inside, 12"W x 23"L x 11"H 11 7693 8.50   ended
1353 4857t.jpgMisc. Household Items- Pewter Ring, Two Angel Fan Pulls, Six Snowball Candles, Calculator, Name Card Holder, Teddy Bear Photo Frame, Two Grip Master Kitchen Tool, Five Utensils in One, All Brand New and Never Opened, 3" to 12"L 4 12617 2.25   ended
1356 4877t.jpgSurprise Box, Packed To The Top With New- Vintage and Gently Used Items, Box 18 1/8"W x 18"D x 16"H, Medium Size 7 2671 6.50   ended
1360 4895t.jpgSurprise Box- Stuffed To The Top! Contains New and Gently Used Items, Sell- Keep or Gift! 18 1/2'W x 18"D x 16"H 9 2671 6.50   ended
1362 4904t.jpgLarge Plastic Tote Full of Estate Sale Left Overs, Anything and Everything, Fair to Good Condition, 16 1/2"W x 21"D x 16"H 2 577 1.25   ended
1394 5069t.jpgCorrugated Plastic Bin, No Lid, Good Condition, 24"W x 31"L x 21"H 5 3682 8.55   ended
1441 23479t.jpgBox Lot With Five Water Storage Bags w/ Lids, (50) Aluminum Storage Bags, Portable Rubber Shower Bag (24"W x 17"T), Small West Bend Coffee Maker, Coffee Maker Is In Fair Condition And Untested, Make Sure To Check Out The Pictures! Box Is 15"W x 19"D x 9"T         ended
1450 7640t.jpgMystery Box From Pole Barn, Too Much To Sort And List So Selling It As A Mystery Box! Packed Full Of Vintage And Newer Items! 13 1/4"W x 18 1/2"D x 10 1/2"T 12 7693 7.50   ended
1572 7235t.jpgOne Clock and Rooster Napkin Holder, Wood Rooster And More Wood Items, 5" to 14 1/2"L, Good Condition 1 8603 1.00   ended
1585 7317t.jpgMystery Box 15"W x 20"L x 7"H 8 12911 4.27   ended
1586 7320t.jpgMystery Box 17"W x 24"L x 9"H 9 12911 4.27   ended
1662 8268t.jpgBox of House Supplies, Compaq Speakers, War Craft Book, Basket, Bag, Box Etc. Everything In Good Condition, 21"W x 16"D x 10"H 1 9861 1.00   ended
1665 8287t.jpgBox of House Supplies- Stapler, Clock Bowl, Yahtzee Scoring Pads and More, 5" to 9" Wide or Long 2 9861 1.25   ended
1666 8296t.jpgThree Door Knobs and Various Screws, Box Full 10"W x 12"D x 4"H, Brass and Steel 2 5174 1.00   ended
1673 8344t.jpgChildren's Musical Toilet, Candle Scent Warmer, Butter Dish, Mirror, Saucers, Leg Brace, Overall Good Condition, 6" to 26" 3 12846 2.94   ended
1707 10945t.jpgMystery Box From Pole Barn, Too Much To Sort and List So Selling As Mystery Boxes! Packed Full of Vintage to Newer Items, 10"W x 18"D x 34"H 19 13252 14.08   ended
1744 11154t.jpgVintage Lot of 1960's Green Bottle, Toy Horse, Stoneware Pitcher, Mini Detroit Bat By Adirondack 302?, Old Small Vase, Champion Glass, Two Crystal (One With Chips) Paper Morris Cat Kite, 4" to 36"L, Good Condition 13 2295 8.65   ended
1786 11396t.jpgMystery Box Stuffed With Assorted Goodies, Be The Highest Bidder To Find Out What's Inside, 12"W x 16 1/2"L x 14"H 11 9861 4.02   ended
1814 9225t.jpgBag From M&M World In Las Vegas, Two Circus Circus Bags, Envelopes and Notepaper, Two Registered Trademark Magnets of Elvis, Good Condition, 4" to 10"L 1 2453 1.00   ended
1929 15827t.jpgMystery Box, What's In It? Win It And Find Out! 15"W x 19"D x 10"T 8 12911 4.00   ended
1963 16029t.jpgBaby Lot With Steering Wheel Toy, Play Phone, Piggy Bank And Two Crib Music Players, All Work But Need Batteries, Baby Monitor Wire Has Been Repaired But Worked The Last Time It Was Used, The Safety Kit Includes Cupboard Locks And Door Knob Handles, Overall All Good Condition, 16"W x 23 1/2"D x 13"T 3 12940 1.50   ended
2232 13657t.jpgMystery Box, Bid On Me To See What Is Inside! 20"W x 15 1/2"D x 6"H 10 9861 4.02   ended
2239 13692t.jpgBox Full Of Various Items Like Round Rug, Wall Coat Rack, Old Weather Radio, Untested, And More! From 7 1/2" To 16"H, Box Is 14 1/4"W x 19 1/2"D x 5 1/2"H, From 7 1/2" To 16"H - Overall Good Condition 4 4768 2.25   ended
2244 13720t.jpgMixed Tool Man Lot With All Sorts Of Odds And Ends, Parts And Different Pieces, Includes Some Gardening Tools, Household Items, All In A Plastic Tote, Items Include Screwdrivers, Planter Pot, Serving Tray And More! Plastic Tote Is 15 1/4"W x 21 1/2"D x 9 1/2"H - Fair To Good Condition 1 13481 1.00   ended
2255 13779t.jpgMystery Box, Bid On Me To See What Is Inside! 17"W x 24"D x 8 1/2"H 8 12911 4.27   ended
2339 18396t.jpgMystery Box, 11"W x 24"L x 17"H 8 12689 5.02   ended
2341 18092t.jpgMystery Box Filled To The Top With All Kinds Of Items, Bid On Me And See All The Cool Things! 15"W x 22"L x 15"H 10 12911 4.27   ended
2348 18128t.jpgMystery Box Full Of All Kinds Of Great Stuff, 12"W x 19"L x 15"H 12 12689 4.75   ended
2349 18132t.jpgBox Lot Of Stuff, A Little Bit Of Everything, Books, Homedics Back Massager #PA-1, Porcelain Figurine And More, 3 1/2" To 14"L - Good Condition 1 11486 1.00   ended
2350 18138t.jpgMystery Box Full Of Treasures, Bid On Me And Have Fun Looking At All I Hold! 13"W x 15"D x 16"H 7 13434 6.00   ended
2429 9891t.jpgBox Lot With Two Pictures Frames, Four Darts, New 3' Microphone Cable, New Toilet Wax Bowl Ring, Survival Tool, Fuse-Able Link , Appalachian 4" Trail Knife, Alarm Clock (Tested), Power Bar (Tested), Michigan License Frame, 28 Ct. Dominos And New 6' Extension Cord 1 13481 1.00   ended
2461 10113t.jpgBox Of Goodies Including Gloves, New Small Lock, New Ball Of Yarn, Calculator, 3/4" Brass Valve, 1/2" Backflow Preventer, Welding Gloves, New Windshield Dash Mount, Sunscreen, USA Link 300W Microdome Tweeter Speaker And More! Items Tested And Overall Good Condition 5 10546 5.60   ended
2643 16440t.jpgMystery Box- You Will Never Know What's Inside, Until You Bid To Win! 9"W x 11"L x 11"H 11 12911 5.50   ended
2680 16598t.jpgAnything And Everything For Women, Kiddos, Men With Red Dot Scope, Purses, Stuffed Animals, Good Condition, 3" to 22"L 1 9861 1.00   ended
3063 15222t.jpgWiggly Voltage Tester New in Plastic Case, German Collectible Coins, New in Case, Up to 8"L 10 577 7.59   ended
3199 19027t.jpgFive Glass Vases Including A One Gallon Lemonade/Ice Tray, Six Picture Frames And (25) Misc. Electronic Cords, All Untested And As Is But Looks To Be In Good Condition, Box Is 21 1/2"W x 22 1/2"D x 14 1/2"T 2 12617 1.25   ended
3233 12643t.jpgLarge Tote With Two Throw Blankets, 2' x 3 1/2 Feet Approx. Silverware, Vintage First Aid Kit, Tupperware, Milk Glass, and More, Good Condition, 3" to 31 1/2"L Tote, No Lid 4 720 2.00   ended

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