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27 135t.jpg(12) Vintage Walter T. Foster Art Books, All But One Measure 14" x 11" & Run Between 32 to 40 Pages, Some are Black & White & Some are Full Color, Vary in Age. Titles Include How to Draw Trees, Color in Trees, Shrubs & Weeds, Drawing Trees, Small Paintings that Sell, Watercolors Step-by-Step, Adventures in Acrylics & Oils 1, The Magic of Oil Painting, Clouds & Skyscapes, Painting Sunsets, It's Fun to Paint Old Shacks & Barns, Painting Barns & Farms and Painting Red Barns & Farms - All in Good Condition 25 11913 24.50   ended
142 762t.jpgThe Year Of 2016 Rifleman's Magazines - All Very Good Condition 1 1420 1.00   ended
149 805t.jpgGreat Lot Of Six Books Including: "1910 War On White Slave Trade, Fighting Traffic In Young Girls", Hardcover, Some Wear But Good Condition, "Gone With The Wind" Hardcover From 1938, Good Condition, "Gone With The Wind" Hardcover With Book Cover From 1936, "Robinson Crusoe" Paperback From 1980, Yellowed And With Water Stains, "War And Peace" Hardcover From 1942 In Good Condition, "Freak!" Michael Jackson Paperback From 2003 In Very Good Condition 3 12939 1.75   ended
173 945t.jpgGreat Book: "500 Nations" An Illustrated History Of North American Indians, With Dust Jacket, Very Nice! 468 Pages, Packed Full Of Illustrations And Script, 9 3/4" x 11 1/4" 7 8578 12.00   ended
200 1125t.jpg"Submarines" By Richard Garrett, Hardcover Book, Copyright 1977 - Very Good Condition 3 10546 2.80   ended
235 23515t.jpg(2) Paperback National Railway Bulletins Volume 61 And 62, 1996, 1997, Three Hardcover Railway Train Books, The Story Of The Train 1984, Stations An Imagined Journey 1994, Railways And Trains 1978 - Very Good Condition 2 148 2.26   ended
258 1442t.jpg"The Dust Bowl" An Illustrated History By Dayton Duncan And Ken Burns, Hardcover, 231 Pages, Size 9 1/2"W x 11"H - Very Good Condition 10 10862 12.17   ended
287 1621t.jpgAn Encyclopedia Of Modern American Humor Edited By Bennett Cerf, Drawings By Doug Anderson, Copyright 1954, 688 Pages, 5 1/2"W x 8 1/2"H, Also, Fun And Laughter Reader's Digest, A Treasure House Of Humor Copyright 1967, 832 Pages, 5 1/2"W x 7 1/2"H - Both Are In Good Condition         ended
326 1861t.jpg"Rock & Roll Generation" Hardcover Book On Teen Life In The 1950's, 152 Pages, Very Good Condition 5 8971 5.51   ended
340 1950t.jpgThe Century Hardcover Coffee Table Book By Peter Jennings And Todd Brewster, 606 Pages, Very Good Condition 4 8971 6.25   ended
351 2010t.jpgNew In Plastic, Collectible New York Booklet About 9/11 2 8625 1.25   ended
360 2058t.jpgThe Illustrated Who's Who Of Cinema Hardcover Book w/ Dustcover, 480 Pages, Good Condition 4 1323 6.05   ended
379 2172t.jpgOlder Ball Park Hardcover Book In Good Condition 11 10546 10.50   ended
394 2252t.jpgSet Of (24) "The American Wilderness" Books By Time Life, Includes "The Badlands", "The Grand Canyon", "Cactus Country" And More! Very Good Condition 6 2281 8.47   ended
509 2930t.jpgNew In Package "Thin Line" Compact Bible w/ Italian Duo-Tone Cover, Ideal For Pocket Or Purse, 5"W x 7"L 6 2281 6.75   ended
636 3631t.jpgAirstream Trailers, Paperback By Bryan Burkhart And David Hunt, Black And White And Color Photos, 143 Pages, Size 9 1/2"W x 11"H - Like New Condition 8 11014 8.01   ended
641 3659t.jpgLife In The Sea By Marty Snyderman, Copyright 1994, Hardcover With Lots Of Beautiful Pictures! Good Condition 4 12248 2.00   ended
659 3765t.jpgLot Of Vintage/Antique Books, Very Delicate And Very Cool! Eight In Total - Fair Condition 6 9927 15.52   ended
677 3871t.jpgVintage Book Of Music, Of Sonaten Von W.A. Mozart, Leipzig And Berlin C.F. Peters, 186 Pages, Not Sure Of Age But It Is Old, Nice For The Collector Or A Challenge For The Musician, Absolutely Beautiful For The Age! Does Have Some Duct Tape On The Spine - Good Condition 8 8943 21.06   ended
699 3999t.jpgNever Been Opened! Hardcover Book "The Inaugural Album, Seal Of The President Of The United States" January 1977, 12 3/4"W x 12 1/2"H - NEW 4 2281 4.81   ended
786 4520t.jpg(13) Books Of Illustrated Library Of Nature, Not A Complete Set, Copyright 1971 - Wear And Marks, Fair To Good Condition         ended
804 5726t.jpgLot Of (25) "Encyclopedia Of WWII" Hardcover Books, Lots OF Good Pictures And Info In These! All In Good Condition 3 4589 10.50   ended
811 5766t.jpg"Guidebook To Precious Moments" Green Book From 1998, Some Minor Wear But Overall Good Condition 5 8625 8.01   ended
816 5793t.jpg"Precious Moments Address Book" Hardcover In Good Condition, 8"W x 6 1/2"T 4 7179 2.25   ended
838 5911t.jpgBox Lot With (20+) Books Including The Fifty Shades Series, Hunger Games Series, Twilight Series And James Patterson And New In Package Photo Albums, Paperbacks And Hard Covers, Good To New Condition 5 6771 2.75   ended
949 5405t.jpg"Our Amazing World Of Nature And It's Marvels & Mysteries" Hardcover Reader's Digest Book, Copyright 1969, Very Good Condition 2 8892 1.25   ended
950 5411t.jpg"The Audubon Society Book Of Wildcats" Hardcover Book By Les Line Edward R. Ricciuti, Editor Of Audubon Magazine, Copyright 1985, Very Good Condition 2 6857 1.25   ended
951 22543t.jpg"Elephants" Hardcover Book By Reinhard Kunkel, Copyright 1981, Very Good Condition 2 116 1.25   ended
952 5422t.jpg"New Atlas Of Human Anatomy" Hardcover Book By Thomas McCracken, Copyright 1997, Very Good Condition 12 8625 10.01   ended
953 5428t.jpg"The Kingdom Photographs" Hardcover Book By Art Wolfe And Text By Douglas Chadwick, Copyright 1990, Very Good Condition 3 12800 3.03   ended
954 5433t.jpg"Natural Wonders Of The World" Hardcover Book By Readers Digest, Copyright 1977/78/80, Very Good Condition 7 543 4.50   ended
955 5438t.jpg"World War II : A 50th Anniversary History" Hardcover Book By The Writers And Photographers Of The Associated Press, Foreword By Harrison Salisbury, Copyright 1989, Very Good Condition 7 8971 4.77   ended
956 5443t.jpgTwo Hardcover Books Including "1001 Ways To Cut Your Expenses" w/ Dust Jacket And "Grandpa's 5001 Handyman Secrets" From 2006 - As Seen On TV, Both In Like New Condition 1 1952 1.00   ended
957 5450t.jpgHarvey Penick's Little Red Book "Lessons And Teachings From A Lifetime Of Golf" w/ Bud Shrake, 175 Pages, Hardcover In Like New Condition And Just In Time For Father's Day! 2 387 1.60   ended
959 5460t.jpgTwo Hardcover Books Including "Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Gardening" And "Grey Stone", Both In Very Good Condition         ended
960 5465t.jpg"Images Of The Wild" Hardcover Book, The Photographic Art Of Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick, Copyright 1997, Very Good Condition 2 88 3.03   ended
961 5470t.jpg"History Of Railways" Hardcover Book, Edited By E.L. Cornwell, Good Condition 4 10546 5.00   ended
962 5475t.jpg"Fascinating World Of Animals" Hardcover Book By Reader's Digest, A Unique "Safari" Through Our Strange And Surprising Animal Kingdom, Comes With More Than 2000 Full Color Photos, Very Good Condition         ended
964 5485t.jpg"Steam Trains : An American Portrait" Hardcover Book By Coin Garratt, Very Good Condition 7 7042 6.55   ended
965 5490t.jpgTwo Hardcover Books Including "The Pictorial History Of Guam" By Don A. Farrell And "Above Hallowed Ground : A Photographic Record Of Sept. 11th 2001" By Photographers Of The New York City Police Department, Both In Overall Good Condition 2 7042 1.25   ended
966 5499t.jpg"The Great Book Of Trains" Hardcover Book By Brian Hollingsworth And Arthur Cook, Features 310 Locomotives Sown In More Than 160 Full Color Illustrations And 500 Photos, Very Good Condition 10 10546 7.50   ended
967 5504t.jpg"The World's Great Battleships From The Middle Ages To The Present" Hardcover Book In Very Good Condition 5 10546 10.49   ended
968 5509t.jpg"Visiting Our Past" Hardcover Book, America's History And Lands, Good Condition 7 111 5.59   ended
969 5514t.jpg"Birds Of Prey" Hardcover Book By Floyd Scholz, Very Good Condition 9 12348 8.26   ended
970 5519t.jpg"World War II Liberation" Hardcover Book By Martin Blumenson And The Editors Of Time Life Books, Copyright 1978, Good Condition 2 10546 2.26   ended
971 5524t.jpgTwo Books Including "Antiques At A Glance" Hardcover Book On Ceramics By James Mackay And "Findlay Glass" Paperback Book On Glass By James Measell And Don E. Smith, Fair To Good Condition - Some Wear         ended
973 5539t.jpg"It Doesn't Take A Hero" Hardcover Book By Peter Petre, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf's Autobiography, 530 Pages, Good Condition 2 12800 1.25   ended
974 5544t.jpgLife's "Nature Library : The Fishes" Hardcover Book By F.D. Ommaney And The Editors Of Life, Good Condition         ended
975 5550t.jpgTwo Hardcover Books Including "Nature's World Of Wonders" By National Geographic And "The Golden Isles" By Bill Harris w/ Over 100 Color Illustrations, Both In Good Condition         ended
976 5557t.jpg"One Nation America Remembers September 11th 2001" Hardcover Book By LIFE, Very Good Condition 6 7553 6.35   ended

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