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278 1557t.jpgVery Old Dresden Plate Cutter Quilt, Some Stains And Tears, I Did Wash It And It Still Looks Stained, But Still Great For Cutting - Fair Condition 7 4768 16.00   ended
377 2163t.jpgNew In Package Navy Solid Mink Blanket By Regal Comfort, Heavy Weight And Queen Sized 20 11793 15.50   ended
828 5857t.jpgDisney Princess Camping Sleeping Bag, There's A Tear In The Case Otherwise It's IN Good Condition, 28"W x 56"L 11 13177 5.00   ended
1202 8514t.jpgHand Made Raggedy Ann and Andy Quilt, Some Wear, But Beautiful Detailing and Overall Good Condition, 52"W x 50"H 6 1414 9.50   ended
1215 8611t.jpgSister Throw Blanket of Yellow, Navy and White Colors, Very Good Condition, 42 1/2"W x 53"L 13 3552 12.50   ended
1255 8884t.jpgPatchwork Quilt, Pretty Floral Squares, Good Condition, 100"W x 86" 26 11644 24.50   ended
1459 7690t.jpgNew Queen Size 6 Pc. Sheet Set In Country Blue, 2400 Platinum Series, Comes With Four Pillow Cases, Reinforced Fitted And A Flat, Very Soft! 15 6428 28.00   ended
1472 7749t.jpgBeautiful Handmade Quilt With Hawaiian Flowers And Turquoise Blue Rim, Soft Back, Very Good Condition, 56"W x 76"L 17 8894 32.50   ended
1555 7146t.jpgBrand New 100% Jersey T-Shirt Material Twin Size Sheet Set, Super Soft With Flat, Fitted, One Pillowcase, Great Fun Color! Perfect For Summertime 8 9764 11.50   ended
1571 7227t.jpgTwin Or Full Quilt And Pillow Covers! 86"W x 86"L, Washed And Never Used, Multi Color Squares Solid Hot Pink on Reverse, Very Good Condition 15 12452 20.50   ended
1588 7329t.jpgWool Throw Highland Tweeds, Made in UK All Wool, JD Matthewman Textiles, 52"W x 61"L Very Good Condition 19 2453 28.00   ended
1624 23347t.jpgNew Comfortable Full Body Therapy Maternity Pregnancy Pillow, Pain Relief Pillow, Nursing U Shape Pillow, Long Enough For You To Stretch Out And Support Both Sides of Your Body, Helps Support, Back, Belly, Sides, Head, Knees And Feet, Unique Design, Ergonomical Super Soft, Non Allergenic Polyester Filling, 28"W x 55"L x 8"Thick, Queen Rose, New and Unused 10 9764 43.00   ended
1712 10969t.jpgRevman Brand Full Size Comforter, Good Condition in Original Package 11 9912 4.75   ended
2204 13512t.jpgThree Decorative Pillows, One Grey With A Reindeer, One White With A Reindeer And One Brown, Orange And Red, From 9" To 17"W x 9" To 17"H - Good Condition 6 12641 2.25   ended
2220 13595t.jpgOne King Comforter, Two King Pillow Shams, And Two 17" x 17" Throw Pillows With A Cool Leopard Print - Very Good Condition 5 9788 8.00   ended
2274 13872t.jpgBox Of Vintage Linens, Patchwork Quilted Pillow Shams, Ralph Lauren Twin Sheet, Both Could Use A Sudsy Wash, Full Size Bates Cowboy Bed Spread, Spots And A Hole, Piece Of Pretty Blue Sheet, Approx. 82"W x 98"H, Pretty Drape Approx. 41"W x 82"H, Both No Issues, Also A Vintage Light Weight Blanket, Has A Mend And Some Holes, Approx 64"W x 76"H, Box Is 16"W x 20"D x 8"H - Good Condition 2 2295 1.25   ended
2342 18096t.jpgQuilts/Pillow Shams, Two Sets Queen/Full Sizes, Queen Size Black Bed Skirt - Very Good Condition 14 7179 13.55   ended
2588 10834t.jpgQueen Sized Adjustable Metal Bed Frame On Plastic Wheels, Good Condition 16 12105 15.50   ended
2629 16374t.jpgTwin Size Metal Headboard For Bed or Repurpose, Some New Top Pieces Loose, Still Good Condition, 38"W x 33 1/2"H 5 12827 8.19   ended
3266 12836t.jpgAntique Vintage Hand Tied Quilt, Very Warm, 68"W x 82"L, Very Good Condition 12 12815 8.50   ended
3294 12983t.jpgSolid Wood Twin Bed Frame With Headboard, Footboard and Three Drawer Storage Unit, Good Condition, Solid, No Cracks, Eight Bolt Easy Assembly In Minutes 14 13648 20.50   ended
3296 12993t.jpgFive Assorted Throw Pillows, Two Green Matching, 15" x 15", Good Condition 1 9861 1.00   ended
3324 20334t.jpgAntique Wood Single Bed Head and Footboard, Carved Wood Top Has Some Damage, 44"W x 31" and 49"H, Use or Repurpose, Overall Good Condition 5 390 3.20   ended
3479 19405t.jpgAll Wood Twin Bed Frame With Headboard And Footboard, Looks To Be Missing Hardware, Headboard Approx. 43"W x 43"H - Good Condition 4 7662 6.75   ended
3480 19409t.jpgVintage Headboard For Twin Bed, Use Or Make Into Project, Started Working On It, But Have Too Many Projects Going So I Didn't Finish, Has One Rough Coat Of Blue Paint Over, 41"W x 48"H - Good Condition 4 9103 4.51   ended
3493 19464t.jpgTwin Size Bunk Bed With Futon Bottom, Made Of Metal, Shows Scuffs, Includes Hardware, Approx. 41"W x 75"L x 64"H - Good Condition 19 1685 26.00   ended
3642 21034t.jpgFloral Print Throw Blanket, Has Some Snags in Material, Overall Good Condition, 54"W x 65"L 3 10209 1.75   ended
3793 21935t.jpgCase of Ten Pacific Coast White Down Pillows, Hotel Quality, Save Big Money Here At 1BID.US, 26"L x 20"W, Box Split Open At Drop Off So Some Need Cleaning. These Are New Pillows 18 6320 61.00   ended
3820 22357t.jpgWood Twin Bed Headboard and Footboard, No Frame, Fair Condition, Could Be Painted or Refinished, 41"W x 31" to 39"H 3 12827 10.50   ended
3885 23227t.jpgMattress Sealy And Box Spring With Extra Piece Of Padding, All In Good Condition Measuring 6" Thick         ended
3886 23228t.jpgFull Queen Wood And Metal Bed Frame, Includes Headboard And Footboard With Rails And Center Supports, All In Very Good Condition Measuring 63"W x 28" To 40"T 7 8641 41.00   ended
3924 22128t.jpgDark Color Antique Crazy Quilt, Approx. 80" x 80", Very Good Condition 13 1643 16.00   ended
3937 22209t.jpgTwo Hook in Metal Bed Rails, Good Condition, 1 1/2"W x 76"L x 2"H 3 10369 2.82   ended
3946 23029t.jpgThin Full Size Mattress With Floral Print, Very Good Condition in Plastic, 53"W x 5"D x 75"H 9 12061 27.00   ended
3947 23033t.jpgQueen E Gel Memory Foam Mattress, No Coil, In Plastic Few Spots of Dirt From Storage Otherwise Good Condition, 59"W x 14"D x 80"H 16 10364 50.76   ended
3948 23043t.jpgQueen Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Mattress 864 Pocketed Coil With Spots of Stains On Bottom Right Otherwise Good Condition, In Plastic, 59"W x 13"D x 79"H 12 1861 90.00   ended
3949 23049t.jpgQueen Mattress Englander Pocketed Coil, Pillow Top 864 In Plastic, Memory Foam Mattress, Very Good Condition, 59"W x 12"D x 79"H 27 8355 154.00   ended
3950 23055t.jpgQueen Gel Memory Foam Mattress Pocketed Coils, Hybrid 864, In Plastic, Very Good Condition, 59"W x 12"D x 78"L, No Visible Stains Noted 5 10048 41.00   ended
3951 23062t.jpgHybrid 864 Pocketed Coil Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Dirt Stain on Top Corner, From Storage or Moving, Good Condition Overall, 59"W x 12"D x 80"H 10 4580 52.00   ended
3952 23069t.jpgQueen Elton Pillow Top Mattress Englander Gel Memory Foam, No Coils, Has Stains Throughout Mattress, Fair Condition, 59"W x 9"D x 79"H 10 5695 10.50   ended
3953 23076t.jpgFull Contina Pillow Top Mattress Memory Foam Top 650 Coil Victor Minor Dirt Stains From Storage, Otherwise Very Good Condition, 53"W x 10"D x 73"H 16 1676 68.00   ended
3954 23083t.jpgQueen Englander Pillow Top Mattress Elton Gel Memory Foam With Few Dirt Spots, Otherwise Good Condition, 59"W x 9"D x 79"L 14 13199 34.00   ended
3955 23089t.jpgQueen Firm Eclipse Organic Cotton, Memory Foam Mattress, Couple Stains Otherwise Good Condition, 59"W x 12"D x 78"H 7 12061 14.52   ended
3956 23097t.jpgQueen Firm Mattress 420 Coils Crazy #4 Minor Dirt Stains From Storage Otherwise Good Condition, 59"W x 6"D x 80"L 2 12061 1.25   ended
3957 23103t.jpgKing Size Pillow Top Memory Foam Bodi Form Gel Mattress With Few Minor Dirt Marks Otherwise Good Condition, 75"W x 10"D x 79"L 8 12061 153.00   ended

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