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13 61t.jpgTwo Vintage Model Cars Including 1958 Edsel And A 1961 Ford, These Cool Plastic Model Cars Are From A Dealership Promo, Both Complete And In Good Condition, 8" Long 14 1274 20.55   ended
16 73t.jpgTwo Military Buddy L Japanese Toys, Metal And Plastic Construction, Missing The Front Grills But Still Nice Display Pieces In Overall Good Condition, 2"W x 5"L x 2 3/4"T 3 1952 1.75   ended
30 147t.jpgVintage Plastic Ville USA HO Gauge Motel w/ Pool, Model #2903, Snap-Fit (No Glue), Great For Model Town/Train Sets, Unsure If Complete But Looks To Be In Good Condition, Box Is 10 1/2"W x 8"D x 2"T 3 6001 1.50   ended
88 473t.jpgVintage Plastic Ville USA HO Gauge Drive-In Bank, Model #2904, Snap-Fit (No Glue), Great For Model Towns Or Train Sets, Unsure If Complete But Looks To Be In Good Condition, Box Is 11"W x 8"D x 2"T 2 6001 1.25   ended
114 633t.jpgTwelve New In Box Super Cap Guns That Fire 8-Shot Ring Caps And (24) New In Box 72-Shot Ring Caps, Ages 8+, Comes In 12"W x 20"L x 3"T Box 7 1677 12.63   ended
119 667t.jpgSix Porcelain Dolls From Brinn's, Faith And More! Two Of Them Have Music Boxes Inside And Some Come In Original Boxes, All Good To Very Good Condition, Average 16" Height 6 13146 7.50   ended
122 691t.jpgNice Lot Of Mostly Vintage Marvel And TMNT Action Figures, A Few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Series One Figures In Here Too! Spiderman Carrying Case, Two New In Box Marvel Figures, Pop! Vinyl Blue Ranger, New In Box Vintage Magneto Puzzle And More! Some Paint Wear To Open Figures But Still Good Condition To New Overall, Box Is 18"W x 14"D x 7"T 10 10222 36.00   ended
229 1287t.jpgIndian Girl Doll Holding A Basket, Native Outfit, Ceramic Hands And Feet, May Need To Be Cleaned From Storage, Approx. 9"W x 7"D x 10"H - Good Condition 6 11707 11.05   ended
379 2106t.jpgSet Of Two Small Wicker Seats For A Doll, 9"W x 6 1/2"D x 15 1/2"H - No Holes - Good Condition 2 2214 1.25   ended
540 2437t.jpgVintage Lot Of Stuffed Dolls, Includes Eight Country Rabbit, One Amish/Girl Doll, One Love Country, One Bear With Moveable Arms And Legs, And Three Holly Hobbie, Various Sizes, 9" To 16"H - Good Condition         ended
574 2600t.jpgUnique Black Felt Elephant Plush Animal, Hand Made, 4"W x 14"L x 10"H - Good Condition 1 13161 1.00   ended
586 2668t.jpgBox Of Disney Frozen Items Including Cylinder Olaf Light That Has Colors That Change, Four Travel Mugs With Characters, Three Charm Bracelet Sets, And A Package Of Silly Straws, 4" To 12"H - All New 15 7179 8.50   ended
587 2674t.jpgNine Toy Cars, Six Hot Wheels, A Tonka Truck, A Marcro Car And A Match Box Car, 3"L - Good Condition 2 4763 1.25   ended
597 2719t.jpgNew In Package Star Wars Collectibles, Magic Cube With Darth Vader And Yoda Heads, 2 1/2"Sq. "Floating" In Mid Air, Really Puzzles The Little Ones, Also Three Star Wars Character Game Pieces 1 1/2"Dia. Plus New In The Package Hand Joy Buzzer, Haven't Seen One Of These Since I Was A Kid 1 8419 1.00   ended
603 2752t.jpgThree Dolls, 9 1/2"H, All Have Outfits On, Very Cute!! Very Good Condition 5 8162 3.07   ended
604 2757t.jpgFirst Gear Car Quest '40 Ford Coupe, Black With Flames, 1st Series, 1:65 Scale, Diecast, 3"W x 1"H - Mint Condition In Package 1 12452 1.00   ended
606 2765t.jpg3D View Mast Gift Pak, Charlie Brown, Etc., (11) Charlie Brown And Snoopy, Three Bambi, Two Little Mermaid, Two Sesame Street, 6"Dia. X 6"H - Good Condition 13 13602 12.50   ended
607 2771t.jpgLGB Lehmann Train Car Set 20803, Made In West Germany, Complete With Original Box, Was Not Used Much If At All, D10 2090 Engine, 4044 LGB Sulzbach, Rosenberg, Orange Car, 7075 Car, Box Is 27"W x 6"D x 13 1/2"H - Very Good Condition 37 10546 95.00   ended
639 2971t.jpgPorcelain Doll With Tag, Show Stoppers Inc., 7 1/2"W x 15 1/2"H - Very Good Condition 1 6771 1.00   ended
681 3212t.jpgSet Of Four Train Cars, Locomotive Hopper, Tank And Log, Southern Pacific, Rio Grande, High Speed Metal Products, Plastic And Metal, 3" To 4 1/2"L - Still In Box, Like New Condition 10 8829 31.00   ended
717 3425t.jpgBox Of Misc. Toys Including Cars, Trucks, Boats, Airplanes, Horses, Snakes And More! Rubber And Plastic, Good Condition And 3" To 35" Long 4 12631 2.75   ended
775 3786t.jpgLot Of Lego Pieces Including Flats, Round, Bricks And More! Overall Good Condition, Box Is 9"W x 11"D x 5"T 14 720 17.50   ended
784 3837t.jpgDiscovery Kids World Globe, Needs Battery, Plastic Construction, Good Condition, 10" Diameter x 15" Tall 6 10986 6.50   ended
794 3892t.jpgNew In Box Revell '65 Chevy Stepside Pickup And Hemi-Hydro Combo Model, Skill Level 2, All White - Paint Not Included, 18"W x 11 1/2"D x 4"T 17 1274 26.99   ended
815 4060t.jpgLego Hero Factory In Original Box, Unsure If Complete But Looks To Be Good Condition, As Is, 13"w x 11"D x 2 1/4"T 8 720 3.75   ended
830 4146t.jpgBlockman Military Building System, Over 181 Pieces - Not All To This Set, Figures Pictured Are Not The Same As Ones In The Box, Good Condition, Box Is 15"W x 3 1/2"D x 11 1/4"T 2 938 1.25   ended
835 4178t.jpgLot Of All New Toys Including A Disney Princess Doll, Bratz Action Doll, Three Monster High Gloom Beach Dolls, Dora Cosmetic Set, Two 3D Glasses & Wand And Three Dress Up Sets, 7" To 12" Tall 17 13177 30.00   ended
836 4187t.jpgRabel Buddy L Plastic Toy (Made In Japan, 2"W x 5"L x 1 1/2"T) And Tonka Dairy Milk Truck Head (2"W x 4 3/4"L x 2 1/2"T), Rabel Missing Headlight - Both Fair To Good Condition 2 3062 1.25   ended
878 4439t.jpg(30+) Match Box Type Cars, Car Carrier, Big Truck Toys And Big Bike Toys, Plastic/Metal Construction, Good Condition, 3" To 13" Long 4 5062 3.41   ended
881 4464t.jpgThomas The Tank Engine Lot Including, Track, Mountains And More! Plastic Pieces And Some Even Make Noise! Good Condition, Box Is 12"W x 15"D x 10"T 2 7574 1.25   ended
883 4478t.jpgLarge Diecast Collectible Lot Including Nascar, Coca-Cola, Kiss, Ertl, Hot Wheels, Tonka, Johnny Lightning, Line Mar, Mustang, Corvette And More! Some New In Box, The Green Car Drives, Good To New Condition, 3" To 10" Long 13 12519 15.50   ended
1190 5583t.jpg(25) Pieces of Plastic Renwal Doll House Furniture and Acc. 1950's, Mostly Made in USA, Some Made in Canada, 1" to 6"L, Very Good Condition 22 3644 42.00   ended
1191 5588t.jpg(15) Pieces of Old Wood or Wood Block Doll House Furniture, Dressers, Beds, Couch, Waterfall Dressers, Clock, Lamp, End Table, Foot Stool, Etc. Unbranded and Unmarked, Good Condition, 1" to 3"L 3 9357 1.50   ended
1193 5598t.jpg(20) Pieces of Doll House Furniture, Appliances, Acc.- Renwal, Shackman, Ideal, Miner Industries, And Unknown, 1950's Era- Brass, Wood, Fabric, Plastic, Metal Made in USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Etc. Good Condition, 1" to 4 1/2"L 20 3644 42.00   ended
1228 5800t.jpgPlasticville USA HO Gauge Train Piece, Men's Store #2905, Snap Fit Requires No Glue, Appears Complete, Good Condition, 10 1/2"W x 8"D x 2"H 6 3553 2.75   ended
1231 5817t.jpgTwo Madame Alexander Classic Collectible Dolls, Sold by Hallmark, Cupid and Wendy Ballerina, Both in Original Boxes, Very Good Condition, 5 1/4" to 6 1/4"H 11 9484 4.25   ended
1238 5860t.jpgCoca Cola Box of Metal Toy Planes- Mostly Ertl, For Display or Play, 4 1/2" to 10"W and 6" to 8 1/2"L, Good Condition 7 12949 10.50   ended
1244 5899t.jpgBarbie Sussy Goose Plastic Closet Toy, 7 1/2"W x 4"D x 12 1/4"H, Good Condition 7 11801 4.85   ended
1254 5953t.jpgBradley Doll "Send in The Clowns" RK 305, Still Has Tag, Plus Smaller Doll, Very Good Condition, 7" to 22 1/2"H         ended
1266 6023t.jpgPorcelain Doll Plays Music, Working, Very Good Condition, 7 1/2"W x 6"D x 9"H 1 6771 1.00   ended
1283 6122t.jpgSears Little Learners AC Gilbert Erector Set With Metal Carry Case and Instructions, Numerous Parts and Acc. Case 16"W x 5 3/4"D x 5 1/2"H, Good Condition, Unknown If Complete 2 11446 1.25   ended
1352 7705t.jpg(7) Tonka Truck Cabs, Each 4"W x 2"D x 2 1/4"H, Metal and Plastic, Good For Displays, Some Rust But Overall Good Condition 9 13055 6.50   ended
1355 7723t.jpgStructo Toys Metal Road Grader, 6 3/4"W x 17"L x 5 1/2"H, Missing Some Parts, Metal With Hard Rubber Tires, Overall Good Condition         ended
1358 7743t.jpgVintage Ac Gilbert Sensational NEW Erector Set 1938 Instructions With Working Motor, Case is 16"W x 8"D x 3"H, Good Condition 22 2861 24.00   ended
1359 7751t.jpgLarge Ertl Metal Trailer Toy, 8"W x 16"L, Two Smaller Metal Trailers, Each 3 3/4"W x 8"L, Good Condition 6 8624 9.60   ended
1362 7776t.jpgTwo Pedal Champs Collectible Pedal Cars- 1/10 Scale New in Packages, Each Box 6 3/4"L x 2 1/2" x 3 3/4"H 8 1370 5.77   ended
1370 7820t.jpgJohn Deere Model Tractor Toy Part With Some Rust, Green Sections Are Metal, Rotating Blade is Plastic, 3"W x 11 1/2"L x 2"H, Good Condition 6 223 2.00   ended
1378 7870t.jpgErtl Metal Toy Tractor Made in USA, Wheels Are Plastic, On the Bottom Rear Of The Tractor it Is Stamped 9566, Good Condition, 5"W x 8"L x 4 1/2"H 3 3644 5.00   ended
1379 7876t.jpgSix Vintage Metal Construction Trucks- Tonka, Buddy L and More, 2"W x 4 1/2"L x 2 1/2"H, Some Paint Loss, Overall Good Condition 5 3644 6.51   ended
1386 7920t.jpgToy Box of All New Items- Three Crayola Color Wonders, Claws Jaws Game, Two WWE Super Stars, Two Pop N Play, Bobble Head Pet, Two Cinderella Coaches, Sock Monkey Doll, Two Color Go Olaf, Measures 5" to 9"L 19 10924 23.00   ended

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