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Category: SNOW REMOVAL (6 records) MAY 8 ONLINE AUCTION - MAY 4-8 Bidding Will Start Closing on TUESDAY, MAY 8 at 7pm at a Rate of 25 Items Per Minute
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2184 18087t.jpgFive Snow Shovels- Various Colors and Brands, Two Ergonomic, Plastic Blade, Good Condition, 48" to 52"L ## 7 3723 10.50   ended
2866 16911t.jpgTwo Snow Shovels Including A Plastic And An Aluminum, They Show Use And The Aluminum Shovel Has Some Corner Damage, If God Sends More Snow To Me He Can Take It Away, Fair Condition, 18" And 24" Wide         ended
2867 24968t.jpgYard-man Snowblower Snowbird Model 31220-8, .5 h.p. with 20" Path, Runs & Works Very Well, Will Start Right Up, Good Condition, No Key with Tire Chains, Overall Good Condition 24 3515 40.06   ended
2995 20666t.jpgAluminum Snow Removal Rake, 24"W x 11 1/2'L - Very Good Condition 5 10653 4.00   ended
3246 13646t.jpgPlastic Snow Shovel, Hopefully The Warm Weather is Here To Stay! But Buy This Shovel and Be Ready For Next Winter! Very Good Condition, 20"W x 50"L 3 4362 3.24   ended
3958 24986t.jpgCraftsman Snowblower, Four Cycle, 3.8 h.p., 21" Path, Runs Well, Good Condition, Model 536.885201 26 13352 33.00   ended

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