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110 608t.jpgVintage Wooden Cheese Holder With Quilt Top In Good Condition, Use As Sewing Box, Measures 16"W x 7 1/2"T 8 12337 3.25   ended
147 842t.jpgWhite Brand 1409 Sewing Machine, Three Feet, Zig-Zag And Zipper, Tested With Power Up, Last Used Two Years Ago But Freshly Oiled, As Is, Good Condition, 15"W x 7"D x 12"T 5 10977 4.41   ended
148 850t.jpgFour Rolls Of Yarn From Loveknit And Kolor Match In Various Sizes/Colors, Good To New Condition, 11" Skeins 3 10209 2.25   ended
327 1809t.jpg(29) Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine Patter Cams, All Are Numbered, A Viking Husqvarna Manual, Each 1 1/2"Dia. X 2"H - Good Condition 2 1507 1.00   ended
338 1870t.jpgPlastic Divided Storage Box Full Of Glass, Metal And Wooden Beads, Hundreds To Use Creatively! 7 1/2"W x 10 3/4"L x 1 3/4"H - Very Good Condition 9 13350 3.25   ended
376 2083t.jpgTwo Hardcover Cross Stitch Pattern Books And (20) Leaflets, Let The Stitching Begin! Like New Condition 2 6274 1.25   ended
433 6424t.jpgWhite Super Lock Serger Sewing Machine Model 734d, Tested As Far As Power Up And Freshly Oiled, Comes With Attachments And Manual, Last Used About Two Years Ago, Comes In A Box That Is 10"W x 16"D x 9"H - Good Condition 13 9382 52.00   ended
434 6419t.jpgBox Of Empty Wooden Thread Spools, Assorted Sizes, Good For Crafts, Full Box That Is 6"W x 16"D x 5"H - Good Condition 9 11915 7.50   ended
437 6443t.jpgBox Full Of Art And Three Craft Stuff, A Little Bit Of Everything Including Yarn, Beads, Glass "Friends" Picture Frame And More! Box Is 11"W x 16"D x 5"H - All Look Good Condition 2 6174 1.25   ended
481 6687t.jpgTwo Unopened Packages Of Foam Sheets For Crafting, In Assorted Colors, The Large Package Measures 12"W x 18"L And Contains (20) Sheets, The Smaller Package Measures 4"W x 6"L And Contains (30) Sheets, There Are Also (14) Separate Sheets Measuring 8"W x 12"L And 9"W x 12"L - All Are Good Condition 3 6482 2.00   ended
576 2608t.jpgRoll Of Cork, Great For Wall Or Any Craft Project, 24"W x 48"L - Brand New Never Opened 4 1276 4.01   ended
596 2714t.jpgThree Pixos Beads, Drink Coaster Makers, And Bag Of Beads, 8"W x 10"D x 10"H - Good Condition 1 10263 1.00   ended
602 2743t.jpg(15) New Barbie Patterns, Never Opened, Vogue, Simplicity, McCalls, All Different, Each Package 5 1/2"W x 8 1/2"H 23 6347 28.59   ended
702 3329t.jpgClear & AB Rhinestone Necklaces And Earrings, Missing Stones And Some Pieces Not Intact, These Are For Your Craft And Sewing Projects, Good Condition, 1/2" To 12" Long 9 8752 6.05   ended
803 3953t.jpgBag And Boxes Of Fiber For Spinning, Also Some Fiber On Spindle For Spinning, Good Condition, 12"W x 15 1/2"D x 8"T 11 4168 36.65   ended
888 4507t.jpgWood Mounted Rubber Stamps In A Sizeable Cardboard Box, Phrases, Flowers, Angels, Holidays And Much More! Good Condition, 1" To 5" Long, Box Is 12"w x 16"D x 8"T 12 2562 45.00   ended
963 4929t.jpgShoe Box Full Of Beads, Great Supply Of Beads To Keep The Kid Occupied This Summer On Those Lazy Warm Days, Many Different Colors And Shapes, Also Comes With Wooden Head Beads For Some Fun Little People, Very Good Condition, 1/4" To 1/2" 9 2796 3.25   ended
1101 5170t.jpgAssorted Zippers, Various Colors, New in Packages, Five 16", Two 7", Five 22", Five 20", One 18"L 8 1508 8.27   ended
1112 5212t.jpg8" x 11" Container Full of Glass Beads, Very Good Condition 13 12248 10.55   ended
1119 5247t.jpg(27) Small Skeins of Fancy Yarn in Very Nice Basket, Good To New, 2"Diam x 5"L 7 12837 4.25   ended
1124 5270t.jpgBag of Nine Containers Of Pearl Beads, Assorted Sizes 13 1990 10.51   ended
1128 5291t.jpgThree Wreath Makers, Metal Wire Frames For Making Your Own Wreaths, 13"Diam and Two 16"Diam, Good Condition 6 1391 5.50   ended
1173 5492t.jpgDriftwood Lot- Two Large Pieces, 20"W x 22 1/2"D x 15"H and 28"W x 11"D x 6"H, Very Good Condition, Beautiful Pieces 16 12286 20.45   ended
1194 5603t.jpgWood Mounted Rubber Stamps in Cardboard Box 10"W x 15"L x 6"H, Stamps 2" to 6"L, Very Good Condition 12 2562 38.00   ended
1215 5723t.jpgContainer Full of Jewelry- Fun Wire and Bag of Leather Strips For Necklaces, Also Wire Wrapping Tool and Plate, Over 130' of Wire, Box 8 1/4"W x 12"L x 2 1/2"H, Good Condition 21 12248 25.22   ended
1216 5729t.jpg(15) Plus Jewelry Boxes- Various Sizes and Shapes, All Fair to Good Condition, Great For Crafter To Give Out At Show, Repurpose For Something Else, From 2 3/4" to 3 3/4"W x 1 3/4" to 3 3/4"Depth 1 6174 1.00   ended
1304 7371t.jpgWood Spindles For Crafts, Four Are 23"L, Eight Are 16 1/2"L, Good Condition For Crafts 5 6174 5.24   ended
1307 7398t.jpgWood Mounted Rubber Stamps in Larger Cardboard Box 12"W x 17"D x 6"H, Animals, Flowers, Words and More, 3/4" to 5"L, Good to NEW 12 2562 45.00   ended
1381 7889t.jpgLily Speed O Weave From 1960's, Metal and Plastic, Original Box With Instructions, Weaving Loom, Shuttle and Hardware, Pieces Are 13"L x 1 1/2"H, Good Condition 2 13178 2.25   ended
1501 15929t.jpg(23) Paper Doll Patterns, Five Bell Ceramics, Seven Karen Ann's, Eleven Shirley, All New Never Used, Assorted Size Dolls 11 1/2", 15", 16", 18", 20" and More, Great Patterns For American Girl Dolls 14 7989 7.51   ended
1584 25158t.jpgOHUHU NEW Artist Easel, Aluminum Field Easel Stand With Bag For Table Top- Floor, Adjustable Height From 21" to 66", Adjustable Feet For Uneven Ground, Spring Loaded Top Clamp And Bottom Crossbar, Folds To Compact 21"L 17 8230 15.00   ended
1761 11104t.jpgCrafter's Plastic Drawer With Sewing Material, Yarn, Plastic, Canvas, Ribbon And Costume Jewelry, Overall Good Condition, Tote Is 16"W x 16"D x 7 3/4"T 7 12627 3.25   ended
1824 8428t.jpgEight New Small Containers Of Beads In Assorted Colors And Sizes, 3" Diameter x 1" Tall 3 13350 1.50   ended
1839 8531t.jpgBox Lot Of Wicker Baskets In Very Good Condition, Box Is 16"W x 24"L x 13"T 1 4626 1.00   ended
1843 8559t.jpgFour Pairs Of 36x29 Levi Jeans, Full Of Holes And Worn Out - Fair Condition, Maybe Patch Up And Repair? 2 6174 1.25   ended
1914 9741t.jpgEleven Sewing/Embroidery/Cross-Stitch/Candle-Wicking Kits, Most Are New In Package Or New Bags But They Are Complete, Also Comes With A Welcome Sign (5"W x 18"T), Zippered Bag With (61) Cards Of Assorted Embroidery Thread, All Marked With Color Numbers, Box Is 10"w x 13 1/2"D x 7"T 8 13178 10.00   ended
1988 10151t.jpgCricut Rolling Tote w/ Lots Of Storage And Compartments! Great Invention To Keeping Your Cricut Machine Free From Dust, No Tears Or Stains But Handle Broken - Good Condition, 20"W x 11"D x 19"T 12 10981 16.10   ended
2201 9130t.jpgLarge Tote Full Of Large Pine Cones, 3" To 8"L - Good Condition, The Large Pine Cones Are From The Sequoia National Park, And Where Picked Up In The Late 50s Before The Ban On Removing Them From The Park 9 3381 7.59   ended
2268 9480t.jpgPainting Animals On Rocks, Great Paperback Book With Lots Of Designs, Using Ordinary Rocks, 118 Pages - Very Good Condition 8 950 7.50   ended
2285 9591t.jpgWood Cheese Box With Fancy Fur Yarn, Lots Of Full Skeins, A Few Partial Skeins, 16 1/4"Dia. X 8"H - Good Condition 4 12837 4.05   ended
2380 14857t.jpgFolding Easel Chalk Board, 27"W x 65"H - Good Condition 7 9777 7.05   ended
2455 12202t.jpgSeven New Unopened Cross Stitch Kits In Moderately Worn Packaging, Includes One Crewel Kit (Fox), Box Is 10"W x 13"L x 4"H 5 12279 8.50   ended
2459 25187t.jpgJC Penney Sewing Machine Model 6940 From The 1980's, Manual Included In Original Packaging, 9'W x 19'L x 14'H - Works, Good Condition 12 1600 8.99   ended
2460 12224t.jpgScrap Book Paper And Envelopes, Variety Of Colors, 4"W x 4"L To 3 1/2"W x 11"L - Good Condition 5 13645 5.00   ended
2461 12232t.jpgFaux And Dried Flowers, Materials For Decorating And Crafts And Pine Cones, 3" To 23"L - Good Condition 4 12337 3.00   ended
2462 12238t.jpgHuge Scrap Book Lot Including Paper, Stickers, Letters, Buttons, Embellishments, And So Much In This Lot! Tons Of Supplies for Scrapbooking And Card Making, 1 3/4" To 6" - Very Good Condition 3 2738 3.25   ended
2530 12612t.jpgLots Of Sea Shells, Good For Crafts Or Putting In Fish Tanks, Good Condition, Box Is 6"W x 12"L x 4"T 10 13269 6.00   ended
2610 24693t.jpgAbout (35) Beautiful Vintage Artificial Birds For Crafts And Decorations, Home And Garden, Robins, Blue Jays And Chickadees, Turquoise/Pastel/Pink And More! Very Good Condition To New, 2" To 5" Long 18 9753 13.50   ended
2721 10345t.jpgSewing Genie Lightweight Mini-Sewing Machine, Like New Condition, 5"W x 8"L x 9"T 8 314 13.00   ended
2745 10471t.jpgAwesome Lot Of Scrapbook Paper In Various Styles And Patterns, All In Good Condition, 12" Squares 7 11105 5.50   ended

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