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3 14t.jpgVery Unique Bamboo Wind Chimes, Great Sound And Would Be Excellent For A Tropical Themed, Good Condition, 15 1/2"W x 33"T 17 13174 12.50   ended
5 25t.jpgGorgeous Circular Stained Glass Piece w/ Long Hang Chain, Looks Beautiful Outside So The Sun Can Hit It! Very Good Condition, 16" Diameter 20 11014 30.89   ended
71 380t.jpgVintage Wood Handles Shovel With Small Shovel Head, Overall Good Condition, 6"W x 37 1/2"L 5 3180 2.25   ended
106 583t.jpgOutdoor Wooden Windmill, Handmade, Was Outside For A Short Time And Then In Storage So It Could Use Cleaning But Is Still In Good Condition, 23 1/2"W x 11"D x 32"T 15 13032 41.00   ended
112 620t.jpgVirgin Mary Statue, Weathered And Hands Are Broken But Would Be A Great Restoration Project, Heavy! Lots Of Chipped Paint And Cement - Fair To Good Condition, 36" Tall 4 3182 1.75   ended
197 1111t.jpgHandmade Wind Chime With Glass Colored Rings And Wooden Handle, Green/Blue/Yellow Glass, Sounds Great In The Wind! Needs To Be Cleaned From Being In Storage But Overall Good Condition, 12"W x 40"T 11 12889 15.26   ended
233 1310t.jpgVintage Cast Iron Divided Bird Feeder, Can Be Wall Mounted, 8 1/2"W x 4 1/2"H - Good Condition 35 13602 30.29   ended
253 1413t.jpgMetal Cut Out Alaska Wind Chime, Brown With Cut Out Moose, Bear, Fish And Pine Trees, Approx. 4 1/2"W x 20"L With Hanging Strap - Good Condition 13 1314 13.51   ended
257 1434t.jpgMetal Hummingbird And Flower Wind Chime, Multi-Colored Hummingbirds With Floral Chimes, Nice Sound, Approx. 3 1/2"W x 25"L - One Pipe Needs To Be Restrung With Fish Line But Otherwise Good Condition 7 991 5.51   ended
261 1456t.jpgBlue Dolphin Wind Chime With Metal Chimes, Dolphins Are A Hard Plastic, Approx. 4"W x 16 1/2"L - May Need To Be Cleaned But Good Condition 5 3723 5.50   ended
262 1462t.jpgResin Wind Chime Of Butterflies And Flowers, Metal Chimes, Butterflies Over Look A Cluster Of Flowers, Nice Colors! Approx. 2 1/2"W x 9 1/2"L - May Need To Be Cleaned As They Have Come From Storage But Still Good Condition 5 6771 2.76   ended
263 1466t.jpgResin And Metal Lighthouse And Sailboat "Welcome" Wind Chime, Metal Pipes Sound Very Nice, Approx. 7"W x 25"L - Needs To Be Cleaned As It Came From Storage But Still Good Condition 2 6771 1.25   ended
303 1688t.jpgLot Of Two Butterfly Wind Chimes, 5"W x 38"H - Still Have Tags, Like New Condition 6 8006 5.00   ended
306 1708t.jpgServess Lawn And Leaf Rake Model 325506 210L, (24) Prongs, No Handle, 23"W x 16 1/2"H - Never Used, No Handle - Good Condition 4 13067 4.00   ended
308 1718t.jpgWooden Decorative Wheelbarrow For Your Yard, 9"W x 18"L x 7"H - Good Condition 12 13164 10.00   ended
309 1723t.jpgTwo Children And A Dog Sitting On A Bridge Figure Made Of Resin For Your Garden 13 1/4"W x 3 1/2"D x 11"h - Good Condition 15 1862 11.33   ended
319 1772t.jpgBlack And Silver Metal Wind Chime With Sun, Moon And Stars, Nice Sound, Approx. 6"W x 25"L - Was In Storage So Could Use A Light Cleaning But Still In Very Good Condition 13 7470 9.26   ended
320 1777t.jpgMetal Hummingbird Wind Chime With Multi Colored Hummingbirds, Great Sound, 6"W x 25"L - May Need To Be Cleaned, As It Was In Storage But Still Good Condition 17 4831 8.00   ended
321 1782t.jpgResin Wind Chime With Carousel Horse And Multi Colored Flowers, Metal Pipes With A Nice Sound, Approx. 3"W x 10 1/2"L - Good Condition 7 6274 5.50   ended
323 1791t.jpgResin Wind Chime, Sand In Color, Decoration Of Dolphins With Shell Theme, Nice Sound, Approx. 3 1/2"W x 25 1/2"L - Good Condition 3 6771 1.50   ended
325 1801t.jpgResin Bee Hive With Flowers Wind Chime, Metal Pipes Give Great Sound, Approx. 3"Dia. X 9 1/2"L - Good Condition 9 9085 4.25   ended
328 1815t.jpgSmall Hexagon Bird Feeder, 11"W x 11"D x 14"H - Good Condition 7 7794 5.50   ended
329 1821t.jpgYellow, Golden And Silver Metal Wind Chime With Sun, Moon And Stars, Petty Sound, Approx. 6"W x 25"L - May Need To Be Cleaned As It Came From Storage But Still Good Condition 11 7470 8.26   ended
330 1826t.jpgResin Wind Chime With Bear Gardening With F lowers And Butterflies, Lots Of Color, Metal Pipes Have A Nice Sound, Approx. 4 1/2"W x 30"L - Good Condition 2 6771 1.25   ended
332 1838t.jpgResin Wind Chime, Cream With Hints Of Color, Sunflower With Lady Bug, Nice Sound, Approx. 4"W x 27"L - Good Condition 4 6771 2.76   ended
333 1842t.jpgResin Wind Chime Of Cream With Hints Of Color Featuring Butterfly On A Log With Flowers, Nice Sound, Approx. 4"W x 24"L - Good Condition 5 6771 2.76   ended
365 2029t.jpgMetal Wind Chime With Metal Chime And Multi Colored Sea Shells, Nice Sound, Approx. 4"W x 24"H - Needs To Be Cleaned From Storage But Still Good Condition 7 7470 4.26   ended
366 2034t.jpgResin Wind Chime Of A Squirrel Holding An Acorn With Acorns Around It, Nice Sound, Green Color With Hints Of Other Colors, Approx. 5"W x 32"L - Good Condition 6 6051 4.25   ended
369 2051t.jpgResin Wind Chime With Metal Pipes Of Dolphins Jumping Out Of The Water, Approx. 4"W x 22"L - May Need To Be Cleaned As It Has Been In Storage, Good Condition 5 8230 6.02   ended
370 2055t.jpgResin Frog Wind Chime That Has Three Frogs Sitting On Lily Pads, Metal Pipes With Circle Frog Ringer, Approx. 5 1/2"W x 32"L - Good Condition 4 6370 4.25   ended
386 2141t.jpgHand Made Glass Wind Chime With Wooden Handle, Flattened Glass Bottle With Orange Flower, Chimes Are Glass, Green With Clear Circles, Nice Sound In The Wind, Approx. 13"W x 38"L - Needs To Be Cleaned As It Was In Storage But Still Good Condition 4 12215 7.50   ended
387 2146t.jpgGold Tin Can Man Made From (13) Tin Cans, Painted With Krylon Metallic Color Master, Makes A Great Yard Conversation Piece, 12 1/2"W x 25 1/2"L (From Hook) - Very Good Condition 10 2390 12.50   ended
397 2203t.jpgServess Lawn and Leaf Rake Model #32515062102, (24) Prong, No Handle, 23 1/2"W x 15 1/2"H - Never Used - Good Condition 7 2098 4.00   ended
413 6311t.jpgNew In Package Mainstays Retractable Clothes Line, Extends To Eight Feet, In Metal Enclosure, 5"W x 8"L 8 12366 7.50   ended
418 6337t.jpgTwo Packages Of Arnold Yard Warrior III Replacement String Trimmer Blades (24) Blades, Made For An Arnold Head, But Will Fit Others, Outlast String 20 To 1, Great For Small Brush And Saplings, $15 Online 3 1467 2.50   ended
443 6482t.jpgBlue Rhino 15 Pound Propane Tank, It's Current Weight Is 18 Pounds, 31 Pounds Of Propane, Probably Needs A Refill, 18"H - Works, Very Good Condition 18 10960 13.55   ended
570 2581t.jpgDecorative Metal Flower Pot Holder, Can Be Painted Any Color, 18"Dia. X 36"H - Very Good Condition 17 7794 15.00   ended
573 25057t.jpgTwo Piece Pottery Cement Birdbath, 17"Dia. X 23"H, Hand Made Wood Lighthouse, 7"W x 24"L x 6"H And Plastic Planter 12"W x 12"D x 35"H - Good Condition 15 4390 12.00   ended
637 2960t.jpgTriangle Metal Wind Chime, Sound Maker Has Wooden Ball That With Breeze Makes Sound, Has Picture Of A Bunny Jumping Over Flowers, Good For Outside Or Inside Decoration, Made By NCE, 3 1/4"W x 13 1/2"L - Good Condition 2 6771 1.25   ended
670 3149t.jpgVintage Metal Watering Can, 16"W (With Handle) x 9 1/2"Dia. - Good Condition 18 10399 15.00   ended
697 3300t.jpgBlack Tea Light Candle Lantern Wind Chime, Has A Nice Sound, Approx. 3"W x 21 1/2"L - Needs To Cleaned From Storage But Still In Good Condition 7 6771 4.00   ended
713 3402t.jpgNew Unique Shaped Metal Watering Can, Just In Time For Spring Gardens! 20"L x 14"T 3 3910 5.00   ended
741 3582t.jpgAdorable Yellow Labrador In A Green Outfit Holding "Welcome" Flip-Flops, Resin Construction, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Good Condition And 6"W x 10"D x 11 1/2"T 8 11436 6.25   ended
751 3645t.jpgNew And Awesome Metal Garden Watering Can, Great Mother's Day Gift, 20"L x 14"T 6 3387 5.50   ended
793 3887t.jpgVintage Metal Mail Box With Metal Flag, Overall Good Condition Besides Some Holes In The Top, 6"W x 19"L x 9 1/2"T 4 1744 2.90   ended
809 4008t.jpgTwo Rainscapes Garden Watering Kits, Custom Watering To Shape Around Garden Areas, Sprays Up To 12' Diameter, I Don't Have A Garden Anymore So Don't Need This, All Parts In Good Condition, 15"W x 15"D 8 11156 7.16   ended
849 4276t.jpgNew Greenhouse w/ Compact Walk-In, Roll-Up Zippered Front Door w/ Two Wire Shelves, Get A Headstart On Bigger And Better Plants With This Durable Greenhouse, Model #WX2-191710, 57"W x 29"D x 77"T 16 10399 26.59   ended
896 4556t.jpgMetal Charcoal Starter Tube, Only Used A Couple Of Times - Good Condition, 11"W x 7"D x 11"T 11 8200 6.05   ended
919 4684t.jpgBlack & Decker 16" Hedge Trimmer & 15' Cord, Working And In Good Condition, 4 1/2"W x 28"L x 8"T 8 11308 3.75   ended
965 4946t.jpgBeautiful New In Box Lillian Vernon Brand Stained Glass Sun Catcher w/ Red, White And Blue Stars, 12" Diameter 13 11844 8.25   ended

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