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Category: KITCHEN AND DINING (114 records) *PART 2* APRIL 16 ONLINE AUCTION (ITEMS 3000-5499) - APRIL 12-16 Bidding Will Start Closing on TUESDAY, APRIL 16 at 8:30pm at a Rate of 25 Items Per Minute
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3110 12661t.jpgTwo Vintage Crocks With Wire And Bale In Very Good Condition, 3 1/2"Dia. X 5"H (Needs Rubber Seal) Plus 4 1/2"Dia. X 6"H, In Very Good Condition 3 13693 2.24   ended
3131 12770t.jpgReally Nice Vintage Deep Brown Glaze Teapot, Marked USA, No Chips Or Cracks And In Very Good Condition, 10 1/4"W x 6 1/2"D x 7"H 18 1284 12.07   ended
3151 12892t.jpgPfaltzgraff Dishes, Service For (16), Some Are Missing, Taos Pattern, Including: (12) Dinner Plates, (13) Bowls, (16) Salad Dishes, Seven Small Bowls, Ten Cups, In Good Condition, They Measure 3 1/2" To 10"Dia. 13 795 41.00   ended
3158 12902t.jpgLike New! Cork Screw, Vintage By True Fabrication, Metal In Leather Look Wood Box, 5 1/2"L 22 8925 31.00   ended
3312 9292t.jpgPaper Box of Cookie Cutters, Metal & Plastic Cutters, 50 Approx., 2" to 6"L Mostly, Great Lot! 14 14768 25.58   ended
3326 9364t.jpgLTD Commodities 3 Piece Stoneware Canister Set. Secure & Tight Stainless Steel Closing Hinges. Top has Rubber Seal that Closes Tight to Retain Freshness. For Storage of Kitchen Condiments. Each Canister has it's Own Removable Serving Spoon Conveniently Located on the Side. Received New as a Christmas Present Two Years Ago, Never used It. Dusted it Off, and Here is It!!! Very Good Condition, 6" to 7 3/4"T 6 979 6.05   ended
3337 9422t.jpg(2) Hermetic Green Tint Glass Canisters, First is 4"Dia x 8"H & Second is 4"Dia x 11"H, Good Condition, Decorative Oil & Herbs Bottle, 9 1/2"T 5 13479 2.00   ended
3352 9493t.jpg(8) Vintage Fireking Cups, Set of 4 with Veggies on Cups, Tomatoes, Carrots, Peppers, Colors are Vibrant & No Chips. Then Set of 2 White Fireking Cups & Set of 2 Slightly Different Shape Fireking Cups. All Cups are in Very Good Condition with No Chips or Cracks. 2-3 3/4"T x 6-3 1/2"T, All 3"Dia Top, Four Stamped Fire King, Four are Unstamped 3 4693 2.25   ended
3408 19379t.jpgVintage Large Green Enamel Turkey Roaster Pan with Lid, & Side Handles, Good Condition, 16"L x 12"W x 4 1/2"H without Lid 11 13817 8.01   ended
3416 19419t.jpg(7) Old One Gallon Mason Jars, 1 Blue Ball 1900-1910, 1 Blue Ball 1910-1923, 1 Blue Ball 1923-1933, 3 Clear Drey Made from the Late Teens to 1925 & One Clear Crown Jar Dated 1960 on the Bottom, All in Good Condition with Wear & Rim Chips, Approx. 9"T 10 3188 10.50   ended
3424 19458t.jpg(5) Matching Mainstays Stoneware Plates, All in Good Condition, Different Colors for Each Plate, 10 1/2"Dia 4 15912 2.80   ended
3466 19666t.jpgGlass and Metal Cocktail Shaker 32 Oz. With Recipes, Printed On Side Of Glass, 9 1/2"H in Very Good Condition, Four Waterford Crystal 8 Oz. Old Fashion Glasses, One Has Rim Chip, Others In Good Condition, New 160 Page Book of Drink Recipes 9 2453 7.50   ended
3469 19686t.jpgTwo Primo Italia Pasta Tins, Pasta 5 1/2"W x 4"D x 7 1/4"H, Spaghetti 4 1/2"W x 2 1/2"D x 10 1/2"H, Very Good Condition         ended
3475 19718t.jpgSet of Five Housewares Bakeware Mini Casserole Dishes With Lids, Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven Safe, Very Good Condition, No Chips, Stoneware, 4"W x 4"D x 2"H 9 9854 8.39   ended
3496 19839t.jpgOld Fashioned Waffle Griddle by Dominion, Make Your Own Waffles Instead of Frozen One! Works, Good Condition, Clean, Still Peeling on Bottom but Can Still Use 5 10798 3.51   ended
3497 19844t.jpgArt Deco Vintage Shiny Chrome Cocktail Shaker & Mixer with Red Lucite Handle & Matching Cap, Great Condition with No Scratches or Tarnish, 8"Dia x 13"T 24 687 15.33   ended
3502 19873t.jpgSimple Chef Cast Iron Skillet, Two Piece Set Best Heavy Duty Professional Restaurant Chef Quality Pre Seasoned Pan Cookware Set, Sauté, Cooking, Pizza and More, Black 8" and 10"Diam, Very Good Condition 16 12766 15.50   ended
3504 19884t.jpgTwo Hand Painted From 1950's California and Hawaii Serving Bowls, 8"W x 9 1/2"L x 2" and 9"L x 7"W x 2"H, Hard Plastic Made in Japan Post WWII, Good Condition 2 11270 1.25   ended
3507 19899t.jpgFour Glass Food Storage Containers, 4" x 4" x 4", 6" x 4" x 4" 7 1/2" x 4" x 4", 9" x 4" x 4", Tight Seals, Very Good Condition 9 16682 8.00   ended
3531 20039t.jpgSix Vintage Metal Tin Containers, Four Are For Storage, Two Are Half and Half Tobacco Tins, 4"Diam x 5"H and 5"Diam x 5 1/2"H, Some Wear and Scratches in Good Condition 1 16802 1.00   ended
3548 20131t.jpgVintage International Pewter Covered Dish, Marked 277.12, 6 1/2"Dia x 1 1/2"H (Not Including Lid) Overall 4"T, Very Good Condition 1 5357 1.00   ended
3550 20139t.jpg(3) Glass Pyrex Vintage Coffee/Decanters, All in Good Condition, No Cracks, Great Retro Patterns, 8 1/2" to 12 1/2"T 16 5089 9.50   ended
3552 20151t.jpgVintage Cocktail Jigger with Detachable Corkscrew & Built-in Recipes & Glass Cocktail Spoon/Straw Container Both in Very Good Condition, Glass is Very Thick & Sturdy, 7"L & 4 1/2"Dia x 9 1/2"H 4 14386 2.37   ended
3553 20156t.jpgVintage Gorgeous Silver Plated Flip Open Casserole Server with Glass Anchor Fire King & Beautiful Ornate Spatula, 14"L x 9"W x 4"H 6 6000 4.01   ended
3555 20166t.jpg(4) Black Fabric Cloth Napkins with Silver-plated Rings, 17"W x 17"L Napkin, Excellent Condition, 1"W x 2"Dia Rings 1 7762 1.00   ended
3557 20174t.jpgLot of (3) Wine Racks, Chrome, Each Holds 3 Bottles & a Wine Bottle Opener Battery Operated 4 AA, 11"L Untested, Needs Cleaning, Overall Good Condition, 12"W x 4"D x 7"H 6 16528 5.50   ended
3578 20276t.jpgLot of (16) Vintage Utensils & Serving Pieces, Several Brass Items Marked Thailand, One Sheffield Knife Marked Japan, Some Long Stainless Japan Forks, Come with Nice Wooden Box, Good Condition, Box Measures 11 1/2"L x 6"W x 5"H 8 7478 4.25   ended
3579 20282t.jpgVintage Electric Bean Pot, Westbend, 6 1/2"Dia x 5"H with Electric Hot Plate Base, Tested & Working, Good Condition 1 7900 1.00   ended
3585 20313t.jpgWine Accessory Bar Set in Wooden Box with Instructions, Lever Corkscrew, Manual Corkscrew, Box Is 11"W x 8.5"D x 5"H, Manual Vacuum Pump, Foil Cutter, Pour Spout, Bottle Stopper (Missing One Cap) Like New Condition (Unused) 6 8925 9.08   ended
3594 20360t.jpgVintage Beautiful 2-Tone Brown Pottery Craft Teapot with Bamboo Handle, Top is 5"Dia x 5"T, Made in USA, Very Good Condition 6 7478 4.25   ended
3599 20386t.jpgVintage Stoneware Pottery Steamer with Lid, Very Good Condition, 8"Dia x 8"H 2 1811 1.25   ended
3603 25409t.jpgFiesta Water Juice Pitcher, Ceramic Peach Color, Holds Over Quart Of Liquid, Very Good Condition, 8"W x 4"D x 7"H 10 512 30.00   ended
3604 25413t.jpgVintage Trans World Creations Travel Bar Briefcase, Partially Complete, Good Condition, Made in CA, Nice Father's Day Gift, Covered Wood With Plastic Handle, 8 1/2"W x 6"D x 13"H 3 14386 2.38   ended
3615 25494t.jpg(11) Winter Scene 8"H Goblets, Two Matching Water Glasses 5 1/2"H, Need Cleaning, Good Condition Overall 1 13486 1.00   ended
3630 25578t.jpgOlder Enamelware Pots and Pans, Basin, Fair To Good Condition, Some Chips, 5 1/2" to 12 1/2"Diam 16 3381 17.55   ended
3633 25601t.jpg3 Rams Brand Made in China Steel Cleaver, Never Used, Purchased When Taking A Cooking Class Many Years Ago, 7 1/2" Blade With 4" Wood Handle, Very Good Condition 10 15141 8.28   ended
3660 25751t.jpgVintage Blue Ceramic Hall Teapot, 4 1/4"Diam x 6"H, Very Small Chips on Inner Rim, Good Condition 5 14095 6.50   ended
3677 25868t.jpgFrench Waiter Greets Your Family At Dinner Time With Row Of Napkins Between Two Bundles Of French Bread, So Adorable, Good Condition, 10 1/2"W x 4 1/2"D x 8 1/2"H 7 512 3.86   ended
3700 26430t.jpgBox of Pretty Blue and Pink Pastel Milk Glass Dishes, Few Scratches, But Most in Very Good Condition, (8) 9"Diam, (9) Coffee Cups, (2) 4 1/2" Saucers, (4) 7" Plates, (4) 5 1/2"Plates, Cream and Sugar 11 2453 11.25   ended
3704 26457t.jpgNew Case of Six 46 Fl. Oz. Each Hormel Thick and Easy Clear Thickened Apple Juice 8 5424 13.00   ended
3707 26471t.jpgNice Lot of Picnic Camping Outdoors Items- Large 144 Oz. 4 1/2 Quart Plastic Drink Container, (4) 10 Oz. Matching Glass, Glasses, Wood Caddy, Napkins, Plastic Ware, Thermos Plastic, Tablecloth, Good To New, 4" to 11"H 2 11290 3.05   ended
3737 26657t.jpgBox of Dishes- (7) Plates, Serving Plate, (6) Bowls- One Chip, One Cracked, (5) Salad Bowls, Good For Cabin Or Extra Servers, 6" to 14"W, Stoneware And Corelle Need Cleaning, Overall Good Condition 3 6126 1.50   ended
3739 26674t.jpgLarge Lot of Cake and Candy Making Supplies, Pans, Molds, Stencils, Cardboards For Cakes and More, Very Good To New, Box 20"W x 15"D x 9"H 3 13645 1.50   ended
3764 26820t.jpgAssorted Kitchen Items Inc. Platters, Salt And Peppers, Plastic And Metal Some Wear, But Condition, Good Condition, 2"W to 12"W 5 13486 2.26   ended
3775 26894t.jpg16 Piece Martha Stewart Every Day Plates, (8) Dinner, (8) Salad, Good Condition, Plus Glass Dessert Bowls, Four Matching and Two Odd, Good Condition 10 912 4.12   ended
3777 26908t.jpgFour Gorgeous Cobalt Blue Ceramic Canisters With Matching Wood Spoons, Fit Perfectly Into Little Loop On Side of Jar, Made Just to Hold Them In Place Off Your Counter, Very Good Condition, No Chips or Cracks, 6" to 9"H, Lovely Color Adds Pizzazz To Your Kitchen 5 16432 5.50   ended
3778 26916t.jpgFiesta Water Juice Pitcher, Turquoise Color, Holds Over Quart Of Liquid, Very Good Condition, 8"W x 4"D x 7"H 15 512 22.50   ended
3782 26936t.jpgVintage Blue Enamel Strainer, Smaller Size, Perfect For Smaller Family, Two Metal Handles, 8 3/4"Diam x 5"H, Very Good Vintage Condition, One Handle is Loose, I Didn't Try to Tighten It, Still Sturdy 10 15206 8.50   ended
3786 26956t.jpgVintage Floral Coffee Pot Ceramic Cute Retro Country With Lid, Very Cute Collectible, Good Condition, 6"W x 3 1/2"D x 7"H 1 116 1.00   ended
3792 26986t.jpgSummertime Cook Out Dishes- Four Piece Set In Turquoise With Bowls Big Enough For Serving Dishes, Glass Look But Plastic, Good Condition 4" to 10" 11 11367 7.50   ended

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