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41 209t.jpgVintage 1920 "Standard Arithmetic : Embracing A Complete Course For Schools And Academies" Hardcover Book By William J. Milne, 459 Pages, Good Condition 1 7478 1.00   ended
46 238t.jpgVintage Six Hardcover Book Set From Ernest Hemingway Including "Death In The Afternoon", "Farewell To Arms", "To Have And To Have Not", "The Sun Also Rises", "For Whom The Bell Tolls" And "Fifth Column - The First Forty-Nine", P.F. Collier, All In Good Condition 8 13496 20.49   ended
59 313t.jpgInteresting Vintage "What! More Dahl?" Hardcover Cartoon Book By Francis W. Dahl, Also The Author Of "Dahl's Cartoons" And "Left-Handed Compliments", Circa 1944, Introduction By Ogden Nash, 144 Pages, The Cover Has Some Roughness On Corners Otherwise Good Condition 1 5748 1.00   ended
94 510t.jpg"Minecraft : The Complete Handbook Collection" Four Book Hardcover Set From 2014 (First Editions) With Sturdy Cardboard Slipcover, Comes With Combat, Essential, Redstone And Construction Handbook, Very Good Condition 9 8419 8.58   ended
101 553t.jpg"Pictorial History Of The Second World War" Hardcover Book, A Photographic Record Of All Theatres Of Action, Chronologically Arranged And This Is Volume One (1944), Hundreds Of B&W Photos Plus Text, Good Condition 9 519 8.00   ended
150 860t.jpg"Marilyn Monroe" Hardcover Book By Andre De Dienes With 100's Of Photos, 233 Pages, Very Good Condition Except Some A Green Mark On The Binding 6 8380 9.06   ended
429 6393t.jpg(25+) Old Look, Life and Post Magazines On Kennedy Plus Triumph And Tragedy Book - Some Wear But Overall Good Condition 2 12286 1.00   ended
465 6594t.jpgPass Port Books, Just Listen And Learn Greek, Fully Illustrated Book And Three 60-Minute Cassettes - Unused - New Old Stock 3 12910 2.25   ended
533 2396t.jpgA Set Of 1985 Handyman Do It Yourself Encyclopedia's And Annuals Like New! 4 5667 4.25   ended
594 2706t.jpgRare Grimm Fairy Tales Godstorm One-Shot Comic From San Diego, Comic Con Exclusively Limited To (500) Issues, Bagged, Boarded And High Grade - Very Good Condition 8 11446 5.50   ended
609 2781t.jpg(33) West Coast Avengers Comics, Marvel Comics - Most In Very Good Condition 13 10835 6.50   ended
611 2797t.jpgLarge Box Of Recipe Magazines, 12"W x 16"D x 9"H - Some Never Read - All Very Good Condition 1 5610 1.00   ended
638 2966t.jpgWedgewood Jasper Hardcover Book By Robin Reilly, 1972, 80 Pages, Not A Price Guide! (58) Beautiful Full-Color Photos, Reference Book - Good Condition         ended
674 3170t.jpg70 Years Of Film History, A World Of Movies, Great Pictures, Over (300) Pages, Interesting Read, Hardcover - Good Condition 3 4589 2.00   ended
719 3442t.jpgEight Paperback & Hardcover Books, Religious And Recovery Including A New Journal, Mostly Good Condition (A Couple Have Writing)         ended
734 24624t.jpg"The World War" Hardcover Book, 128 Pages, It's Relation To The Eastern Question And Armageddon, Very Good Condition 6 12097 2.50   ended
782 3828t.jpg"Antietam" Book #3 - The Civil War, By James Reasoner (2000) From The Battle Series, Historical Fiction, 383 Pages, Hardcover And In Very Good Condition 3 9728 1.75   ended
786 3847t.jpg"The World War II Album" Hardcover Book w/ Dust Jacket, Edited By Ross Burns, Good Condition 1 4589 1.00   ended
791 3877t.jpg"Silver" Hardcover Book By Richard Came (1972), Specializes In Silver At Sotheby's, Not A Price Guide! Simple But Informative Book About The Greatest Period Of The Silversmith Art (16th-18th Centuries), 124 Illustrations In Both Color And B&W, Good Condition         ended
796 3904t.jpg"The World War In Uncensored Photographs" Hardcover Book w/ Dust Jacket, Copyright 1934, Very Good Condition 9 1020 8.49   ended
797 3910t.jpgThree Children's Hardcover Books Including "Spice's Football" By C. Paul Jackson (1955), "Our New Friends" From The Basic Reader Curriculum Series (1946-47) And "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial" Storybook (1982), All In Good Condition 1 938 1.00   ended
806 3979t.jpgVery Old German Story Books, Religious Books And Very Old U.S. School Books, Hardcovers, Some Wear - Fair To Good Condition 7 7917 7.52   ended
811 4027t.jpg(40+) Disney Books, Mostly Hardcovers, Two Incomplete Sets And A Few Misc., Some Wear But Still In Good Condition 8 7038 7.25   ended
826 4121t.jpg"The Wonderful Worlds Of Walt Disney" Four-Volume Hardcover Set With Cardboard Slip Cover, 1965, Comes With Fantasyland, World's Of Nature, America And Stories From Other Lands; Good Condition 10 13352 7.00   ended
828 4142t.jpg(23) He-Man Masters Of The Universe Comics, Includes Variants And Issue #1, All Bagged/Boarded And In Very Good Condition 6 10756 7.50   ended
832 4157t.jpg(25) Valiant Comics, Assorted Titles, Most Are Bagged And Boarded And Near Mint Minus Condition 4 12481 4.00   ended
837 4192t.jpgThree Calvin And Hobbes Comics Collection Paperback Books By Bill Watterson, Comes With "The Days Are Just Packed (1993), "There's Treasure Everywhere (1993) And "Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat (1994), All In Good Condition 6 4589 7.04   ended
838 4200t.jpgTwenty Grimm Fairy Tales Comics Including The April Fools And Other Variants, Each Issue Cover Price Is $3-4, A Lot Of These Are Hard To Find! All Bagged, Boarded And High Grade! 7 12556 20.50   ended
973 4993t.jpgSORRY, NO SALE - OWNER WANTS $150 - PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL TO MAKE AN OFFER James Patterson Book Lot With (49) Total Books! Some Vintage And Some Newer But All Are First Edition Hardcovers With Dust Jackets, Two Boxes Total, All In Very Good Condition
7 3658 27.00   ended
990 5093t.jpgLot Of Three Books Including "Healing With Vitamins", "Home Remedies" And "Symptom's Cause Cures", All In Very Good Condition 1 226 1.00   ended
992 5110t.jpg"My Turn Around Program" Paperback Cookbook w/ 200 Recipes For The Flex And Core Plans, By Weight Watchers, Appears To Be Some Light Sun Damage Around The Edges Of Pages But Still IN Overall Good Condition 7 226 3.03   ended
1142 5353t.jpgMichelangelo And The Language Of Art Hard Cover Book, 1981, By David Summers, 626 Pages, 8"W x 10 1/4"D x 1 3/4"H, Good Condition 2 2098 1.75   ended
1145 5365t.jpgThe Egyptian Book of The Dead, The Papyrus Of Ani Paperback 2005 by EA Wallis, Rituals Handed Down By Ancient Egyptians, 381 Pages in Good Condition 4 1023 2.25   ended
1284 6130t.jpg"Williamsburg Before and After" Book Filled With Color And Script, 197 Pages By George Humphrey Yetter, Published By The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg VA, 1989, 11" x 10", Good Condition 4 7917 6.16   ended
1318 7478t.jpgThe Twilight Of Medici Late Baroque Art In Florence 1670- 1743 Paperback 1974, Sponsored By Detroit Institute Of Arts, Detroit Michigan, Numerous Illustrations And Text, 505 Pages 9"W x 8 1/2"D x 1"H, Good Condition 1 564 1.00   ended
1319 7487t.jpgAudels New Mechanical Dictionary A Reference Encyclopedia For Technical Trades 1962 Hard Cover 740 Pages, 8"W x 5 3/4"D x 1 3/4"H, Good Condition 1 13640 1.00   ended
1334 7596t.jpg1960 National Geographic Atlas Of The 50 US States, Nice Color Maps, 12 1/2" x 19"H, Some Edge Wear, Paperback Cover, Overall Good Condition         ended
1361 7767t.jpgTwo Military Books And WWII Newspaper- April 1865 A Civil War Saga The Month That Saved America By Jay Winik 2001, American Military Policy It's Development Since 1775 By Military Service Pub. CO. Harrisburg PA, 1957 Newspapers- Bay City Times 1941, FDR's Mother's Death, Moscow Deports 390,000 Germans- More, Detroit News 1937, Good Condition 4 1323 4.25   ended
1369 7813t.jpg(25) Assorted Manual Comics- All Higher Grade Issues, Including Planet Hulk Issue 6 12709 6.00   ended
1400 6780t.jpgSix WWII Books- Hard Cover and Paperbacks, D-Day, Last Days of Hitler, Deceptions of WWII, Iron Coffins, The Last Stand Tin Can Sailors, IKE 1890- 1990 5 1553 7.00   ended
1517 16014t.jpgBig Green Purse By Diane MacEachern "Use Your Spending Power To Create And Cleaner, Greener World, Paperback Book, Very Good Condition         ended
1570 16323t.jpgPaper Lot- JFK Book, Prints, 1931 Gerber Baby, Old Newspapers, Advertising, Sheet Music, 1911 Receipts From Pinconning Store, Fair To Good Condition, 4"W x 6"H to 12"W x 14"H         ended
1696 8259t.jpg(20) Assorted Marvel Comics, All Higher Grade Issues, Including Comics Featuring Captain America, Wolverine, Adam Warlock, Some In Protective Sleeves - Very Good Condition 6 11633 4.75   ended
1701 10753t.jpgSix Misc. Paperback Books Including "Falling Vampire", "Pokémon", "Cats" And More! Good Condition 1 7179 1.00   ended
1711 10807t.jpg(25) Assorted Comics From Multiple Publishers Including Some High Grade Issues, Some Bagged And Boarded, Good Condition 9 12627 4.75   ended
1720 10864t.jpg(25) Assorted Comics From Multiple Publishers Including Some High Grade Issues, Some Bagged And Boarded 8 7944 4.25   ended
1725 10891t.jpgHuge Lot Of Books, All Health And Wellness, (28) Total And Only One Paperback In There, Great For Making A New You Or Resale, Like New Condition         ended
1733 10940t.jpgBox Of Children's Books Including "Augie Doggie", "Where Is Jesus" And More! Hardcover And Paperbacks, Some Worn More Than Others But All In Good Condition 6 7574 3.00   ended
1743 11002t.jpgVintage School Books Lot Including "Applied Mathematics" (1939), "Melodic Fourth Reader" (1906), "Elson's Music Dictionary" (1933), "Selections From Macaulay's Pros" (1925), "German Lessons" (1887), "High School English" (1906) And More! Two Have Rough Edges And There's Notes In One But All Still In Good Condition 5 8943 5.83   ended
1788 11260t.jpgVintage 1969 "Wedgewood Chats" Hardcover Book By Harry Barnard, Reference - Not A Price Guide! Butek Museum Of Wedgewood, Good Condition, 260 Pages         ended

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