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3104 12629t.jpgVintage "Seagram's 7 Crown" Plastic Light-Up Clock, Some Bubbles On The Foil Face, One Hand Is Missing, It Lights Up, The Clock Works, It Is Still In Good Condition For Display, 6 1/2"W x 2 1/2"D x 10 1/2"H 4 9345 6.51   ended
3105 12634t.jpgNew Tin Sign "Ban Idiots, Not Guns", A Great Gift In Original Plastic Packaging, 12"W x 17"H 6 16674 10.50   ended
3106 12639t.jpgMetal "Rest Room" Sign, In Very Good Condition, 26 1/2"W x 8 1/2"H 14 3557 16.00   ended
3108 12649t.jpgVery Cool Vintage Coors Light-Up Bar Sign, It Has Some Staining To The Case, The Top Is Cracked And Two Cracks In Clear Plastic, Very Heavy! Metal And Plastic Material, It Looks Great Lit Up! In Overall Good Condition, 6 1/2"W x 30"H 13 10934 36.00   ended
3123 12728t.jpgNew! "Politically Incorrect And Proud Of It!" Tin Sign, 12"W x 17"H 6 14095 5.50   ended
3124 12732t.jpgFramed Map Of The World Wall Hanging, It Doesn't Have Glass But It Is Still Very Nice And Very Colorful, 1994 Inter Arts, In Good Condition Overall, 53"W x 29"H 5 6669 12.67   ended
3149 12859t.jpgNew Tin Sign "The Average Response Time Of A 911 Call Is 23-Minutes, The Response Time Of 275 Is 1400 Feet Per Second" 12"W x 17"H 4 15901 7.51   ended
3217 17910t.jpgNew Tin Sign "Guns are Welcome on Premises" Great for Man Cave, 12"W x 17"H 13 14095 9.34   ended
3280 18209t.jpg"Politically Incorrect and Proud of It" Tin Sign, 12"W x 17"H, New 5 14095 5.50   ended
3297 18290t.jpgPBR Keg End Advertise Piece, Plastic, Has Crack on Front, Very Hard to Notice, Good Condition, 15"Dia x 6"D 19 9841 21.00   ended
3324 9356t.jpgNew Tin Sign "Warning This Area Protected by Small Hand Gun Devices" 12"W x 17"H 9 3323 8.50   ended
3345 9460t.jpgAbandoned Vehicles Will be Towed at Owner's Expense Sign with 3 Towing Companies Phone #'s on It. Made of Aluminum 18"L x 12"T, Nice in Garage or Driveway for Fun, Very Good Condition 8 1553 5.65   ended
3371 9582t.jpgNascar #9 Budweiser Hood, 36" x 60"W, Some Damage from Mounting, Good Condition 5 16934 26.00   ended
3373 9593t.jpgVery Old Spinning 110V Stroh's AD Sign Lantern, Mostly Plastic with Metal Chain, Not All Original Cord, Good Condition, If It Ever Had a Light it is No Longer Present, 12"W x 23"H 15 9841 27.00   ended
3377 9607t.jpgHarley Plastic Mug, Sound of Harley When Button Pushed, Working & In Real Good Condition, 6 3/4"T 11 16255 8.00   ended
3385 9652t.jpgReal Old Antique Wood Frame with Mirror Telling The Story That: "One Man's Junk, is Another Man's Antiques" Very Good Condition, Really Cool, Real Heavy 14 13988 9.50   ended
3387 9661t.jpgNew Tin Sign "My Family Told Me to Get Help for My Drinking So I Hired a Bartender" 12"W x 17"H 14 11696 20.61   ended
3388 9665t.jpgMetal Cut Out Quad King 18 1/2"W x 18 1/2"T & Talk Dirt to Me 14 1/2"W x 2 3/4"H, Newly Made 3 16432 6.50   ended
3395 9694t.jpgOlder Pepsi Metal Oval Tray, Some Wear, Good Condition, 10 1/2"W x 13"D 3 5309 4.26   ended
3398 9705t.jpgLittle Debbie Snack Center Sign, 45"L x 10"H, Has One Chip on It, Otherwise Good Condition, Nice for a Cave or Garage, Everyone Loves Little Debbie Snacks, Made of Plastic 6 13988 7.50   ended
3406 19369t.jpg1992 Budweiser Stein Endangered Species, Giant Panda, Made in Brazil with Pewter Lid, Good Condition 4"Dia x 7"H 5 1023 11.36   ended
3433 19499t.jpgPolitically Incorrect And Proud of It, Tin Sign, NEW 12"W x 17"H 7 14722 4.50   ended
3443 19553t.jpgVintage Warco Automatic Transmission Fluid Tin Can, Full, Has Dents But Still Solid, Good For Display, 6 1/2"Diam x 7 3/4"H 3 16249 2.94   ended
3446 19571t.jpgVintage Soda And Chocolate Flavored Drink Bottles, Brown Doraville Georgia 66 on Bottom, HI Klas Lansing MI 59 On Bottom, Black Kow Saginaw And Bay City MI 3344B, Riverside Beverage Co. Hickman Ko. 1240 On Bottom, Black Bear St. Francis Wis. 36-1288 On Bottom, Whistle Pop Shop Detroit 28-1288, Chocolate Soldier Doraville GA, All With Good Graphics, No Chips, 9 1/2"H 27 4755 25.00   ended
3451 19594t.jpgVintage Oil Cans- Unopened Marvel Mystery 16 Oz. Four Unopened Cans of Motor Oil Made By Pennzoil and Empire State, 1 Quart Cans, One Empty Permatex Can Gallon Size, Fair to Good Condition, 5 1/2" to 9 1/2"H 17 2287 30.99   ended
3452 19599t.jpg1933 Remington UMC Reproduction Calendar, Very Nice Graphics, All Complete, 16"W x 28 3/4"H, Small Amount of Creases, Along One Edge, Great For Den or Man Cave, Very Good Condition For Age 9 8550 11.16   ended
3455 19617t.jpgBrand New Snap on Mirror, Great For Garage Or Man Cave, Black Plastic Frame, 16"Sq. 9 16432 11.25   ended
3477 19729t.jpgFounders Tap Handle All Day IPA, Changeable Top, Composite Wood, 11"L, Great Man Cave Material 11 3323 15.53   ended
3489 19798t.jpgAntique Dupont Explosives Wood Crate for 50 lbs, Red Cross Extra Dynamite 40% Strength, Absolutely Fantastic Looking with Strong Graphics & Dovetail Sides, Good Condition, 18"W x 12"D x 8 1/2"H 12 16680 15.49   ended
3491 19811t.jpgVintage Super Service Lubricants, Never Been Opened, SAE 140 Weight, 2 Gallon Metal Can, 8 1/2"W x 10 1/2"H, Great for Display, NOS 8 9407 4.90   ended
3525 20002t.jpgVintage Wooden Coke Bottle Case From Alpena, 16 1/2"L x 8 1/2"H x 10"W, Some Wear And Cracks, But Solid And Looks To Have Been Repainted, Overall Good Condition 9 8489 22.00   ended
3526 20008t.jpgSix Older Advertising Items- New Era Potato Chip Can 1 lb. Glasco Products Co. Glass Vile With Swaps, A&P Instant Coffee Jar 10 Oz. Bauer Black Adhesive Tape Tin 5/8" Four Yards, True Worth Coffee Can 32 Oz. With Bell on Cut Out, Smith Kerdon Butter Mints 7 Oz. Contains Butter, Some Scratches and Rust But Everything Displays Nice, 2" to 11 1/2"L, Overall Good Condition 3 16328 2.00   ended
3528 20023t.jpg(12) Pack Vintage Budweiser Steel Pull Top Cans In Original High Graphic Cardboard Case, Untouched For Years, Great Condition With Some Fading To One Side of It, Rare Find, Great For Collectors, 8"W x 5"D x 10"H 13 8628 8.55   ended
3530 20033t.jpgTwo Coca Cola Metal Collectible Items- One Six Pack Tin Carrier With Handle And Removeable Lid, 6 1/4"W x 4 1/4"D x 6 1/4"H, Circa 1999, Also A Coca Cola Metal Sign Wall Plaque, Measures 11"W x 8"D Circa 1996, Great Advertising Pieces In Good Condition 1 15287 1.00   ended
3532 20046t.jpgVintage Cen Pe Co Metal Oil Can, Very Good Condition, Empty 4"Diam x 5 1/2"H 9 12519 9.50   ended
3536 20075t.jpg(12) Pack of Vintage Budweiser Steel Pull Top Empty Beer Cans In Original High Graphic Cardboard Case, Untouched For Years, Great Condition For Age With Some Fading To Cardboard, Rare To Find, Great For Collectors, 8"W x 5"D x 10"H 8 8628 8.27   ended
3541 20100t.jpg18"Diam Dodge Neon Clock, Battery Operated, New Condition, Does Need New Power Cord For Neon To Work, Plastic 17 13669 25.00   ended
3542 20105t.jpgVintage Light Up Miller Genuine Draft Sign, Good Condition, 20"Dia x 6"D, Plastic 24 3618 32.00   ended
3568 20226t.jpgVintage Light Up Marlboro Race Car Sign, Good Condition, 32"W x 3"D x 19"H, Plastic, Works 11 16432 40.00   ended
3617 25505t.jpg1999 Cavanagh Official Harley Davidson "Queen of The Road" Mrs. Claus Ornament 1999 in Good Condition, Resin Material, 5"W x 3 1/2"H 3 15953 3.09   ended
3618 25510t.jpgVintage Harley Davidson Man. Three Piece Dept. 56 Original Snow Village #54948 Lighted Ceramic Very Good Condition, 12"W x 8"D x 8"H 22 10972 38.00   ended
3621 25530t.jpgAntique Wood Western World Champion Ammo Crate 500 Round 16 GA 2 9/16" Xpert Thicket Load, Fantastic Graphics, 8 1/2"W x 14"L x 8"H, Some Cracks in Wood, Still Good Condition For Display 10 16049 10.49   ended
3640 25639t.jpgIce Nudes Ice Cube Tray Set - Original Box, Set of Four Cubes, Two Plastic Trays, 4"H, Box Food Coloring, Original Box With 3 of 4 Glass Bottles, 2 1/4"H 10 2088 11.50   ended
3641 25645t.jpg(4) Burnett's Liquid Color Glass Bottles with Plastic Tops, Empty But Good Condition, 2 1/4"H         ended
3642 25649t.jpgTwo Tap Handles, Short Miller Lite 7 1/2"L, Long Miller Lite 12"L, Great For Man Cave Collectors, Wood and Metal, Very Good Condition 14 12657 16.02   ended
3646 25668t.jpgShort Tap Beer Advertising Handles- Two Summer Shandy 8 1/2"L, Bud Light 7 1/2"L, Killians 7"L, Resin, Metal and Wood In Very Good Condition 11 497 22.66   ended
3652 25699t.jpgVintage Farmer Peets 50 lbs. Shortin' Large Tin Container, Good Condition, 12 1/4"Diam x 16"H, Without Lid, Some Rust But No Holes 19 9018 20.01   ended
3671 25834t.jpg"Miller Lite" Car Hood, Great Shape in Very Good Condition, 60"W x 42"D, Nascar Brad Keslowski 13 15957 31.57   ended
3694 25972t.jpgMen's Harley Davidson Button Down Collared Shirt, Worn Twice, Ripped Out Tag (Was Itchy) But Very Generous Size 2XLTall, Very Good Condition 8 11752 4.76   ended
3697 25988t.jpgRound Three Section Chrome Clothing Rack, One Section Screwed Tight, Real Good Condition, 31"Diam x 60"H 14 200 20.62   ended

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