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Category: SNOW REMOVAL (3 records) *PART 1* APRIL 16 ONLINE AUCTION (ITEMS 1-2999) - APRIL 12-16 Bidding Will Start Closing on TUESDAY, APRIL 16 at 6:30pm at a Rate of 25 Items Per Minute
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2149 27423t.jpgToro S-620 Snow Blower for Parts or Repair, Good Condition, AS-IS, 20"W x 36"L x 36"H ## 4 15782 7.50   ended
2152 30133t.jpgCraftsman Snow Blower Canopy, Very Good Condition, Assembled Just Need to Attach to Snow Blow, Good Condition, 32"W x 33"D x 51"H ## 24 14574 28.00   ended
2161 27465t.jpg(2) Snow Shovels, Plastic 19" with Metal Handle, Some Rust & Push Scraper with Wood Handle, 24"W, Fair Condition ## 1 5841 1.00   ended

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