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Category: BOX LOTS (18 records) *PART 1* APRIL 16 ONLINE AUCTION (ITEMS 1-2999) - APRIL 12-16 Bidding Will Start Closing on TUESDAY, APRIL 16 at 6:30pm at a Rate of 25 Items Per Minute
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53 319t.jpgNew Condition To Good Condition In This Box Lot Of Misc. Old And New Items, Etc., Includes: Pet Grooming Kit, Scissors, Fishing Line And More, All Proceeds Go To Veteran's Relief Fund, 1" To 20"L 9 14142 3.58   ended
219 1175t.jpgSurprise Box! This Is Packed With Lots Of New Items Plus More! Bid To Win! It Measures 17"W x 17"D x 10"H 8 13928 3.25   ended
257 1369t.jpgFrames In Excellent Condition, Serving Tray With Tile Bottom In Good Condition, Three Old Recipe Boxes That Are Full, Two Wallpaper Border Packs That Have Never Been Opened, One Porcelain Clown In Good Condition, Digital Pedometer/FM Scan Radio That Has Never Been Used, They Measure 12"W x 12"D x 13"H 1 17104 1.00   ended
395 2095t.jpgBox Lot Of Vintage To Modern Misc. Items Including A Game, Glasses, Salt & Pepper Shakers, And More! Plastic/Glass/Ceramic materials, Loosely Packed And Some Wear But Overall Good Condition, 2-10" Long Items 1 16448 1.00   ended
651 3450t.jpgMystery Box With New And Pre-Owned Items In Good Condition, 12"W x 12"D x 7"T 10 9044 3.25   ended
690 3718t.jpgBoy's Mystery Box, Filled With Over Thirty Toys For Boys 3-5 Years Old! Comes With A Travel Bag To Take One The Road To The Beach Or Park, Sure To Please And Packed With Lots Of Surprises! Fair To New Condition Items In Box That's 24"W x 15"D x 12"T 8 17132 6.50   ended
803 10409t.jpgBox Of Collectibles, Picture Frames, Figurines, Candles, Good Condition, Ceramic, Resin Etc. Wood and Plastic, 12"W x 13"L x 10"H, Measure 2" to 16"H, 12"W x 13"L x 10"H 10 14142 5.02   ended
909 6632t.jpgBox of Figures, Plush Toys, Knick Knacks, Good Condition Overall, Damage on Chimney of Resin, Light Up House, 12"W x 24"L x 14"H 6 11290 4.05   ended
1241 4652t.jpgGreat Bingo Lot, Good Condition, Great Starter Kit, That's For Sure, Bag, Playing Cards and More, Good To New, 3 1/2" to 11"L Items 8 14666 3.00   ended
1294 5030t.jpgMisc. Faucets, Bike Parts, Bathroom All Useable, Good Condition, As Is, 2" to 11"L 11 7443 5.50   ended
1459 5845t.jpgGuess Right Guess Wrong, You Will Only Know If You Bid To Win! 13"W x 19"D x 6"H 11 16176 4.00   ended
1460 5849t.jpgMystery Box Full to The Top With Misc. Items, Ranging From Older/Vintage To Brand New Items, 23"W x 15"D x 13"H 5 17082 4.25   ended
1593 6518t.jpgPlastic Bin Mystery Box With New And Used Items, 18"W x 24"L x 19"T 11 13928 5.55   ended
1750 5309t.jpgMixed Stuff in This Lot! (3) Stuffed Animals, Train Whistle, Sling Shot, Wilson Football, Plastic Tackle Holder (2), NHL 14 for XBOX 360, Batman 3 PS3, Lego Marvel Super Heroes PS3, & Super Hero Squad for PS3, Good Condition, 5" to 11"L 4 14142 3.25   ended
1838 11914t.jpgMystery Box - Measures 24"W x 16"D x 10"H, Full of All Brand New Items, Use or Resell 10 756 5.51   ended
2334 16344t.jpgBox Lot Of Items Including: Little Bunny's Resin Figurines, Shell, Starfish, And Candleholders And Many, Many, More Used Items For Your Summer Fun! 11"W x 15"L x 8"H 2 16136 1.25   ended
2437 16914t.jpgLot Of Three All New Items Including: Wonder Wallet In Black Leather, It Holds 24 Cards, 4"W x 5 1/4"L; New! Executive Men's Valet With Four Compartments, Desktop Organizer, 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 2"; Car Sunblock Auto Shade AT 25 1/2"W x 28 1/2"L 14 16958 11.49   ended
2646 17502t.jpgNew In Package To Good Condition Items In This Box Lot Including: Logitech iPod Docking Stagion #MM50; Lil Wizard Metal Detector; Glass Rose; Bible, Etc., 12"W x 14"L x 8"H 7 4458 9.75   ended

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