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97 618t.jpg(25) CD's Including Artists Like Garth Brooks, Diamond Rio, Shania Twain, Motown Collection And More! Good Condition 9 14606 9.58   ended
156 1018t.jpg(44) VHS Movies- Children's Scooby Doo, The Kins And I, Home Alone, Barney's Adventure And More, Good Condition 3 14752 2.75   ended
240 1478t.jpg1950's Prestige Electronic Keyboard Organ, Made in Japan, 36 Keys and Works Great, Has Cord Or Can Be Used With 1.5 Volt Battery, Does Have Some Letters/Numbers Written On Keys, But Overall Good Condition, 10 1/4"W x 22 1/3"L x 5 1/2"H 6 5958 7.50   ended
315 1913t.jpgElectric Met Alien Guitar By Behringer, Full Size, Black With Pearl Shark Tooth Inlay Fret Markers, Humbucker/Single Coil Pickup Arrangement, 25 1/2" Scale With Bolt-On Neck, Good Condition Overall 17 8782 38.00   ended
449 2660t.jpg105 Cassettes In A Wooden Holder Like Uriah Heep, Styx, David Lee Roth And More! Most Missing Cases And Dirty But Overall Good Condition, 18"W x 24"D Case 9 12293 12.50   ended
545 3211t.jpg(8) Records, (7) Live From Gilley's, Westwood One Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, George Jones, Dwight Yoakam, Shenandoah, Very Good Condition 13 4149 10.50   ended
547 3225t.jpg(7) DVD Movies- Ever After, The Other Bdeyn Girl, Pride And Prejudice, Miss Congeniality 2, Coyote Ugly, Meet Joe Black, Grease 2, Very Good Condition, No Scratches 17 11266 10.50   ended
555 3267t.jpgSix DVD Movies- Beaches, Jane Eyre, Joshua, One Night With The King, The Mists Of Avalon, Somewhere In Time, Very Good Condition, No Scratches 15 14439 7.04   ended
561 3302t.jpgDVD's Coming To America, Super Troopers, Man of Year, Van Wilder, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Very Good Condition, No Scratches 5 7042 3.30   ended
564 3318t.jpgComplete 2nd Season Of Deadwood, Six DVD Set, Good Condition 11 700 8.05   ended
568 3341t.jpgHenry Miller Tropic of Cancer and Charles Dickens Little Dorrit Audio CD, Good Condition 5 15133 3.75   ended
615 3638t.jpgEnjoy Movie Night With This Lot Of (19) VHS Movies Including Bob The Builder, Elmo, Sinbad, Scooby Doo And More! Good Condition 4 12281 2.75   ended
643 3793t.jpgAwesome Movie Night Lot With (45) VHS Movies Including Bad Boys, Die Hard, Speed, K9 And More! Good Condition 5 2287 3.25   ended
645 3807t.jpgAwesome Movie Night With The Kids With This Lot Of (16) Disney VHS Movies Including Winnie The Pooh, Bambi, Beauty And The Beast And More! Good Condition Overall 3 4372 3.00   ended
648 3827t.jpg(34) VHS Movies Including Pelican Brief, Queen Of The Damned, Keeper Of Time, Benji, Batman Returns And More! Good Condition 4 196 3.94   ended
675 3993t.jpgLot Of (16) VHS Movies And Rewinder, Movies Include Cats & Dogs, The Black Stallion Returns, Mickey's, Pooh's Grand Adventure And More! Good Condition 3 15123 3.25   ended
679 4011t.jpgAwesome DVD Movie Lot With King Kong, Ice Age, The Incredibles, Care Bears And More! Good Condition 12 11266 13.00   ended
764 4501t.jpgLot Of Forty VHS Movies Including Titanic, Full Metal Jacket, Godzilla, Flying Tigers And More! Overall Good Condition 5 2287 2.25   ended
774 4573t.jpgKramer 211S Focus Red Electric Guitar With Strap, Has A Broken String And Will Need New Ones, Full Size And Plays Well, Lots Of Fretboard Wear But Overall Good Condition, 39" Long 15 11180 40.00   ended
789 4655t.jpgEntertainment Box Lot With A Nintendo GameCube Game, Sonic Mega Collection, Seven Music CD's From Martina McBride, George Jones And More! Six DVD's Including Three Movies And Three SpongeBob SquarePants, Three VHS Tapes And Ten Empty Jewel CD/DVD Cases; All In Like New Condition! 8 1854 5.50   ended
791 4676t.jpgLot Of Approximately (400) 45RPM Vinyl Records From The Beatles, Elvis, The Doors, Johnny Nash, Jackie Wilson, The Drifters, Elton John, James Taylor And More! Lots Of Music Here! Some Scratches And Scuffs But Most In Good To Very Good Condition! Box Is 20"W x 15"D x 4"T 17 10715 46.00   ended
868 5164t.jpgNice Entertainment Lot With Seven DVD's Like Rockstar, Great Games, Slingblade And More! A Blu-Ray And "707 Great Games" PC Game; Good Condition And All Working 6 1274 3.25   ended
871 5179t.jpgSix DVD Movies Including Bedtime Stories, Air Buddies, Cars, The Cutting Edge, The Cutting Edge - Going For The Gold, Ice Princess; Very Good Condition 7 13230 4.77   ended
887 5261t.jpgSix DVD Movies Including The Incredible Journey Of Mary Bryant, Stigmata, What Dreams May Come, La Bamba, The Phantom Of The Opera And Amazing Grace; No Scratches And In Very Good Condition 5 6771 3.00   ended
888 5265t.jpgFour DVD's And Five Music CD's Including A CD With Four Country Hit Compilations From Juke Boxes Along With One Christian Inspirational By Jim White, The Juke Box CD's Are Worn But Still Fine - Good Condition 8 1467 3.50   ended
889 5270t.jpg(22) VHS Movies And A VHS Rewinder (UV-413), Movies Including Winnie The Pooh, Care Bears, Barney, Charlotte's Web 2 And More! Good Condition, Rewinder Is 13"W x 6"D x 3"T 2 989 1.25   ended
891 5284t.jpg(21) Kid's VHS Movies And A VHS Rewinder (UV-413), Movies Include Annie, Peter Pan, Jungle Book And More! Good Condition And The Rewinder Is 13"W x 6"D x 3"T 5 6174 9.50   ended
893 5296t.jpg(41) VHS Movies Including Family Films Like Jerry Maguire, Big Fat Greek Wedding, Drop Zone, Men Of Honor And More! Good Condition, Box Full Is 10"W x 23"L x 5"T 4 2287 2.75   ended
895 5305t.jpgBox Of (69) Records Including Country Artists Like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings And More! Fair To Good Condition, 12"W x 12"D x 12"T 8 14454 9.50   ended
956 24023t.jpgEight Guitar Tab Books, Pop And Classic Rock, Paperbacks In Good Condition 18 12111 35.76   ended
1190 6407t.jpg(41) DVD Movies In Boxes Including Pan's Labyrinth, Body Double, Pretty Poison And More! Untested But Good Condition 18 2693 31.01   ended
1249 8606t.jpgVintage 1961 Mitchell #05890 High Fidelity Tube Record Console With Tube Powered Extension Speaker Cabinet, Very Cool And You Won't Come Across Another Like This For Awhile! Turntable Spins And Amplifier Works But There's Some Hum And It Needs A New Needle Which You Can Get At Electric Kitsch Right Here In Bay City! Could Use A Little Cleaning, Some Damage To Cabinet But In Overall Good Condition! Comes With Speaker Cable To Connect Two Units! 19"W x 16"D x 29"H 13 7410 21.00   ended
1275 8785t.jpgNice Upright Piano - Needs Some Tuning But Not Bad! Perfect For Any Student or Beginner, Got It From Life-Long Player, See Photos! Measures 57"W x 25"D x 46"H, Good Condition 4 2596 7.08   ended
1294 8921t.jpgLot Of (55) DVD's And Four VHS Tapes, A Variety Of Titles Including Hits Like: Legally Blonde, National Treasure, And Meet The Parents, Also Some Great '80's And '90's Movies Like Brewster's Millions, Mystic Pizza And To Wong Foo 10 11795 24.16   ended
1417 7717t.jpgVintage Record Albums, Jazz, Ink Spots, Music To Strip By, Knockers Up Comedy, Dance, Elvis, JFK And An Ozzie Osbourne Tribute, 12"Dia., Eight Total - Good Condition 3 6771 2.25   ended
1461 7996t.jpgThree Vintage Bill Cosby Records, 12"Dia. - All Good Condition 4 9038 2.25   ended
1478 8086t.jpgReynolds Medalist Trumpet Complete With Case, Dent In Bell And Valves And Slide Are Frozen Up, 18"W x 12"D x 5"H - Fair Condition 15 7345 22.00   ended
1516 9478t.jpgOz The Complete 1st and 2nd Seasons on DVD's, Total of (16) Episodes, Six Discs- 16 Hours, No Scratches on DVD's, Good Condition 13 9725 15.50   ended
1598 9896t.jpgBox of (47) Collectible Record Albums, From Very Good To Near Mint Condition, Jethro Tull, Tom Petty, The Byrds, Frank Zappa, Chicago 19 14271 34.00   ended
1616 7157t.jpgNew In Box Califone Karaoke Microphone Includes 15' Cable With 1/4" Cable, Model #PADM-525 MSRP $79.99 Original Box 9"W x 9"D x 3"H 8 2453 7.50   ended
1619 7175t.jpgJust in Time For Halloween! Lot of Three Horror Movie DVD's, 8 American Horror Stories, Masters Of Horror, 20 Tales Of Terror, New In Package 4 11823 2.00   ended
1664 7415t.jpgTwo Vintage Late 1960's Pioneer CS-A31 Hi-Fi Home Stereo 3-Way Speakers, 40 Watts And 16 Ohm Impedance, Speakers Themselves Are All In Good Shape With No Rips, Holes Or Coil Rub - And They Sound Great! The Cabinets Are A Little Rough With Some Of The Veneer Peeling And Some Minor Edge Damage To Bottom Of One, Great For The Garage Or Basement! Overall Good Condition And Working, 15 1/2" x 12"D x 25"H 7 7618 10.50   ended
1733 23938t.jpgVideo Model DV 1030A VHS DVD Player and Box of Assorted (26) Tapes, Disney, Bratz, Comedy and More, 17"W x 10"D x 3 1/2"H, No Remote, Working 7 9935 8.63   ended
1861 10292t.jpgTen Vintage Children's Picture 45RPM Records, Fair To Good Condition - Some Cracks/Wear 4 5277 5.50   ended
1927 13936t.jpgManhasset Metal Music Conductor Stand, Adjustable Height And In Great Condition, 32"W x 41"T 15 11542 50.99   ended
1932 13971t.jpgVintage Piano/Organ Wooden Flip-Top Bench With Padded Seat And Music Papers Inside, Good Condition, 26"W x 13 1/2"D x 22 1/2"T 9 2596 13.01   ended
1987 14343t.jpgNew In Package Original Beatles Yellow Submarine VCR, 5"W x 8"L 6 12824 5.25   ended
2207 12651t.jpg *UPDATE: SELLS TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!* Spider III Guitar Amp By Line 6 With 400+ Presets And Two Cables, Comes With A Distortion Box And Pioneer Headphones, Works Great And 20 1/2"W x 18"T
40 7904 170.00   ended
2282 13087t.jpgLot Of Awesome DVD's Including Yosemite, Admission, Family Guy, Flicka And Sons Of Anarchy; Overall Good Condition 6 13230 6.50   ended
2286 13115t.jpgUnited Audio Dual #1219 Turntable, Untested/As Is But Overall Good Condition, 17"W x 14"D x 8"T 19 14011 27.00   ended

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