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101 578t.jpgSet Of Wooden Bi-Fold Louvered Doors, Nice And Both In Good Condition, 63"W x 78 1/2"T When Both Set Up And Opened 6 16900 10.50   ended
124 709t.jpgWhite Mini-Hopper Vinyl Window, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition, 15 1/2"W x 3 1/4"D x 7 5/8"T 7 6667 10.50   ended
304 1644t.jpgBox Of (15) Outlet Covers, Cream Color,, 3 1/4"W x 5"H, And Two Light Switches, In Good Condition 2 13243 1.50   ended
305 1649t.jpgTwo Tubes Of Caulk, 100' Of Rope, 100' Of Clothesline, Propane Fuel Tank, And More, In Good Condition, 12"W x 12"D x 11"H 9 12293 5.50   ended
372 1949t.jpgTwo Sheets Of Tin, In Good Condition, 5"W x 47"L 3 6430 1.51   ended
441 2252t.jpgEight Vintage Drawer Pulls With Screws, Chrome Color, In Good Condition, The Space Between The Screws Is 3 1/8" And It Measures 4 3/4"L Overall 8 7438 7.50   ended
458 2327t.jpgNew In Package, Sisco Decorator Collection Solid Brass Hot And Cold Faucet, Model 542B, Washerless Valve, 4" Lavatory Faucet With Brass Pop-Out Ring, Energy Conserving, 6"W x 6"D x 3"H 6 110 21.00   ended
484 2450t.jpgAll New Zinc Plated Bolts, 8-Lbs. Of 1/2"Dia. Lag Bolts In Assorted Lengths, 3" To 4"L 15 13199 10.50   ended
486 2460t.jpgNew In Package! Six Road Power-Swan Terminal Disconnect No. 936, 1 1/2"W x 3"L 13 15863 14.50   ended
501 2526t.jpg(25) Plastic Drawer Screw And Nail Holders, Every Drawer Is There! It Is Marked With What Is In The Drawers, Like Nails, Tacks, Etc., In Very Good Condition, 1 1/2"W x 5"D x 9"H 10 13199 7.50   ended
502 2533t.jpgBrand New Grade Eight High Strength Bolts, Quantity Of Ten, Five Are Coarse Thread And Five Are Fine Thread, 3/4"Dia. X 4 1/2"L 5 4646 2.00   ended
504 2543t.jpgNew Tube Of 3M Window Weld Super Fast Urethane, Professional Grade, 10 1/2-Oz., 8 1/2"L 6 13728 3.00   ended
512 2577t.jpgNew 3M Window Weld Super Fast Urethane, Professional Grade, 10 1/2-Oz., 8 1/2"L 4 15887 5.10   ended
517 2595t.jpgAll New Zinc Plated Bolts, 3-Lbs. Of 5/16"Dia. Lag Bolts In Assorted Lengths, 1 1/2" To 5"L 9 14079 5.56   ended
521 2613t.jpgAll New Zinc Plated Bolts, 7-Lbs. Of 3/8"Dia. Lag Bolts In Assorted Lengths, 2" To 5"L 14 14374 8.00   ended
528 2645t.jpgDesign House Door Knob, No Locking, Complete, Never Used, In Good Condition, 6"L 1 5174 1.00   ended
532 2663t.jpgNew! (14) Pieces Of Timber Construction Carriage Bolts, Zinc Plated Bolts, Great For Landscaping Timber Work, 1/2"Dia. X 14"L 8 1284 5.61   ended
535 2674t.jpgA New Package Of (24) Foam Brushes, Paint Brushes, The Good Ones With Wood Handles! Great For All Kinds Of Uses, Paint, Glue, Etc., Ten Brushes Are 1"W, Six Brushes Are 2"W, Four Brushes Are 3"W, Four Brushes Are 4"W 11 301 5.60   ended
579 2890t.jpgNew Old Stock, Never Used Kitchen Faucet From Home Depot, #B4410LF-SS, 18"W x 9"D x 2"H 28 14079 31.00   ended
601 4775t.jpg(70) New Belwith P357-LP Antique Brass Cabinet Door Handle, 3" On Center, 4 1/2"L 9 12109 16.27   ended
603 4785t.jpgNew! (50) Wall/Window Screen Panels, Made In Korea, Each Package Has Two Wood Poles To Place In The Top And Bottom Of The Screen Hoop For Hanging And Bottom Weight, Sold As Is, 19"W x 29"L 5 950 5.50   ended
605 4795t.jpg(22) New Hummingbird Fan Pulls, 8"L Each 13 14658 8.50   ended
615 4858t.jpgNew Old Stock Box Of PVC Pipe Connectors, Between (50) To (75) In The Box, One End Is Threaded, In Very Good Condition, 1"Dia. X 1 7/8"L 6 15972 9.50   ended
735 3180t.jpg(18) Plus Cans Of Spray Paints, Other Sprays, Assorted Colors, As Is, Fair To Good Condition, 8" to 10"H 14 10833 8.50   ended
803 3636t.jpg20 Pieces of Aluminum Plate Stock, Laser Cut .042" Thick Brush Finished, Silver Anodized Plates, Each 3 1/2"W x 7"L With 1/8" Hole in Each Corner, NEW 10 519 7.70   ended
894 4137t.jpgSmooth Two Coat Finish Aluminum Trim Coil Clay Color, 24"W x Approx. 26-30' (Didn't Remove It From Box), NEW 20 13 20.50   ended
939 4401t.jpg4 Mil Thick 10'W x 100'L All Purpose Construction Grade Plastic Sheeting, Made in USA, Don't Know Footage, But Weighs 17 lbs. 5 15941 6.50   ended
1157 5970t.jpgStyle Selections Wireless Doorbell, New In Package, 10"W x 2"D x 6 1/2"H, Up to 150' Of Transmission Range, Two Interchangeable Face Plates, Wireless Installation Adjustable Vol. Control, Three Chimes, Ding- Dong- Ding, Westminster Tone, Batteries Not Included 14 3719 12.00   ended
1179 6068t.jpgBox of Plumbing And Six Softballs, Used, Good To New, Softballs Used Fair to Good Condition, Elbows, Connectors, Etc. 13"W x 17"L x 7"H 2 15698 1.25   ended
1207 8155t.jpgNew! Three-Pack Of Painter's Masking Tape, Duck Brand, Multiple Surfaces, Painted Walls, Trim, Glass, Wood, Metal, Clean Release, Each Roll Is About 2"W x 60-Yards, 180-Yards Total 15 6262 12.18   ended
1241 8371t.jpgFour New Rolls Of Black And White Vinyl Safety Striped Tape, 2"W x 36-Yards Long 9 369 8.00   ended
1254 8455t.jpgNew Old Stock! Spool Of Three-Strand Copper Wire, 300-Volt, 16 AW6, SJ Or Water-Resistant, Maybe 100' On The Roll? The Spool Is 8 1/2"H And The Wire Is 6"Dia. On The Spool 6 13055 10.50   ended
1262 8506t.jpgSix Five-Gallon Plastic Buckets, Ready for Use, Just A Little Clean-Up, Wash Winter Away! Used But Still In Good Condition, Sold As Is, 12"Dia. X 13"H 7 13817 5.57   ended
1272 8567t.jpgNew Ram Heavy Duty Tow Strap, Nylon Material, 20,000-Lbs., 4"W x 30'L 14 2658 20.72   ended
1282 8631t.jpgBink's Model 69 Spray Paint, Siphon Cup Gun, 1-Quart, In Good Condition, 12"H 14 7438 15.60   ended
1284 8643t.jpgFive Hoses, Air, Water And Gas, Used But Still In Good Condition, 12" To 36"L 1 13677 1.00   ended
1293 8700t.jpgSagola Spray Paint, Siphon Cup Gun, 1-Quart, In Good Condition, 12"H 5 6725 2.50   ended
1294 8707t.jpgPower Painter Wide Shot Pro Wagner, In Good Condition, 11"W x 7"D x 11"H 22 3719 35.00   ended
1335 6339t.jpgHouse Of Kohler Paint Lot With Paint, Mixing Cups, Lid, Remover Tools; Uninspected But Paint Looks Good Condition Otherwise 2" To 6 1/2" Tall/Long 1 13669 1.00   ended
1394 6645t.jpgPiece Of Black Walnut Board, (Slight Warp in Board & Crack at End) Otherwise Very Good Condition And 3"W x 2 1/4"D x 49"L 1 11065 1.00   ended
1478 7062t.jpgSeven Old Barn Boards, Some Very Stout And Have Visible Saw Marks And Wear - Great For Crafts, Overall Good Condition, 4" To 9 1/2"W And 23-51" Long, All 1" Thick Or More 6 16900 13.59   ended
1497 7202t.jpgAmerican Standard Tub With 1HP Hydro-Pump, High Performance Tub, Six Water Jets, Came From A Cottage, Little Usage, Untested/As Is, 71 1/2"W x 41 1/2"D x 20"T 8 2257 16.49   ended
1498 7214t.jpgOak Bathroom Set With Sink, Faucet, Vanity And A Large Mirrored Medicine Cabinet, Great For Remodeling, Cabinet Book Measures 28 1/2"W x 4"D x 27 1/2"T And Vanity Is 31"W x 19"D x 36"T 31 13728 93.00   ended
1529 12321t.jpgBucket With Nails, Bolts, Nuts, And Screws! Good Condition To New, 3/4 Full, 1" To 8 3/4" Long 9 9611 7.38   ended
1571 12605t.jpgEight Older Metal Drawer Handles, Good Condition And 5 1/4" Long 8 7438 8.50   ended
1621 15419t.jpgTen Pounds Of Assorted Zinc Plated Washers, All New Stock, For 1/4" To 3/4" Bolt Sizes, 7"W x 10"L x 3"T 13 11780 11.50   ended
1704 9178t.jpgHandyman Special Mixed Lot With A Small Hand Broom And Dust Pan Broom, Partial Roll Of Metal Hanger Strap, New 1/4" Masonry Drill Bit, Two Plastic Drill Gauges, Plastic Reed Gauge, New Looking Bathroom Sink Faucet And More! Great Lot! All Items In Good Condition And 6" To 11" Long Pieces 3 7438 2.35   ended
1826 7751t.jpgNew! Four Cans Of Rust-Oleum Spray Paint Two Gloss White, Two Gloss Black, Advanced Formula, 30% Greater Corrosion Resistance, 30% Greater Color Retention, 12-Oz. 15 653 11.50   ended
1828 7757t.jpgNew! Six Cans Of Rust-Oleum Spray Paint, Three Gloss Black, Three Gloss White, Advanced Formula, 30% Greater Corrosion Resistance, 30% Greater Color Retention, 12-Oz. 15 12492 14.09   ended
1847 7877t.jpgBox Of Assorted Laundry Softener, Rejuvenate Floor Finish, Elmer's Glue, Lotion, Oxi Clean, Kwik Seal, Caulk, Pitcher And Curtain Rods, 18 To 60-Fl. Oz., Some Partially Full, In Good Condition, 10"W x 15"L x 9"H 1 16883 1.00   ended

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