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694 5294t.jpgCGC Universal Grade Supergirl #15 Comic Book From 1984, This Was Graded At 9.2 And Has White Pages, In Good Condition, It Comes In The Professional CGC Case 14 11547 15.50   ended
948 4469t.jpg(67) Star Trek Comic Books, Each With Protective Bag and Board, Good Condition 26 16951 23.00   ended
988 4697t.jpg(24) Judge Dredd 2000 AD Comic Books, One Still New in Package, The Rest in Good Condition 7 15889 6.50   ended
1736 9333t.jpgCollection Of Forty Comic Books Including Marvel And DC With Super Heroes, Fantastic Four, Blackhawk Issue 248, Batman, Superman, And More! Good Condition 17 16983 10.09   ended
1749 9396t.jpgCollection Of Forty Comic Books Including Marvel And DCC With Super Heroes Like The Incredible Hulk, Avengers, Key Issue, The Invincible, Iron Man #60, And More! Good Condition Overall 20 16983 12.50   ended
3113 16671t.jpgSuperman Salutes The Bicentennial Comic Limited Collectors Edition, Very Good Condition For Age, 10" x 13" 6 10222 5.50   ended
3228 17360t.jpg40 Comic Books- Includes Marvel, DC With Super Heroes- Dare Devil 1970 Drag N Wheels #46 Ghost Rider Captain America And More, Looks Good, Some In Sleeves 9 3746 9.59   ended
3243 17437t.jpgCollection of 40 Comic Books Includes Marvel and DC With Super Heroes Superman, Green Arrow, She Hulk, X-Men and More, Looks Good, Some In Sleeves 13 3746 13.00   ended
3249 17476t.jpg(30) Ist Issue Comic Books Including Marvel and DC With Super Heroes, Looks Good, Some In Sleeves 9 12556 10.00   ended

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