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123 703t.jpgFour Books Including Two John Grisham - "Gray Mountain" And "The Racketeer", Also Comes With Paul Garrison's "The Janson Option" And Tom Clancy's "Support And Defend"; Hardcovers And Paperbacks In Good Condition 4 10040 3.77   ended
149 895t.jpgFour Binders With Great Pictures And Lots Of Information And Instructions For Growing House Plants, This Set Of Four Binders Is Labeled "Success With House Plants", Good Condition 11 700 5.50   ended
203 1194t.jpg1903 Traffic In Girls White Slavery And Work Of Rescue Missions Handbook, It Is In Good Condition, 5 1/2"W x 7"H 8 11446 4.26   ended
309 1670t.jpgMystery Book Box, For Children's Books, Used And In Good Condition, 13"W x 16"D x 5"H 5 2098 3.60   ended
327 1744t.jpgWild Lake Michigan Book With Lots Of Pictures, Paperback Edition, Very Interesting!127-Pages, In Good Condition, 8 1/2"W x 11"L 7 3719 3.25   ended
338 1791t.jpgNew! Awaken Your Divine Intuition, "Receive Wisdom, Blessings, And Love By Connecting With Spirit" Paperback Book In Very Good Condition 9 3719 6.50   ended
479 2423t.jpgMisc. Children's Books, (15) Total Items, Paperback And Hardcover Editions, Titles Like: "Look At Me", "Noises", "Bed Time Stories" And More, Fair Condition To Very Good Condition         ended
607 4810t.jpgSummer Is Coming! Imagine Reading On The Porch, Deck, Or Beach, This Lot Of Books Includes Authors Like John Sandford, Robert Parker, James Patterson, John Connolly, And More For A Total Of (16) Hardcover Books, From A Non-Smoking And Pet-Free Home 19 512 26.34   ended
624 4910t.jpgHardcover Book, "Illustrated Atlas Of Native American History" Traces The Movement Of North American Native People From Prehistoric Times Until Now, In Real Good Condition 5 10040 6.01   ended
650 5066t.jpgJohn Fetzer On A Handshake, The Times And Triumphs Of A Detroit Tiger's Owner, Hardcover Edition, 1997, By: Dan Ewald, Forward By: Al Kaline, Biography, In Very Good Condition, 189-Pages 5 14606 8.51   ended
695 5298t.jpg1972 Dr. Seuss Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now Hardcover Book In Good Condition, 7"W x 9 1/2"H 8 1455 3.25   ended
725 3117t.jpg2006 Superman Chronicles Vol. 1 Book in Good Condition, 7"W x 10 1/2"H, Paperback 204 Pages 2 12481 1.54   ended
731 3155t.jpgNew Star Wars The Movie Making Magic of Creatures and Aliens, Very Cool, Hard Cover, 143 Pages 8 16875 3.50   ended
737 3198t.jpg(50) 1979 to 1985 National Geographic Magazines In Good Condition, No Maps Included 5 17034 12.59   ended
740 3221t.jpg(15) Star Wars and Star Trek Books In Good Condition, (11) Star Wars Hard Cover Books With Dust Jackets 9 1/2" x 7", Four Star Trek Books Two Hard Backs With Dust Jackets and Two Paperbacks, Largest 9 1/4" x 7 1/2" 12 13596 23.50   ended
771 3420t.jpgFour Older Books- Reg'Lar Flellers Big Little Book in Good Condition, Smedley & Olsen New Second Reader in Fair Condition, Little Men in Good Condition, Shirley Temple in Good Condition (About the Young Shirley) Hard Covers 15 1020 8.50   ended
796 3598t.jpgStrategy And Tactics- Tank Warfare, Illustrated History of The Tank At War 1914 to 2000 Hard Cover 2001 By Christer Jorgensen And Chris Mann, 11 34/" x 9" x 3/4", Very Good Condition 23 9407 25.72   ended
901 4180t.jpgStar Trek and Star Wars Books, Hard Cover, Paperbacks, 15 Total, Good Condition 6 12481 3.26   ended
928 4335t.jpgTwo Religious Hard Cover Books In Good Condition, 1944 Westminister Dictionary of the Bible, 1965 At Jesus Feet A Book For The Family Altar, Good Condition 5 2281 4.00   ended
931 4349t.jpg1952 Hard Cover Book Hello David, Was A Library Book in His Early Life, Good Condition 15 7715 21.50   ended
974 4617t.jpgCollectible Hard Cover Books- Walt Disney A-Z Disney's Fun to Read Library, 1-19, Missing No. 12, 18 Total, Good Condition, 8 1/2" x 10"L 8 16535 5.50   ended
976 4630t.jpgNew Star Wars The Movie Making Magic of Creatures and Aliens, Very Cool, Hard Cover, 143 Pages 3 14266 1.50   ended
982 4664t.jpgCat in The Hat Movie Book, Talking Interactive, 12 1/4"H x 11 5/8"W, Needs Batteries, Great Condition 1 8380 1.00   ended
992 4723t.jpgNew Hard Cover Book "The Land Of Stories" The Ultimate Book Huggers Guide By Chris Colfer, Number 1 NY Times Best Selling Series 3 11446 1.50   ended
1131 5858t.jpg1987 Rand McNally Illustrated Atlas Of The World Hard Cover Book, Great Coffee Table Book, Real Good Condition 1 10040 1.00   ended
1147 5928t.jpg1987 Hard Cover Book, Into The Unknown, The Story Of Exploration, Cover in Fair Condition, Book in Excellent Condition, 9 1/2"W x 11 1/2"H 1 10040 1.00   ended
1150 5940t.jpgTen Reminisce Magazines, Bring Back Memories, Walk Down Memory Lane, Or Just Thumb Through And Find Out, See Things You Didn't Know, Great Entertainment, All Good Condition 11 13412 5.76   ended
1166 6008t.jpgDisplay Cases You Can Build 11 Projects Book By Danny Proulx, Good Condition, 8 1/2" x 11", Paperback 6 10040 2.50   ended
1370 6517t.jpgThree Bird Books Including A Hardcover Audubon Society The Sibley Guide To Bird Life And Behavior, A Hardcover The Bird Feeder Book, And A Spiral Bound New Bird Watching Journal; Very Good Condition To New 6 6857 5.53   ended
1400 6676t.jpgFive Amish Themed Paperback Books From Various Authors Like Wanda Brunstetler, Beverly Lewis, Marta Perry, Lendra Worth; Excellent Stories And In Very Good Condition 14 700 7.50   ended
1580 12650t.jpg1992 Hardcover "Hawaii : The Royal Legacy" Book, Very Good Condition 1 996 1.00   ended
1716 9242t.jpg2002 Hardcover Youth Bible Book And 1996's Landoll Inc. "The First Christmas" - A Christmas Pop-Up Book, Good Condition 1 1831 1.00   ended
1740 9354t.jpgNew "The Teen Study Bible" Hardcover Book 2 15941 1.60   ended
1787 9574t.jpgNew How To Brew, What To Add, The Best Breweries, And Everything Else About Beer Paperback Book, Over 600 Pages! 7 11180 5.75   ended
1839 7823t.jpg(11) Hardcover Books Including: Michael Crichton's Timeless And The Lost World; Edgar Cayce's The Edgar Cayce Collection, Four Volumes; David Morrell's Creepers; Balva Plain's Looking Back And Secrecy; Sebastian Junger's Fire; Dan Brown's The Davinci Code; Melinda Haynes' Mother Of Pearl; Anthony Lee's Martin Quinn; Allan Folsom's The Day After Tomorrow 12 10040 12.34   ended
1898 8092t.jpgThe Complete Bible On Compact Disc With Binder, In Good Condition, 7"W x 12"L x 2" Thick 7 12996 5.00   ended
1900 10234t.jpgCase, The Holy Spirit Kenneth Copeland With Six CD's And Case, Gifts Of The Spirit Kenneth Copeland With Six CD's, In Very Good Condition 2 12996 1.50   ended
1942 10430t.jpgLike New! King James Version Bible, Coral Ridge, President's Club 11 15601 8.51   ended
1970 10550t.jpg(21) Western Novel Books, Nelson Wye, Daniel St. James, Charles N. Heckelman, John Steinbeck And More, In Good Condition 12 15118 10.00   ended
2211 11205t.jpgVintage Wild Flowers Of North America Book By Robert S. Lemmon, 279 Pages With Full Color And High Detailed Text, Technical And Common Names - No Other Book Contains So Much Information! Some Cover Scratches And Small Tears But It's Still In Good Condition! 11 10040 5.40   ended
2230 11301t.jpgNew "An Amish Heirloom : Four Stories" By Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, And Kelly Irvin 9 6161 5.50   ended
2231 11306t.jpgFour Antique Hardcover Books Including 1927's Now We Are Six, 1928's Here There And Everywhere, 1922's Loyalties By John Galsworthy And Another John Galsworthy Book From 1923 Titled "Windows"; Good Condition Overall 11 301 5.51   ended
2537 9851t.jpgLarge Tote Of Children's Books- Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Lady Bug Girl, Harry The Dirty Dog, I Love Hugs, And More, 20 Plus, Good Condition 3 9756 1.60   ended
2538 9859t.jpg(40) Children's Books- Hard Cover and Paperbacks, My First Book of Letters, Lion Lessons, Fox in Socks, And More, Good Condition 17 15348 9.40   ended
2672 13651t.jpg(12) 1893 To 1924 "Young Boy Handbook" Books, Titles Are Boy Aviators In Nicaragua, Motor Boat Club Of The Kennebunkport, The Three Scouts, Bravest Of The Brave, Zeppelin's Passenger, Boy Hunters In Kentucky, Connecticut Boys In The Western Reserve, Tom Brown School Days, Most Are In Good Condition, Two Spines Missing, Sold As Is 17 3510 23.20   ended
2933 14994t.jpg(7) Books, Paperback & Hard Cover, Our Federal Lands, Google, If Only He Knew & More, Good Condition 1 14558 1.00   ended
2998 15307t.jpgIn the Shaker Style Paperback Book, New, Illustrated with Pictures, Build Shaker Furniture 4 10040 1.75   ended
3234 17393t.jpgFour Children's Books, Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Pete The Cat, Hugs and More, Good Condition 4 16215 2.50   ended
3349 14047t.jpgSnake Driver Cobras In Vietnam- A Gritty Account Of Vietnam Combat From The Men Who Flew AH-1G Cobra Helicopters Through Hell and Back, Vietnam War 1993, Bob Rosenberg Hard Cover Book, 8 1/2" x 6" x 3/4", Very Good Condition 11 5514 7.75   ended
3350 14053t.jpgHard Cover Book "Soulwise" By Dr. Phil Johnson, How To Create A Conspiracy Of Hope, Health and Harmony, Real Good Condition 1 3719 1.00   ended

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