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6 31t.jpgVery Cool Wooden Folk Art Painting In Bottle Shape w/ Hanging Mount, Created And Signed By The Artist Known As "IA-12", Good Condition, 16"W x 57"L 6 11593 5.50   ended
7 36t.jpgBeautiful Waterfall Picture In A Nice Wooden Frame w/ Wrapped Back, Found In The Attic, Good Condition, 18"W x 22"T 6 6259 2.53   ended
8 40t.jpgWicker Fall Heart Shaped Hanging Decoration With Witch And Scarecrow, Has Fall Flowers And Bows, Cute For Harvest Time, Good Condition, 11"W x 12"T 1 2121 1.00   ended
27 140t.jpgThree New In Package Novelty Tin Sign With Three Themes Such As "In Range", "Bad Ass Dog" And "Good Woman", 12"W x 17"T 14 12076 17.50   ended
28 145t.jpgVintage Look Paper Fan Inside Beautiful Grey Shabby Chic Wooden Frame, Overall Very Good Condition, 14 1/4"W x 18 1/2"T 4 8117 2.88   ended
29 149t.jpgOld Print On Board Of A Little Girl In A Blue Bonnet, Shows Some Wear But Overall Good Condition, 17 1/2"W x 21 1/2"T 1 8117 1.00   ended
31 159t.jpgVintage Wooden Wall Shelf w/ Decorative Scroll At The Top Of Shelf, Very Well Made And Easy To Paint To Match Any Decor, Overall Good Condition, 25"W x 19"L x 8"T 8 116 8.50   ended
40 211t.jpg"Security Agency Chihuahua Warning" Picture In Plastic Frame w/ Glass Face, Good Condition, 12"W x 12"L 14 8410 13.50   ended
41 215t.jpg1997 Victorian Flower Garden Print In White Wooden Frame By Larry Veeder, Good Condition, 16"W x 12"T 4 8117 2.88   ended
42 219t.jpgLarge "Home Is Where Your Heart Is" Picture Frame w/ Wooden Sign For 5"x5" Picture, Some Wear Around The Edges But Overall Good Condition, 19"W x 19"T 1 6519 1.00   ended
49 250t.jpgFour Glass Silhouette Pictures Of Flowers And Sleighs, Overall Good Condition, 4" x 5" To 6" Diameters 8 1685 12.59   ended
56 285t.jpg1995 Clay Women's Faces Masks w/ Feathers, Wall Hangings Are Signed And Dated, Hairline Crack In Chin Otherwise Good Condition, Roughly 8"W x 12"T 3 6051 2.02   ended
57 23704t.jpgCountry Cottage Print In Oak Frame, Very Pretty Colors! Glass Face And In Good Condition, 16"W x 12"T 6 10848 4.50   ended
83 430t.jpg3 Pc. Set Of 1956 Marcia Of California Art Pottery, Musket Gun Wall Plaques, Overall Good Condition And Very Cool! 12" To 19 1/2" Long 7 1540 15.50   ended
100 535t.jpgTwo New Photo Albums, Holds Up To 4" x 6" Pictures, Both Are 8"W x 10 1/2"T 5 9858 2.50   ended
146 800t.jpg(11) New Photo Albums In Beautiful Basket, Blue Tone Sparkly Photo Albums Hold 3 1/2"W x 5" Or 4" x 6" And The Basket 12"W x 10"D x 5 1/2"T 9 10302 4.75   ended
182 1015t.jpgVintage Religious Framed Picture, Highly Detailed, Wooden Frame And Backing w/ Glass Face, Very Good Condition, 14"W x 16 1/2"T 14 12780 10.00   ended
183 1019t.jpgBeautiful Scenic Over Rock Valley Picture In Nice Frame w/ Glass Face, Good Condition, 21 1/2"W x 17"T 5 8117 3.25   ended
184 1023t.jpgLarge White Flowers Picture In Gold Tone Wooden Frame w/ Glass Face, Needs Cleaning But In Overall Good Condition, 47"W x 37"T 11 8117 12.50   ended
185 1029t.jpgVery Cute Gone Fishing Wreath With Doll Inside, Wrapped Twig Circular Wreath, Good Condition, 15 1/2"W x 22"T 1 2121 1.00   ended
190 1056t.jpgNew In Box Sheffield Home 3"W x 3"T Glass Frame w/ Clock         ended
202 1123t.jpgAntique Dresser Mirror With Wooden Frame, Very Heavy, Some Mirror Damage From Age But Overall Good Condition, 36"W x 28"T 8 10734 9.00   ended
203 1128t.jpgInteresting Vintage Beer Mirror, "Please Keep Hands Off", Good Condition Overall, 17 1/2"W x 11 1/2"T 15 3515 16.05   ended
214 1180t.jpgBeautifully Framed Plaid Print, This Would Look Great In A Cabin With Flannel Or Plaid Theme, Very Artsy, Glass Face, Good Condition, 21"W x 21"T 6 564 9.35   ended
215 1184t.jpgTwo Collectible Antique Star Soap Advertising Trade Cards By Schultz And Co., Zanesville, OH, "Seaside Beach" Of 1880's (7 3/4"W x 9 3/4"T) And "The Judge" (5 1/2"W x 7 1/2"T), Chas. Shields' Sons, Both Prints Professionally Framed Michaels And In Very Good Condition 9 13161 7.61   ended
216 1188t.jpgFramed "Bathroom Rules" Picture In Wooden Frame w/ Glass Face, Very Good Condition, 7"W x 17"T 2 10848 1.25   ended
217 1192t.jpgWater Color Picture Of Gourd Birdhouses On Poles, Wooden Frame w/ Glass Face And Heavy board, Made In New Jersey About Fifty Years Ago! Good Condition, Pict+G272ure Is 12 1/4"W x 8"T And Overall Size Is 18 1/2"W x 14 1/2"T 9 12521 5.00   ended
218 1196t.jpgNew In Package "No Drama" Tin Sign, 8 1/4"W x 11 1/2"T 19 2531 17.01   ended
235 1298t.jpgRing Necked Pheasant Print In Lovely Carved Wood Frame w/ Plexiglass Face, Ready To Hang And In Good Condition, 17"W x 20"T 4 10848 5.50   ended
236 1303t.jpgWooden Mirrored Wall Sconce w/ Four Partylite Candlesticks In Box, Good Condition, 5"W x 25"T 1 5046 1.00   ended
243 1345t.jpgVintage Dutch Windmill Oil Painting On Canvas By Gammy, Comes With A Nice Wooden Frame w/ Gold Tone Accents, Some Wear To Frame But Still In Good Condition, 24"W x 28"T 19 13097 26.50   ended
244 1353t.jpgOriginal Oil Painting On Canvas By I., Cafieri, Beautiful Lakeside Fall Scene, Nicely Framed In Gold Tone Wood Frame, Ready To Hang, Very Good Condition, The Canvas Is 12"W x 16"T And The Overall Size Is 19"W x 23"T 20 10803 15.50   ended
245 1358t.jpgTwo Original Oil Paintings Of Peaceful Woods And Lake On Hardboard, Nice Mountain Scenes In Wooden Frames, Ready To Hang And In Good Condition, 18"W x 16"T 6 13097 10.00   ended
254 1411t.jpgTwo Matted Decorative Paintings In Creme Colored Plastic Frames w/ Glass Faces, Both In Good Condition, 13 1/2"W x 11"T 1 8117 1.00   ended
257 1421t.jpgWooden Wall-Hanging Airplane, Great For A Boy's Room! Top Wing Can Be Used As A Shelf, Very Good Condition, 32"W x 7"D x 13"T 2 11646 9.86   ended
258 1427t.jpgLiving Room Mirror w/ Gold Tone Wooden Frame, Chipped In One Corner But Overall Good Condition, 44"W x 33 1/2"T 10 10803 15.50   ended
282 1569t.jpgThree Vintage Wooden Plaques w/ Pictures In Centers, Possibly Late 1960's, Good Condition, 7"W x 10 1/2"T 1 2281 1.00   ended
283 1574t.jpgVintage Burwood Products "Arabesque" Cat Wall Art, Heavy Picture But Hanger Is Secure, Good Condition, 8"W x 24"T 24 10807 21.00   ended
284 1578t.jpgVintage Wall Hanging "Herbs" Plaque w/ Nails For Hang Drying In Good Condition, 11"W x 4 1/2"T 5 12126 2.47   ended
301 1680t.jpgFramed Picture Of Ladies With Birdcage By Carlton A. Smith, Good Condition, 21 1/2"W x 18"T 9 9013 5.50   ended
302 1686t.jpgMatted Doll Picture By Barbara Mack In Framed Goldtone Wooden Frame, Good Condition, 20 1/2"W x 16"T 1 8117 1.00   ended
304 1695t.jpgAntique 3D Puffy Deer In Woods w/ Stream Cloth Picture, Wooden Frame, Good Condition, 26"W x 20"T 4 11223 4.25   ended
327 1838t.jpg"No Stopping Standing Parking" Metal Sign In Good Condition, 12"W x 18"T 9 13326 12.50   ended
328 1842t.jpgPier One Canvas Painting Of Yellow/Orange Flower, Still Has Paperwork Attached To Back With Artist Info, Some Knicks Around Dark Walnut Wood Frame, Easy To Touch Up, Canvas In Very Good Condition, 36"W x 36"T 6 9246 6.00   ended
329 1848t.jpg"West" Metal Sign In Good Condition, 24"W x 12"T 14 12641 8.00   ended
336 1888t.jpgTwo Vintage Metal French Bugle Horns, Great Wall Art In Very Good Condition, 13" Diameter x 23" Long 6 11025 6.50   ended
337 1894t.jpgRustic Pallet Wood Mirror, Heavy And Sturdy, Might Need A Stronger Wire Or You Could Just Screw It Directly Into The Wall, Good Condition, 21"W x 40"T 13 4580 23.50   ended
340 1912t.jpgAntique Weathered Look Of Victorian Tin Tile "Pears II And Pears III" Picture, Wood w/ Glass Face, First In A Series Of Two, Good Condition, 12 1/2"W x 12 1/2"T 6 11593 3.50   ended
342 1923t.jpgMetal Stop Sign In Good Condition, 36"W x 36"T 22 13399 25.50   ended
343 1927t.jpgBeautifully Framed And Matted Monet Style "Woman & Girl In The Garden" Picture In Wooden Frame w/ Glass Face, Very Good Condition, 14"W x 12"T 6 8117 3.38   ended

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