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360 2013t.jpgElectric Fireplace/Heater w/ Wooden Mantle & Surround, Good Condition, 35 1/2"W x 9 1/2"D x 39"T, UPDATE - Powers Up But Untested Further 17 10095 29.99   ended
454 2523t.jpgTabletop Oscillating Fan w/ Three Speeds, KDK By Patton, Model #H12TA, Working, 14"W x 9"D x 20"T, Good Condition 8 1721 6.94   ended
467 23712t.jpgLife Smart Brand Heater, Model LSPP1-1500, Working, Fair Condition, 13"W x 19"D x 18"T 6 1139 5.50   ended
931 4608t.jpgTwo West Point 4" Personal Fans, New in Box, Plastic USB Connect 15 1721 6.00   ended
1893 7213t.jpgSunbeam Electric Portable Heater, Multiple Selections And Thermostat, 12"W x 24"T, Tower Type With Handle On Front, Model SQH310, 1500W - Good Condition 11 8484 15.25   ended
2264 15316t.jpgHeater, 26"W x 7"D x 23"H, Natural Gas Model 530N/A530N/R530N - Sold As Is, Worked When Last Used, Missing Front Glass - Looks Good Condition 28 7118 53.55   ended
3218 24419t.jpgUnvented Gas Log Fireplace, Model DEB20, Serial 07-E-053690, Natural Gas, Comes With Lava Rocks And Ceramic Logs, Works Without Power Even! Removed For A Remodel, Working And In Good Condition, 38 1/2"W x 21"D x 36"T 28 9452 71.51   ended
3237 14161t.jpgWestpointe 20" Plastic Fan In Good Condition, 23"W x 9"D x 23"T 11 11911 9.72   ended
3875 18083t.jpgKenmore Quartz Floor Heater, Low & High Setting, Many Temp. Setting, Model 130.95213510, Plastic, Untested, As Is, Good Condition, UPDATE - Powers Up But Untested Further 5 3603 7.00   ended
4187 22705t.jpgReady Propane Heater RLP 100, Three Settings, 100,000 BTU, Missing Knob, Good Condition 25"L x 9"Diam x 13"H 23 964 52.00   ended

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