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31 164t.jpg"Little Yankee Carpenter and Joiner Set" Old 14 Piece Children's Tool Set With Wood Box, Tools Are Either Wood, Iron, Steel or Combination, Good Condition For Age, Some Tools Show Signs of Rust, But So Cool Anyway! Box is 8"W x 9"D 11 8288 18.50   ended
584 3476t.jpgTwo Yellow Plastic Chunky Little Tikes Chairs In Good Condition, 11"W x 12"D x 16"T 5 11180 7.50   ended
585 3481t.jpgTwo New With Tags 31" Plush Animals By Kelly Toy, Panda And Scottie, Comes From A Non-Smoking Home 11 11275 7.21   ended
586 3487t.jpgChildren's Painted Wooden Toy Box And Clown Chair, Very Clean And In Overall Very Good Condition, Toy Box Is 15"W x 14"D x 16"T And The Chair Is 13"W x 12"D x 25"T 12 12452 15.29   ended
588 3500t.jpgDayla Baby Rocking Lamb w/ Rattle Tail, Musical Wooden Rocker, Very Soft And In Overall Good Condition, 24"L x 20"T 10 8288 16.51   ended
589 3508t.jpgPink Wooden High Doll Chair w/ Butterflies And Flowers In Overall Good Condition, 10"W x 12"D x 24"T 17 12452 27.07   ended
590 3514t.jpgGiant Size Stuffed Bear, Great Looking Large Stuffed Bear, Your Kiddies Will Love This Huge Bear, He Comes From A Non-Smoking And Pet Free Home, This Bear Is Full Inside And Only Ever Sat On The China Cabinet, Very Good Condition And 18"W x 40"T 7 4675 3.25   ended
597 3555t.jpgThree Metal Cars And Tractors Including A 2" Red Ertl, 4" Green Tractor And A 5 1/2" Yellow Hot Rod, All In Good Condition 7 247 5.55   ended
598 3563t.jpgNew In Package 2 Pc. Giant Googly Eyes Set w/ Adhesive Stick-On's, Each One Is About 7" Across, Stick Them On Scooters, Fridges, Toilets, Blackboards And Coffins! 5 8628 3.76   ended
600 3577t.jpgOhio Art Metal Lunch Box Inside is Perfect, Great Collectible in Good Condition, 8 5/8"W x 3 5/8"D x 7"H 14 9171 20.09   ended
601 3582t.jpgPower The Board Game From Power Games International 1- 4 Players, 1987 Best Game Winner, Acclaimed As One of The World's Best Strategy Games, World Domination, New And Factory Sealed In Original Plastic, 12 1/4"W x 12 3/8"D x 2"Thick 5 263 4.25   ended
603 3590t.jpgNew With Tags The Ugly Duckling 14"H x 9"W 7 11820 3.76   ended
604 3595t.jpgFrozen Notebook "Trolls" Jumbo Eraser, Stickers, And More, Overall Good Condition, Approx. 3" to 10" 3 3349 1.75   ended
605 3600t.jpgThree "Hot Wheels" Car Books, Overall Good Condition, Each 8 1/2"W x 2 1/2"Deep 1 11355 1.00   ended
606 3606t.jpgSix WWF Now WWE Painted Rubber Wrestlers, Mid 1980s, Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Junkyard Dog, Paul "Mr. Wonderful", Orndorff Big John Stud, Captain Lou Albano, Each Wrestler is Approx. 7" to 8", Some Wear But Otherwise Good Condition 8 9171 22.50   ended
607 3611t.jpgMega Bloks in Zip Bag, Gently Used, Great Building Blocks For Youngsters! Before They Move On to Legos! 80 Pieces For Little Hands, 10 1/2"W x 13" Bag, Good Condition 8 11967 5.50   ended
609 3620t.jpgBlack Hole Vintage Lunch Box, Over $100. Online, Very Light Rust, See Pictures or Preview in Person, 8"W x 4"D x 7"H, Good Condition 19 11446 36.90   ended
612 3634t.jpgNew Barbie in Box, Never Opened, 10"W x 3"D x 13"H 15 12349 10.50   ended
613 3637t.jpgSnoopy Collection- Small Size Diaper Bag New With Tags, Four Snoopy Treat Bags Never Opened, Small Snoopy and Charlie Brown Picture Frame, Four Small Mint Tins Never Opened, Snoopy Misc. All In Clear Plastic Snoopy Bag, 15 1/2"W x 11"H, Overall Good Condition 3 6555 5.50   ended
615 3649t.jpg(15) Pieces of Fisher Price Toys, 1977 TV Van With Camera USA, 1988 Plastic Boat, Play Family Camper, 1974 Huge Little People With Boat, Little Plastic Fire Car With Ladder, (9) Wood and Or Plastic Little People, All in Good Condition, 9" to 11"L 8 201 10.50   ended
674 4003t.jpgFour Frozen Sets- Two Art and Craft Sets, Two Bath And Spa Sets, Approx. 9 1/2" to 21 1/2", NEW 15 6370 12.26   ended
675 4013t.jpgVintage Lunch Box Disney Wonder World 1979, Some Wear, Fair Condition, Missing Handle, 8"W x 4"D x 7"H 9 11446 6.36   ended
678 25045t.jpg(30) Diecast Metal Vehicles- Hot Wheels, Match Book, Good Condition Overall, Mostly 1970's And 1980's, 1979 Evil Knievel Rocket Car Hot Wheels, 1982 20th Anniversary Rolls Royce Hot Wheels, 1979 Model A Ford Kellogg's Match Box, 1980 Cadillac Seville Hot Wheels, 1983 Dodge Rampage Hot Wheels, 1980 Bronco Carrying Motorcycle, Approx. 3 1/4"L x 1"W 8 12452 6.05   ended
679 4027t.jpg(8) Celebrity Dolls, Donny And Marie (Two Donny's) Brooke Shields, Bionic Woman, Farrah Faucett, All Barbie Size, Two Kelly's From Charlies Angels, Smaller Size, One Still in Box, Good Condition, Approx. 9" to 11 1/2"H 11 8276 35.50   ended
682 4044t.jpgBag of Marbles 4"W x 11"L and 2001 Marbles Some Scratches On Tin, Still Good Condition, 7"H 12 12452 11.50   ended
684 4055t.jpgThree 25" Kites With Cubes And Peace Signs, Brand New in Packages, Just in Time For Spring 13 8737 8.48   ended
689 4081t.jpgBrand New Cra-Z-Gels Sticker Deluxe Set, Great Gift, Includes Ten Paint Tubes 1 Fl. Oz. Each, With Design and Tracing Sheets, 13"W x 12"D x 2"Thick 9 6370 5.50   ended
690 24623t.jpgMickey Mouse Club Vintage Metal Lunch Box With Thermos, Fair Condition, Thermos is Very Good, 8"W x 4"Thick x 7"H 24 9171 41.00   ended
693 4095t.jpgBarbie And Sisters in Candy Shop, New And Never Opened, 12"W x 2 1/2"Thick x 13"H 8 12349 15.50   ended
698 25032t.jpg(4) Two Children's Wall Clocks, Mickey Mouse and Shimmer- Shine New in Box 10", Two Calafant Crafts Palace And Fortress, NEW 16 7246 18.00   ended
791 5484t.jpgCarquest Tonka Plastic Jeep Toy In Good Condition, 9"W x 10"L x 7"T 13 9171 11.00   ended
805 4175t.jpg1/25 Scale 1998 Chevy Corvette Convertible Model Kit, NEW AMT/Ertl Gray Plastic With Parts Still In Plastic Mold Bars, 9"W x 7"D x 4 1/2"H 12 12375 8.50   ended
841 4436t.jpgGilbert No. 10042 Erector Automatic Radar Scope Set, Rusty, Unsure if Complete, Box 16 1/4" x 8 1/4"x 3"H 5 13272 6.13   ended
858 4562t.jpgLarge Tote Full of KNEX Very Fun In Clean Good Condition, Approx. 16 1/2"W x 23"D x 15"H 17 12452 16.50   ended
909 5598t.jpgBox Of Model Train Pieces Including A Vintage Lionel 3656 Stockyard w/ Metal Chassis, Two Loud Marx Vintage Track Remote Control Switches And A Louis Marx Control Panel, All In Good Condition, 10-16" Long 12 9171 16.28   ended
921 5671t.jpgBox Of Vintage Plastic Ville Train Buildings, Sheds, Freight Car, Light Poles, Working Sheet Lights, Lionel Bell Boards, All In Good Condition, As Is, Items Are 5-8" Long And The Box Is 23"W x 16"D x 5"T 15 10924 11.00   ended
1108 7894t.jpgViewmaster Picture Cards For 3D Viewing Delight, Subjects Include Disneyland, Alaska, Bugs Bunny And Wonders Of The World, Good Condition, 3 1/2" Diameter 8 7707 4.09   ended
1142 8111t.jpgHaunted Victorian Style Doll, Doll Had To Be Removed From Little Girl's Room Because The Girl Said The Doll Would Wake Her Up Talking To Her, Freaky And Not For The Faint Hearted, No Returns! She Comes With A One Way Ticket, Very Good Condition, 19" Tall 9 4767 5.50   ended
1205 6769t.jpgDiecast Ford Tractor Model, Large Size 12"W x 12 1/2"L x 10"T, Some Chips And Peeling 18 11905 31.50   ended
1209 6798t.jpgSoft Air Gun, Race Track, Play Toy Drill With Real Grinder Sounds, Nuts, Bolts, Etc., Plus Odds And Ends, 1" To 23"L - Good Condition 3 11049 2.50   ended
1276 7147t.jpgVintage Disney Princesses Tin Lunchbox Featuring Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel And More, 8"W x 2 3/4"D x 6"H - Light Rust And Shows Some Age, But Overall Good Condition 5 11446 2.75   ended
1279 7160t.jpgFive Piece Lot Including Jumbo Erasers, Beenie Knit Hat, Dinos And "Kiss" Pins, Very Neat Lot, 1 1/2" To 8"L - Brand New In Package 1 6051 1.00   ended
1280 7166t.jpgBrand New Doll House Family, Stands Easily, So Cute!! Wood And Cloth 4 1/2" To 3 1/2" Tall Each 4 1740 1.75   ended
1282 7176t.jpgTote Bag Of Stuffed Animals Including Scooby, Turtle, Frog And More Plus Slippers Size 5-6 - Some Need Cleaning But Overall Good Condition 2 8603 1.25   ended
1288 7212t.jpgMarvel Spider Man Plastic Action Figure Titan Hero Series, 2015, Weight Is About 1.2 Lbs., Arms Legs, Waist And Head Move! This Toy Is Great For The Kids! 20"T - Good Condition 4 11617 6.50   ended
1290 7221t.jpgCrayola Special Edition Large Red Crayon, Non Toxic, 12"L - Broken But New 1 2158 1.00   ended
1302 11854t.jpgToy Lot Including Stickers, Plush Animals, Happy Meal Toys And More, 12"W x 24"L x 10"H, Full Box - Good Condition 4 1499 6.50   ended
1312 11932t.jpgBox Full Of Toys, Mostly Plastic Happy Meal Gifts, 12"W x 12"D x 8"H - Good Condition To New Still In Package 4 793 5.50   ended
1313 11939t.jpgBox Full Of Happy Meal Toys, 8"W x 8"D x 9"H - Good Condition To New In Package 2 793 1.00   ended
1394 12387t.jpgGreat Lot Of Plastic Play Kitchen Toys, Sizes Range From 2"Dia. Cupcake To 10"W x 9"D x 4"H Basket, Some Metal Pans Too, See Photos - Good Condition 8 6443 10.50   ended

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