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128 687t.jpg(13) Lot of DVD Most Only Watched One Time Two Sealed, Also Four VHS Tapes All Sealed, Two Boxes IBM Tech III Ribbon, Opened, Titles Include Year One, Kubo, The Two Strings, He's Just Not That Into You 6 12224 5.00   ended
172 946t.jpgBox of (40) DVD's- Titles Include Pretty Little Liars, Twilight, Cast Away and More 7 12693 18.68   ended
174 960t.jpg(14) DVD's- Space Balls (Sealed) CSI Season One, Davinci Project, Fast and Furious and More, Overall Good Condition 17 13269 12.50   ended
176 972t.jpgBox of (16) DVD's- Titles Include Wrath of Titans, 40 Year Old Virgin, The Day After Tomorrow and More, Overall Good Condition 7 7042 5.50   ended
239 1362t.jpgBox Of (44) DVD's Including Movies Like Reign Over Me, Step Up, Crush And More! All In Good Condition 15 11629 20.53   ended
322 1879t.jpgLot Of Approximately (30) CD's Including Many New Christians And Jeremy Camp, Good Condition To New In Package 1 1854 1.00   ended
324 1895t.jpgSeven DVD's Including Sopranos Season One, Complete Hobbit Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone And More! Many Still Sealed, Good Condition To New In Package 10 10659 12.50   ended
346 2041t.jpgDisc Jockey Style Vinyl Carrying Case w/ (58) Cassettes Of Various Genres Of Music Including Greatest Hits Of Chordettes, Chuck Berry, Gene Pitney, Tanya Tucker And Many Variety Hit Tapes, Never Left Overnight In Hot Or Cold Car, All Cassettes Are Practically New - Some Only Played Once! Some Of This Music Is Impossible To Find! Overall Good Condition And The Case Is 15"W x 7"D x 11"T 7 426 10.50   ended
349 2064t.jpgBox Of (36) DVD's Including Titles Like Twilight, Avalanche, Hangover 3 And Many More! All In Good Condition 13 7042 14.64   ended
399 2331t.jpgLot Of (40+) VHS Movies Including Harry Potter, Matrix, Silver Wolf, True Lies And Many More! Good Condition 1 1740 1.00   ended
417 2432t.jpgGolden Girls DVD Set- Third Season New in Package, Total of 25 Episodes, Great Comedy That Never Gets Old! 7 2634 5.50   ended
428 2494t.jpgMetronome Made in Germany, 2 1/2"W x 2"Thick x 6"H, Like New in Very Good Condition 14 7389 10.50   ended
498 2913t.jpg(33) VHS Tapes- Harry Potter, True Lies, Home Alone, Eraser, Benji and Lots More, Overall Good Condition 1 2546 1.00   ended
504 2947t.jpgVintage Empire "The 600" Piano Accordion, Model #63-1-901 w/ Case, Custom Made For The Academy Of Musical Arts, Made In Italy, 120 Bass Keys And 17 Treble Keys And Five Register Keys Plus Mute Off/On Buttons, Strap Ripped But Overall Good Condition 27 3002 75.00   ended
509 2987t.jpgVintage Zimmerman Autoharp By Oscar Schmidt, Model #73, Made In USA, Good Condition, 22"W x 11 1/2"D 24 12910 30.00   ended
547 3259t.jpgBox Of (62) DVD's Including Seven Pounds, Sin City, The Vow, Twister And More! All Good Condition, 12"W x 18"L Box 12 12693 36.00   ended
743 5160t.jpgNice Lot Of (52) Movies Including Titles Like Overboard, Stakeout And Big Daddy, All In Good Condition 3 196 3.25   ended
778 5402t.jpgLot Of Eleven DVD's Including Walk The Line, Karate Kid, SWAT, Chain Reaction, Full Metal Jacket And More! All In Good Condition 12 12670 9.50   ended
792 5490t.jpgFive Boxes Of Magnetic Sound Recording Tape And Pre-Recorded Mondural Tape, Constant Speed Recorders, Allegro Says German Recording On The Box, Sunrise #26 Christmas Favorites And More! All In Good Condition, 3 1/2"W x 3 1/2"L x 1/4"T         ended
861 4583t.jpgNice Mix of 8 Track Tapes, Paul McCartney, Kiss, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Plus Many More Oldies But Goodies, Most Working, Fair Condition 3 12695 2.25   ended
862 4590t.jpgFive Violins, Not In Playing Condition, No Names Or Models - All Made Overseas, Fair Conditions, Approx. 11" to 18" 23 6243 31.00   ended
874 4671t.jpgWood Cigar Box Guitar Hand Made, Three Strings- Victor Sinclair Box, Works Very Good, Good Condition, 7"W x 2"D x 32"L, Very Cool! 13 1323 27.00   ended
979 5973t.jpgTote Of (120) DVD's With A Good Variety Including Titles Like Duplicity, Seven, Tears Of The Sun And Many More! Good Condition, Tote Is 17"W x 40"L x 6"T 10 12224 62.00   ended
993 6058t.jpgTwo Sets Of Wooden Maracas From Mexico, Possibly Handpainted, Older But Unsure Of Age, Good Condition, 9 1/2" To 10 1/2" Long 12 12910 7.50   ended
1118 7962t.jpgHuge Tote Of (120) DVD's With A Variety Including Walk The Line, Breach, Underworld And More! Good Condition, 40"W x 18"D x 7"T 22 12224 62.50   ended
1286 7206t.jpgChildren's DVDs Like Sesame Street, High School Musical 2, Barney And More - Good Condition To New 5 3167 4.25   ended
1356 12180t.jpgDisc Jockey Style Carrying Vinyl Carrying Case With 58 Cassettes Of Various Genres Of Music, Greatest Hits Of BTO, Mamas And Papas, James Taylor, Jim Reeves, Bob Dylan, Sonny James, And Many Others, 15"W x 11"D x 7"H, Never Left Over Night In A Hot Or Cold Car, All Cassettes Are Practically New, Some Only Played Once, Some Of This Music Is Almost Impossible To Find - Very Good Condition 8 426 7.00   ended
1423 6255t.jpgFour 33LP Albums Including Glad All Over By Dave Clark 5, Sunshine Arches, Saturday Night Live, And Sister Sledge "We Are Family" - Good Condition 3 8191 1.75   ended
1520 9197t.jpgFirst Act Drum Or Guitar Stool, Nice Little Item! Missing Bolt To Keep Seat Stationary, Seat Base Bottom Has Crack But Still Seems Solid, Base 18"Dia. X 19"T, Seat 11"Dai. - Looks Good Condition 16 1127 13.75   ended
1632 7495t.jpgDVD Lot- The Flash Season One NIP, Gotham Season One NIP, Office Space NIP, The Martian And CSI First Season, Both Very Good Condition, High Quality Lot! 13 2377 11.00   ended
1637 7525t.jpgTen TV and Comedy Records- Cheech And Chong, Flip Wilson, Phyllis Diller, Bill Crosby and More, Untested, As Is, Some Cover Wear, Overall Good Condition 7 8191 5.01   ended
1666 7679t.jpgVintage Hitachi DP12-321 Stereo Receiver Console With Built In Turntable, Doesn't Work But Everything Else Does, Has AUX in On Back, Comes With Original Manual, Overall Good Condition, 20"W x 16"D x 9 1/2"H 8 1419 10.51   ended
1821 8546t.jpgLot Of Four Memorex DVD-R Disc 10-Packs, 16x Speed, 4.7GB/120 Minute, Some Cases Might Be Cracked But All Are New 6 3927 13.00   ended
1826 8587t.jpgLot Of Four Memorex DVD-R Disc 10-Packs, 16x Speed, 4.7GB/120 Minute, Some Cases Might Be Cracked But All Are New 6 7534 7.05   ended
1827 8592t.jpgLot Of (20) DVD's Including Casino Royale 007, Brooklyn's Finest, Hitch And More! Good Condition 13 3766 9.19   ended
1847 8743t.jpgLot Of Four New In Box Memorex DVD-R 10-Packs, 16X Speed, 4.7GB/120 Minute, A Case Or Two Might Be Cracked But All New 8 7534 6.00   ended
1852 8772t.jpgBible On Cassette Tapes Including The King James Version, Plastic 3-Drawer Case, 16 1/2"W x 12"D x 3 1/2"T, Good Condition 3 10986 1.00   ended
1854 8788t.jpgLot Of Four Memorex DVD-R Disc 10-Packs, 16x Speed, 4.7GB/120 Minute, Some Cases Might Be Cracked But All Are New 8 7534 6.00   ended
1855 8793t.jpgLot Of (12+) Music Books For Guitar, Some Come With CD's, Good Condition 10 10807 4.50   ended
1857 8804t.jpgLot Of Cowboy/Western Themed DVD's Including Complete First Season Of F-Troop, Two Bonanza DVD's And John Wayne's Rodeo Racketeers Young Duke Series w/ Three Great Classics, Very Good Condition 10 9079 6.51   ended
1864 8851t.jpgESQ Lambskin Camera Bag w/ Cassettes From Artists Like Hank Williams, Bing Crosby, Tony Bennet And More! Good Condition, 13"W x 6"D x 7"T 1 2158 1.00   ended
2280 11749t.jpgEveryday Life Music Band Wood Framed Memorabilia w/ Glass Face, Good Condition, 27"W x 21"H 1 3436 1.00   ended
2307 19053t.jpgApproximately (75) DVD's Including Herman, Voltron, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles And More! Good Condition! 14 8419 29.15   ended
2310 19072t.jpgApproximately (48) DVD's With Some Great Titles! See Pictures For Movies, Good Condition 22 2377 31.80   ended
2338 19216t.jpgBox Of Children Musical Items Including Cymbals, Tambourines, Triangles And Sticks; All Used But In Good Condition, 2-7" Diameter x 7-13" Long 8 9756 15.50   ended
2372 19407t.jpgLot Of (20) New In Plastic Vinyl Records Including James Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Pretty Rickey, P. Diddy And More! All 12" LP's 12 12555 21.11   ended
2516 18564t.jpg(25) Record Albums, Best of Lawrence Welk, Jeremy Burke, Lenny Dee and Many More, Some Without Covers, Untested, Overall Good Condition 1 4631 1.00   ended
2518 18583t.jpg(20) DVD's- Lots to Choose From Cartoon, Comedy, Drama and More, Fair To Good Condition, Some Scratches 6 10092 7.26   ended
2554 18768t.jpg1964 Mahogany Wood Shop Guitar Rack For Two Acoustic Guitars and One Banjo, Good Condition, 34"W x 6"D x 46"H 4 6243 3.75   ended
2716 20298t.jpg(4) Sized 33 Albums, Grand Funk Railroad Live, Elvis, Ann Murray, Gary Lears Play Boys, Good Condition 7 1209 4.59   ended

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