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89 460t.jpgGolf Ball Quartz Clock Runs On One AA Battery, It's Very Good Condition, Measures 12"Diam, Keeps Excellent Time and Works As Is Should, Very Cool Collectible, Don't Miss Out on This One! 6 1422 5.59   ended
531 3137t.jpgNine Clocks For Parts, Some Electric And Some Battery Powered, Comes With Cool Old Wooden Style Clock, Untested And As Is, Fair To Good Condition, 3" To 9" Tall, UPDATE - Four Work, Unable To Test The Others 3 720 3.25   ended
608 3616t.jpgSempre Wall Clock- Pink Watch Dial, Battery Operated, Made in Germany, 10 1/2"Diam, Never Used 8 1601 5.00   ended
854 4529t.jpgCoke Clock, 12", Battery Needed, Clock Hands Are Bottle Shape, Unsure if Working, Very Good Condition 15 1422 10.50   ended
940 24941t.jpgPlastic Battery Operated Clock, Very Cool Decor Piece, No Glass But Overall Good Condition And Working, 30"W x 3"D x 30"T 13 13319 8.51   ended
1000 13903t.jpgGoldtone Embassy Watch By Gruen, 1" Face, Good Looking And Working, Serial No. And Writing On Back, Face Reads Embassy By Gruen Quartz, Nice Little Watch With Minor Scratches, Needs Cleaning 1 1601 1.00   ended
1018 13977t.jpgCool Blue Sparkle Geneva Watch, Stainless Steel Back, Water Resistant, 1 1/2"Diam Face, Man or Women's, Band Needs Cleaning, Otherwise Real Good Condition 1 1601 1.00   ended
1070 14207t.jpgRose Gold Colored Geneva Watch With Rhinestone Accents Around 1 1/2"Diam Face, Very Good Condition, Needs New Batteries 3 1601 2.25   ended
1080 14252t.jpgTwo Delphi Watches, UAW With Genuine Leather Bands, Needs Batteries, 1"Diam Faces, Look in Good Condition 12 8651 9.55   ended
1550 9384t.jpgSony Radio Clock Dream Machine, 6"W x 7"D x 2 1/2"H - Good Condition 3 659 1.50   ended
1814 8499t.jpgKirch Plastic/Metal Dome Clock, Keeps Perfect Time And The Pendulum Turns Back And Forth, Comes With Two New Batteries, Very Good Condition, 9"W x 4"D x 7"T 13 12123 5.75   ended
2048 15313t.jpgUnauthenticated Men's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date Faux Wristwatch, Real Gold Layer, Has New Battery, Good For Two Years, Keeps Excellent Time- Date Face 1 1/2"Diam, Fits Up to 8 1/4" Wrist, Some Light Scratches on Back, Minor Blemishes, From Estate, Very Impressive, Very Good Condition 24 422 52.00   ended
2094 15502t.jpgCornavin Genève 17 Jewels Men's Wristwatch, Wind Up Watch, Runs Great, 1 1/2"Diam Face, Looks in Good Condition 8 3927 12.59   ended
2237 11554t.jpgPlastic Workshop Clock (Good Battery, Works) And New Smoke Alarm, 6" And 13" Wide Items 9 12930 8.50   ended
2259 11646t.jpgTin Metal Decorative Cock w/ 11" Diameter Face, Very Good Condition, Overall 24" Diameter 13 11143 13.29   ended
2452 15768t.jpgVintage Telechron Electric Mantel Clock, Wood and Glass, Works Good, 4 1/2"W x 17"L x 7"H 6 5085 9.01   ended
2469 15848t.jpgLinden Quartz Clock, Adjustable Pendulum For Fine Tuning, Wood and Plastic, 12"W x 22 1/2"H, Clock Comes Off Mount Bracket, Two Piece, Very Good Condition 5 594 11.50   ended
2884 10097t.jpgJewelry Lot- Goldtone Angel Pin and Two Small Face Ladies Watches, Need New Batteries, Overall Good Condition, 1 1/2" to 8"L 5 2947 4.25   ended
2972 23316t.jpgCeramic 75 Years With Mickey Anniversary Clock, in Box, Very Cool Collectible in Great Condition, 5"W x 9"H 16 8453 20.50   ended
3002 25068t.jpgHampden Ladies Pocket Watch, Runs But Stops, Very Nice Blue Numbers On White Face, Great Condition, 1"Diam Face 15 12789 43.00   ended
3012 16802t.jpgElgin Pocket Watch 14K RPG Rolled Gold Plate, Runs And Stops Will Need A Good Cleaning, 1912 With Documentation, 1 1/2"Diam, Great Looking Watch 26 3927 82.00   ended
3022 16846t.jpgMulti Color Watch With Silvertone Case and Band, 1 1/2"Diam, Looks New in Box 6 11727 5.50   ended
3045 16979t.jpgMen's Casio Wristwatch, NEW Water Resistant Up to 100M, 1 1/2"Diam Face, Comes With Booklet 22 3053 20.59   ended
3454 11068t.jpgNew Ladies Watch And Bracelet Set, 2 1/2"Diam Adjustable 3 12767 1.50   ended
3832 22243t.jpgParis Theme Large Wall Clock, Good Condition, Working, 23"Diam Picture or Wood Look 7 12721 10.00   ended
3833 22248t.jpgVery Cool Plastics Incredibles Neon Light Clock, Lots of Color, Untested, As Is, 12"DIam 6 11913 3.25   ended
3937 22829t.jpgAcu-Rite Wall Clock, Pendulum Is Disconnected And Needs To Be Wiped Down, Plastic Construction, As Is But Looks To Be In Good Condition, 11 1/2"W x 3"D x 17"T 5 10546 2.75   ended
4021 18040t.jpgAssorted Watches And Watch Parts, Some Work and Some Don't- Al Agnew Pocket Watch, Timex and More, See Pictures, Great For The Collector, Up to 2"Diam Faces 8 3927 9.00   ended
4032 18111t.jpgGreen Swiss Army Watch Brand New- Brand New Battery, Nice Adjustable Band, 1 1/2"Diam Face 8 292 10.00   ended
4050 18221t.jpgElgin Pocket Watch Runs Then Stops, Marked 14K But It's Plated Gold, Nice Face With Red Outer Numbers and Rich Black Numbers, 1 3/4"Diam, Looks Good Condition 20 3927 67.00   ended
4103 21459t.jpgLanshire Ceramic Electric Mantel Clock, 8"W x 3"D x 11 1/2"H, And A Marble Slab Desk Pen Holder With A Wind Up Clock, 8"W x 4"D x 3"H - Clocks Untested But Good Condition 8 11701 7.25   ended
4125 21584t.jpgFootball Helmet Clock Of Resin, 3 1/2"Dia. X 6"H - Clock Needs New Battery - Good Condition 7 12617 5.50   ended
4144 21704t.jpgResin Tulip Clock, Was New In The Box But Missing Or Broken Hands, 8"W x 8"T - Good Condition 1 10489 1.00   ended
4147 21725t.jpgTwo Womens Fashion Quartz Watches, Currently Not Running, Probably Just Need Batteries, 7 1/2"L Bands - Look New Condition 1 9854 1.00   ended

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