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22 117t.jpgChicora High School Eagle Red Hardcover Yearbook From 1944, Charleston South Carolina, Very Good Condition 11 497 5.00   ended
31 164t.jpgVintage 1960's Calendar Stell-A-Maris Retreat House On Cardboard Paper, Good Condition, 6 1/2"W x 11"T 5 15112 5.51   ended
42 221t.jpgThree Vintage Car Paperback Books, Fair To Good Condition 2 8574 1.25   ended
112 588t.jpg(10+) Vintage Books Including Classical Music, A Christmas Past, Your Dog And My Dog, And More! Some Really Cool Ones Here! Paperbacks And Hardcovers In Fair To Good Condition 2 12159 3.42   ended
149 794t.jpgBox Of Trains Magazines - Over Eighty Issues Here! Missing Some Months/Years But All Between 1963 And 1972, A Few Have Loose Covers And Pages But Mostly Good Condition 10 3927 7.49   ended
163 873t.jpgVintage 1957 Paperback Book "Reminiscences" by Chief White Wolf Of The Chippewas, 45 Pages, Very Good Condition 8 5040 8.38   ended
176 935t.jpgNice Memorial Edition Bible In Cedar Box From Oil, Chemical, And Atomic Worker's Union, Old And New Testament, King James Version, White Faux Leather Cover That Zips Closed, Box Has Scratches But Bible Looks New, Box Is 6 3/4"W x 9 1/4"L 4 11270 2.50   ended
182 967t.jpgSept. 1975 Action Black Belt Magazine, Good Condition Overall 2 3180 1.25   ended
220 1153t.jpg"1990 Guide To Collecting Cookbooks" Paperback Edition, There Are Minor Imperfections On The Edges And Bottom Corner But It Is Still In Good Condition 1 996 1.00   ended
258 1330t.jpgVintage Paperback Book Featuring Uniform Insignia Of USA, British Empire, USSR, France, China, Poland, On The Last Page It Is Marked "US Government Printing Office 1943" It Is About 27-Pages Long And In Good Condition, 6"W x 4"H 6 16589 4.80   ended
272 1395t.jpgCatholic Books Lot With (20) Pieces Of Mostly Paperback Books, Small Sizes, Some Appear To Be Pretty Old, Come See And Inspect Them All, I See A Pope Card There Too, Most Look To Be In Good Condition, They Measure 3"W x 5"H 2 5485 1.25   ended
304 1528t.jpg1985 Secret Lives Of Marilyn Monroe Hardcover Book In Good Condition, 415-Pages, 6 1/2"W x 9 1/2"H 4 14446 13.37   ended
309 1565t.jpgBox Of Misc. Books Including: 3rd Edition Complete Guide To Symptoms, Illness And Surgery; 50 Ways To Ease Back Pain; Get Thin Get Young Plan; Anti-Cancer-A New Way Of Life; Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus; Natural Hormone Balance For Women; The Dance Of Anger; Two Novels By Lori Nelson Spielman, Etc., PLUS A Nature's Sketchbook Card Keeper Book By Marjolein Bastin With Name And Address Pages, All Are In Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
337 1722t.jpg"Confusion" By Elizabeth Jane Howard Paperback Book In Very Good Condition 1 16114 1.00   ended
358 1821t.jpgThe Beatles 1990 Calendar That Is In Very Good Condition, 10 1/2"W x 11 5/8"H 9 1740 5.00   ended
380 1935t.jpgFive Books All By David Sedalis, Calypso In Very Good Condition 4 16006 1.82   ended
650 2742t.jpgLot Of (27) Vintage Sesame Street Treasury Hardcover Books In Good Condition 6 3575 3.50   ended
771 3364t.jpgEight Vintage Hardcover Best In Children's Books, Some Wear And Discoloration But Overall Good Condition 4 10833 7.50   ended
873 3856t.jpgVintage 1946 Chicora High School Eagle Hardcover Yearbook, Charleston South Carolina, Some Writing Inside But Good Condition And Cool To Look At! 9 497 4.75   ended
936 4178t.jpgOxford Compact Edition English Dictionary Two Volume Set, Hard Cover in Storage Box, 3"W x 9"D x 12"H Each, Good Condition 1 15348 1.00   ended
1157 4849t.jpgMarvel Eight Book Library With Electronic Reader, Let Your Little Ones Love For Reading Glow With Help From The Reader, Box Damage But Still Brand New, 8"W x 4"D x 9"H 15 2098 9.05   ended
1274 5346t.jpgWood Working Magazine Lot, There Are Wood Carving, Scroll Saw Along With Wood Workers Journal and Wood Magazine, 30 Plus in Good Condition 16 10264 19.50   ended
1382 6502t.jpg(6) CD Audio Books- Great For Listening To in Your Vehicle, To Wed A Wild Lord- Sabrina Jefferies, Learned Optimism- Martin Seligman PHD, People Skills- Life Leadership Dead Center Davod Rosenfelt, Master Of Formalities, Scott Meyer And Pressing In Pressing On, Joyce Meyer, Good Condition 3 5485 1.75   ended
1445 8611t.jpgNew Paperback First Time Cake Decorating, The Absolute Beginner's Guide, 128-Pages 7 11380 8.50   ended
1491 8825t.jpgAwesome New Hardcover Book Of Star Wars, Creatures And Aliens, 143-Pages 4 13610 2.00   ended
1495 8851t.jpgNew!! Zen Doodle Dreamscapes Paperback Book By Caroline Scrace, Unlock Your Dreams, Very Nice! How To Color And Draw For Adults, 128-Pages 5 7944 2.90   ended
1579 7013t.jpgAntique "The Climax" Hardcover Book By George Jenks, 334 Pages And Inscribed With A Dip Pen To Sister On Birthday Of Nov. 1st 1910! Normal Wear From Age And Overall Good Condition 8 8943 6.77   ended
1597 7103t.jpgThe Layman's Bible Encyclopedia Hardcover Book In Good Condition 5 3062 3.75   ended
1610 8932t.jpgFour Woodworking Projects Hardcover Year Books From 1985-1988, Very Good Condition 21 14272 22.50   ended
1616 8965t.jpgBook Lot Of Fiction Paperback Novels With Drama, Romance, And More! Roughly Fifty Here! Also Comes With A Walt Disney Book! Good Condition 5 7944 5.50   ended
1697 9459t.jpgThe Civil War Storage And Fascinating Facts Hardcover Book, 250 Pages, Very Good Condition 13 2788 6.50   ended
1742 7298t.jpgNew Kitty Birthday Address Book, 8"W x 7 1/2"D 5 9352 3.79   ended
1743 7304t.jpgHardcover Time Life Books Life Library Of Photography "The Camera", Good Condition 1 16678 1.00   ended
1814 13001t.jpgWhen The Railroad Was King By Frank N. Elliot And Nothing Like It In The World By Stephen E. Ambrose, (The Men Who Built The Transcontinental Railroad 1863-1869), Both Are Paperbacks And In Overall Good Condition 5 10040 2.25   ended
1816 13013t.jpg1959 Hardcover Space Witch Book, Some Small Rips In A Few Pages But Overall Good Condition 2 6905 1.25   ended
2213 10002t.jpgCollectors Album For National Park Quarters 2010-2021, New Still in Wrapper, Cost $32. New, 9"W x 2 1/4"D x 10"H 13 11105 13.45   ended
2216 10016t.jpgHerbert H. Dow Pioneer In Creative Chemistry Hard Cover Book, Very Good Condition 4 16686 3.25   ended
2223 10051t.jpgThree "The Hardy Boys Books" All Hard Cover, Book #5 Hunting For Hidden Gold Vintage Book, Wear On Cover/Binding, Two Book #2 The House on The Cliff, Good Condition 4 2098 3.03   ended
2391 9899t.jpgNew Adult Just Add Color, Fashion Design, Gorgeous Coloring Book With More Than 120 Pull Out Illustrations, 8 1/2"W x 11"H 1 16176 1.00   ended
2399 9941t.jpgChildren's Books- Good To Great Condition, Includes Disney, Clifford, Bernstein Bears, And More 5 6994 6.35   ended
2431 13596t.jpgNew Hard Cover Star Wars Creatures And Aliens, Mark Salisbury, Exclusive Interactive Features Take You Behind The Scenes 3 9638 2.25   ended
2457 13737t.jpgFour Vintage Hard Cover Books, Great Look For Your Shelf, Our Environment, Outlines Of American Literature and More, Some Wear Otherwise Good Condition 10 301 3.75   ended
2474 24164t.jpgThe Comedy Of Cassidy Hard Cover Book Copyright 1913, Book Looks Pretty Good For Age, Normal Wear, 438 Pages, 5"W x 7 1/2"H 3 15348 2.50   ended
2520 10524t.jpgTwo Books On World War II By Winston Churchill And The Editors Of Life, This Is A Boxed Set With Gold-Embossed Slip Case, Dusty From Storage But In Great Condition, Also, One Life Pictorial Atlas Of The World, The WWII Books Are 1959 And the Atlas Is 1961, The Slip Case Measures 11"W x 14 1/2"H 4 16589 3.75   ended
2529 10581t.jpgThe American Revolution: Mirror Of The People By William Peirce Randal Hardcover Book With Faux Leather Cover And Brass Corners, Beautiful Pictures And Words Depicting The History Of America And It's People, It Was Printed In 1973, 255-Pages, In Good Condition, 9 1/4"W x 12"L 1 10698 1.00   ended
2548 10696t.jpgLot Of (28) Science Fiction And Fantasy Paperback Books, Authors Include: Piers Anthony, Raymond E Feist, Robert Adams, Elizabeth Boyer, They Are In Good Condition, Each Book Is Approx. 4"W x 7"L 5 12481 6.75   ended
2554 10737t.jpgLot Of Religious Bible CD's, DVD's And Books Including: NIV Live Bible Experience CD Set That Looks New, Quest For A Joy Filled Life DVD, Book Of Galatians CD Set, The Art Of Intercession, Kenneth Haglin And Others, In Good Condition To Very Good Condition, NIV Bible Box Is 7"W x 3"D x 12"H 6 16006 3.76   ended
2559 10767t.jpgVintage Dictionary Of The Hold Bible, Illustrated, The Binding Has Issues, In Fair Condition 1 9756 1.00   ended
2647 14191t.jpgMarvel Avenger Stories Book In Very Good Condition 9 7944 4.00   ended
2813 11995t.jpgLot Of Fifty Paperback Mystery/Thriller Novels Including Authors Minette Walters, Barbara Wood, Robert Parks, Clare Curzon, And Many More! Clean And In Good Condition 5 12481 5.50   ended

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