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38 198t.jpgS. McGinty '89 Painting In A Nice Gold Frame In Very Good Condition, 26"W x 20"H 16 050 14.00   ended
43 224t.jpgHumphrey Bogart And James Dean Vintage Clay Art Wall Hanging Masks, They Are In Very Good Condition Except For Slight Cracking On The Glaze Due To Their Age, 7 1/2"W x 9"H 8 687 12.50   ended
66 327t.jpgStar Fish Shadow Box That Is Great For Nautical Décor, It Is Made Of Wood And Glass And Is In Good Condition, 11"W x 11"H 1 12600 1.00   ended
79 384t.jpgCleopatra And Joan Crawford Clay Art Wall Hanging Masks, They Are Both In Very Good Condition Except For Some Cracking Of The Glaze Due To Age, The Cleopatra Measures 8"W x 10"H And The Joan Crawford Is 6"W x 8"H 6 687 11.50   ended
90 433t.jpgTwo Old Iron Metal Wall Hangings, Each One Holds Three Candles, They Feature A Grapevine Theme And Are In Good Condition, The Diameter Of Each Candle Platform Is About 3 1/2" And Each Measures 9"W x 5"D x 25"H 26 161 14.26   ended
92 442t.jpgMelton Signed Oil Painting On Canvas Framed In Fantastic Rustic Carved Wood, In Very Good Condition, 32"W x 26"H 24 14117 40.76   ended
93 447t.jpgHandmade Painted Shabby Chic "Amazing Grace" Sign, Great Rustic Look! In Good Condition And Measuring 16"W x 16"H 7 12780 4.28   ended
94 451t.jpgVintage Iris Matted Botanical Print Framed In Wood Under Glass, In Very Good Condition, It Measures 17"W x 22"H 7 10986 5.50   ended
97 465t.jpgGorgeous Wooden Antique Picture Frame In An Oval Shape, It Is In Good Condition And Measures 8"W x 9 1/2"H 11 116 13.25   ended
115 560t.jpgKim Diment "Blue Brothers" Bear Print In An Ornate Gold Tone Frame, #23/850, Kim Diment Is From Grayling, Michigan; Very Good Condition, 23"W x 19"T 17 5897 17.50   ended
116 566t.jpgP.G. Tiele Oil Painting On Canvas In A Beautiful Antique Wooden Frame, Good Condition And 26 1/2"W x 22 3/4"D 23 16232 104.00   ended
137 680t.jpgVintage Carling's Brewery "Nine Pints Of The Law" Metal Advertising Based On The Original 1881 Photograph, Good Condition And 21 1/2"W x 12"T 18 14147 34.00   ended
138 684t.jpgDenver And Rio Grande West #484 Train Painting Wall Art, Artist Unknown And In Overall Very Good Condition, Just Needs Your Frame! 26"W x 20"T 13 12687 12.18   ended
141 697t.jpgNice Wood Framed "Roane Manning" Barn Picture, Double Matted With Glass And In Overall Good Condition, 11 1/4"W x 9 1/4"T 7 14266 2.75   ended
153 759t.jpgNice "Eskimo Legend" Saying Floral Artwork Piece In Glass And Wooden Frame, Good Condition But A Few Nicks, 15 1/2"W x 23"T 2 7630 1.25   ended
154 764t.jpgNice Clear Cutting Picture In Wooden Frame With Glass Face, Appears To Be German And Can't Read Print Or Signature, Matted And Nice Style! A Little Dirty But Overall Good Condition, 24 1/2"W x 20 1/4"T 8 16232 33.59   ended
155 771t.jpgNice Mirror With Cream Colored Ornate Resin Frame, Good Condition And 13"W x 15"T 5 3884 4.75   ended
157 782t.jpgGreen Wing Teal Print By James Hublick From 1982, #207/700, Nice Colors On Print In Wooden Frame With Glass Face, Double Matted And In Good Condition, 26"W x 31"T 9 764 14.99   ended
170 878t.jpgBox Of Picture Frames Including Misc. Wall Hangings, Mostly Wood, Some Very Nice Ones! Some Have Wear But Still In Overall Good To New Condition, Box Full Is 12"W x 13"D x 10"T 1 10811 1.00   ended
292 1425t.jpgNew Photo Album That Holds Eighty 4" x 6" Photos, Imitation Leather Binder, 7 1/4"W x 7"L 9 16185 5.00   ended
463 5174t.jpg(17) Total Wooden Picture Frames With Glass In Good Condition, 9 1/2"W x 11"L 10 1173 18.00   ended
671 3119t.jpgVintage Pictures, No Idea Who Is In Them, (15) Total, In Good Condition, 5"W x 7"H, 2 1/2"W x 3 1/2"H 2 1516 1.50   ended
1146 3915t.jpgThree Decorative Wall Art Prints- Teddy Bear, Angels, Friend, Wood Frames With Glass, Some Nicks and Scratches, Overall Good Condition, 7" to 12"H 1 15287 1.00   ended
1236 5603t.jpgThree Hunting Scenes By Field and Stream, Artist Edwin Megargee 1883-1958, All Three Prints Are Dated With Copyright of 1934, Grouse Shooting, Snipe Shooting And Goose Shooting Are Titles, All Under Glass Wood Frames With Nice Color, 8 1/2"W x 11"H, Good Condition 8 10833 14.49   ended
1282 5815t.jpgFour Picture Frames, Metal and Wood With Glass, Some Scratches, Good Condition Overall, 6"W x 8"H to 11"W x 14"H 1 12429 1.00   ended
1292 5869t.jpgVintage Wall Décor and Candle Holders, Metal- Plastic- Wood and Glass, 6" to 16"H, Good Condition 2 12173 1.25   ended
1373 8872t.jpgElephants And Palm Trees, Three Drawer Metal Wall Shelf With Towel Rack, 17 1/2"W x 6 1/2"D x 19"H, Very Good Condition 5455 11 11341 10.50   ended
1375 8884t.jpgVintage Mid Century Modern 1950's Mosaic Tile Mirror, 16"W x 20"H In Wood Frame, Very Good Condition 3 15287 1.60   ended
1376 8888t.jpgVintage Signed And Numbered Chokin Engraved Picture, Birds, Flowers, Butterflies, Leaves, The Colors Are Outstanding Made in Limited Editions, Engraving Gilding A Copper Plate, With Layers Of Gold And Silver, Applying Acids, Great Size, Matted 20"W x 14"H, Picture is 13 3/4"W x 8"H, Story on Back, Appears In Good Condition 13 14266 20.50   ended
1377 8892t.jpgBeautiful Waterfall Print 24"W x 36"H, Metal Frame With Glass, Good Condition 4 9355 3.25   ended
1378 8896t.jpgBeautiful Wall Mount Mirror, Wood and Glass With Elephant Design, 20"W x 24"H, Very Good Condition 2 3083 1.75   ended
1383 8919t.jpgVintage Wood Three Tier Corner Shelf in Good Condition, 9"W x 6"D x 18"H 7 51 3.25   ended
1384 8923t.jpgWall Hanging Antique Match Holder, Metal in Good Condition, 3 1/4"W x 2 3/4"D x 6"H 12 16096 10.26   ended
1386 8931t.jpgHand Made Painted Kitchen Sign, "Shabby Chic" Very Good Condition, 16"Sq. 5 8603 4.01   ended
1387 8935t.jpgVintage Sungott Art Studios NY Ornate Wood Framed Wall Mirror, Great Size in Very Good Condition, 8 1/2"W x 28 1/2"H 16 6861 12.75   ended
1388 23149t.jpg(2) Wood Plaques, 10 3/4" x 2 1/4" Fla, 9" x 7" Evening Post, Good Condition 1 15287 1.00   ended
1391 8957t.jpgTwo Cast Fireman's Plaques, Brass Fireman's Helmet Door Knocker and Two Cast Soldier Figures, Small Soldier is Rusted But All Detail is There, Rest In Very Good Condition, 7 1/2" to 13"H 11 14147 11.01   ended
1392 8963t.jpgStunning Matted Picture Of Goddess Sitting On Bench By The Water, Wood Frame With Beautiful Detail- Glass 25 1/2"H x 21"W, Great Condition, Was Used To Decorate With The Garden Goddess Fountain In This Auction 2 833 2.25   ended
1393 8967t.jpgPainting Of Badger in The Wild Wood Framed By Oscar Motley Jr. 85 Once Hung In Museum of Arts in Saginaw, Could Use Soft Cleaning, Was Local Artist, 40 1/2"W x 33"H, Good Condition 5 050 15.50   ended
1394 8972t.jpgPlastic Framed Glass Mirror In Goldtone Frame, Very Good Condition, 25 1/2"W x 35 1/2"H 6 1234 5.50   ended
1395 8976t.jpgMetal Two Tier Wall Baskets in Wonderful Soft Green Aged Patina, Multiple Applications For Storage In Kitchen, Bathroom or Bedroom Areas, 8"W x 5"D x 24"H, Minimal Surface Issues, Otherwise Good Condition 9 4340 4.70   ended
1621 10492t.jpgFive New Gallery Shelf Kits, Great For Displaying Your Collections Or Knick Knacks, The Package Contains One Shelf, Two Brackets And All The Mounting Hardware! 24"W x 5 1/2"D x 2 1/4"T 17 9693 11.00   ended
1633 10548t.jpgScott Mutter Surational Images, Metal Framed Print, "Water Tower Place", Ready To Be Hung And In Very Good Condition, 24 1/4"W x 36 1/4"T 2 13900 2.25   ended
1634 10539t.jpgWall Plate Holder And Mitten/Hat Drying Tree, Plate Holder Holds Four Plates (11"W x 2"D x 45"T) And The Mitten/Hat Drying Rack Is (12"W x 37"T); Both In Great condition 5 1516 4.25   ended
1641 10579t.jpgLarge Mirror With No Frame, Good Condition, 22"W x 68"T 1 51 1.00   ended
1871 7807t.jpgInstant Relatives Stack Of Photos, Some Early 1900's! Worn And Torn - Fair To Good Condition, 3"W x 3"L To 8"W x 10"L 4 1516 5.50   ended
2328 10053t.jpgNew In Box!! 2013 Disney 1209192419, Little Photo Holder Made Of Wood And Metal, Little Mermaid, Has Tiny Scratches 7"W x 6"H 3 2885 1.50   ended
2334 10075t.jpgNew In Box!! 2013 Disney 1209192419, Little Photo Holder Made Of Wood And Metal, Little Mermaid, Has Tiny Scratches, 7"W x 6"H 2 11759 1.25   ended
2345 10120t.jpgNew In Box! Little Mermaid Photo Holder Disney 1209192419, Made Of Wood And Metal, Small Scratches, 7"W x 6"H 2 11759 1.25   ended
2350 10136t.jpgNew In Box! Little Mermaid Photo Holder Disney 1209192419, Made Of Wood And Metal, 7"W x 6"H 2 11759 1.25   ended

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