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221 1129t.jpgHolmes Instafurnace Electric 1500W Heater, Untested/As Is But Overall Good Condition, 6"W x 6"D x 8"T, UPDATE - Tested And Working! 6 13243 3.21   ended
241 1205t.jpgPelonis Fan-Forced Disc Furnace V Ceramic Heater, Model HC-455, Rarely Used And In Very Good Condition, Untested/As Is, 7"W x 5 1/2"D x 8"T, UPDATE - Tested And Working! 6 16737 9.27   ended
306 1512t.jpgFive New In Package Traditions Fire Starter Block Packages, Each Package Has Four Fire Starters - Twenty Total! Each Package About 6" Long 9 4809 10.00   ended
414 4857t.jpgNew Tower Fan With Remote, All Functions Work As They Should, A Couple Of Lights On The Top Don't Show, It Is A Nice Unit! 40"H 20 11759 17.50   ended
601 2728t.jpgVintage Lakewood Metal Large Standing 1/6-HP Fan With 1500-RPM, American Made Quality! In Good Condition, 23"W x 14"D x 38"H 26 14079 33.99   ended
1129 3820t.jpgTwo Speed Personal Fan, Blue and White Plastic, Works, Good Condition, No Stand 5"Diam x 3 1/2" 1 9355 1.00   ended
1503 15024t.jpgThree-Speed Oscillating Fan, Cover Got Broken In Move Otherwise Good Condition And Working, Sold As Is, 20"D x 50"T 10 16535 4.25   ended
1507 15050t.jpgWhite And Chrome Propane Heater With Some Rust, Working And In Good Condition, 21 1/2"W x 9"D x 19"T 8 6418 18.00   ended
1647 10607t.jpgStanding Three-Speed Oscillating Fan, Unbranded But Good Condition, Untested/As Is, 18"D x 45"T, UPDATE - Tested And Working! 7 16432 7.50   ended
1963 9317t.jpgBrand New In Original Shipping Box! Electrolux Dryer Heater Element Assembly, Part 131553900, It Measures 21"W x 25"L 5 16385 3.25   ended
2282 11895t.jpgNew In Package! Dimplex Electric Fireplace Double-Pole Thermostat Kit, Catalogue No. TWHT2, 2"L 4 10749 3.05   ended
2335 10078t.jpgBrand New Beautiful Metal USB Parrot Fan, Comes With A 35 1/2"L USB Cord That Allows It To Work With Most Electronic Devices, A Great Way To Keep Cool! "The Heat Is Coming", It Has A Small Scratch On The Neck But It Is Still In Excellent Condition, 10 1/4"W x 3 1/2"D x 9 1/4"H 13 6883 8.60   ended
2484 19130t.jpgColeman Adjustable Catalytic Heater With 2000-5000 BTU, Holds Two Propane Tanks In Back And Can Be The Tall Skinny Can Or Shorter One, Fires Up But Won't Stay Lit When You Take Off Start - Maybe Needs New Thermocoupler? Sold As Is But Overall Good Condition, 9"W x 6"D x 16"T 11 12342 11.38   ended
2620 10950t.jpgCrane Boiler Radiator Cast Iron, Unknown Age, Good Condition, Needs Minor Cleaning or Paint, Use or Repurpose, 6 1/2"W x 6 1/2"D x 30"H 26 181 20.76   ended
2907 12036t.jpgColeman Propane Heater - Model 5029, Also Comes With An Unbranded Propane Heater, Both In Overall Good Condition But Untested/As Is, 6-9" Diameters 23 16439 21.50   ended
3368 19572t.jpgElectric Heater That Works Great, Lakewood Brand, It Needs Cleaning But Is In Good Condition, 15"W x 6"D x 10"H 3 13243 1.25   ended
3494 17341t.jpgHolmes Small Space Heater, Needs Some Cleaning Otherwise Good Condition, Untested/As Is And 8" Tall, UPDATE - Tested And Working! 4 13243 3.13   ended
3621 15716t.jpgWhite Ceiling Fan, Five Blades and Light, 52"Diam x 11"H, Untested As Is, Needs TLC, Fair Condition 2 8309 3.25   ended
3766 18398t.jpgGalaxy Floor Fan, Untested Three Different Levels, Good Condition, 17"W x 9"D x 40"H, UPDATE - Tested And Working 10 5777 7.14   ended
3965 20545t.jpg30,000 BTU Model GP30 Natural Gas Heater By Reddy Heater, Wall Mount, Used, Front Cover is Off, Untested, As Is, Needs Cleaning, Good Condition Overall 24 11795 26.00   ended
4169 22254t.jpgNew Polar Wind Adjustable Height Oscillating Fan, Works, Three Speed, 12"Diam x 33"H, Model TFY 1009A, Plastic And Chrome 29 16292 52.00   ended

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