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10 55t.jpgTen Shakespeare Books, Gollancz Edition Including: Romeo And Juliet, Loves Labors Lost, Othello And More, Fair Condition To Good Condition 9 11116 12.00   ended
20 116t.jpgRobin Hood 1955 By Howard Pyle, The Binding Is Coming Apart And The Binding Book Label Is Missing, Fair Condition 1 4959 1.00   ended
151 739t.jpgTwo Vintage Hardcover Books By Richard Wagner Including "Siegfried And The Twilight Of The Gods" And "The Rheingold And The Valkyrie"; Both Have Slipcovers And Show Light Wear But Overall Good Condition 9 3510 5.50   ended
159 794t.jpg(22) Vintage Children's Books Including Walt Disney's Numbers 1-10, Petunia Beware! Early Readers And Storybooks, Comes With A Nice Black Cloth Basket And Some Books Show Wear But Overall Good Condition, Basket Is 17"W x 10"D x 4"T 5 15130 5.68   ended
162 816t.jpgLot Of Ten Antique Paperback Price Guide Books From Schroeder's And Trash Or Treasure, From The Mid/Late 1990's And Early 2000's, Overall Good Condition 5 16740 7.75   ended
167 857t.jpgTwo Boxes Of Books Including Novels, Medical, Self-Help, Business And More! Paperbacks And Hardcovers, Pick Through And Keep What You Want And Sell The Rest! Some Have Wear But Overall Good Condition 3 1854 2.00   ended
171 886t.jpgBox Of Vintage Books Including A Lot About Wine! Also Comes With "Best Loved Poems" And "The Satyricon"; Some Wear But Overall Fair To Good Condition, Box Full Is 12"W x 16"L x 10"T 1 9376 1.00   ended
201 1045t.jpgNew Paperback Cake Decorating Book - The Absolute Beginner's Guide By Autumn Carpenter 4 16167 5.01   ended
305 1502t.jpgLot Of Eleven Vintage Books - Mostly On Gardening And Plants, Garden Clinic, Indoor Plants, And Perennials; Good Condition 6 10040 5.50   ended
311 1552t.jpgBig Lot Of Vintage Books Including Bibles, Poetry And More! Some Have More Wear Than Others! Overall Good Condition, Box Is 16"W x 20"L x 10"T 3 13618 1.50   ended
352 1821t.jpgSix Paperback And Hardcover Novels Including The Reckoning, My Life And Loves, And More! Good Condition         ended
376 1952t.jpgNew The Movie Making Magic Of Star Wars Hardcover Book With The Creatures And Aliens 3 15908 4.00   ended
382 1983t.jpgNew Paperback Brown Bunny's And Bird Flower Book By Barbara Mancine 2 1862 1.25   ended
464 5181t.jpgTen Total Bibles And Spiritual Books On Assorted Topics Including: The Power Of A Praying Husband, The Dynamics Of Worship, A Case For Christ, NKTV Study Bible, All Are In Good Condition 5 13706 6.50   ended
468 5214t.jpgSix Books, Both Hardcover And Paperback Editions Including: Three James Patterson Hardcover And One Paperback; One Robert B. Parker Hardcover; One Dean Kootz Paperback; One Tom Clancy Paperback, All Are In Good Condition 5 10040 2.00   ended
471 5235t.jpgSix John Grisham Books, Three Are Paperback And Three Are Hardcover Editions, Titles Include: The King Of Torts, The Last Juror, The Testament And More! 7 10040 4.00   ended
509 2133t.jpgWow! Hardcover "Hollywood Babylon" Book With Jayne Mansfield On The Cover, It Is In Good Condition 6 5736 6.69   ended
552 2415t.jpg"Arthur Rackham, His Life And Work" By Derek Hudson Hardcover Book In Good Condition 5 9333 5.75   ended
649 2999t.jpgVintage "Ten Years In Washington" By Mary Clemmer Ames, Hardcover Edition In Good Condition 3 3510 1.50   ended
651 3012t.jpg(12) Informational Books, America's All-Time Favorite Songs, Black Roots, Rottweilers, Dictionary, Diabetic Recopies And More, In Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
657 3054t.jpgNew To Good Condition On These Three Bibles, Two Leather Case, One New Scofield Study Bible III, Large Print! Red Letter, "Super Giant Print Edition" 13 13706 17.50   ended
658 3060t.jpgA New Ream Of Copy Paper And A Lot Of Books Including: "Art", "Tai-Chi", Cookbook, Huck Finn 1968 Edition, Knives And Swords, "Feng Shui" And Misc., All Are In Good Condition, The Box Measures 12" x 12" x 8" 4 1854 2.25   ended
706 3278t.jpgTangled Web : Legacy Of Auto Pioneer Book - John F. Dodge By Jean Madern Pitrone, 309 Pages, Very Good Condition 6 10040 3.80   ended
715 3328t.jpgVintage Collectible Bibles And Cassettes, Talking Bible, Good Condition 4 11270 2.25   ended
717 3339t.jpgThirteen Books And Three New Shark Tank Games, Books Are From Best Sellers John Jakes And John Troy; Good Condition 8 12481 6.00   ended
742 3438t.jpgThree Aircraft Books With Different Types Of Aircrafts And Cool Info, Good Condition 8 1553 4.00   ended
749 3468t.jpgThree Books Including Simplify Your Life, To Live Again, And Living, Love And Learning; Good Condition 1 15719 1.00   ended
754 3490t.jpgNew Paperback Down The Field 10 20 30 Book         ended
759 3508t.jpgNew Paperback "If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Well" Book By Ken Wiginton         ended
770 3550t.jpgNew Paperback "Breaking The Silence : Sexual Abuse In The Jewish Community", Edited By Mandel And Pelcovitz 1 833 1.00   ended
796 3657t.jpgSeven Civil War Books, Six Hardcovers And A Paperback, Very Good Condition 28 700 18.56   ended
802 4209t.jpgPeople Magazine Lot With (22) Soft Side/Hard Size Including LIFE And TIME; Worn And Read But Overall Good Condition 3 16740 2.25   ended
823 4313t.jpgNew "Wine Makes Mommy Clever" Hardcover Book By Andy Riley 2 558 1.25   ended
840 4402t.jpgThe Celebrity Almanac Paperback Book By Ed Lucaire, Very Good Condition         ended
849 4464t.jpgNew Sea Turtles Paperback Book By Quinn M. Arnold 1 12535 1.00   ended
851 4473t.jpgSix Boy Scouts Of America Paperback Handbooks Including A Two Scout Handbooks First Pressing (8th Edition), Vintage 1969 Webelo's, Bear Cub Scout Book (1967), And Two Order Of The Arrow (1975); All In Good Condition 5 1173 4.25   ended
854 4497t.jpgNew "My Life In Thumbprints" Hardcover Book With Two-Color Ink Pad Included 1 3062 1.00   ended
859 4524t.jpgNew Star Wars "The Moviemaking Magic Of Star Wars" Hardcover Book - Very Cool! 3 1516 3.00   ended
923 7082t.jpgNew Paperback Living Wild Seahorses Book By Melissa Gish, 9 1/2"W x 10 1/2"L, 47 Pages 2 1553 1.25   ended
931 7123t.jpgThree Golden Little Books, Grandma and Grandpa, Day in Park and Sleep Over, 5 1/2" to 8"W, Some Wear But Good Condition 7 12306 3.75   ended
932 7130t.jpgTwo New Paperback Lined Animal Journals, Dog Theme, 5 1/2"W x 7"L 3 2295 2.24   ended
972 7320t.jpg(7) Hard Cover Princess Diana Books- Three Times Magazines and Five People Magazines, All in Good Condition 6 5647 7.50   ended
1123 3792t.jpgNew Paperback "The Greatest Story Ever Told… So Far, Why Are We Here?" By Lawrence M. Krauss, 320 Pages         ended
1175 4061t.jpg"Mark Twain Man in White" Hard Cover Book, Very Good Condition, Great Read, 417 Pages 5 1017 2.00   ended
1215 5489t.jpg"The Works of Edgar Allen Poe" Hard Cover, 2004 Border Classics, 567 Pages, Very Good Condition 22 15601 14.13   ended
1248 5660t.jpgSmall Prayer Book, Daily Missal Book, Clay Angel and Wood/Plastic Crucifix, 6" to 10"L, Good Condition 12 12513 10.50   ended
1262 5725t.jpg20th Century Chemistry Hard Cover Book 1963 By Joseph I. Routh 3rd Edition, 489 Pages, 7"W x 1"D x 10"H, Good Condition         ended
1287 5841t.jpgNew Paperback "Love Always" 33 Love Letters From God By Simea L. Robinson, 140 Pages 1 12838 1.00   ended
1288 5846t.jpg"Carving Small Characters" By Jack Price and "Humorous Country Characters For Wood Carvers" By Bill Higginbotham, Both in Very Good Condition, Humorous Country Characters is Like New and Has 22 Projects in It 12 12838 8.50   ended
1293 5875t.jpg1975 Huge National Geographic Atlas of The World, Hard Cover With Some Damage, Overall Good Condition, 12"W x 1"D x 18 1/2"H 2 12994 1.25   ended

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