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37 199t.jpgDisney Princess's Wall Clock 11"Dia. - Good Condition 11 6667 7.00   ended
40 214t.jpgBlue Angels Plane Plastic Clock, Some Scratches, 10"Dia. X 2"D - Untested, Looks To Be In Good Condition 4 16164 3.25   ended
49 263t.jpgVintage Sunbeam Electric Pendulum Clock, It Looks Like Wood But It's Actually Wood-Grain Plastic, At The Top Of The Face There's A Globe That Says "Tempus Fugit", The Clock Kept Perfect Time When We Plugged It In To Test It, The Pendulum Works Perfectly Too! Gently Tip The Clock To Start The Pendulum, It Measures 8"W x 19"H - In Excellent Condition 5 16432 3.25   ended
71 369t.jpgFirst Time Battery Operated Clock, Gear Second Hand, A Seam In The Back Looks Like A Crack, 12"Dia. - It Works Well And Is In Good Condition 7 16176 3.25   ended
73 377t.jpgRock Rooster Battery Operated Clock From An Estate, 12"Dia. - Untested, Sold As Is, Hands are Loose, In Good Condition 8 9387 6.98   ended
105 545t.jpgHeavy In Weight Seth Thomas Battery Operated Clock, 14"Dia., No Glass Over The Clock - Working And In Good Condition 13 10927 10.51   ended
170 839t.jpgNew! Antique Reproduction Clock For Your Desk Or Shelf, Inserted Battery And It Works Fine, Never Used, 4"W x 6"H - Excellent Condition 6 16151 3.25   ended
190 951t.jpgAntique Westclox Bell Alarm Clock Made In Mexico, 3"W x 2"D x 4"H - Working And In Great Condition 9 4243 8.08   ended
1024 8992t.jpgSharp Wristwatch With Calendar And Tide Indicator, Works Great, Looks Great, Has New Battery, 1"D Face 4 3927 1.75   ended
1030 9016t.jpgCharles Raymond Men's Quartz Wrist Watch, Black Face And Second Hand, New Battery, Works Great, Looks Great, 1"D Face 11 16614 5.00   ended
1044 9066t.jpg(7) Ladies Watches, Quartz, All Working Great And Look Great, New Batteries Installed In Each, Silvertone and Goldtone With Leather Like Bands, Up to 10"L 8 15972 5.50   ended
1051 9095t.jpgUsed Ozark Trail Men's Watch 92-206, Tested and Works, Rubber Band, 1"Diam Face 5 13018 2.25   ended
1075 9208t.jpgFossil Men's Watch, Needs Battery, Silvertone Heavy Band, 1 1/2"Diam Face 5 14514 6.50   ended
1077 9216t.jpgThree Watches With Bands- Ronald McDonald Collectible, Joe Boxer, Darth Mol, May Need New Batteries, Up to 1"D Face, Leather and Plastic Bands, Looks Good Condition 6 7904 2.25   ended
1919 6906t.jpgHRM Triax Inspire Heart Rate Monitor And Watch By NIKE, Works Great and Looks Great, 3" and 6"W, New Batteries Installed Into Both 3 3927 1.50   ended
1953 7047t.jpgFive Old Clock Faces, Glass, Brass Rings For Glass, 5" to 9"W, Old Clock Keys, Hands, Weighted Pendulums, Assorted Clock Parts, Good Condition, Repurpose or Use 10 16276 13.77   ended
2026 9858t.jpgTwo Wristwatches- Armitron Now New Battery, SMK Watch New Battery, Both Have Leather Bands and Work Great, Up to 1"Diam Face 6 292 3.25   ended
2051 9961t.jpgVintage Timex Cavatina Pendant Watch With Necklace And Case, Good Shape, As Is, Necklace Is 23" to 24", Clock Pendant 1 1/2"D 6 10835 4.25   ended
2125 16472t.jpgDarth Vader Wristwatch, Like New, New Battery, Episode III Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars, Comes in Star Wars Metal Tin 5 1025 2.01   ended
2150 16644t.jpgStunning 1928 Elgin Pocket Watch Serial #30199803 17 Jewel Size 12S Open Face With Pendant Wind and Set With Nickel Damasking, Keeps Time Like A Champ, Minor Scratching to Crystal, But Very Good Condition For Age, 1 3/4"D 26 8460 88.00   ended
2177 16768t.jpgBeautiful Vintage Swiss Made 17 Jewels Shock Resistant 1 1/2" Actually Works, Then Stops, Then Works Again, Just Tap The Glass, Very Nice Engraving, Very Nice Condition 12 3829 26.00   ended
2918 12303t.jpgCrystal Clock By Staiger Brand, Made In Germany, Untested/As Is But Overall Good Condition, 5"W x 1 1/2"D x 4 3/4"T 2 16276 1.25   ended
2967 12549t.jpgAntique Wind-Up Wall Clock, Sounds Good And Worked And Kept Time 4-5 Years Ago But It's Been In Storage And Currently Untested/As Is, Some Parts Inside, Overall Good Condition And 13"W x 6"D x 25"T 18 13272 47.00   ended
3002 12737t.jpg1993 Bugs Bunny Basketball Watch, Untested, Face 1 1/8"Diam, Length From End to End, 8 5/8", Good Condition 4 15284 2.25   ended
3010 12771t.jpgTwo Watches With Mounted Glued Decorations on Dial Inside, One Has Small Shells And Other With Various Items, Neat Looking But None Running, Working Condition Unknown, Straps Worn and Broken, One Top Glass is Off, Each 1 1/2"Diam, Sold As Is, Fair Condition         ended
3018 12806t.jpgNew in Box Goldtone Eagle Pocket Watch, 1 1/2"D 7 10835 8.00   ended
3044 12933t.jpgFaux Rolex Wristwatch, Play Jokes On Your Friends, Looks Like Real Deal in Face of Watch But It's Not, Shows Wear, 1"Diam Face, Not Currently Working, Fair Condition 8 16696 10.50   ended
3094 13178t.jpgTwo Nice Watches- Fossil Calendar With Genuine Leather Band, Bongo Quartz Stainless Steel Japan Movement, Both Look in Very Nice Condition, Untested, Need Batteries, Up to 1 1/2"Diam Faces 7 3432 2.50   ended
3194 20385t.jpgDecorative Wall Clock 2'Diam, Found In Storage, Untested, But Likely Works, Will Need Two AA Batteries, Real Good Condition 7 5776 8.50   ended
3197 20402t.jpgVintage Sunbeam Wood Look Quartz Wall Clock, Real Good Condition, 9"Sq. 14 12452 6.79   ended
3199 20412t.jpgVintage Rustic Country Verichron Wood Paddle Clock, Has Few Dings, Good Condition Overall, Untested, As Is, 11"W x 18"H 4 9387 2.75   ended
3201 15315t.jpg"Pillow" Wall Clock, 10"W x 3"D x 10"H, New Battery 1AA Works And Looks Great, Semk Design, Very Good Condition 2 3927 1.25   ended
3417 20975t.jpgThree Antique Clock Cases For Weight-Driven Wall Clocks Plus Six Movements, Included, Two By Gustav Becker, SN580780 (1885-1890) With Enamel Dial Marked Gayetan Fuchs, Graz (Austria) And SN267047 (1880-1885), Both With Pulleys And Keys (Taped To The Back), Five Pendulums, (14) Brass-Cased Weights, Misc. Knobs, Carvings, Moldings (See Photos), A Sheet Of new Walnut Veneer And 45" Of Walnut Molding, The Cases Need Restoration, Overall Good Condition, 14"W x 38"L x 6"D 11 16647 180.00   ended
3436 21108t.jpgAvis Clock Made Of Wood With Chandelier Design In The Middle, It Is In Good Condition And Measures 36"Dia. 13 13114 9.50   ended
3438 21118t.jpgMagnificent Jumbo Sterling And Noble Clock That Is In Beautiful Condition, Untested, No Battery, 29"Dia. X 3 1/2"D 18 14209 20.50   ended
3511 16943t.jpgWood Seth Thomas Mantel Clock, 119 Westminister Chime With Pendulum And Key, Clock Works But I Don't Know About the Chime, Good Condition, 10"W x 8"D x 15"H 15 11332 115.99   ended
4017 14869t.jpgMen's Wristwatches- Red Face Fossil Blue 100 Meters Calendar Watch, Sonic Digital Alarm Goldtone Watch, Armitron Alarm Chrono 165WR Nite Vision, All With New Batteries and Work Great, Up to 9"L and Faces Up to 1"Diam 15 7530 9.00   ended
4093 15275t.jpg(8) Ladies Watches, All Have New Batteries, All Work Great, Nice Collection, Metal, Vinyl, Leather Bands, Up to 9"L 11 15972 6.50   ended
4096 15292t.jpgFour Men's Watches- Two Casio, Timex, BUM Equip., Black Casio Works, The Rest Are Untested and Need Batteries, Good Condition, Few Scratches, Adjustable Diameter of Watches About 1 1/2" 12 14210 5.50   ended
4097 15298t.jpgTimex Quartz Wristwatch, F210 Quartz Wrist Watch, Both Have New Batteries, Both Work Great, Adjustable Bands, Up to 1"Diam Face 12 1437 10.50   ended
5023 18106t.jpgSwiss Army Wristwatch, Calendar Watch New With Battery, Works Great, Looks Great, 8"L 7 3426 7.60   ended
5026 18120t.jpgBrown Leather Wristwatch JJ Quartz Brand, New Battery, Works And Looks Great, 1"Diam Face 6 292 2.75   ended
5030 18142t.jpgCompuServe 1"Diam Face Watch, With 8 1/2"L Genuine Leather Band, Needs New Battery, Not Currently Working, Appears in Good Condition 3 9376 2.25   ended

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