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97 499t.jpg"P. T. Barnum Struggles And Triumphs" Barnum & Bailey Circus Two-Volume Set, Books In Slipcase, Dated 1927 - Good Condition 7 15997 18.50   ended
135 669t.jpgFive Books Including: Beverly Lewis - Redemption Of Sarah Cain; Cindy Woodsmall - When Morning Comes; Ann Brashares - The Last Summer; Great American Folklore; Taste Berry Tales, All Are Good Reading! - Very Good Condition 4 9352 2.50   ended
186 918t.jpgLot Of Four Magazines, Military, Guns And Ammo, Survival, Some Are Vintage, Some Have Rips In Various Tears, Come Inspect The Lot - Good Condition 4 1420 2.25   ended
216 1094t.jpgThe History Of The 19th Century Hardcover Book By Edwin Emerson Jr. Copyright 1900, Some Small Imperfections, Overall Nice - Very Good Condition For The Age 2 16589 1.25   ended
252 1281t.jpg1934 Animal Pictures And Rhymes Book Published By Edward Stern And Company, Great Pictures And Rhymes To Read To Your Children Or Grandchildren, The Book Measures 9"W x 12"H - In Very Good Condition For It's Age 1 687 1.00   ended
272 1371t.jpg"We Fought Back" Paperback Book By Allan Zullo, 176-Pages, All Text, Can You Escape The Nazi's Hunting You Because Of Your Race? Unnerving And Chilling, Life Is Not the Same For Us All, Courage As A Teenager - Overall Good Condition 6 1811 4.25   ended
293 1492t.jpg(13) Assorted Western Books By Various Authors, Paperback Editions - Good Condition 11 16056 6.01   ended
363 1877t.jpgTen Assorted Books By Authors: James Patterson (Six Books); John Grisham (Three Books); Nicholas Sparks (One Book), Both Hardcover And Paperback Editions - Very Good Condition 18 10040 15.00   ended
381 1979t.jpg"The Old West Soldiers" Hardcover Book, 239-Pages, Copyright 1973, 8 1/2"W x 11"H - Good Condition 7 4959 6.50   ended
686 3519t.jpgFour Books, American Wide Quotes, 2000 Black & Decker Home Repair, Taekwondo Martial Arts Book, Garage Sale Book - Good Condition 1 10040 1.00   ended
698 3580t.jpgRipley's "Believe It Or Not" Hardcover, Over 800 Drawings And Photographs - Good Condition 8 1323 5.50   ended
737 3822t.jpgTwo Books By Sandra Teplinsky Including "Why Care About Israel" And "Out Of The Darkness", Also Comes With "As America Has Done To Israel" By John McTernan And "Seven Keys To Unlock The Prophetic Mysteries Of Israel" By Jonathon Bernis; All Like New Condition 3 5777 5.50   ended
763 3990t.jpgThree Read With Dick & Jane Books, 2004 Reprints Of The Years 1951 And 1956, No Bent Corners And Overall Good Condition - This Will Bring Some Memories Back! 6 11180 6.75   ended
799 4198t.jpgGroup Of Calendar Tops, Almanacs, Household Magazines From 1946, 1913 Diary, Block Print Paper By Gwen Frostic, Benzonia MI, Two Older Small Frames, Teacher's Guide To Child Pianist Book, Peter Rabbit Book, Dear Little Couple Book; Fair To Good Condition 7 10833 10.49   ended
801 23898t.jpgTote With (25) Books Including Authors Like Danielle Steel, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, And More! Hardcovers And Paperbacks In Good Condition 12 12481 15.50   ended
945 4460t.jpgThree Bibles Including A Vintage 1977 New American Standard With Leather Case By Franklin Covey, New Scofield Study Bible (Writing On First Page), And A New The Dake Reference Bible From 1999 (Large Print); Good To Very Good Condition 11 6347 29.00   ended
1140 4929t.jpg(8) Hard Cover Books- Patterson, Higgins Clark and More, Good Condition 5 9849 4.80   ended
1142 4938t.jpgBook Lot of 20, Mostly Novels Like Girl With Dragon Tattoo, Lilian Braun The Cat, Green House Plants and More, Paperback and Hard Covers, Good Condition 5 12481 3.50   ended
1171 5102t.jpgI've Owned This Book For Approx. 15 Years "Subway Art" 25th Anniversary Fantastic Art On Every Subject Imaginable, Marvelous Vibrant Prints in Very Good Condition, 127 Pages, Hard Cover 14 11244 9.02   ended
1172 5108t.jpgNew Hard Cover Book The Long Tail Journey By Jan Wahl And Laurent Gapaillard, 40 Pages 1 12481 1.00   ended
1173 5112t.jpgFive Books- Hard Cover 1977 Weitage Schichte Daten And Bilder, Very Good Condition, Mysteries of Ancient World Hard Cover, Good Condition, Unknown Year?, Mummies Hard Cover 2003 In Good Condition, Pyramid By David Macaulay Paperback 1975 in Good Condition, Myths and Legends Paperback Copyright 1989 Decent Condition 10 12481 7.01   ended
1174 5121t.jpgTwo Life Magazines On The Death of JFK, Nov. 20 and Dec. 6, 1963, Some Wear But Good Condition 3 1323 1.75   ended
1175 5127t.jpgReaders Digest Earth's Mysterious Places, Hard Cover, Good Condition, 144 Pages 2 12312 1.25   ended
1177 5137t.jpgNew Hard Cover Book, Santa Barbara's Royal Rancho, The Fabulous History of Los Dos Pueblos, Walker A. Tompkins, 275 Pages 4 16006 4.00   ended
1180 5153t.jpgNew "Take Down" Paperback Book By EMJ Benjamin, 204 Pages 3 15825 1.50   ended
1181 5158t.jpgNew Hard Cover Book By Philip Gooden "May We Borrow Your Language" 360 Pages         ended
1182 5162t.jpg"Glacier Bay Alaska" By Mark Kelly, 128 Pages, Paperback, Fantastic Beautiful Photos, Signed Copy With Text, The People, The Animals, The Glaciers, Good Condition 3 13055 1.75   ended
1183 5167t.jpgNew "I Must Pray" By Joan E. Murray, A Guide To a Powerful Prayer Life, 168 Pages 3 76 1.75   ended
1184 5171t.jpgNew Paperback "A Short History of the Protestant Reformation" By Patrick Raffety, Over 200 Pages 3 11105 2.00   ended
1185 5176t.jpgNew Hard Cover Book "The Moscow Deception" By Karen Robards, The Guardian Series Book Two         ended
1186 5180t.jpgNew Paperback Glossary of Surveying And Mapping Terms Book 6 6347 7.01   ended
1187 5185t.jpgPaperback "The US Presidency" By Bill McAuliffe, NEW 48 Pages 1 11617 1.00   ended
1192 5210t.jpgBad Kitty School Daze By Nick Bruel 150 Pages, Funny Cartoons and More, NEW 3 6791 2.00   ended
1193 5214t.jpgNew Paperback The Troublesome Reign of King John By Frederick James Furniball, Forgotten Books, 186 Pages 1 76 1.00   ended
1194 5219t.jpgNew "Calypso" Paperback By David Sedaris, 259 Pages 1 16006 1.00   ended
1195 5224t.jpgNew Paperback "Delivered Not Destroyed From Mess To Bless" Prophetess Terkecia James, 48 Pages         ended
1196 5228t.jpgNew Hard Cover "The Owl and The Nightingale" By JWH Atkins, Forgotten Books, 230 Pages         ended
1198 5237t.jpgThe Boy Mechanic, 272 Pages By Editors of Popular Mechanics, Beautiful Well Drawn Illustrations With Simple Tools and Great Ingenuity, Amazing Array of Practical Projects, Paperback in Very Good Condition 3 628 5.50   ended
1199 5242t.jpg1995 Big Comic Special Issue Golgo 13 Series By Takao Saito Written in Japanese? Some Wear, Good Condition, Paperback 5" x 7" 1 16589 1.00   ended
1200 5688t.jpgNew Vintage Travel Writer's Notebook, 6"W x 8"H 4 7513 5.51   ended
1202 5696t.jpgMiscellanea Di Storia E Cultura Ecclesiastica 1906 Umberto Benigni, Kessinger Legacy Reprints, New But Bent, Paperback 640 Pages         ended
1203 5701t.jpgPaperback "Altindische Syntax" By Berthold Delbruck Forgotten Books, New With Bent Cover, 634 Pages         ended
1204 5705t.jpgVintage California Atlas 1967 Paper Pamphlet Style, 11 Pages, Very Good Condition, 9 1/2" x 12" 2 11270 2.25   ended
1205 5710t.jpgColorado Railroad Museum 1999 Catalog Of Books, Video Tapes and Gifts, Paperback in Good Condition 1 15842 1.00   ended
1209 5730t.jpgFive 1964 Leatherneck Monthly Magazine Of The Marines, Some Wear But Good Condition 3 1396 1.25   ended
1210 5738t.jpgNew "Fast Eddie" Hard Cover Book, My 20 Years on The Run As Britain's Most Wanted Man, 290 Pages 1 11244 1.00   ended
1211 5742t.jpgNew Hard Cover "Relationship Between Jews and Poles" The Jewish Perspective, 304 Pages 17 8113 16.06   ended
1212 5747t.jpgHard Cover Book, "Hebrew A Sacerdotal Dialect Improvised From Irish Language For The Secret Use of The Priests, Conor Macdari Kessinger Legacy Reprints, NEW 160 Pages 1 11270 1.00   ended
1214 5755t.jpgHilary Clinton Biography For The History Buffs, "What Happened" Back Spine is Damaged, Otherwise Good Condition, Hard Cover 494 Pages 1 3376 1.00   ended
1217 5769t.jpgNew Paperback Life and Loss- A Family Confronts Multiple Sclerosis By Anthony Browne, 134 Pages         ended

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