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11 89t.jpgPortrait Of Jesus On Wood Like Plaque, Some Minor Wear But Still In Good Condition, 15"W x 22"T 3 6494 3.25   ended
12 93t.jpgPicture Of Tree At Sunset In A Nice Wooden Frame, Double Matted w/ Plastic Face, Some Wear And The Picture Is Slightly Popping Though The Matting On The Left Side But Still In Good Condition, 23 1/2"W x 19 1/2"T         ended
13 97t.jpgPicture Of A Merry-Go-Round In A Nice Pink/Gold Composite Frame, Glass Face, Good Condition, 22 1/2"W x 18 1/2"T 6 6274 8.74   ended
15 102t.jpgVery Nice Matted Fly Fishing Picture In Wooden Frame, Signed By P.F. Harnett, Matted, Glass Face, Very Good Condition, 11"W x 14"T 6 1862 3.05   ended
16 106t.jpgPicture Of Jesus Hugging A Cloaked Figure, Nice Wooden Frame w/ Glass Face, Signed But Can't Read The Signature, Frame Is Separating And Shows Some Wear, Overall Good Condition, 16"W x 13"T 6 9429 4.26   ended
17 111t.jpgWood Framed Picture Of A Pond On Canvas, Touched Up w/ Oil Paints, Open Face, Good Condition, 13"W x 11"T 2 12577 1.25   ended
29 177t.jpgWooden Framed & Matted Cat Picture, One Very Special Kitty w/ Purple Themed Framing, Good Condition, 9"W x 11 1/2"T 1 8719 1.00   ended
37 222t.jpg(2) Framed & Matted Pictures, One Is Of A Lady At A Market And The Other Is Of A Lake Scene, One Shows Some Frame Wear But Both Are In Overall Good Condition, Both Are 11 1/2"W x 9 1/2"T 1 12865 1.00   ended
38 226t.jpgFiber Optic Picture Of Dirt Road, Lights Up And Changes Colors - Very Pretty! Working And In Very Good Condition, 18"W x 12"T 5 8603 6.00   ended
40 236t.jpgMatted Cross-Stitched "Stephanie" Picture In Wooden Frame w/ Glass Face, Great For Your Little Girl's Room If This Is Her Name! Good Condition, 33 1/2"W x 10 1/2"H 1 9875 1.00   ended
41 240t.jpgHorse Painting On Canvas, Numbered 248/950, Beautiful And In Very Good Condition! 30" Square 21 5247 25.00   ended
42 246t.jpgOriginal Handmade Geisha Picture On Fabric In Blue Wooden Frame, Brought Back From WWII, Overall Good Condition, 17"W x 21 1/2"T 6 27 8.06   ended
44 257t.jpgVery Unique Raised & Embroidered Flying Geese Picture In Wooden Frame, Overall Good Condition, 23"W x 18 1/2"T 1 10369 1.00   ended
45 262t.jpgVintage Cast Iron Horse Coat Hanger, Very Good Condition, 1"W x 3 1/2"D x 8"T 15 10134 16.50   ended
53 311t.jpgVintage 1993 Original Ornate Framed & Matted Water Color Painting Of Mallard Ducks, Glass Face, Signed By Artist R. Deceus, Painting Was A Retirement Gift, Ready For Hanging And In Very Good Condition, 9"W x 5 1/2"T 1 772 1.00   ended
56 326t.jpg(50) Vintage Wildlife Prints Of Ducks, Fish And Marine Life, Good Condition, Most Are 9" x 12" 14 3086 11.00   ended
58 338t.jpgVintage "Canada Geese" Limited Edition Etching By Gifford Etchings, Framed, Matted And Signed, Very Good Condition, Etching Itself Is 3 1/2" Wide But The Frame Is An 8" Square 3 10399 1.80   ended
59 342t.jpgVintage Jason Brand Real Wood Weather Station w/ Colonial Design, Working And In Very Good Condition, 5 1/2"W x 19 1/2"T 6 12950 4.25   ended
62 355t.jpgNew With Tags "Friends" Wall Art Sign By Colorful Devotions, Free Standing Or Hang Up, Gypsy/Hippie/Bohemian Styling, 18"W x 6"T 12 8874 10.50   ended
63 359t.jpgVintage Peltro Incise Pewter Mother Mary Statue On Wooden Plaque w/ Enamel Headdress, Fantastic Detail! Made In Italy, Good Condition, 3"W x 9"T 12 532 16.00   ended
65 367t.jpgPrint Of Jesus In Gold Tone Wood-Like Frame, Glass Face, Some Minor Wear But Overall Good Condition, 11"W x 17"T 9 6180 10.25   ended
67 398t.jpgHolographic Tiger Picture In Nice Wooden Frame, Still In Box But The Frame Shows Some Minor Wear, Overall Good Condition, 19"W x 15 1/2"T 10 1089 7.50   ended
74 27455t.jpg"Calico Kittens" Watercolor/Acrylic Painting, Signed By R. Tonery And Numbered 001/150, Framed And Matted, Very Good Condition, 21"W x 16"T 4 11380 5.00   ended
75 424t.jpgVintage "The Fairy Tale" Framed Print By Walter Firle, Wood Frame w/ Open Face, Good Condition, 29 1/2"W x 23"T 10 9737 15.73   ended
76 430t.jpgFramed Photo Of Las Vegas Strip From 2000 Ft., Plastic Frame w/ Glass Face, Good Condition, 36"W x 24"T 1 12255 1.00   ended
77 435t.jpg"Home Sweet Home" Metal Wall Hanging Key Rack, Good Condition, 7"W x 17"T 2 11801 1.25   ended
80 451t.jpgVintage Pink Pastel Shadow Box w/ Gold Tone Metal Frame Wall Decor, Glass Face, Good Condition, 16"W x 30"D x 20"T 1 1778 1.00   ended
81 456t.jpgAntique Bronze Look Metal Sun Wall Art w/ Yellow/Amber Sun Face, Like New, 18" Diameter 10 9037 9.50   ended
84 470t.jpg"Flying Colors" Horse Print By Bob Peters From The Postal Conservation Society, Six Stamps Along The Bottom, Wooden Frame w/ Glass Face, Good Condition, 25"W x 21 1/2"T 17 11364 33.10   ended
85 475t.jpgBeautiful Monet Print In Plastic Frame, Glass Face, Very Good Condition, 23"W x 18"T 3 1862 1.50   ended
89 500t.jpgFramed Oil Painting Print Of Flowers/Lilies, Wooden Frame w/ Open Face, Good Condition, 15 1/2"W x 19 1/2"T 1 12016 1.00   ended
90 505t.jpgWooden Framed & Holographic Picture Of Jesus, Good Condition, 18 1/2"W x 14 1/2"T 9 11380 6.25   ended
91 510t.jpgVery Cool Vintage Wooden Frame w/ Metal Look & Picture Of Sun On Lake, Frame Has Minor Separation In One Corner But Still In Good Condition, 7 3/4"W x 11 3/4"T 9 27 13.50   ended
92 514t.jpg"The Wooden Bird" Springer/Spaniel Print By S.P. Hamrick, Signed And Numbered 49/4000, Framed And Matted, Some Slight Frame Wear But Still In Good Condition, 20 1/2"W x 24"T 8 12845 12.25   ended
93 518t.jpgStained Glass Roses Around Star Art In Oak Frame, Very Good Condition, 17" Square 7 12988 8.30   ended
95 532t.jpgMain St. Gold Tone Wooden Frame (11"W x 14"T) And Dew Drop Image In Matting (#20, 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" Image w/o Matting), Both New In In Plastic 5 3510 2.50   ended
112 642t.jpgWall Hanging Wooden Wine Sign That Reads "Here's To Love Laughter & Friends", Good Condition, 17"W x 9"T 3 226 1.50   ended
113 647t.jpgPicture Of Church Building, Double Matted In Wooden Frame, Professionally Put Together At A Frame Shop & Gallery In Saginaw, Glass Face, Frame Shows Light Wear But Still In Overall Good Condition, 14"W x 17"T 2 292 1.25   ended
114 651t.jpgWood Framed Print Of A Nice Pencil Drawn Scene, Signed by Fimassa, Double Matted And Has A Glass Face, Good Condition, 24"W x 30"T 15 12126 11.15   ended
115 655t.jpgGorgeous Floral Picture In Silver Tone Frame, Very Lovely For Any Room Of Your Home! Very Good Condition, 21"W x 20"T 5 4575 3.76   ended
116 660t.jpgWall Hanging "Bless All Who Enter Here" Print In Black Wooden Frame, Made To Look Cross Stitched, Some Wear To The Frame But Still In Overall Good Condition, 22"W x 7"T 8 6861 6.50   ended
118 668t.jpg(2) Siberian (White) Tiger Photo/Posters In Wooden Frames, Both Are Open Face (No Glass) And In Overall Good Condition, 19"W x 23"T And 24"W x 20"T 4 2671 5.51   ended
119 672t.jpg"Black Mesa" Horses Print By Bob Peters, It Also Has Eight Stamps Along The Bottom Of The Picture And Is From The Postal Conservation Society, Good Condition, 25"W x 21 1/2"T 12 148 21.55   ended
121 682t.jpg(2) Faux Forsythia Wreaths, Great For Spring! Good Condition, 26" Diameter 14 11253 9.01   ended
126 713t.jpg"Sisley" Framed Print Of "Village On Seine" In Silver Tone Frame w/ Glass Face, Very Good Condition, 21 3/4"W x 18"T 1 1778 1.00   ended
127 719t.jpgOil Painting Of Cat On An Oval Shaped Canvas, Good Condition, 12"W x 16"T 2 6274 1.25   ended
128 723t.jpgWall Hanging Stained Glass Mirror In Thin Antique Brass Frame, Good Condition, 13 1/2"W x 21"T 15 12052 26.00   ended
131 740t.jpgVery Nice Framed Picture Of Flowers By Candela Perex, Composite Wood Look Frame w/ Glass Face, Good Condition, 22 1/2"W x 19"T 1 1778 1.00   ended
132 745t.jpgOval mirror w/ Gold Tone Composite Frame, Very Decorative Mirror, Ready To Hang And In Good Condition, 35"W x 26"T 8 4439 7.00   ended
135 757t.jpg(3) Handpainted Pictures In Nice Wooden Frames Including A Picture Of A Lake And Two Of Barns, Signed "Roehm" And All In Good Condition, 16" To 19" Wide 21 9438 62.00   ended

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