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4 16t.jpgThree-Tier Plant Stand, 16"W x 28"H - Some Scratches But Good Condition 5 5121 10.06   ended
93 542t.jpgAntique Drop-Down Maple Table With Leaf And Three Chairs, Sturdy Construction, The Table Measures 42" x 29" And It Is 30"H With Sides Down, It Opens To 55" With Sides And 67" With The 12" Leaf, The Chairs Are 19"W x 17"D x 35"H - Good Condition 17 12463 27.01   ended
94 552t.jpgUPDATE: SELLS TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER Five-Drawer Knotty Pine Dresser, All Drawers Slide Well, Very Nice! It Measures 40"W x 18"D x 56"H - Very Good Condition *** SELLS WITH OWNER'S CONFIRMATION *** 20 5259 138.00   ended
118 723t.jpgPine Cabinet/Stand, Hand-Crafted, Could Use Fresh Paint, Has One Drawer And Five Shelves, It Is 17 1/2"W x 9"D x 63"H - Some Scuffs But Sturdy And In Good Condition 9 1811 8.49   ended
250 1474t.jpgHand-Crafted Wooden Stand, Three Shelves For Plants, Photos Or Just As A Side Table, 13 3/4"D x 40"H - No Scratches, No Wear, In Very Good Condition 9 15901 15.50   ended
251 1479t.jpgHi-Back Wooden Chair With Wicker Seat, 18"W x 15"D x 42"H - Good Condition 13 15873 23.01   ended
252 1484t.jpgGlass Top Round Table With Wooden Legs, Sturdy, 23"Dia. X 24"H - Good Condition, Matches Item 495 & 715 9 12996 20.00   ended
254 1496t.jpgNice New Real Wood Ottoman Or Side/Coffee Table, 33"W x 22"D, The Legs Are 16"H And The Top Of The Surface Is 12"H - Good Condition 10 9655 42.00   ended
255 1501t.jpgRocking Chair Made Of Wood And Leather, 24"W x 24"D x 39"H - Works Well And In Good Condition 18 10177 40.81   ended
319 1893t.jpgBlack Storage Tower With Five Adjustable Shelves, 11"W x 6"D x 45"H - In Good Condition 13 8162 12.50   ended
488 22411t.jpgWood Table With Unique Build, Has Some Scratches But Very Sturdy, Good Condition, 47"W x 29"D x 30"T 17 7383 54.00   ended
495 2788t.jpgRound Wooden Table With Glass Top, Sturdy And In Overall Good Condition, 35"D x 20"T, Matches Item 715 & 252 9 5960 13.50   ended
496 2792t.jpgUPDATE: SELLS TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER Red Lounge Couch With Pillow, Wood And Fabric, Good Condition, 18"W x 72"L x 28"T, Sells With Owner's Confirmation 12 16432 49.75   ended
568 3247t.jpgWooden Step Stool With Easy Carrying Handle, Wood Construction, Good Condition And 12"W x 12"D x 12"T 15 7389 19.25   ended
582 3356t.jpgMelamine Three-Door Multi-Shelf Over The Toilet Cabinet, Needs TLC And Repair, Wobbly And Unstable - Fair Condition, 23"W x 7"D x 64"T 4 14600 3.25   ended
707 5810t.jpgWing Back Chair, Wood And Fabric Materials, 30"W x 24"D x 45"H - Good Condition Overall, It Has A Large Stain On The Back Rest And Other Slight Wear 19 9387 25.78   ended
711 5837t.jpgA Chair, Wood Construction With Fabric Seat, 20"W x 19"D x 36"H - Good Condition 6 15851 8.50   ended
715 5863t.jpgWooden End Table With Glass Top, 23"Dia. X 24"H - It Wobbles And Needs Tightening But Is Still In Overall Good Condition - Matches item 495 & 252 4 16179 12.50   ended
718 5878t.jpgTwo Wooden (Teak?) Chairs With Canvas Backs That Are Removeable, Collapses Into Self For Flat Storage, Solid And Sturdy! When Flat They Measure 15"W x 2 1/2"D x 34"H And When Set Up They Measure 15"W x 21 1/2"D x 28"H - Great Condition! 8 12111 15.50   ended
720 5888t.jpgBeige Camel Back Sofa With Wooden Legs, Wood And Fabric Materials, 72"W x 33"D x 36"H - Good Condition 14 11275 50.99   ended
721 5894t.jpgCouch Cover Than Fits A Sofa Measuring Approx. 80" To 90"W, Clean, It Just Needs Ironing - In Good Condition 7 15948 10.14   ended
726 5921t.jpgSpinet Piano/Organ Bench, Some Scratches, It Is Very Sturdy, Wooden Construction, 14"W x 27 1/2"L x 22 1/2"H 7 15851 12.01   ended
798 6333t.jpgDecorative Three-Tier Metal Shelf, 17"W x 8"D x 34"H - Good Condition 12 6520 20.49   ended
808 6886t.jpgWooden Step Stool, Approx. 14"W x 14"D x 13"H - Good Condition 10 451 4.75   ended
874 7263t.jpgVintage Wood Side Table, Has Wear But Sturdy, 15"Sq. x 26"H - Overall Good Condition 17 8418 11.51   ended
887 7333t.jpgComputer Desk MDF Laminate Wood, 39 1/2"W x 19 3/4"D x 28"H - Good Condition 1 300 1.00   ended
1122 4801t.jpgNew Home Made Wood Stool From Left Over Wood, 30"W x 18"D x 10"H 4 451 2.25   ended
1137 4892t.jpgVintage Wood Sewing Stand, Two Flip Top Side Storage And Two Drawers That Slide Good, Some Wear And Wobbles a Bit, Good Condition After Fixing, 28"W x 13"D x 28"H 9 2281 34.00   ended
1140 4915t.jpgProject/Side Table, Needs Refinishing, Sturdy, Has Claw Brass Feet, Great Condition To Fix or Make Your Own Top, 21"W x 16"D x 20"H 18 15247 16.00   ended
1171 5102t.jpgAntique Five Drawer Desk/Dresser, 46"W x 18"D x 33"H, Shows Wear, All Drawers Slide Good, Other Than Veneer Peeling Off Drawer Faces, It's in Good Condition 17 15017 82.78   ended
1179 5158t.jpgPlastic Side Wood Look Swivel Top Table, Good Condition, 14"W x 26"H 8 9693 7.50   ended
1263 8681t.jpgBlack Wheel Wire Rack Good for Garage, Kitchen, Storage, Etc. Good Condition, 36"W x 18"D x 60"H 6 16300 10.00   ended
1265 8690t.jpgVintage Kitchen Cart From 1950's, Metal, All Sanded And New Cinnamon Color Paint, Gold Legs, Handles On Each Side- Gold, 24"W x 17"D x 30"H, New Wheels, But Not Original Ones 25 9225 30.00   ended
1270 8720t.jpgTV Table Stand On Casters, Parts Are Detachable, Compartments At Each End For Storage, Two Shelves For Components, 19"W x 31 1/2"L x 22"H, Good Condition, Coated Particle Wood 2 180 1.25   ended
1272 8733t.jpgSolid Log Loveseat With Pad- Nature Design, Or You Could Use As A Bench, NEW 29"W x 61"L x 20"H 14 15866 46.00   ended
1279 8770t.jpgBrand New Colorful Ottoman, Padded Cloth, Best Craft Co. Does Have Some Scuffs From Transporting, 49"W x 30"D x 17"H 21 12061 62.60   ended
1281 8783t.jpgSolid Log Chair With Black Cloth Seat Cushion, Brand New That Makes Into Smaller Bed, 34"W x 39"D x 44"H to 53"L When In Bed Position 12 15866 153.99   ended
1283 8794t.jpgTwo Drawer Wood Nightstand Painted White, Good Condition With Some Wear, 17"W x 15"D x 22"H 13 6681 16.49   ended
1285 8812t.jpgRoll Top Desk 44"H at Back, Desk 29"H x 23 1/2"D x 32"W, Four Drawers And Five Cubbies 18" Drawer Under Desk Roll Top Works, Has Four Boards Missing From Leg Area, Various Scratches, Very Sturdy, Medium Color Wood, Good Condition 11 15889 30.75   ended
1291 8851t.jpgFour Wood Folding TV Dinner Tables, 24"W x 17"D x 30"H, Good Condition 9 12815 20.50   ended
1293 8862t.jpgBlack Wood Piano Bench With Sheet Music Storage in Seat, 32"W x 15 1/2"D x 19"H, Light Scratches But Good Condition 9 6165 15.50   ended
1298 8894t.jpgCute Metal Frame Vanity Chair, Back Flips Down For Stool, 15"Diam x 18"H, 32" With Back Up, Seat Needs New Fabric, Some Paint Loss, Overall Good Condition 8 180 6.00   ended
1318 5361t.jpgVintage Wooden Rocking Chair, 24"W x 29"D x 41"H - Some Scratches But Still In Good Condition 13 6349 15.15   ended
1559 9198t.jpgLot Of Two Shelves Including A Five-Tier Metal One (30"W x 10"D x 60"T) And A Three-Tier Wooden One (14"W x 10"D x 48"T); Sturdy And In Good Condition 6 4888 5.51   ended
1685 11340t.jpgWooden "Log" Dresser With Five Drawers, Some Scratches But Overall Good Condition And Sturdy! 31 1/2"W x 20"D x 47"T 12 1811 50.01   ended
1692 11407t.jpgNice Metal And Wooden Baker's Rack, Has Wine Rack On Bottom, Very Good Condition, 31"W x 19"D x 72"T 6 12061 31.00   ended
1693 11413t.jpgSolid Wood Microwave Stand With Two "Heart" Doors And Four Shelves, Some Paint And Crayon On Doors But An Easy Fix, Good Condition And Solid, 26"W x 19"D x 48"T 15 15206 20.00   ended
1823 10479t.jpgCast Iron Singer Sewing Machine With Treadle Base And Wooden Top, Used It As A Sewing Table, Side Table, And Buffet! One Board Has Warped But It Could Be Replaced - Overall Good Condition, 17"W x 38"L x 29"T 19 10264 35.00   ended
1956 15374t.jpgVery Nice Heavy Duty Steel Work Bench With Wooden Top, Heavy Duty Wheels, This Is A Nice Bench With Storage Underneath, Good Condition And 26"W x 39"L x 31"T 11 16300 13.27   ended
1959 15393t.jpgSix Metal & Plastic Folding Chairs, Good Condition Besides Back Needing Repair, 15'W x 15"D x 34"T 5 2714 5.25   ended

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