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22 128t.jpg"A Boy In The Nazi Death Camps" By Andrea Warren, 145-Pages, Caught In "Hitler's Final Solution", Eye-Opening, Nightmarish And Shocking, Many Photos That Convey The Foreboding Sense Of Fear And Death, Unbelievable! Paperback Edition - In Good Condition 12 1811 10.50   ended
48 285t.jpg"Into The Wild" By Jon Krakauer, 205-Pages, Compelling And Tragic, Absorbing, You Think You Can Survive The Wilderness Alone? Think Hard On That! A Truly Interesting Story, Paperback Edition - Good Condition 4 11752 2.25   ended
75 437t.jpgVintage Machinery's Handbook, 14th Edition, 1953, 5"W x 7"H x 3" Thick - In Good Condition 6 11270 3.50   ended
108 654t.jpgCollection Of Audio Books On CD Including: Michael Moss, Stuart Woods, Peter Walsh And More - Good Condition 9 5485 15.50   ended
145 882t.jpgBetter Homes And Gardens Handyman's Book - Good Condition 13 10833 8.50   ended
175 1040t.jpg(20) CD Set "New Testament" The Word Of Promise Audio Bible, With The Old Testament, Bible Memory Game - New In Original Case 8 15719 6.00   ended
262 1559t.jpgNice Collection Of Books For The Early Reader, They Come In A Nice Plastic Tote, (12) Total, "One-Eyed Cat", "The Time Bike", "The Unicorn Club" And More - Good Condition 5 16347 3.30   ended
264 1577t.jpgReader's Digest Multi-Novel Books, Some Vintage, Seven Total 4 9387 2.25   ended
268 1603t.jpgLot Of Mystery/Romance Novels Including: Margot Livesey, Christina Schwarz, Anita Shreve, Nancy Mitford And More, (13) Total - Good Condition 4 14469 2.36   ended
283 1689t.jpgJohn Stussel Of 20/20 "Myths, Lies, And Downright Stupidity" Hardcover Book - Good Condition 7 7415 2.50   ended
284 1693t.jpgThree First Aid Paperback Books - Good Condition         ended
289 1722t.jpgQuiet Strength Hardcover Book By Tony Dungy - Good Condition 1 3080 1.00   ended
291 1733t.jpgTen Little Golden Books For Children From The 1960's 1990's Including: Donald Duck Instant Millionaire, Quints, The Clean-Up, The Emperor's New Clothes, Barbie - A Picnic Surprise, 101 Dalmatians, Chipmunks ABC And Much More - Good Condition 16 12306 13.50   ended
293 1744t.jpgTwo Books, Foxtrot, The Works, Copyright 1990 And Enormously Foxtrot, Copyright 1994 By Bill Amend - Like New Condition 2 1643 3.25   ended
294 1750t.jpgTwo Small Hardcover Books By Tracy Gallup: Tree Crazy And Snow Crazy - Very Good Condition 6 9085 3.05   ended
342 2013t.jpgEight Audio Books On CD Including: "Decision Points" By George W. Bush; "In My time" By Dick Cheney; "George Washington's Secret Six" By Brian Kilmeade And Don Yaeger; "The One Percent Doctrine" By Ron Suskind; "My Life In France" By Julia Child; "We Are Water" By Wally Lamb And More - No CD's Missing, In Good Condition 7 1854 3.26   ended
351 2060t.jpgChildren's Books Lot Including: An Umbrella For May, Madeline, I Can Do It Myself, The Little Engine That Could, (15) Total - Good Condition 7 15130 4.25   ended
443 22454t.jpgSeven Magazines Of JFK's Death Including Two Post And Three LIFE, Magazine Of The Kennedy Family From 1964, "The Torch Is Passed" Book Of JFK's Life And Death; All In Very Good Condition 10 16176 5.50   ended
479 2700t.jpgCollection Of Eleven Poem Books Including Don't Ever Give Up On Your Dreams, Apples Of Gold, And More! Good Condition 5 1854 3.25   ended
483 2723t.jpgLarge Collection Of Books For Christian Readers By Authors Like Billy Graham, Berry, Smith, John Gimerez And More! Good Condition 1 16516 1.00   ended
502 2832t.jpgCollection Of Small Paperback Romance Novels And More! About Fifty Here And In Good Condition 8 2378 3.75   ended
555 3162t.jpgPenn Central Northern Region Train Schedules Timetable #7 From January 1, 1975; Vinyl Cover And Pages Are Loose But All There, 5"W x 10"L         ended
557 3177t.jpgLaura Ingalls Wilder's Little House Paperback Book Set With Nine Total - Good Condition 13 9387 11.51   ended
558 3186t.jpgSiena Florence And Padua Volume 1 : Interpretive Essays Paperback Book In Very Good Condition 1 3575 1.00   ended
577 3317t.jpgBox Of Paperback Novels With Many By Tom Clancy, Good Condition And More Than Forty Here! 4 11418 3.96   ended
626 3644t.jpgFour Paperback Books Including Skin Tight By Carl Hinasen, Operation Synbat By Bob Mayer, Moral Politics (2nd Edition), And Sophocles The Theban Plays E.F. Watling; Great For Any Study! Fair To Good Condition         ended
642 3761t.jpgEight Hardcover Books - The Life History Of The United States Of America, Printed In 1964, Very Interesting Reading! Very Good Condition 1 9756 1.00   ended
733 5980t.jpgFour Hardcover Garden/Bird Books - Good Condition 1 10833 1.00   ended
765 6179t.jpgNew Sealed Nacho Recipe Book, So Yummy! Hardcover Edition 5 12111 2.36   ended
819 6951t.jpgWelcome To The New Las Vegas Cookbook for Home And Commercial Cooking Paperback Book - Good Condition 6 2098 3.50   ended
847 7098t.jpgTwo Star Wars Books, One Coloring Book, One Corner Damaged, One Star Wars Adventures In Space "The Snare" Paperback Book, A Nice Lot! - Both Are New 2 161 1.25   ended
849 7108t.jpgDisney Descendants, Lonnie's Worried Sword, Hardcover Book - New! 5 2917 2.00   ended
922 4229t.jpgVintage Children's Book Lot- Hard Cover and Paperback, Bible, Science, Babar and More, Fair to Good Condition 9 10833 3.25   ended
934 4301t.jpgRosetta Stone Spanish Learning System Level 1 With Mic and Headphones And Two CD's, Comes With User Guide, Headset With Microphone To Interact With Computer Laptop, Has Two CD's, One Is The Application And One is Level 1 Disc, Was A Gift and Never Used 23 5777 24.50   ended
938 4321t.jpgFive Paperback Books- The Cassandra Compact, The Mozart Effect, Caine's Pestience, Little Yellow Dog, Cave Dweller, Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
946 4371t.jpgTwilight Series Books- Hard Cover and Paperback, Five Total, Some Wear But Good Condition 3 10924 6.00   ended
960 4457t.jpgPaintings By Renoir Paperback, 214 Pages, Some Underlining Inside, Overall Good Condition 1 10833 1.00   ended
986 4600t.jpgBox Lot of New Children's Books- Duplicates, Cars, Peter Rabbit, Mad Libs, Coloring Books and More, Great Gifts, Box 10"W x 20"L x 6"H 9 14232 6.51   ended
996 4660t.jpgDeath is Nothing At All By Canon Henry Scott Holland, 36 Pages, With Simple Text and Art, Sometimes The Smallest Step is a Way to Start To Heal, Hard Cover in Good Condition, Inspirational Comfort 8 8574 4.50   ended
1104 4703t.jpg8 Men and a Duck Hard Cover With Dust Jacket By Nick Thorpe, 240 Pages, Incredible Adventure in Incredible Boat, Daring Voyage In Reed Boat To Easter Island, With Photo's and Diagrams, Good Condition 1 7577 1.00   ended
1106 4712t.jpgSix Hard Cover Books on America, The Revolution and More, Some Wear But Still in Good Condition         ended
1110 4735t.jpgCircumcision The Painful Dilemma, Paperback Book By Rosemary Romberg, Good Condition 11 7415 6.00   ended
1114 4752t.jpg(16) 1950's to 60's Teen Books, Westerns, Mysteries, Fiction, Romance and More, All Paperbacks in Very Good Condition, Except For Writing on Inside Covers 1 7715 1.00   ended
1128 4840t.jpg30 Plus Books- Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Authors Such as Emily Giffin, James Patterson, David Baldacci, Good Condition 6 1811 5.50   ended
1341 5482t.jpgSix Paperback Books Set, Popular Library For Gardening And House Plants - Good Condition 1 3575 1.00   ended
1445 6565t.jpgNew My Little Pony Movie Book, Play A Song, Sealed And Works! 8"W x 9"T 5 15206 2.00   ended
1644 11069t.jpgVintage 1925 Poetry "Friends" Book By Edgar Guest, All Original And In Very Good Condition 10 14117 10.52   ended
1650 11100t.jpgLot Of Three Word Books Including "The Written Word", "The Word Book", "The Right Word"; All In Good Condition 2 16186 1.25   ended
1653 11120t.jpgVintage "Home" Poetry Book By Edgar Guest From 1925, All Original And In Very Good Condition 2 14117 1.25   ended
1654 11126t.jpgVintage 1987 Black Book "Twenty Years Of Rolling Stone" And 1983 Rolling Stone Encyclopedia Of Rock And Roll New York; Both In Good Condition 2 5627 1.25   ended

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