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9 76t.jpgAntique Leather-Bound Photo Album, Missing Latch, About Half Full Of Vintage Photos Including Some Tin Types, Could Be Your Relatives! Overall Good Condition 12 1020 20.09   ended
52 304t.jpgVintage "The New Illustrated Encyclopedia Of World History" Two Hardcover Book Box Set, Volume One And Two, Good Condition 3 12016 1.50   ended
176 989t.jpgHardcover Coffee Table Book "Shabby Chic" By Rachel Ashwell, Retails For $30, Full Of Awesome Decorating Ideas, Very Good Condition 2 8719 1.25   ended
243 1404t.jpgBig Plastic Case of Maps- From All Over, Ohio, MI, Florida, Georgia, Detroit, With These You'll Never Get Lost! Good Condition, 12"W x 4 1/2"D x 10"H 4 8858 6.05   ended
289 1685t.jpgLarge Hard Cover "The Book of Inside Information" Money- Health- Investment- Taxes and Much More, Board Room Classics Bottom Line, 8 1/2" x 11"L 5 7951 2.00   ended
330 1957t.jpgTwo Books- One is House Book Hard Cover 10"W x 10"D x 1 1/2"Thick, Two New Magic Microwave Cookbook, Paperback 8"W x 10"D x 3/4"Thick, Good Condition         ended
385 2320t.jpgBooks On Dog Grooming, Dog Breeds, Stain Rescue, Ten Total, Plus Assorted Others On Interesting Topics, Paperbacks and Hard Covers, Good Condition 4 1854 8.27   ended
456 6896t.jpg(7) Hard Cover and (12) Paperback Suspense Novels- Mary Higgins Clark Titles Daddy's Little Girl, Almost Dead, The Glass Window, The Innocent and Than There Were Done, Bones, The Chalk Girl, Dead Ringer, The Other Daughter, Rainbows End, The Husband, Stephen Kings Cell, Good Lot 4 1591 6.75   ended
458 6914t.jpgBox of Maps and Tour Books, Some Vintage, Plus Two Road Atlas' Fair To Good Condition, 4" to 12"W 20 8858 25.00   ended
480 7044t.jpgBook of Cool- (3) DVDs of 9 Hours of Film and Guide Book That Shows How Various Cool Things Are Done, Brand New, Very Entertaining, Received As Gift But Already Has One, From Trick Pool Shots to Hand Gun Quick Draw, This Has It All! 7 11105 4.50   ended
532 2581t.jpgBox of Recipe Books and Booklets, Includes Diabetic Mix and Match, Betty Crocker, Sunbeam and More, Some Have Ripped Pages, Overall Good Condition 10 10833 4.25   ended
535 2602t.jpg(11) Harvard Classics Books- Includes Canto, Golden Sayings and More, All in Good Condition 5 3116 8.50   ended
537 2615t.jpgLot of Hard Cover And Paperbacks, Three Dictionaries, Ten Paperbacks, Tool Books and More, (14) Vintage Hard Cover Books, All Good Condition For Age, Box 13"W x 17"L 5 12481 4.00   ended
544 2654t.jpgMath and Science Books- Algebra, Pre Algebra, Science Activities, Plus Six More, Total of Nine, Mostly Paperbacks 2 1854 2.25   ended
649 3230t.jpgTen Miniature Superman Comics, Paperbacks, Good Condition, 5"W x 7"H 14 5627 8.01   ended
703 3636t.jpgLot Of (5) Collectible Paperback Pricing Guides For Wide Variety Of Goods Including Bottles, Antiques And Collectibles! Great Place To Start On The Upcoming Estate/Garage Sale Season! Good Condition 4 1740 2.75   ended
718 3717t.jpg(2) World War II In Pictures Hardcover Books, Volume One And Three, Great Pictures Of Wartime, Some Wear But Still In Good Condition 4 2685 4.75   ended
737 3821t.jpg(6) New Double Gun Paperback Journals, One Has Damage to Lower Corner, 1991-1996 7 3086 7.50   ended
804 4171t.jpgLot Of (8) Little Golden Books, Paper Construction, See Pictures For Titles, Wear On Edges - Fair To Good Condition 5 12306 5.50   ended
815 4246t.jpg(25+) Woodworking Magazines By American Woodworker And Handy, Features Many Projects To Make From Wood And Shop Tips, Good Condition 10 9604 7.00   ended
823 4301t.jpgBox Of Hardcover Books Including Shakespeare Vol. 1 & 2, Prose & Poetry Adventures, Prose And Poetry Enjoyment, Dashiell Hammett And More! One Has A Missing Cover And Damage Otherwise All In Good Condition 4 949 5.75   ended
825 4324t.jpgBox Of Vintage Children's Books, 34 Total! Hardcover And Paperback, Lots Of Wear And Loose Pages - Fair To Good Condition 8 7069 6.25   ended
902 4798t.jpg(8) Paperback And Hard Cover Books, Stephen King, Danielle Steele And More, Good Condition 13 12481 8.25   ended
906 4834t.jpgNatural Home Remedies Lot! A Country Dr. Hand Book, The Power Of Self Healing, The Back Pan Bible, Healing Through Touch, And More! Also Pedometer- Works, Good Condition 3 8625 3.39   ended
909 4854t.jpg(34) Paperbacks, Some Novels, History and More, Fair To Good Condition 9 6126 10.05   ended
941 5029t.jpgFour Palo Duro College Year Books- Amarillo Texas, Very Good Condition, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1969 4 5121 2.51   ended
942 5035t.jpg1987 Complete Phantom of Opera By George Perry Hard Cover Book Illustrated in Good Condition, 12" x 8 1/2" 5 8625 3.32   ended
943 5042t.jpgDrafting For Industry Hard Cover Book By Walter Brown 1995, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition 2 9604 2.25   ended
944 5048t.jpgSporting Arms of The World, Hard Cover Book, Good Condition 4 5826 4.75   ended
946 5061t.jpgFour Health Books For Women- Losing Weight, Glycemic Index, Hormone And More, All Hard Covers, Good Condition 5 8625 2.59   ended
947 5067t.jpgDC Comic Lot- (29) Issues of Hardware, Bagged and Boarded, VF and NM Condition 10 3992 8.50   ended
949 5078t.jpgMixed Comic Lot (25) Issues Marvel, Image and Dynamite Including Spiderman, Kirby, Xman, VF+ / NM Condition 14 11633 9.50   ended
951 5089t.jpgBook Lot- Invisible Man, Eight Tales of Terror, Dracula, Wobbit, Paperbacks With Some Wear, Fair to Good Condition 3 12481 3.25   ended
952 5095t.jpgGranny's Beverly Hillbillies Cook Book, Lots of Recipes and Pictures of the Clan, Good Condition 15 3291 14.52   ended
953 5104t.jpgHealth Books- "Thyroid Solution" And "Thyroid Diet" Both Hard Cover, Good Condition 5 1420 4.75   ended
954 5110t.jpgHistory Book on Patton- The Assassination Plot, Hard Cover, Good Condition 9 12015 3.75   ended
955 5118t.jpgThe Ultimate Decorating Book, Hard Cover, Over 1,000 Decorating Ideas For All The Rooms In Your Home By Judy Spours, Very Good Condition 2 9875 1.25   ended
956 5128t.jpgVintage Books- Mork and Mindy, Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch Kid, Gremlins, Good Condition 3 11446 1.75   ended
958 5143t.jpgThree Railroad Books- Lore of the Train, Highball A Pageant of Trains, Railroads Across America, Hard Cover, All in Great Condition 8 5121 7.26   ended
959 5151t.jpg(30) Collectible Comic Books- Includes Marvel, DC, Hulk, Transformer, Spawn, Spiderman, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four and More, Good Condition 10 12709 8.00   ended
960 5155t.jpgSpicy Detective, Adventure, Mystery Stories, Jan. 1937, Nov. 1937, April 1935, Aug. 1937, April 1935, Readable But Rough Condition, Paperbacks 9 5121 57.70   ended
962 5171t.jpgFive Close To My Heart Idea Books and Catalogs, Also One Creative Memories Three Ring Binder, Full of Page Patterns, Comes With (8) Tabs of Categories, Lots Of Inspiration and Ideas For Scrapbooking and Card Making, Good Condition 2 7038 1.25   ended
963 5178t.jpg(15) Comic Books Dating From 1964 To 2000, Newer Dates Are in Like New Condition, Superman, Justice League, Planet Terry and More, Good Condition 17 10941 16.26   ended
964 5183t.jpgThe Pooh Story Book By AA Miline Hard Cover, Book is 50 Years Old, Copyright 1965, Covers Show Use and Wear, Pages in Very Good Condition, Skip The DVD's And Show The Children or Grandchildren How It Used to Be Done 13 11820 6.50   ended
965 5188t.jpgField Guide To North American Birders- Margaret Harmon Author, Great Little Book With Tons of Tips on How To Get That Bird After Reading This, Paperback Good Condition 2 5121 1.25   ended
966 5196t.jpg(25) Iron Man Comic Book Lot- All Issues, Very Fine to Near Mint - 11 1952 12.50   ended
967 5202t.jpgKevin Trudeau Dept. Cures, This is Great Book and Natural Cures, They Don't Want You To Know About, These Are His Best Selling Books, Both Hard Cover in Very Good Condition 6 7925 5.50   ended
972 5230t.jpg(11) Woodsmith Project Books, All in Nice Binder, Various Projects, Paperback, Good Condition 7 9604 5.00   ended
974 5242t.jpgAuto Books- Stockel Auto Mechanics Fundamentals and Good Heart & Wilcox Automotive Encyclopedia Also Five New Auto Magazines, Good Condition 7 11649 3.25   ended
975 5250t.jpgLot of Bird Books- Includes Parrot Books, Info On Birds, Also Some on Horses, Plus Much More, (13) Total, Fair To Good Condition 3 12306 1.75   ended

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