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1 1t.jpgChevron Credit Cards Accepted Double-Sided Porcelain Sign, Outstanding Color - Hard To Find In This Condition! Weighs Thirteen Pounds And Overall Good Condition Besides Some Finish Wear And Rust, 33 1/2" Diameter 33 1842 423.00   ended
2 19955t.jpgNew Log Chair with Cushion Pads, You Can Make Into Small Bed, 33"W x 39"D x 41"H, 53"L when Down in Bed Position 37 12434 305.00   ended
3 8t.jpgFour Vintage Advertising Yard Sticks Including Three Wooden And One Metal One From Schonelzer Roofing, Furstenberg Building Center, And More! Three Michigan And One Wisconsin, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition, 36-39" Long 7 16049 4.85   ended
4 14t.jpgVintage Pick Axe With Wooden Handle, Still Pretty Solid And Great For Decor Or Use! Overall Good Condition And 13" Long Head With A 35" Long Handle 7 3180 10.50   ended
5 19t.jpgVintage Cast Iron Wagnerware Muffin Pan - Model #1328, Good Condition Overall And 11 1/2"W x 7 1/4"D 19 14595 26.52   ended
6 24t.jpgVintage Solid Iron Log Rack With Four Legs, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition, 25"W x 17"D x 8"T 14 15031 38.53   ended
7 28t.jpg"Veteran And Vintage Aircraft" Paperback Book Compiled By Leslie Hunt, Nice Pictures And In Overall Good Condition 5 5505 4.00   ended
8 33t.jpgWolverine "Breathin' Brushed Pigskin" Insulated Winter Hat With Pull Down Ear Covers, Unsure Of Actual Size But Good Condition Overall 14 7097 7.01   ended
9 38t.jpgWebster Albany Wooden Cigar Box Full Of Boxes Of Vintage Pen Nibs By Turner And Harrison, Eagle, And Miller Bros., Also Comes With Several Pen Handles And Calligraphy Pens, Box Is Missing The Top Latch But It's Still In Overall Good Condition, 9"W x 6 1/2"D x 2 1/2"T 21 16393 28.00   ended
10 45t.jpgLarge Decorative Box With Lid, New Wood But Nice Rustic Look, Great For Decor And In Very Good Condition, 13"W x 13"D x 14"T 9 13748 3.75   ended
11 51t.jpgVintage Enamelware Stew/Soup Pot With Lid And Wire Handle, Does Show Some Finish Wear From Age But Still In Overall Good Condition, 8"D x 8"T 8 15908 5.75   ended
12 58t.jpgLarge Antique Picture Of Man From Turn Of The Century Era, Some Coloring In The Photo (Blue Eyes), Unsure If It's A Photo Or Photo With Paint Added, Comes In A Nice Gold Tone Ornate Plaster On Wood Frame With Glass Face, Overall Good Condition And 18 1/2"W x 22 1/2"T 11 13988 9.01   ended
13 63t.jpgVintage Retro "Drink Coca-Cola" Thermometer Featuring The Sprite Boy, Some Rust But Overall Good Condition, 12" Diameter 11 14147 43.00   ended
14 68t.jpgThis Adorable Picture Features A Little Farm Boy Getting To Know His Neighbor, On Hardboard And Waiting For Your Frame! Would Be A Great Addition To Your Household! Good Condition And 18"W x 14"T 14 16460 11.00   ended
15 73t.jpgVintage 1945 Michigan License Plate, Rusted And A Little Bent But Numbers And Letters Readable, Overall Good Condition And 14"W x 6"T 15 8489 8.00   ended
16 78t.jpgNice "Free Hugs Given Here" Wall Art, New Wood But Nice Rustic Look With Hanging Hooks, Very Good Condition And 6 1/2"W x 1 1/2"D x 6 1/2"T 1 3420 1.00   ended
17 82t.jpgSmall Rustic Look Wooden Wall Decor Piece That Reads "I Heart You", Hand Made And In Good Condition, 3 1/2"W x 1 1/4"D x 3 1/2"T 3 16066 1.50   ended
18 86t.jpgParadise Island Surfboard Wall Clock, Takes One AA Battery (Not Included), Working And In Overall Good Condition Besides Some Minor Discoloration, 8 1/2"W x 27"T 6 369 5.56   ended
19 91t.jpgFive Gallon Glass Jug, No Cork But Overall Good Condition With No Chips Or Cracks, 10"D x 20"T 15 569 17.75   ended
20 95t.jpgVintage Ford Motor Model A/T Cast Iron Ratcheting Screw Jack For Older Cars, Working With Some Rust From Age But Overall Good Condition, 4"W x 6"L x 10"T 14 7900 20.00   ended
21 101t.jpgCute Cast Iron Piggy Bank, Weighs About Four Pounds, Has A Rubber Stopper In The Bottom, Overall Great Condition, 7"L x 4 1/2"T 22 15321 24.74   ended
22 107t.jpgVintage 1937 Ford 85 Reference Book/Owner's Manual, Pages Worn But Still Readable - Good Condition 6 669 2.25   ended
23 112t.jpgVintage Wood And Leather Fireplace Bellows - Working And In Good Condition! 6 1/2"W x 15"L 10 14376 5.50   ended
24 117t.jpgVintage 1960's Boy Scouts Aluminum Mess Kit Inside An Official Boy Scouts Mess Kit Carrying Case With Adjustable Strap, Good Condition And 7"W x 8 1/2"L x 2 1/2"T 3 9077 1.50   ended
25 123t.jpg(22) Sportsman's County Maps From 1947-1949, Four Dated 1949 And Two From 1947, Remainder No Date, With Original Cost Of 45-50 Each, All Have Similar Information Including Deer Hunting Information, Small Game Info, And Fishing Licenses Issued; Counties Like Mason, Gogebic, Osceola, Missaukee, Emmet And More! Overall Good Condition Besides Normal Wear From Age, Each One Is 27"W x 29"L 13 3387 27.50   ended
26 130t.jpgPair Of Vintage Cast Iron Candle Lanterns, Each Has A Sunflower Blossom Base And The Lanterns Each Have Butterflies Decorating Them! Great For Both Indoors And Outdoors! Use As Is Or Refinish! Good Condition, Each Stands 11" Tall 28 247 50.00   ended
27 137t.jpgCoca Cola Tray Girl With Roses, Great Shape And From The Mid 1970's, Reproduction From The Original Tray Of 1916, Overall Good Condition And 8 1/2"W x 19"L 5 12920 3.80   ended
28 143t.jpg"Lite Beer Sold Here" Large Metal Sign From Miller Brewing Company, A Few Light Scuffs But Overall Very Good Condition With Amazing Bright Colors, 36"W x 36"T 22 8337 25.47   ended
29 149t.jpgUnique Wildlife Hunting Quail Or Partridge Bird Framed 3D Cloth Embossed Picture, Ready To Hang! Nice Wooden Frame And Overall Good Condition, 26"W x 22 1/2"T 6 6923 7.50   ended
30 154t.jpgNice Vintage Old Homestead Lifetime Cutlery Kitchen Knife Set With A Large 10" Blade Chef's Knife, 8" Blade Slicer, 6" And 7 1/2" Boning And Sharpener; Made In Japan And Comes With A Knife Block; Overall Good Condition 9 8337 5.80   ended
31 161t.jpgCoca-Cola Autumn Girl Tray From 1973, Nice Reproduction Of The Original From 1921, Good Condition And 8 1/2"W x 19"L 6 6645 4.75   ended
32 167t.jpgVintage Canvas Products U.S. Military Army Pickaxe Belt Carrier Sheath, Dated On The Inside Either 1922 Or 1932, Good Condition And 15" Long 12 8096 13.01   ended
33 172t.jpgVintage Scope Brand Micro-Viewer With Box And Some Slides, Model 5098, Requires Battery, Untested/As Is But Overall Good Condition, 6 1/2"W x 5 1/2"D x 5"T 14 181 11.00   ended
34 180t.jpgVintage Philco Radio, Wood And Leather Construction, Wooden Roll Top Cover Is Really Cool And Rolls Up To Expose The Control Knobs, Turns On But No Sound - Sold As Is, Overall Good Condition And 12"W x 5 1/2"D x 10"T 15 14676 46.00   ended
35 188t.jpgVintage Morley Brothers 4 Pc. Bamboo Fly Rod, Made In Saginaw Michigan! Stamped In Metal Base, Good Condition And 38" Long When Folded Up 16 821 41.85   ended
36 196t.jpgTwo Vintage Brass Hose Nozzles, One For The Garden And The Other Is For A Fire Hose, Good Condition And 3" And 5" Long 18 4385 24.50   ended
37 203t.jpgHighly Collectible Wagnerware #1053H Size 3 Cast Iron Skillet, Freshly Cleaned And Seasoned! Ready To Cook With! Dual Spouts, Good Condition And 6 1/2" Diameter 21 11287 10.50   ended
38 207t.jpgVintage Specialty Tool Lot With A Lisle Ridge Reamer, Small Two-Jaw Puller 3" C-Clamp, Old Drum Brake Tools, Blue Point 12" Aluminum Square, Blue Point & Clark Feeler Gauges, Channel Locks, Needle Nose Pliers, And Lots More! Nice Bunch Of Vintage Tools In Overall Good Condition, The Box Is 17"W x 7"D x 3"T 12 3002 7.50   ended
39 214t.jpgVintage Fireplace Grate Made From Cast Iron, The Sides Slide On And Off, Comes With Four Birch Logs, Use As Decor Or In Your Fireplace, Solid And In Overall Good Condition, 17"W x 12"D x 9"T 13 11688 10.50   ended
40 219t.jpgVintage 1955 Packard Clipper Owner's Manual, Outside Some Wear But Inside Pages Look Good - Overall Good Condition 5 2083 2.00   ended
41 224t.jpgVintage 3/8" Chain And Hook, Some Rust But Overall Good Condition And 49" Long 7 14743 6.89   ended
42 229t.jpgTwo Vintage Egg Scales Including A Jiffy-Way With Nice Graphics And Red Paint And An Anderson Scale With Nice Weight Scale Graphics But The Base Has Some Rust, Both In Overall Good Condition, 6"L x 6 1/4"T And 8"L x 5 1/4"T 15 10134 35.44   ended
43 236t.jpgVintage White Light Magnesium Camp Skillet With Original Green Bag Included, 10"W x 10"L Square With Handle, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition 4 1848 5.50   ended
44 241t.jpgLarge Decorative Box, New Wood But Nice Rustic Look With Cover Lid, Great Decor And In Very Good Condition, 13 1/4"W x 12 1/2"D x 12 1/2"T 9 13748 5.50   ended
45 246t.jpgVintage Cast Iron Indian Head Door Bell And Dinner Bell, Wall Hanging, Good Condition And 7"W x 11"T 18 16232 23.50   ended
46 252t.jpgNew In Package Official NFL Detroit Lions Art Glass Light Switch Plate Cover, Excellent Condition, 3 1/4"W x 5 1/4"T 12 10827 13.00   ended
47 256t.jpgTwo Nice Patriotic Shadow Box Style Pictures With Glass Faces, Both Have Flags And American Sayings, Good Condition And 9 1/2"W x 7 1/2"T 2 14413 1.25   ended
48 261t.jpgAbstract Shabby Star Welcome Tin Sign With Wall-Hanging Chain, Overall Good Condition, 9"W x 20"T 5 14413 3.81   ended
49 266t.jpgSet Of Seven Vintage Science Fiction Books By H.G. Wells - Great Box Set Published By Berkley Books, Some Light Wear But Overall Good Condition 13 15390 8.50   ended
50 271t.jpgCute Decorative Candle Lantern With Wooden Frame And Glass Sides, Nice Nautical Star Design And Overall Good Condition, 7 1/2"W x 7 1/2"D x 23"T 12 471 15.00   ended

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