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1275 4636t.jpgSears Self Propelled, Engine Runs, Chain Was Loose On The Bottom, Took It Off And List The #40 Chain, I Bought New, 23"W - Looks In Good Condition 25 9407 48.77   ended
1276 4644t.jpgFord Snow Thrower, Runs Well, Needs New Rubber Friction Plate, 23"W Path - Looks In Good Condition 29 15538 53.00   ended
1574 9458t.jpgAriens Snow Blower, Needs New Friction Plate And Tune Up, Has Plate On Top Of Motor, Untested/As Is But Looks To Be In Good Condition, 24"W x 60"L 15 9407 35.00   ended
1888 14318t.jpgVintage Snowblower - Runs Real Smooth In Operation And Has A New Spark Plug, Good Condition And 16"W x 60"L x 24"T 17 9355 21.00   ended
2552 18249t.jpgSnow Boy By Lawn Boy, Rare! Runs Like Lawn Boy Mower! 14"W Path - Untested, Looks In Good Condition 11 9599 35.00   ended
2639 13473t.jpgSnow Joe Electric Snow Shovel, Model #323E-Pro, 13"W, 10 AMP, Customer Assistance 1-866-SNOWJOE, Looks Good, Untested, As Is, UPDATE: TESTED & CURRENTLY DOES NOT WORK 7 15956 10.10   ended
2657 13569t.jpgTrue Temper Ergonomic Snow Shovel, Small Crack in Center Still in Good Condition, 18"W x 55"L 7 9355 4.50   ended
3258 18007t.jpgTracdrive 5HP Canadian Snowblower With 23" Path, Works Great And In Very Good Condition, 24"W x 60"L x 45"T 36 1859 305.00   ended
3440 17187t.jpgAriens Snow Blower- Well Built Needs Tune Up, Runs Rough When Started, 34"W x 52"D x 38"H 29 9407 55.00   ended
3457 17257t.jpgTimberland Snow Shovel - Easy On The Back! Overall Good Condition And 22"W x 56"L 13 14550 14.50   ended
3465 17290t.jpgYard Man Snow Bird, Heavy Duty Rear Drive, Very Well Built! Has Compression, Very Little Wear And Overall Good Condition, 22"W x 59"L 22 12739 54.00   ended
3522 18606t.jpgJacobsen 20" Snow Blower, Everything Is Okay But It Has A Stuck Intake Valve, Valve Will Move Up And Down And It Could Be Freed Up With Carb Cleaner, Leaking Oil But Will Blow Wet Snow! As Is, 20"W x 60"L 28 10246 31.00   ended

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