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67 365t.jpg(21) Beta Video Tape Cartridges, Three Are Purchased Disney Ones (20,000 Leagues, Goofy, And Cartoons) And The Other (18) Are Fuji, Maxell, Sony, RCA 750's And May Be New Or Used - I'm Not Sure And Have No Way To Test Them, Overall Good Condition 6 12863 3.25   ended
317 4879t.jpgCollection Of Scary Movies On DVD, All Horror Movies, (14) Total - Good Condition 14 13230 11.00   ended
352 5094t.jpgCollection Of Scary Movies On DVD, All Horror Movies, (14) Total, Titles Like Ouija, The Visit, The Forest And More - Good Condition 7 2287 7.50   ended
502 5397t.jpgVertical Blue And Silver CD Rack, Plastic Construction, 7"W x 6"D x 14"H - Good Condition 1 13170 1.00   ended
508 5428t.jpg(17) DVD's, No Cases Or Information, What You See Is What You Get, They Are A Little Beat, But All The Ones I Watched Played Okay, I've Included A Typewritten Page For 1Bid To Take A Picture With What's Here, Movies Like: Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air; You, Me And Dupree; And More - Good Condition 4 6466 3.25   ended
517 5471t.jpgCollection To One Direction Tours On DVD, Three Books, Six DVD's, One CD - Good Condition 4 1209 3.33   ended
556 5664t.jpg(29) LP Vinyl Music Records, A Variety Of Artists Including: Boston, David Bowie, Bread, Jim Croce, Heart, Elton John, Several Neil Diamond And Others - Vinyl Is In Good Condition To Very Good Condition, The Jackets Have Some Wear 23 9310 46.99   ended
631 3810t.jpg(17) DVD's Including: Chuck Norris, Casualties Of War, Jodie Foster In The Brave One, Marine, Etc., All Play - Good Condition To Very Good Condition 8 2287 7.76   ended
658 3931t.jpgMarilyn Manson Collectible Holiday Ornament, 1998, Glass Construction, 3"Dia. - In Original Box, Good Condition 3 12714 2.28   ended
667 3967t.jpg(31) DVD's That Play Well, "Cold Mountain", "We Were Soldiers", "Top Gun" And More - Good Condition 7 16347 9.50   ended
742 6110t.jpgSpecial Collector's Edition of Titanic DVD- Three Disc Set, Good Condition 6 15192 6.51   ended
751 6167t.jpg(22) DVD Movies That All Play Good, The Best One is The "Greatest Comedy Classics" Good Condition, James Dean, 007 and More 11 2259 6.00   ended
783 6370t.jpg(44) DVD's Cowboys and Aliens, Soldier, Night Passage, Many Others, All Play Good, Good Condition 14 12261 22.72   ended
855 2410t.jpgSoft Vinyl Case Full of CD's- Elvis, Bare Naked Ladies, MCA Etc. 50 Plus, Good Condition, 8"W x 12"L 7 5046 5.25   ended
859 2434t.jpgCase Logic Case With Variety Of CD's- Bob Seger, Phil Collins, Holiday Music Etc. Good Condition, 30 Plus, 7"W x 11"L 6 1273 4.75   ended
865 2465t.jpgCurtis Zippered Binder To Hold CD's, 12"Sq. Zipper Works Great, (24) Pages That Each Holds Eight CD's, Get Your Music or Movies Organized, Great Space Saver! Like New Condition 11 16413 13.33   ended
1128 3289t.jpgLowrey G7000 Organ With Wooden Bench, Nice Dark Red Wood, Large Size With Multiple Instruments! Good Condition But Untested/As Is, 50"W x 29"D x 48"T UPDATE: TESTED & WORKS 4 14040 12.16   ended
1132 3314t.jpgLot Of Twenty DVD's With Lots Of Big Titles Like Solaris, Platoon, Total Recall, And More! Some Are Hard To Find Ones! Good Condition 14 2259 10.54   ended
1199 3644t.jpgLot Of Eleven DVD's Including Mostly 70's And 80's Classic Comedies And Many That Are Hard To Find On DVD, Also Comes With Some 1970's Classics And Hard To Find On DVD! Good Condition 6 3076 6.50   ended
1203 4179t.jpg(20) DVD's, Three Blue-Ray: The Killer Inside Me And Crank Parts 1 & 2, Regular DVD's: Cold Sweat, Death Merchant, Stander, Killing Them Softly, Dirty, The Road, Crazy Streets, Spider Man 1, 2 And 3 And More Good Movies - Look Good Condition 18 2259 11.50   ended
1219 4273t.jpgAll Sealed New Old Stock! Large Collection Of VHS Tapes, Never Used, Several James Bond, The Dark Half, Lone Ranger, Harly, Craftsman And Many More, Some Tapes Have Small Rips On The Plastic Cover, Not Fully Sealed, But None Were Ever Used 2 13343 1.25   ended
1225 4317t.jpgOld Records Including: (20) Artists Like: Dean Martin, Floyd Cramer, 50's And 60's Music - 33-RPM LP Records - Fair Condition, Two Albums Of 78's - Good Condition 8 2578 6.27   ended
1226 4325t.jpg(12) DVD's/Blue-Ray, All New And Sealed, Makes Them Great For Resale, A Few Others Are Hard To Find On DVD! 8 15975 8.00   ended
1242 4426t.jpgLot Of (385) 45-RPM Records, (300) Do Not Have Sleeves, Lots Of Rock/Pop, But Other Genres Too - Fair Condition to Good Condition 10 2098 32.00   ended
1296 4759t.jpgMusic Books, E-Z Play Music Most, Piano, Organ And Guitar, Broadway's Best, Super Pops, Billy Joel And More - Good Condition 6 16179 14.49   ended
1345 13010t.jpgBox of Record Albums- (52) Tom T. Hall, Bobby Goldsboro, John Denver, Roy Orbison, Footloose, Roger Miller, Donna Summer, Kenny Rogers, And More, Some Children's, All in Good Condition, Box 15"W x 12 1/2"D x 10"H 19 16413 20.25   ended
1349 13036t.jpgBox of 30 Record Albums- 1970's Rock N Roll Mostly, Frampton, Eagles, John Denver, Crosby Stills and Nash, Streisand, Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, Good Condition 21 2259 30.99   ended
1436 7136t.jpgThree Christmas Albums, Techno Christmas, Lee Greenwood, Neil Diamond - Good Condition To New 1 1371 1.00   ended
1450 7217t.jpgFour (48)-Each DVD-CD Disc Holders, Each One Holds (48) Discs for A Total Of (182), 6"W x 11"L - Good Condition 10 15561 6.61   ended
1451 7222t.jpg(24) Music CD's With An Assortment From Barry Manilow, Christmas, Yo-Yo Ma, And More - Good Condition 9 8621 7.61   ended
1455 7243t.jpgFive DVD's Including: Marie And Donnie, Sound Of Music, Five Episodes Of "Lucy", Rock Hudson And Doris Day, George Burns - Excellent Condition 3 996 2.51   ended
1469 7345t.jpgLot Of (53) DVD Movies, A Few Are Sealed, Includes: Comedy, Action/Adventure, Oldies, Clint Eastwood, The Three Stooges, My Girl, Spiderman, The Outsider And More, All Cases Were Checked And Have Correct DVD's Inside, The Box Measures 18"W x 12"D x 7"H - Good Condition 28 9766 46.55   ended
1471 7355t.jpgLot Of (75) 33-RPM LP Records, Amir, But Mostly Oldies Pop And Some Christmas, Comes In Tub, Brands Like: Frankie Carlie, Marine Brand, Mike Warnke, Dallas Holm Praise And More! Some Jackets Have Splits And Wear, The Tub Measures 20"W x 18"D x 15"H - Records In Fair Condition To Good Condition 10 13988 20.75   ended
1478 7400t.jpg(16) DVD Movies, All Horror Movies Including: Scream, The Visit, The Forest, Hide And Seek, Moth Man, Twisted White Noise - In Good Condition 11 13230 7.50   ended
1479 7410t.jpgLot Of (73) DVD's, All Found In Storage, Comes In A Targus Case With Room To Add More! Includes: Hidalgo, Deception, Mr. Nice Guy, Road Trip, Zoo Keeper And More - Good Condition 13 9793 28.01   ended
1481 7421t.jpgJumbo Song Books, Six Total, 50 Songs Of WWI And More - Good Condition 3 1854 1.80   ended
1484 7438t.jpgLot Of (50) Vintage Music Cassette Tapes And Two Plastic Organizers, A Variety Of Music Mostly Rock And Country, Artists Include: Prince, Aerosmith, Journey, ZZ Top, Duran Duran And Others, A Few Cases Have Damage Or Missing Original Liner, Each Organizer Measures 14"W x 8"D x 2"H - Fair Condition To Good Condition 7 1643 7.76   ended
1485 7444t.jpgSix Johnny Cash Eight-Track Tapes, Untested And A Johnny Cash Old Magazine - The Magazine Looks In Good Condition 4 497 5.50   ended
1531 19979t.jpgHand-Carved Wood Recorded, Very Cool And With Great Detail, Very Good Condition And 1"D x 13"L 7 3927 7.00   ended
1570 9436t.jpgLot Of (35) CD's Including Mostly Great Rock Acts Like Bob Seger, CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith And Some Other Genres Too! Good Lot! A Few Missing Artwork But Overall Good Condition 16 12951 71.00   ended
1578 9486t.jpgTwo Large Fisher STV9235 Speakers In Particle Wood Cabinets, No Grill Covers, Damage To Cabinets And Some Water Wear, Dust Caps Pushed In On All Speakers, Fair Condition But Working, 14"W x 10"D x 40"T 10 344 25.78   ended
1654 8345t.jpg(11) DVD Movies Including: (31) Episodes Of Bonanza In Tin Collection, War Of The World Box Set, Aviator/Vanilla Sky/Drive, Flight Of The Phoenix, Etc. - All In Good Condition 9 7534 4.25   ended
1659 8371t.jpgA Three-Pack Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition VHS - Good Condition 2 700 1.25   ended
1690 8498t.jpgTwo Vintage Two-Drawer Wood-Grain Look VHS Tape Storage Units, Plastic Construction, 16 1/2"W x 13"D x 5"H Each - Good Condition 5 16308 3.50   ended
1773 11603t.jpg(26) Country Western Music LPs Including Artists Like Buck Owens, Hank Williams, And Several Willie Nelson And Johnny Cash, Some Jackets Have Splits And Wear But Overall Good Condition, 12" Diameter 11 12261 10.50   ended
1781 20044t.jpgGone With the Wind 50th Anniversary VHS Set in Box, Good Condition         ended
2294 15946t.jpgDVD Lot With Three Scooby Doo Lots, Black Stallion, The Real Dirt On Farmer John, Lord Of The Rings, And More! Good Condition 3 10092 2.25   ended
2354 16188t.jpgLot Of Seven DVD's, Underworld, Denise Austin, High School Musical The Concert And More! - Good Condition 2 12940 1.25   ended
2355 16192t.jpgLarge Lot Of Blank CD-R, Prob. 200-300 - New In Four Containers 8 6363 8.65   ended
2365 16235t.jpgCD Lot, (12) Total, Matthew Sweet, The KLE, Ozomatli, Big Calm And More, Some Cases Are Cracked - Good Condition 4 15564 3.83   ended

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